Why Kanye West’s Album Shouldn’t Leak

I, like most others, have been ecstatic about Kanye West’s “G.O.O.D. Friday” series. Although they’re clear throwaway tracks that are hastily worked on during the week leading up to its release, the end results are still light years ahead of most of the submissions I receive every day. Despite the failed/aborted attempt to flood the market with G.O.O.D. Music artists on the same day (which would have been a little over two weeks ago, for those keeping track), the G.O.O.D. Friday music drops have been at the very least a decent consolation prize.

To think, none of this probably would have happened had Kanye’s album leaked back in June. As I’m sure you’re aware of, what may or may not have been a password-heavy zipped file of ‘Ye’s upcoming, untitled album sprung a leak onto the Internets, which sent most of us (myself included) into a tizzy to try to “confirm” if it was legitimate or not. Eventually, the fervor over it died down once the G.O.O.D. Friday tracks started popping up, and most of us all but forgot about the damn thing in the first place.

That is, until an incomplete, unfinished song from the alleged zip file popped up on the Internets last night. The legitimacy of the track remains to be seen, but its obviously unauthorized release got me wondering when, or even if, the entire album will finally see the light of day, legally or otherwise.

To be honest I’d much rather not see Kanye’s album leak prematurely, in its half-done state, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Seriously, who actually wants to hear an unfinished album at all? It sounds bad, the beats don’t hit like they should because they haven’t been mixed and there’s almost always missing vocals among other things. The last time something like this happened to Kanye, during 808s & Heartbreak’s leaks, many of the songs’ snares and kicks resembled that sound you hear in porno films when the guys’ balls are slapping off the woman’s hymen.

[||] to that entire line, visual and idea.

Besides that, who’s really proud about leaking albums at this point? Almost every record that’s dropped this year will have been leaked a thousand times over, so at this point the “art” of the leak resembles an unintelligible Rorschach painting more than anything. I mean, once it’s leaked then what? More often than not the leaker was actually dumb enough to pay for the thing (something that used to be considered taboo but is now, sadly, about as commonplace as breathing, but more on that later), which means nothing if you don’t know what exactly to do with it (usually by just giving it away for free or holding onto it the way a spoiled child never gives up a toy to share), which coincidentally is nothing at all. So what’s the point?

Me, I’m waiting for Kanye’s album to leak the normal way: a week or so prior to its release date, when employees at the pressing plant the album gets sent to swack a copy from the line and upload it to the Internets for the rest of the world to enjoy. Until then, I can easily do without uncompleted anythings at this point.

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  • WilliamJacob

    Okay, but why did 2dopeboyz post the leak then.
    If the blogs wanted to protect kanye’s album they never would’ve featured the track.
    practice what you preach man

    • dave

      i dont think they did post it, i searched the site and the last kanye dl they have is so appalled, a G.O.O.D. friday release.

      • djzrex

        yo dave.. they did post it, they had to delete the post… read Amaya’s post on Thehottestishh he says that he got an email telling him to take the link down


    no they posted it for sure, i was the first one to comment on it. didnt listen though cause fuck unfinished tracks. if its not there anymore its casue they took it down

  • http://www.CassavaLeaf.com/ CassavaLeaf

    When in the hail is the album dropping and does anyone even know the title of it?

    • Amir

      Kanye West doesn’t even know the title of the album…

  • Rock

    Meka, You and your faggot whiteboy boyfriend are just as culpabale as anyone in destroying good music in the blog/leak era. How dare you write this piece you hypocritical POS. You can’t write, you only got a gig at XXL recently because your “blog” that aggregates stolen content gets views, plus you couldn’t hold the crates to my vinyl collection (you can’t dj) fuck you and shake if I see you at an industry event he especially and you possibly are getting yolked on G.P. Go take some payola to post a song you fucking hypocrite pussy.

    • chromeboi

      ^^^shirt lifter

      You ain’t throwing rice at a chinese wedding. We ride for Meka so fcuk ur vinyl crates. cya ass at the next industry event, nullus

  • http://toad.com toad

    gotta love how you write:

    “Besides that, who’s really proud about leaking albums at this point? Almost every record that’s dropped this year will have been leaked a thousand times over, so at this point the “art” of the leak resembles an unintelligible Rorschach painting more than anything. I mean, once it’s leaked then what?”

    and tag up your mp3s with 2dopeboyz in 3 different lines. you tag songs with NEWMUSICCARTEL.COM every once in a while and overall bask in the light of “exclusives.”

    all you bloggers are marks. if i post a song, i don’t post my website in the composer spot. or the album artist, lyrics section or comments of the track. anyone who does that is a fucking pussy.

  • http://defpenradio.com Tony Stark

    Great read and I totally agree. If something does leak it is bound to be missing verses from Kanye himself or features from someone else. Although everyone is awaiting this record from Mr. West, it will be worth the wait and should be dropped officially on the release date not months ahead of time.

  • WilliamJacob

    hiphopcanvass is the only popular hiphop blog that didn’t post it.

  • Caleb

    Everybody on here who hates on meka are the same dudes probably checking 2dopeboyz 5x a day. Give me a break, by the way great article meka. I agree

  • risrob2

    Meka….. screw u hatin on 50 and bleeping kanye dry…….

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  • Anonymous

    what song leaked?

  • greed

    FUCK KANYE PEST AND FUCK B.A.D MUSIC, I’m sleeping on that motherfucker till he stop rapping like he got a dick in his mouth

  • l3lackstar

    Yeah, you kinda are being a hypocrite. What makes Kanye so special that you can use these anti-leak beliefs but for other artists it doesn’t matter that you guys are the first one to leak it or that you guys post your website and others websites all over that song’s options. You could have just said that you should wait a week before the release date for the leak rather then listen to any other leak prior as you think Kanye deserves to have his product analyzed in its complete state. But I guess that wouldn’t make for a good article eh? Oh well…

  • http://www.nigs.com jblow

    youre whack, fuck u

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Point is: the internet is the devil.–the waterboy’s mama.

  • Notorious AGC


  • Anonymous

    how u hate on a n!@@a who givin free food…

    7 trax…fed many a pocket these moments…

    don’t respect his g…u dead wrong…BIG

  • so what

    Em sold hard as fuck
    while his shit was all over the internet.

    its all Ye’s fault.
    he failed to keep it confidential.

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