What Writers Think About When They Can’t Write

This was short-lived but semi productive. We got at least three jams from them before things fell apart. Since I’m in an A-state of mind, I might as well get low with it.

I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen this video. All I know is that when I here this song my natural reaction is to reach in my pocket for ones. I invested a ton of bread on this song. I just wish Ms. Ki-Toy could have been the one dropping it low for me.

Damn, I miss her because baby sure as hell got back.

Now where was I again… I don’t know but Friday was a good film, man. .

Ms. Parker was the business, but she can’t hold a candle to Mary Jane.

“That weed make my ass want to kill four people. Big killed that and this.

Okay, wait, I think I might have found something here.

’Pac… Big… Double albums… Posthumous albums… Flo Rida… Pimp C… Yeah, I think I’m on to something here.

Appreciate y’all rocking with me on that creative excursion. Time to go flesh it out for tomorrow. —Rondell Conway

  • Sha

    Ummmmmmm. Yeah. You’re really random today.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Ki-Toy, that ass is good, mmm… mmm… mmm… God damn!!!

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