Trina is the Most Consistent Female Rapper of All-Time

A couple weeks ago BET premiered My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women in Hip-Hop. I had heard about the show coming on but truthfully I hadn’t paid much attention to the actual airdate. The only reason I caught it live was because while flicking through the channels I got roped into watching Brown Sugar, which was the lead-in to the women in hip-hop doc. If not for the fact that was a good-ass movie, I probably wouldn’t have been tuned in at that moment.

#NoShots but I wasn’t really expecting much from My Mic Sounds Nice—still not sure why they called it a “documentary.” I mean, the women in hip-hop discussion is pretty tired at this point and I doubted that a 60-minute BET special was going to shed any more light. While I wasn’t proven wrong in either regard, it was a surprisingly good show.

They didn’t just speak to the usual suspects (Eve, Missy Elliott, Salt-N-Pepa) but dug in the archives and landed interviews with a couple pioneers (Roxanne Shanté, Medusa, Poetess) and underground mavericks (Jean Grae, Tiye Phoenix). Shoot, they even dug up a few MIA MCs like Lady of Rage and Ladybug Mecca. The end result was a pretty decent effort, but it’d definitely need another hour or subsequent volumes to truly do the history of women in hip-hop justice.

That’s all beside the point. The reason I’m writing today and the explanation for the bold statement in the title is what I want to get into.

At some point during My Mic Sounds Nice the conversation shifted to Trina and the fact that she’s been basically holding down female MCs mostly by herself for the past 12 years. While she’s far from the most lyrical woman on the mic, she definitely has been the most consistent.

Over the course of the past decade, the Miami madam has dropped a new album just about every two years. Okay, big deal? Well, with her five albums Trina has put out more music than her female contemporaries—Da Brat has only dropped four albums since 1994; Eve has only put out three albums since 1999; and both Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown have released four albums each since their 1996 debuts. The only female MC to put out more music than Trina is Missy Elliott, who has six albums to her credit, but her last project dropped in 2005.

**Queen Latifah has six albums also, but her last three discs were alternative/singing so I won’t even put them in the conversation.**

Now, I know quality trumps quantity any day, but Trina’s clearly found some way to remain relevant while most of her peers haven’t. She broke it down with bittersweet truth on My Mic Sounds Nice when she said, “They don’t wanna really see you in the baggy jeans. They wanna see you sexy because, ‘You a female, I’m a dude, I’m not learning nothin’ from you, I just wanna see you. So whatever you’re talking about I probably don’t really care, I just wanna look at you and whatever you’re saying it all sounds good to me.’ That’s just real. That’s just how it is.”

Sad, but true.

There are female MCs that can spit with the best of them, but for whatever the reason male and female fans don’t bite. Personally, I think Remy Ma dropped a dope ass album with There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story but that fact didn’t impact her sales.

Take a look at Nicki Minaj. When she first came out she was spittin’ hard with a little bit of sexual innuendo, now the majority of her music is off-the-wall Barbie talk with a few darts sprinkled in between and her buzz is bigger than ever. It’s like she had to sacrifice a bit of her rawness to have a better shot at mainstream success.

Whether or not that will be the case when it’s all said and done has yet to be seen. Skills and buzz are one thing but they don’t necessarily equal a long-running career in hip-hop—especially for female MCs. So as crazy as this may sound, I wonder if Nicki will have a career as consistent as Trina? —Anslem Samuel

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  • Pierzy

    “It’s like she had to sacrifice a bit of her rawness to have a better shot at mainstream success.”

    That’s true of both men and women. Hence the idea of a “reach” to mainstream.

  • DONN

    I don’t think she’ll be as consistent becasue she aint as sexy. that’s real. trina’s bad. Nicki bad but not like that

    • Dinero

      Maybe its jus me…. But Trina was fuccin gorgeous…. Didnt think there were strippers like that…. Now Trina is jus tight…

  • htownsown

    I luv trina, and you’re right, you can always count on Trina to be TRINA!!! Everytime! Her albums are good, I mean I like them. Talk to me about Nikki taking over when her second album drop and its doing well

  • DaZigZagMan


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  • Anonymous


  • Say What

    Trina got a big ass, that’s about it.

  • GIFT

    I’d have to say that over time, if nicki minaj keeps a good work ethic (and eventually lets go of that annoying sinus voice lol)then she could very well be the most consistent representation of women with a voice in hip hop. She has some growing to do, no doubt, but in her interviews, she acknowledges that, and for an artist to openly embrace being new and growing, definitely shows that with the right guidance, their future will be bright. I agree with DONN on how bad trina is. Nicki look good, but I think trina got her on the looks. Trina would get get get it!!!!!!

    p.s. Nicki would to though lol!!!

  • BeerGangsta

    Miami stand for Money Is A Major Issue!! Trina look 100 percent better than Nikki!! Nikki is wack!! Heffer can’t Rap!1 She scared of ugly azz Kim!! Trina is the best and bless!! Heffer got a pretty face nice curve!! She is brainwash a little!!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    The Most Consistent Female MC of All-Time is:

    Missy Elliott

  • illStreet

    MC Lyte got six Lyte As A Rock, Eyes On This, Act Like You Know, Aint No Other, Bad As I Wanna Be, Seven & Seven … plus the underground joint literally titled That Underground Heat (releeased in 2003).

    U lost w/ this one XXL.

    • Anslem

      She’s in the same boat with Missy, her last album was how many years ago? Salt-N-Pepa had 6 also, but that wasn’t my argument. Not saying Trina is better than anyone you mentioned or not, just her consistency of every 2 years dropping an album and continuing to put out music while most female MCs today can’t even get a deal. Trina is clearly on to something….

      • spirit equality

        you said “of all time” not “of the past few weeks”

        if anyone at any time had a greater number of albums, they were more consistent than trina, over the span of time known as “of all time” (which is the entirety of time as a whole)

        do you know what the phrase “of all time” means?

        learn how to write your point more concisely and you would get better responses

        what trina could be called is “the female rapper who major label execs decided to give five release dates the past 12 years” which is an accomplishment that means almost nothing

        i mean, game has put out the most albums from LA on a major label in the past 10 years, but who cares? LOL.

  • joaquin

    i dont even know who trina is … the majority of people that listen to hip hop are not the ones that watch bet. let’s face it, hip hop’s biggest market is middle america …

    if you google female rapper, google will show you who the most consistent female rapper is right now … and it’s not trina or nikki.

    get with it xxl

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Lyte is the greatest female rapper of all time. Of all time!!!!

    • Anslem

      Sho nuff, but not talking about greatness, just consistency for the sake of this post.

  • El Tico Loco

    @ Illstreet

    MC Lyte does have 6 albums indeed but the article is not about who has the most albums but about who manages to stay relevant thru their music, I know Lyte is the one of the nicest females ever but right now her work in the booth is basically voiceovers even tho I think Luda should’ve put her on “My Chick bad” remix but he’s not into being upstaged on songs.


    This article is not about who’s the nicest (they hardly care about that here), second if you don’t know who Trina is, maybe you should google that. Third the biggest market does not equate to being the most knowledgeable so your data is unrealiable.

  • swype-matic

    Seems like nobody actually read this article. The title of the article is MOST CONSISTENT FEMALE RAPPER OF ALL TIME. I would have added ‘In The Limelight’, but still, this article is right in every way. Since 99, Trina has basically been the lone female voice while everybody else fell off in some way. He wasn’t saying she had the best albums during that time, but she has managed to set herself up for that kind of success til this day. Remy Ma’s upstate with her last and pretty much last album in 06, Eve’s last album was 02, Missy’s last was 05. People gotta have more common sense than that, and this is coming from somebody whose favorite female emcees are Jean Grae and Eve.

    • Anslem

      Thanx sir,

      It’s a daily frustration that folks don’t read things through even when the title is pretty clear. But hey, it’s the nature of the beast. Appreciate the appreciation.

      Oh, and mos def Lyte is one of the illest females. I think Shawnna is hella nasty with hers too, but again not a lot of output by her.

  • kedordu


    • El Tico Loco

      They’re not talking about classics or bangers, all dude is talking about is, who manages to keep they’re face “out there” like they keep saying in these circles “relevant”. No she may not have any classic albums to her credit but her guest appearances damn near steal the show sometimes, especially on “Shut up” and “Nann Nigga” you say those aren’t classics? “My Chick Bad” which is wack but it is currently getting play and that keeps her in people’s conscience. If it was about consistency all around then Tech n9n9, or GFK; if the article was about the nicest female it would be about Rah Digga or Jean Grae, if it was about the GOAT female it would be about Lyte or Latifah, is just common reading comprehension.

      • kedordu




  • Anslem

    f Esham and Andre Nickitina dropped albums consistently or more consistent than whichever artist you want to pair them up with or just their peers in general, then by definition they’d be more consistent. It’s simple facts. Don’t see why the logic in 5 > 4, 3, 2, 1 is so hard to grasp or such a drastic bias.

    Never said anything of Trina being better on the mic than anyone, article clearly said that in that it’s not about quantity trumps quality BUT damn who would have thought that Trina put out more material than some of your favorite female MCs.

    And we throw the word classic around way too easy, Kim and Fox got a classic for sure, as does Latifah. Eve… perhaps a classic song or two? Missy, maybe, really can’t call it. She definitely is the most successful female MC of all time (whole other topic).

    As for Trina having a classic album regionally or not, dunno, she doesn’t make music that I’m into like that. LOL But I can still respect her hustle and business acumen.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Missy Elliott:

    Supa Dupa Fly (1997) = Platinum
    Da Real World (1999) = Platinum
    Miss E… So Addictive (2001) = Platinum
    Under Construction (2002) = Platinum
    This is Not a Test! (2003) = Platinum
    The Cookbook (2005) = Gold
    Block Party (2010) = Coming Soon

    vs Trina:

    Da Baddest Bitch (2000) = Platinum
    Diamond Princess (2002) = Gold
    Glamorest Life (2005) = Gold
    Still da Baddest (2008) = 200,000
    Amazin´(2010) = 100,000

    • Anslem

      Yup, I looked those same numbers up when i was researching for this post. If I was writing about most SUCCESSFUL female MC, I would have pointed at the plaques and of course Trina wouldn’t be in the running #CmonSon.

      But I was, actually am, highlighting CONSISTENCY. As you’ve further illustrated in your comment by adding the years, while Missy is hands down a sales monster (although Lauryn trumps em all with one album I believe, i could be wrong), she also been MIA for 5 years, while Trina has been consistent in dropping every 2 years.

      So if you wanna discuss consistency feel free, you wanna talk greatest/successful etc, sorry, that’s not today’s topic.

      maybe tomorrow, though

      • Simple like ABC, 123

        “Trina is the Most Consistent Female Rapper of ALL-TIME”


        Wrong, consistent RIGHT NOW? Trina,
        but consistent of ALL-TIME? Missy Elliott,
        the next female rapper? Nicki Minaj.

        Another example,
        Luda is the most consistent rapper right now, but Eminem & Jay-Z are the most consistent rappers of all-time.

        • Anslem

          Okay, now we’re getting CLOSER to today’s topic but still off the mark. The crux of what I personally found interesting was Trina dropping every 2 years, with one album that came 3 years in between, but still pretty consistent.

          Eminem and Jay are leaps and bounds above Trina and most MCs. Jay, actually would get my vote for most consistent of all time male or female because he dropped every year with HEAT until he “retired.” Eminem, however, is a beast but he took a 5 year hiatus which, for the sake of THIS particular argument, knocked him out of consistency convo.

          Now, does that mean Eminem is weak, hell nah, does that speak to the quality of his music, nope. But the consistency of his frequency faltered, while the consistency of his quality has been pretty even—although Marshall Mathers is his classic for me and he hasn’t topped that in my eyes.

          Anyway, our difference of opinion here is really which type of consistency we’re talking about. You’re talking about quality regardless of how far in between. So in your book Dre is consistent because he put out two classics back to back. While I’m looking at consistency from side of how often your product is coming out. In that view Dre isn’t that consistent because he takes 10 years + between albums.

          Like, I said, we’re getting closer, but still on different pages.

        • Simple like ABC, 123

          OK, in your theory Bow Wow is consistent because he drop album every 2 years?

          But well, for you “consistent” is dropping albums every 2 years, for me & all here “consistent” is dropping great album after album. In your case, Trina & Bow Wow are the most consistent rappers of all-time, right???

          Luda = consistent
          Bow Wow = nah
          Missy = consistent
          Trina = well, average album, but nah

          Dr Dre = that’s another topic, Detox Coming Sooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn

        • Jerm

          He said Consistent Female Rapper of All-Time. When looking at FEMALE MCs, no one has been keeping their name out as much as her, its that simple. Most relevant or best at keeping themselves relevant in their career. What female rapper within the last decade has been frequently putting out albums? Trina. He is talking about work ethic and maintaining their career.

  • Malik

    I’m not sure I get the point of this article. Trina has been releasing albums for a decade. Ok? And? I don’t think that’s particularly note worthy. It’s impressive that she’s been able to be on a single label (slip n slide) for that long. She’s one of the few mainstream female rappers to do nothing else but rap. Those are pretty much the only two reasons she seems to have stayed around. Everyone one else either branched out as an entertainer (Eve/Latifah), was already a producer (Missy), or is living a hood soap opera (Kim/Foxxy)

    Jean Grae has the same amount of albums, plus steady mixtape appearances thanks to Talib. Plus she’s actually talented.

    • Anslem

      refer to my 6th paragraph in post for clarity and reminder that we both said some of the same things:

      “Over the course of the past decade, the Miami madam has dropped a new album just about every two years. Okay, big deal? Well, with her five albums Trina has put out more music than her female contemporaries—Da Brat has only dropped four albums since 1994; Eve has only put out three albums since 1999; and both Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown have released four albums each since their 1996 debuts. The only female MC to put out more music than Trina is Missy Elliott, who has six albums to her credit, but her last project dropped in 2005.”

  • El Tico Loco

    World record for blog comments fail.

  • Curtis75Black

    I think some people are looking at the word “Consistent” and thinking along the lines of Jay-Z – Dope, classic music. Not in the work ethic type in which the word was used. I totally understand and to somewhat agree.I don’t rock her music because its wack but thats besides the point. If Jean Grae was dropping classics as much as Trina has dropped duds, Jean would’ve been the topic of discussion.

  • The Mirror

    XXL article says: Trina has put out music consistently over the last decade.

    Forum commentators say: XXL ya’ll got it wrong Missy is platinum, and Jean Grae can spit better than all the females out.

  • JC

    Trina ain’t doin shit…Missy is the most consistent.

  • tre

    trina is the shit..i love trina!!..and honey amazin sold more than that!!! get it right..i live trina n missy!..but i like trina a tad bit more idk…she jst so real wit ha shit!!! no suga coat shit!! da badddest

  • Vee

    Trina sells sex, consistently. Men are always in the market to buy sex

  • ms_spittuh

    Trina sucks ass but yeah she’s dropped every couple of years hun i give you that. Nicki has a “ghetto-burnt-so-fuckin’-ashy-them-bitches-look-like-a 6 pk-of-socks” following. Sorry can’t fuck with that. And any bitch who uses the word hater because most black women don’t listen to that coon has 6 kids and is 11 years old suckin’ off her daddy. Fuck YM I’m getting Rah Digga’s cd today :)

  • a

    Want the answer why female MC’S aren’t consistent like that is because of ”Originality”!!!! Simple and easy!!!! Nicki Minaj is like a hooker on the street corner she came after Lil Kim left her corner, have respect for yourself then maybe you will get respect…

  • ummm

    rah digga just dropped the greatest album ever by a female mc and you talk about these two wack broads??? way to represent hip-hop

  • El Tico Loco

    Trina is consistently active, does she deliver quality material consistently? No, I actually like her guest appearances better than her actual music. Trina and Missy will remain the only consistent females in the game because most of the other female rapper just rap as stepping stone to get into other stuff, usually acting or modeling, and even Nikki herself said she was just gonna do a 5 and out, so unless we at least fast-forward 5 years she shouldn’t even make the topic.

  • Chilly Willy

    The most consistent thing here is that either people don’t get what you mean because they misread, or you didn’t get your point across.

    Fuck what everybody sayin, I think Missy is the most consistent femcee of all time.

    Male counterparts, Jay and Ghost share the top spot.

    Nicki is like a hiphop Lady Gaga, really. Saw a bunch of different style, mashed it to something unique that somehow doesn’t seem that original, but at the end of the day have the most potential for commercial success and long-term relevance. Which makes her a top contender.

    If you like Trina, OK. No beef. I enjoy her from time to time. If you mean consistent = using the same narrative with almost all her albums, then OK.

    I’ll stick to Jean Grae, though.

  • http://xxlmag jayruckNYC

    Just cuz u drop a shit load of albums doesn’t mean your consistent. It’s about the quality of the material. Wit dat being said Trina is no way in hell the most consistent. The most sexy she could be in dat catagory. But da most consistent title definitely belong to Missy. Not to mention Missy has sold more records.

  • Q461

    Trina DOES consistently drop albums, at least more than Eve, Fox or Kim who have long breaks in between records recently. It’s a testament to todays market that even Missy has taken a 5 year hiatus after arguably being the highest selling female mc for quite a while. As far as consistently DOPE, well thats another story, cause Trina isn’t always bringing heat, in fact only a few of her records are really hot IMO. Is she sexy as hell? Yes. So is Nicki. Eve is one of the few that actually was sexy but also spit that fire. I personally think the best female MC is Jean Grae.

    • Anonymous

      I feel you on your opinion. How I look at it is, when you say sexy and spits fire, I hear Trina. I believe she does spit fire, everyone just doesnt relate to what she says, some do. Eve can spit, but do I remember her? I listen to eve and she can spit, but aside from what other females have rapped she is just in the same boat with an aggressive rap! Jean Grae is hot, but she is not on the same level as Lauryn Hill. No female MC is competing with Lauryn. Dont get me wrong Grae is up there with Lauryn, but Lauryn’s vocabulary is superb. Grae’s lyrics puts you in a picture and makes you wonder, while Lauryn does that and gives you pieces you have been missing. #justmyopinion no hard feelings.

  • Authenticated_Made

    What I despise the most are haters. TRINA has been doing the damn thing. To be honest, guys dont wanna hear about wtf she has to say, because its real. Females dont wanna hear about it, because she’s real and some can relate, but hate because they cant be as successful as what it is Trina does that they do too. Honestly, her lyrics are dope and I feel she can compete with other females in her genre. She is a Southern based rapper, and consequential to what anybody believes, Trina is as raunchy, lyrical, and metaphorical using as Eve, Kim, and Foxy. Is she on a level with MC, Lauryn, Sal_n_Peppa, Jean Grae, Tiye Phoenix, Da BRat, and more that I choose not to name. NO! But she has never bitten anything nor has she ran from a beef. Look at Kim, Foxy, Remy, Nicki, and Eve! All based in the same are NYC or Philly. Those states generate in the same ways, the 13 colonies operate with the same music. The reason Kim has sold all those platinum albums as well as Foxy and Eve. Therefore, people need to realze Trina is from the south, as well as Lil Wayne, T.I, Mystikal, Pastor Troy, etc. Lil Wayne tried independently as well as T.I, Pastor, and Mystikal, but failed to go mainstream with their first albums. Lil Wayne and T.I had a breakthrough when they were in DC “Soldier” and theat crossed them over, before that nobody knew who they really were. Yeh, Wayne was w/504 BOYZ, but he wasnt the hottest. Give Trina a little more respect and credit that she deserves. She has never let the game change her nor has she ever done anything differently. Talk about a real ass person! Aside from the media and trash talk, she has produced! She doesnt have many awards to prove for the fact that she wont let fame change her. People are always demoralizing or hating someone who has grinded their life out or at least attempted. Give credit where its due, and XXL Magazine couldve done better with this title!

  • $yk

    The Pittsburgh Pirates have been a model of consistency too.

    Should we give them kudos for 20 years of creating a facade of a franchise (they look good, but ain’t never good enough to compete)? More people know about Trina being Kenyon Martin’s girl than her music.

    Trina FERGIE is the Most Consistent Female Rapper of All-Time

    ^ keep it 100, according to all of the stipulations I have read here.

  • detroit by way of 6mile

    missy is hands down more lyrical than trina and missy metaphors and songs have niggas singing that shit i love her she the best in my eyes but 5 yrs is a long ass time she raps about sex in a non dick sucking way and thats not all she raps about everything is different with missy but consistent have to go to trina or crossover(no a.i mj) fergie but no female fucking with missy not even nikki and nikki not wack no how she reminds me of missy(off the wall but lyrical) but just more glammed up

  • detroit by way of 6mile

    like jay might be more consistent but in the eyes of me and my homies nas is the best doing it that ain’t black fuck it he better than the white boy not cuz race but cuz he consistent in keeping it all the way true and i can relate to more im from the D so naturally i loves em’s music and oh almost forgot one of my homies said ross is better than jeezy i replied thats like big vs pac ross is big of course more lyrical but jeezy and pac spit heartfelt shit

  • korie23


  • Greg

    It’s hard to say, I do believe at first Nicki Minaj was making the right move by adjusting herself for mainstream success, it just seems now she has took it too far! Consistency is being able to balance and stay with the times. Lots of people think that you have to go pop for mainstream success and that’s what I think is going on with Nicki! Pop just means popular Nicki Minaj is popular now no need to be weird about it! I was enjoying the “Itty Bitty Piggy” sh*t and the “5 Star Ch*ck” even that verse on “Bottom’s Up” but after I saw the MTV pre-show performance with Will.I.Am left me like WTF!!! I saw the ‘My Mic Sounds Nice’ n shout out to the underground female rappers like Tiye Phoenix and Jean Grae! Those chicks have a shot at being popular too… Eternia, Mae Day, Rasheeda, La Femme Nikita, Diamond all have what it takes! They just got to know when they buzz gets a lil heavier than it is now and start getting recognized by mainstream that they don’t have to necessarily compromise there whole style at trying to be consistent! Just put out good music, Trina put out good music and managed to stay with the time working and collabing with the hottest artist over the years! Lol @detroitbywayof6mile “missy is hands down more lyrical than trina” All I have to say to that is… He he he he how, he he he he he he how! LMAO!

  • Dade

    Their are too many haters in the world!! Anyways, i love me some Trina. And its not just the fact that she is gorgeous and has a bangin ass body. I just think she’s a cool chick. Yes she can do alot better when it comes to lyrics, but at the end of the day if she spittin hard or going soft I still like her. So Trina keep doing you, your fans always gonna support.



  • a REAL Trina Fan

    all trina albums has never been not notice when shes out she out there isnt many artists from the south that hit hard like that anyways {hunny}everytiome you break-up w\ your lover you play single again and everyone wants to be a bad bitch! {doll baby} so keep texting and emailing what the baddest bitch is rockin lmao!~*standing up and claping*{bravo}girl for riding on the train and never taking a #pit-stop……. remember when Nicki first got her SINE w\trina on 5star chick lol! i not see missy on there and sides she’s not a Hardcore Female meecee ….check the FACTS #Trina_rules without beefing w\ bitches! {point}

  • Anonymous

    watch her vh1 show i love you trina

  • Sheryl

    I think Nicki opend the door for other female rappers to flood the scene….i think she can last pretty long as well….there’s another young lady that has a pretty great buzz in the midwest name Lady El’ ousie…..she’s all over the internet and youtube with a video “all my girls ” and a new song off here new mixtape WELCOME 2 CHILD’S PLAY V1. Bride of Chucky drops Halloween check her out on FB or on or reverbnation and follower her on twitter ladyelouisegig…….HOT!!!!!!

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  • From Tokyo

    After just reading this article after all this time it was written, LOL @ people not at all knowing what “consistent” means. smh

  • detroit by way of 6mile

    man you crazy i never listened to a full female album im not sexist but kim came close with hardcore but to say trina ain’t got no classics is bizarre(no d12) her first album in the eyes of females is a classic in my city these women know every word to every song i swear and i never listened to it not once and men seem to forget she a female making music for females our oppion don’t count because like she said we like to look but listen nall not too much

  • detroit by way of 6mile

    again bizarre missy have 1 for sure classic i actually listened to not all but some with under construction thats classic in my eyes classic do get thrown around to easy sorta like who better debates only way we find out is they battled to see who nicer but classic is just about everything now missy always been my favorite femcee because she was lyrical not just talking bout sex positions