How Lupe got a release date

I was looking forward to Fiasco Friday, if only to see if anyone showed up other than the kid who’s organizing it, who was born in the ’90s and probably wouldn’t know from good rap music.

Not that Lupe Fiasco is such a bad rappers. There was a time when he had as much potential as any rapper of his generation. Theoretically, he could still put out a great album, which would be his first. But the music he’s been putting out lately hasn’t been very good at all. Do Lupe stans even like “Shining Down” and “I’m Beaming?”

In a speech about why Atlantic Records has yet to release Lasers, delivered at a conference for people who need help getting their careers in order (I’m assuming – I didn’t actually watch the video, I just read a brief recap over at MTV, because it’s a Friday afternoon and it’s about to be Miller Time), Lupe claimed that the reason you never heard either of those songs on the radio is because Atlantic Records didn’t pay whoever you have to pay to get a song played on the radio (probably one of their cousins), because he refused to sign one of those ridonkulous 360 contracts, where the label gets a cut of every dollar you ever make for the rest of your life, in exchange for a few hundred grand upfront, which just ends up going back to them anyway. Lupe knew better than to sign such a deal, because he’s mad intelligent. Remember that week they let him guest blog here, back in ’06? Not just the post where he threatened to jump off in my ass, as if I were the white guy from 2dopeboyz [||], but the ones after that got very philosophical – and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even smoke weed.

Allah tends to frown on that sort of thing.

Lupe also claims that the only reason you see the videos for those songs – which he paid for out of his own pocket – on MTV is because is because he has friends over at MTV who told him they’d play them, even though they didn’t receive the check that’s necessary to have your video played on MTV. Because they’re such good friends. This is news to me. Now, I don’t keep my TV on and tuned to MTV at all hours of the day and night anymore like I did during entire 1990s, and for the two weeks a couple of years ago when Alexa Chung had a show, but I figure I see enough MTV these days, keeping up with Jersey Shore (a top priority, natch), the Real World New Orleans, which wasn’t half that bad (either of them!), and, I’m not gonna lie, the occasional episode of I’m 16 and Pregnant, which fascinates me to no end. MTV is on in my house at least once every few days, and I don’t recall seeing any Lupe Fiasco videos. Has Lupe himself actually seen his videos on MTV? Muslims don’t watch MTV, right, because they hate it? It was one of the reasons they attacked us on 9/11. [ED. NOTE: The views expressed within this blog are of the author, Bol, and do not reflect those of XXL or its staff.] Someone at MTV may have told Lupe Fiasco they would play his video, because they knew he’d have no way of knowing (c) early ’80s-era Roxy Music. They may have even told him it was a Buzz Clip.

I heard about Lupe’s little spiel (nullus) on Shade 45 the other day, on my way home from learning about how I might die, or go blind, or lose an eye as a result of my eye surgery next month. Plus, there wasn’t anything good on XMU. It was an awful morning. I thought about going in re: Lupe yesterday, but then that Nas letter surfaced, and so of course Nas took precedence, for having one good album before a career of subsequent failure and disappointment. The Lupe situation is very similar to the Nas situation, which I just wrote about yesterday, but of course my lazy ass wasn’t about to come up with something else to write about. On a Friday. No Radiohead before they were Radiohead. So, I started working my way through my Google Reader, which is filled with pr0n sites, preparing myself psychologically to write a post for this site, and wouldn’t you know I stumbled upon a post over at the Village Voice about how Lupe and Atlantic Records have since reconciled. Laser is set to hit stores some time next March. There was even a picture of Lupe and one of the older white ladies from Atlantic looking like they just fucked. Huh?

The first possible explanation is that they really had just fucked. Lupe might be a Toure-style beast in the sack (no homo), from practicing all of that kung fu and shit, in case he ever has to take out Homeland Security. If Lupe Fiasco is willing to kick the living shit out of a blogger (jihad on him, if you will), what’s there to say he wouldn’t get it on with an older white lady. She looked like she may have had a surprisingly decent, Maryanne from Brooklyn-style body. I wonder if she has a similar voice. The second possible explanation is that they saw Lupe on the Internets complaining about those damn 360 deals, which really are highway robbery, and so they agreed to put out his album, just to shut him up. It’s not coming out this holiday season, when it might draw attention and resources away from artists who have real commercial prospects. And it’s still delayed for another six months or so, during which the white guy from 2dopeboyz will probably hack into his email and leak it, for revenge. I can’t say that I’d blame him. There’s a certain way to treat people.

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  • schamsed


  • Quint

    Bol, you are wrong for the muslim jokes…funny, but wrong. Lol. And Is anyone actually anticipating Lasers? The little buzz Lupe once had is washed up. He’s done. But I feel him on those 360 deals. I’ve been reading about those; they are a b*tch.

    What’s up XXL? Let me post a couple blogs.

    • X X L

      NO FUCK NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fasd

      This blogg[er] is way to one sided ever racist.Did wiz khalifa sighn one of these 360′s someone tell me.

  • Worley

    “The Lupe situation is very similar to the Nas situation” in that beaf with the label is the new promotion.

  • Don mcCaine

    “on my way home from learning about how I might die, or go blind, or lose an eye as a result of my eye surgery next month”

    ^ that “I rubbed one out too many times” epic fail…

  • Q461

    I fucks with Shining Down by Lupe, but I wouldn’t call myself a stan. I’m waitin on that album though. Dude always brings it, the game needs him.

  • LowKey

    I’m a Lupe fan and correct me if I’m wrong but I always felt like people wouldn’t appreciate him until he wasn’t around….That I’m Beamin remix with the ” All City Chess Club” could’ve helped buzz wize…

  • One Eye, 3 Points

    First of… You’re entitled to your own opinion, but this entire article is ignorant for the muslim jokes

    Second, your entire article is a hate-fest, there is a difference between writing an article and just blatant hating someone. You sound butt hurt beyond belief, and before you assume I’m just one of Lu’s internet soldiers/mega stans, I’m not. I randomly stumbled across this article just know while going thru the site like always and just had to drop my two cents in.

    I guess this is how you stay relevant, by writing trash like this so people like me come in here to post replies like this. Congratulations, you’ve won, but end of the day, you still don’t realize how little you are inside.


    • One Eye, 3 Points


    • One Eye, 3 Points

      Correction: *now

  • One Eye, 3 Points


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  • Mike

    What kind of ignorant shit is this? Is this was XXL is about now?

  • MTP

    Poorly written article.

  • Maya

    Coming from someone who has both of his albums (albeit illegally downloaded), I’m not really anticipating Lasers.. “i’m beaming” was pretty good, but we’ve been waiting on that shit for too long

  • Doom

    Bol – Making black bloggers look bad all over the world.

    Go take a 2nd rate grammar class. You could benefit from it.

  • Wiz

    Terrible, TERRIBLE Article.

    I didn’t even bother to read through the rest of this mess. SMH

  • Zach

    ahahahaha I am sure any lupe fan would be offended by this if it wasn’t for the 25 grammar errors, the ignorant bashing of a culture you know nothing about, or the trying-to-be-funny anecdotes that are really lame as hell. This article is too funny

  • Rasmus

    I thought this was supposed to be articles, but all I’m reading right now is ignorant & ridiculous opinions with absolutely no research shown?
    I’m amazed they let you publish.. hmm.. bullshit like this on a site like xxlmag.
    Good day.

  • biz

    wow, this is a poorly written article.

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  • RicAzure

    He ain’t did nothin wrong, but make god music… LOL. But seriously. Author lost mad points

  • monie beez

    first this isnt an article this is a blog, you want an article go buy a fuckin magazine or news paper. that being said this BLOG post is still terrible. We werent attacked by Muslims we were attack by terrorists who were muslim. the differnce being if I got robbed by three white guys at a gas station I would run around saying I was robbed by Christians. Also, Bol, what rappers do you actually think make good music? I dont think I have read a blog from you were you admit that a rapper is excelling in his craft. Furthermore, Nas did not follow up one good album with failure and disappointment, he followed one GREAT album with 6 more platinum albums in a row not to mention the critically acclaimed (and grammy nominated) albums such as Hip Hop is Dead, I Am, and his most recent album Untitled (Nigger). Then we gotta talk about Stillmatic and God’s Son as they were both great albums. Saying Nas followed Illmatic with failure and disappoint is completely false and a statement of ignorance. Just say you dont like his music and move on.

  • monie beez

    correction: Would NOT run around saying I was robbed by Christians

  • monie beez

    Correction: I Would NOT run around saying I was robbed by christians

  • Don mcCaine

    @ monie

    great rebuttal yo…

    left field:

    “Superstar rapper T.I. is facing serious jail time if a judge revokes his federal gun case probation next week because of a drug bust.

    A probation officer is asking for eight to 14 months, though T.I.’s lawyers claim the guidelines call for no more than five to 11 months, say court documents filed Friday.”-NY Daily News

    ^ “A probation officer is asking for…”

    Later Tip…

  • mark givens

    the woman is Julie gruenwald prez of Atlantic records . She is a big deal who worked at DEf Ham w Lyor Cohen.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe cant rap for shit nigga get a job at mcdonalds or something. Cant even get a song played what a pussy.


    Yall emotional ass niggas need to turn on the stove and put your hand on that shit. Fuck Islam. Go back to Europe you white piece of shit faggot cracker motherfuckers.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Islam. Go back to Europe you white piece of shit faggot cracker motherfuckers.

      ^ confusing

      which side u on?

  • Riptideus

    I won’t bother to go off on this. I’ll just say it’s really poor, one of the worst I’ve seen on this site.

  • John Cochran

    Bol is a one trick pony. He hasnt grown at all in the however long hes been on this site. Weak.

  • will

    Look, I have to agree with Bol on this one. Lupe is the mirror image of Nas, both in his initiation to the game and his subsequent downfall, somewhat. See, they marketed Lupe like Nas, in that, his first albums lackluster sales was similar to Illmatic.

    That was the trick they were trying to pull: Build a new Nas through Lupe. But see, Lupe didnt follow through like Nas, and regain traction with his second album. “It was Written” was Nas’ commercial redemption. Yes, it wasnt as good as illmatic, but the shyt sold, so he was able to survive. Now, Lupe didnt do shyt to redeem himself. His second album didnt blast off, so he was left to sink. And thats the bottom line.

    Honestly, Lupe is a good rapper, but he doesnt have the focus nor agility to compete. It makes you really suspect, despite his denial that, he smokes a pound of weed per week. Like he doesnt know how to focus long enough to construct a decent ablum. For instance, right after his first ablum he released two fire ass songs, but then, you cant find those motherphuckers on his second album. What sense does that make?

    • S DOT

      The Cool sold almost a million copies and was nominated for 4 grammy’s

      • Anonymous

        that shit is a flop

        • s DOT

          umm not really cause after 2007 if your name wasnt jay z, lil wayne, t.i. or kanye west you wernt selling a mill

  • caino

    Shit, l still bump The Cool, so when Lasers comes out l wil probably get it as well, the dude has a knack for a good flowing album, not just 11 singles on 1 cd!!

    As for the muslim jokes peeps need to chillax! if u try and censor people making jokes about 1 group, then the world is over!! it was a joke, stop taking shit so seriously !

  • Rob

    LMAO at such a shitty post. Haven’t read a worse article in my life. Ignorant. Pointless. Full of hate. SMH

  • eesco

    The funny thing about everyone on her blasting sir Bol is that he feeds off that shit. he writes that shit for you because he knows your hate will keep him getting those xxlmag checks. He say wild shit and use bad grammer to get you fruits aroused. If you really hate his shit so much stop reading. 2010 quit bitching!!!!

    • Atlanta is full of fruit cakes…..

      Or, it will get you fired…like that one chick. If people quit clicking on his post, and his traffic falls to a snails pace, then he will have to pay rent on that trailer by selling light bulbs or some crap at home depot.

  • Anonymous

    niggas love to cry cuz some shit ass rapper isnt getting his dick rode on a blog

  • psy

    lots of angry responses from people who are clearly very sensitive here.

  • The Turnstyle

    Who in the hell is the editor here? Bol SUCKS! All kind of errors and not to mention, the subject matter was just flawed from jump. I guess that’s what happens when you go to Atlanta, stop at Magic City with all the other fruits. Come back as one….Dayum.

  • 6 100

    If you go on a blog to check grammar, you probably are a highly-functioning-autistic loser

  • Food and Liquor Flow

    For real XXL?
    You go and put dumb coke stars like Gucci and OJ on the cover and then let one of your bloggers spit hate on someone who can actually rap?

  • wow…

    Really, Bryon? man just STFU, Lupe not a good rapper you obviously on that stuff…go listen to some of those fake ass rappers on your cover bump some of that Gucci….ridiculous.

  • Jesus

    I can’t even finish reading this shit. Saying Lupe doesn’t make good music, that’s all he’s ever done. All you have done is hate on every rapper in every article you’ve done. All for laughs too.