Supporters > Fans – What Will Be My Legacy? The Grind!

Monster, Dat Crack, The Killer, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind I, IPAG II, and now PL3DGE near done and 16 in the Kitchen is cooking (Slowly, I will admit). Six albums in seven years, not including Underground Atlanta a Grind Time official compilation which included, Pill, who has been on every Killer Mike project since Dat Crack (for you folks just getting aware lol). S.L Jones Sags and Flags (look him up) B.o.B, Travis Porter, Gucci, CyHi Da Prynce, O.J., Young Ralph, just to name a few.

Countless features, including: Jay-Z (I killed that shit “Pop’n Tags”), OutKast (Took the whole world and murdered that shit), Trina (“Look Back At It”, aww, well, that was my pleasure), Bun B (“Hoe Shit” again, I wrecked), Paul Wall, Gucci and Drake (“Street Cred” they used half my verse and I still murked it), Chamillionaire (“Southern Take Over”). I also murder ya fav songs and beats. See the “Beamer Bigga Bigga Body” hijack. If I wrote the entire discography it’d be a couple pages at least.

I list my accomplishments because if I waited on others to do it I’d be old and senile. Slobbering and too weak in spirit to say, “Fuck all y’all, sleepers!” So let me say it now, FUCK ALL Y’ALL SLEEPERS (Yahhhh) FUCK ALL Y’ALL. I mean it too. You can eat a dick. Straight up.

If another nigga tell me or one of the beautiful women that “hang out” with a playa, “Man, Mike is that nigga, they just be sleeping,” but he does not have that collection of KM music to show he is not I’mma tell’em sight on spot, NIGGA, FUCK YOU! When you hand me a demo and tell me how much you liked “ADDIDAS” I’mma throw yo shit away cuz that means you’re five albums removed from supporting.

I remember watching Lil Boosie before he went to jail. I told Maurice Garland people should shut the fuck up saying, “Keep yo head up” to him cuz they ain’t gotta do that time he does. I recall Z-Ro giving a fan/Stan the business for approaching him while he was in a convo with me, you know what they understood what I wanted to think was untrue. MOST FOLKS are FULLA SHIT and are radio heads or mixtape junkies or club song groupies. Most “fans” don’t give a damn past yo last hit song but a supporter supports regardless.

Don’t care if you agree or not. What I say goes and it goes like this: I make R.A.P. (Rebellious. African. Music) Props to M. Garland for coining that. I make music for my supporters, fuck a fan. For the last four years my supporters have helped build a small and integrity-filled brand called Grind Time Official/Grind Time Rap Gang/Triple Bang Gang/GTRGBBB.

GTO Supporters are the reason you have Pill pre-XXL and S.L. Jones check him out (SLEEPERS!). I wanna thank every supporter, a term I coined in ’06 on IPAG I, before some A&R heard me say it and advised those sucka rappers to. I would also like to say one more big FUCK YOU to every fan and sleeper. Your presence will not be missed because fans turn off when you cool off and sleepers on dream supporters do! Me and GTO SUPPORTERS have a lot more work to do.

Keep sleeping, the wake up is comin! PL3DGE coming. Support Pill, SL Jones, The Daily Pursuit, Black Mean Girls, D5M, all companies started by Grind Time Member’s/Supporters. When we ain’t have video budgets supporters made them and posted them. When commercials on radio cost too much our supporters made their own and posted them on YouTube. You can ignore me and my music, but the results are real. It is changing peoples’ perception and their lives. You will see more supporter made content this go ’round because unlike most rap “movements?” This is a gang and the supporters are in it! Our movement through music is making a real difference and I promise, we will not lose. To every one that know what GTRGBBB stands for and responds with Bang Bang Bang, see you at the top cuz we on our way!

It’s the Leader of the Gang,



Before I go, here’s some catch up for The Sleeper, Doubters, haters, fuck niggas and just plain lames. GRIND TIME RAP GANG BANG BANG BANG! Our Flag Don’t Fall!

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  • killa mike…

    killin this shit,talk about most slept on,ketchup tomato

  • RedRocBoy

    Man that God in the Building, first time I heard that shit I went nuts. Killa you diffently should be in a bigger space in hip-hop. Nigga on some blow the roof off, tear the walls down , street gospel ish. You gotta supporter in the STL my brother. Grind Time BANB BANG BANG!!!!!!

  • Eazy

    Dont forget that track wit Ice Cube, i forgot the name of it, but that was serious stuff and the original wit out him. Real Spit! That whole albulm was jammin. Shout out to Doubble D!!!

  • romil

    I honestly don’t think killas legacy is fulfilled yet honestly. We thought it was gonna be through the dungeon fam affiliation. Then Mike went solo fans rode with em. But I think now the timing is right being the climate of the world and a powerful voice, the fans are seeking a leader in the game with pure truth. who else can do it better.

  • Kid Pistol

    I’m probably reading it wrong since it’s so damn early in the morning, but ‘Rebellious. African. Music’ would be “RAM”, not “Rap”

  • JustKenny

    Killa Kill from the Ville! You got a supporter in DC! People still trip when I play them Bang Grind Time Anthem! I made a lot of believers off of that one track.

  • Mike Bigga

    lol Thank u Kid Pistol Blame My Editor this Go round. It shud read Rebellious African People’s Music R.A.P Music! Sorry folks it’s been a crazy writing week! Thank u for the typo alert and Salute! \

    • Patti

      Mike Bigga…BANG BANG BANG…not only is the music real…Mike himself is real you need to hear him speak…I will forever Love you Mike Bigga…call me I have a couple of panels for you 214-649-5536…and I am not in Atlanta…

  • Nuface

    The Grind believes in Me therefore i believe in the GRIND!!!BBB!!!When hot rappers have come&gone look whos STILL KILLING em!!!Its BIGGA!! Nuface clothing SUPPORTS THE GRIND!!

  • http://n/a atypikalent

    Killer has the storytellin’ of a slick rick- the “fuck you” of ice cube, and the aggressive, beat the track to death delivery of Biggie. Some voices command attention- and luckily, once he has it- he doesn’t waste the opportunity…

  • KGdaArtist

    I hadn’t commented on XXL in a min. I’m glad to see this right here. I try to tell these ppl Mike ain’t no joke. Bang Bang Bang! Buy his albums and quit lyin with ya self. You know love the music, stop frontin. Listen to it and get up and do something with yourself. That’s is all

  • Danielle

    Can’t wait for Pl3dge! When’s it coming?

    Listening to “God In The Building” right now, love that song!

  • GC

    Speaking of radio/club songs, I never understood why I’mma Fool With It” never took off. Video was crazy and that song is STILL my party shit! Whatever, people don’t recognise quality. Keep doing your thing, Mike, you’ve got supporters in Jamaica!

  • Leslie

    Killa Mike has always been a lyrical beast! He has consistently put out quality music all of his career. When you support an artist, you buy their music all of the time, not just when they have a hit single on the radio. Mike’s grind never STOPS! #GTRGBBB

  • GC

    one more thing… I see what you’re doing with Adult Swim, brother.

  • C_J_Stick

    Sinatra of the Crack Rat Pack. You’re #1, Killer. Bang Bang Bang.

  • Jay grove

    Everything mike does is classic. There are very few who can go without the major label support and keep it moving as if he had it. Grind time rap gang, bang, bang, bang!!

  • Tamara J

    Thats right Mike Bigga does it again! I’m a TRUE supporter of the GRIND. Not no copys, bootleg versions, or illusions. GET RICH INDEPENDENTLY BIIIAAATCHES!!!! – Tamara J

  • http://TWITTER.COM/Meil06 Meil G

    Killer mike is a real nigga man…if yall dont support the movement yall some suckas 4real…

  • Groove Phi

    Hey mike bigga its grind time as always keep doin your thing Bang Bang Bang



  • jose’ roderick

    bruh I support you,I went to best buy and seen IPAG 1&2 and bought them both and now I’m waiting on pl3dge to drop.I tell everybody in the mac-town that they sleeping on you.most folks got to see you on b.e.t to keep up,I don’t,the underground will 4ever remain the best because its not tainted by the a&r’s and the industry,KEEP DROPING THEM CLASSICS.GONE……

  • King Divine

    Peace Almighty, Keepputting out this real shit. This is what the youth need to hear. Its raw,real, and appealing. Appreciate the good musik bruh. Peace

  • Ms.Tee

    Salute 2 u Mike Bigga! As long as you have supporters “U will not lose”. Just maybe one day everyone will wake up and see that you are a true artist and have great talent. I will continue to keep you and the GTO family in my prayers.See you at the top Mike. GTRGBBB

  • grape ape

    i agree with you about boosie. hes the one doing his first sentence fighting another. its petty to say hold your head up when they cant. He should be doing songs on the radio not staring at cement walls. the judge did him dirty on this charge. not arguing his murder but what he was orig. locked up for was bs

  • fredd

    why is gra…pe censored

    • $yk


      ^ see it?

      I would ask why that’s flagged and not n^gger…

      and LoL @ Bigga scaring the regular commenter’s away…

  • alderman j


  • S.I.N.

    This is the very first time that I’ve ever commented on a blog, but I had to come and support “Killa Kill from the ‘ville” True GTRBBB supporters have heard that phrase several times. I’ve been in the A since 96 and consider myself a true ATLien now. In every debate on who’s the hottest in the south or who i want to see blow the most, I’ve always said Killer Mike needs that shot.

    Realistically, I loved the fact that the DF family embraced him, but I knew in my heart when he signed to aquemini records and put out monster that he wasnt going to get the proper attention he deserved (by the way for all those not in the know, check out the AKSHON! remix and tell me it aint the truth)

    Mike i’m sure hindsight is 20/20 for you but during that time i was like “this nigga is nicer than everyone in the DF outside of CEE-LO and 3Stacks, Big boi is not about to let this nigga shine.” I hated that I was right in a way, because I feel you should be at the head of the class with luda,tip, and wayne.

    I had to really search for the Pledge series (im in gwinnett county man, lol) but was pleased to find you pushing on. I’m not about to fron like I have all of your tapes, but I have all of your solo albums and “God in the building” and “That’s life” always get my point across when I tell niggas you nice.

    Judging by your posts and consisten love you get on your blogs, you should see you have “real” supporters, not fans. Between you and Jay Electronica, I’m looking for you two to get your shot.

    I hope your deal with Grand Hustle gets you to where you deserve to be.

    Speaking of Jay Elec. I need a collabo from you two niggas ASAP! lol.

  • S.I.N.

    Oh and I forgot. I’m glad you changed your name man. That was the next to last piece in my opinion to you getting to where you need to be. Now the only thing left is for your grass roots movement to yield it’s rewards. I’m Looking forward to what comes next for you.

  • blkzombies

    Some people are going to feel you (and it’ll be real), some won’t. If you’re really about a message or movement, stop crying over a legacy, and how come your not recognized. it sounds like you wish you were on radio, tv or winning a mtv music award. Most people don’t know your discography, and they never will until you start pouring champagne on women in you’re videos. Take your knowledge (movement)where it is needed, like the schools of atlanta, or the after school programs. start a book drive for the youth.

  • Smooth Operateur

    I’ve been listenning to Killer Mike since a long time, I dont know if that makes me a fan, a supporter or whatever else, but here are a few words for you, just to give you back a little from all those materialized throughts you fed me with throughout the years…

    Man you’re giving us the snake’s wisdom and the eagle’s determination through your words and your music flying accross their nations. Dont fall in the traps like all the other rappers, you should go to Africa and see how much afro-americans have a bad influence on their brothers…

    And if you plan on not submitting to the slavery my friend, you should call yourself Killer Mike again…

    Killer Mike is the best MC in Atlanta, no less
    Like in 2010, Ice Cube meeting KRS!

  • Ninjagaiden78


    I have been a fan for a min and Pressure w/ Ice Cube is one of the best songs of the past five years. You are one of the best MC’s in the game with a message that needs to be heard.

  • Who Feels It Knows It

    Everybody need to vent, I guess. You American youths always seem to feel hard done by. Bless up, same way. You make good music and I’ve bought some but I don’t think I’m a supporter by your standards. If that makes you mad then a so it go. My extra money tends to go to Western Union and into the barrels that keep my family back home having bottled water and batteries and toothpaste etc., as opposed to keeping a rapper who live in America feeling appreciated. Just some perspective…

    Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest.

    • Mike Bigga

      U sir are a supporter! Simple and Plain i make my music for you! I don’t complain about “My” burden. I Grind! Salute GTRGBBB!

  • DJ Critical Hype

    ya fuck these fake ass mofos

    i always have and will show luv to Mike… he always keeps it real with his raps and his blogs

    Grind Time!!!!

  • GrinchyGoGetta

    Preciate you hittin me up big bruh where dem hatas catch one to the face –> BANG BANG BANG!!!!

  • Feldwood

    I look forward to the day the killa is recognized by everyone as one of the best in the game. I don’t think most of these new artist realize that the city’s music scene would get the attention it does had it not been for Killa. GTRGBBB!!! “Kneel at the alter…”

  • DV

    Mike Bigga wished me a happy Yom Kippur over Skype. How many rappers do that?

  • Kristal

    Killer Mike is soooo underrated!! His music is no gimmick..he talks about real issues..he lives what he raps glitz and glam, just TRUTH! He is a TRUE artist so if ur sleep, u won’t be for long!

  • outkastfrom404

    you got ta know mike been smashing everything he touches

  • Apollo Moses

    I can’t front K.M. I haven’t been able to buy all the disc. Had that Monster in college, Pledge Allegiance to the Grind and my dawg got that Underground Atlanta. No idea where that puts me but I’m cool even being a fan. Been rewinding those verses on Kast albums Slimm Calhoun and on from there. Especially that “Flip Flop Rock” maybe the illest … “I was born to talk sh*& and prove mine, and I’m the epitome of raw rhyme” I hope you know folks might not have the entire Cat-log, but still check for ya and appreciate the contributions.

    • Mike Bigga

      u R A supporter! THRU AND THRU!

  • DurtWork

    Killa kill from the ville been keeping it Treal!!!!!!!!!He just hit me up on Skype,real talk the only artist 2 reach out 2 me when he said he was!G.T.R.G Bang!Bang!Bang!

    • DurtWork

      Oh yeah I’m still bumpin Pledge II.#RealHipHop

    • DurtWork

      “Since last hurd I’m still randy mossn’ still catch a beat runnin when it’s toss’/often light green gets my ass to barkin/” dat sh*t still go hard

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  • Tell Me…

    ..why you mad tho?

    • Mike Bigga

      >: o ) Not Mad homie just Passionate! SALUTE GTRGBBB! Supporters know that!

  • betrott

    i’ve been pumping that joint “swimming” all summer. song of the summer in my opinion.

  • Kim C.

    Mikey aka Killa Kill……my favorite quote “Ed Hardy ass in your sequence” ….lol…I support you hun ….from high school to now you a very smart and articulate Adamsville thug Luv it!!!!!!Salute Gridtime Gone!!:)

  • cols7998

    Mike Bigga, how do i get Dat Crack cd? I got everything else.

    • Mike Bigga

      DAT CRACK RE RELEASE Top of 2011

      • cols7998

        I appreciate that my dude. Keep real music alive. BANG BANG BANG!!!! I promise WE WILL NOT LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anutha_level

    definitely fux wit you homie…no way you could remember this but i actually ran into you at the mall back in ’04. dapped up and kept it movin, u definitely one of the realest & down to earth folk. jus wondering when somebody gonna bring all the A-Town under-appreciated together for collab or monster group of sorts. You, Pill, Jody Breeze, Creekwater, Cyhi.

    DAMN….can you imagine mane?


    i consider myself a supporter of your music along with my other favorite rappers.

  • Notorious AGC

    i neva heard your music till today…i’ve been fuckin MISSIN OUT !!….i love that God in the buildin track iz fuckin HOT!.

    • Mike Bigga

      Make sure you “Support” but buying PL3DGE whenit drops. God inn the Building II will be featured and Thank you for the listen and words! GTRGBBB Gone!


    Sorry I’m late but i been grinding. Keyword GRIND. That alone seperates mike from da rest of your average run of the mill wak flow rappers.

    I been reppin mike before da deal when he had a buzz in the streets. LoL @ the addidas comment because that defintely is a direct correlation to fans. that album alone had some gems on it. I always refrence the line the only niccas in jail are dumb niccas.

    Cee-lo said it best. if he only reaches 50 thousand then 50 thousand minds have been blown. Likewise, keep spittin that real and the real SUPPORTS will find ya.

    protect your neck

  • PZ

    my thoughts are this…youre fire…and you’re doing what you wanna do.

    I woulda loved to have heard a whole album with DF production…but there must be a good reason it aint happen.

    you’re someone who is always gonna have your normal supporters who are gonna support everything you do…and if that’s the spot you wanna be in…then you made it a long time ago. Inoone belongs in a box…but you, Beanie Segal, Tech N9ne, StylesP…even busta rhymes.the listgoes on..yall cater (dont takeoffense to that word) to who yalldo…and it’s always gonna be consistent….the grind…the support…and the payoff. But is that gonna leave YOU satisfied? If so…God bless you…youve made it.

    But if not…gotta add something to it. Being available to commercial does not mean being commercial. Point being..youre blessed with the ability..but it’s the humility that will carry you. It’s in your hands Killa.

    Your ‘fan’ I guess,


    Man “Pressure” was my joint. One of them get you amped and ready go out and wanna change some shit. Too bad aint nobody listening to the truth. Too many people stuck on stupid still. Met Killa Kill outside Firehouse Lounge after Pill/Freddie Gibbs show during SXSW….one of the coolest dudes around…

  • Tre

    Much love Killa!

    I been a long time supporter of your music out of Colorado. My problem here is, they only sell your shit in bits and pieces depending on the store. So out here we catch one and miss a few. Which is bullshit. Itunes is coo, but I still dig my physical copies

    I mean, I grabbed I pledge allegiance to the grind 2, because I saw it in Independent Records (Local half ass mom & pop shop), but when I went looking for the back catalog, nothing. Let me know how I can get it cause I’m definitely missing out.

    God bless ya grind homie