Before Your Favorite Rappers Were Famous: Laugh Now, Cry Later

At some point in life we’ve all been willing participants in a home video that showcases our talents (or lack thereof). It might have been the one of you spittin’ “Rapper’s Delight” at Thanksgiving dinner, or you and your cousin creating a dance routine to Kwame’s “The Rhythm” and showing it off at the family gathering. (We killed that routine.)

Now you can look back and laugh at those times. For rappers those moments exist too and sometimes they become laughable moments to add to their lore. Other times they can be telling moments in an artist’s life before fame. I was reminded of this while watching a clip of a young Big Sean giving a group of pre-teens a musical lesson on safe sex and drugs. I know I’m not the only one that thought it was weird that he was performing that type of material to a bunch of 12 year olds. I guess the kids are growing up faster these days.


That said, the clip got me to surfing the Net for classic clips of our favorite rappers performing for the camera before they were famous. —Rondell Conway

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  • Blues

    “Look,i dont mean to boast/ Yeah my face is pale,but you look like you seen a ghost/” That was fucking funny and clever ^^

  • Sha

    This was very funny. It’s funny how you could be a “nobody” and then blow up.

    Eminem’s battle would have been better if I could have understood most of it.

    But everybody knows Biggie took the cake. He literally blew a hole in dude’s face. Damn! He was a vicious talent that got taken too soon. No offense but your favorite rapper couldn’t compete with Big.

  • truth tella

    pac was a faggot

    • real hip hop

      ur whole generations a faggot pac was the realest u know nouthing about hip hop

      • 53fy46

        u know nothing about hiphop

        pac was a bitch thru and thru but even he wasnt as much of a faggot as u

  • Waka Flocka Flame




  • dapz

    dat video is funny as hell shitt. He definitely going to be embarrassed about that

    • dapz

      dat game video i meant to say

  • Donte

    the when dat nigga did the harlem shake i was dying on da floor lol he was so seriuous lmao

  • John Cochran

    People act like your supposed to come out the womb gangsta, everybody got those embarrassing kid moments. That shit with cam and mase if funny. They look exactly the same with small bodies. And whats with the bald heads?

  • e21baby

    it’s funny how despite big sean tALKING AGAinst the sAME METHODS HE DO IN THE FUTURE. It’s cool because all the subjects he uses in his raps enhances his metaphors, similes, punchline anfd his flow. He is really one of the newest nigga best out.

  • QThaGreat!

    is it me or is this kinda biased. All the NY rappers’ clips are really not embarrasing at all. What that all about.

  • Anonymous

    big seans LOL they shouldve put the song money and sex on the end of his clip

  • hejsa

    RIP Proof.

  • ghidorah

    Cam’ron and Vado are the hottest thing in the game right now.

  • M.C. Lovin

    Wow Big Sean changed 180 from then… Check out my hip hop

  • Harrassdadon

    DA Game is a trick…….HA! Ha! Damn Homie!

  • hiphopdoc

    Damn Cam had some skills on the court, he coulda been in the NBA! Nigga was on some AI shit

  • hiphopdoc

    Game was a ole sucker for love herb ass nigga! Peep out 2:27!

  • Magnetic

    Damn Cam bricked that shot, but real talk money was nice, I remember back when he and Mase were first hitting the scene I heard he was a good ball player, never seen him play until now.

    As far as Game, thats old news. Yukmouth and a couple others called him on that shit years ago. If there was any humiliation he was probably over that shit along time ago cuz that show was pretty popular back in the day. I’d always be smoked out and catch that shit late at night, can’t say I remember this particular episode, he did get played by ol’ girl, she was talking mad shit, but he had no shame he put it out there that he was feeling the brod like that. Who knows she probably got the vapors now. Whatever, don’t know about Game’s street cred, could care less but as a rapper that mothafucka got bars for days.

  • trex

    cam & mase like the players in NBA JAM (the original) with them big ole heads and small bodies

  • megulito

    lol smh… the game lmao too funny

  • Cleo Weniger

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  • Jeane Bruchey

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