"Light Up Freestyle"

I really like this beat. For me, I really wanted to show people that I can kill any beat. Seriously. And I bodied it. They’re so many quotable in this. This was what I'm Better Than You was originally going to sound like before I changed the concept. Raw rap over other peoples beats. Glad I only did it once.

"Empty Bottle" (Prod By Sean C & LV)

I like drinking and I like the feeling. However, I know the consequences of it and I don't like it. I think this song should resonate to the younger people of this generation to know that drinking is not the way at all. I'm going to stop very soon because I was extremely healthy at one point and I let it slip away.

"InterLove" (Prod By Mickey Factz)

I produced this record because I wanted to show people that not only can I make music, but I wanted people to see that I can make music for the ladies. I wanted it short and sweet so women could kind of get into it. Instead of calling it “Interlude,” I originally wanted to call it “InterLust” so that people could kind of get the gist of what I was talking about on the record. Then I changed the name to “InterLove.” I wrote about a specific person and I think it came out extremely dope.

"Friend Zone" Feat. Redd Stylez & Lundon (Prod. By Count Justice)

I had a crush on someone for a long time so I figured I write a song about her. My man Count Justice who produced the beat had the hook as well. It was like "I can be, I can be.” I didn't really think it was that hot. So we brought in Redd and Lundon and they both killed the hook. I wrote about my experiences and what I felt. I loved it to death and it all fit. I think this song best represents everybody when their friends that they like, place them in a zone where they can't get out.

"Again" (Prod By Stephen Linde)

I needed a record elaborating on my last relationship. That girl put me through it. Sheesh. We had some great times and we had some rough patches. This is one of those rough patch records. Haha. You can hear the hurt and conviction in not only lyrics but in my voice. This song got me through a lot. I actually wanted to sing so people knew that I felt really emotional. Sometimes you don't need somebody else singing the lyrics you wrote. People need to hear the conviction in your voice.

"Mona Lisa" Feat Kara Rose and Chester French (Prod By Precize)

I wrote this song in 2008. I've also written the song 5 times, in full— new verses and everything. The beat changed on me twice and I tried to catch the beat and try to make it a thoughtful song. I'm extremely pleased with the final version. I'm glad that people love the song and can dance to it as well as learning something new. I wanted to tell a song about a runaway girl who was destined for greatness but got caught up. Nothing wrong about that. DA from Chester French is the funniest man on the face of this planet, that explains the verse and him just blacking out. I enjoyed it.