Monster, Dat Crack, The Killer, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind I, IPAG II, and now PL3DGE near done and 16 in the Kitchen is cooking (Slowly, I will admit). Six albums in seven years, not including Underground Atlanta a Grind Time official compilation which included, Pill, who has been on every Killer Mike project since Dat Crack (for you folks just getting aware lol). S.L Jones Sags and Flags (look him up) B.o.B, Travis Porter, Gucci, CyHi Da Prynce, O.J., Young Ralph, just to name a few.

Countless features, including: Jay-Z (I killed that shit “Pop’n Tags”), OutKast (Took the whole world and murdered that shit), Trina (“Look Back At It”, aww, well, that was my pleasure), Bun B (“Hoe Shit” again, I wrecked), Paul Wall, Gucci and Drake (“Street Cred” they used half my verse and I still murked it), Chamillionaire (“Southern Take Over”). I also murder ya fav songs and beats. See the “Beamer Bigga Bigga Body” hijack. If I wrote the entire discography it’d be a couple pages at least.

I list my accomplishments because if I waited on others to do it I’d be old and senile. Slobbering and too weak in spirit to say, “Fuck all y'all, sleepers!” So let me say it now, FUCK ALL Y'ALL SLEEPERS (Yahhhh) FUCK ALL Y'ALL. I mean it too. You can eat a dick. Straight up.

If another nigga tell me or one of the beautiful women that “hang out” with a playa, “Man, Mike is that nigga, they just be sleeping," but he does not have that collection of KM music to show he is not I'mma tell’em sight on spot, NIGGA, FUCK YOU! When you hand me a demo and tell me how much you liked “ADDIDAS” I'mma throw yo shit away cuz that means you’re five albums removed from supporting.

I remember watching Lil Boosie before he went to jail. I told Maurice Garland people should shut the fuck up saying, “Keep yo head up” to him cuz they ain’t gotta do that time he does. I recall Z-Ro giving a fan/Stan the business for approaching him while he was in a convo with me, you know what they understood what I wanted to think was untrue. MOST FOLKS are FULLA SHIT and are radio heads or mixtape junkies or club song groupies. Most “fans” don’t give a damn past yo last hit song but a supporter supports regardless.

Don’t care if you agree or not. What I say goes and it goes like this: I make R.A.P. (Rebellious. African. Music) Props to M. Garland for coining that. I make music for my supporters, fuck a fan. For the last four years my supporters have helped build a small and integrity-filled brand called Grind Time Official/Grind Time Rap Gang/Triple Bang Gang/GTRGBBB.

GTO Supporters are the reason you have Pill pre-XXL and S.L. Jones check him out (SLEEPERS!). I wanna thank every supporter, a term I coined in '06 on IPAG I, before some A&R heard me say it and advised those sucka rappers to. I would also like to say one more big FUCK YOU to every fan and sleeper. Your presence will not be missed because fans turn off when you cool off and sleepers on dream supporters do! Me and GTO SUPPORTERS have a lot more work to do.

Keep sleeping, the wake up is comin! PL3DGE coming. Support Pill, SL Jones, The Daily Pursuit, Black Mean Girls, D5M, all companies started by Grind Time Member’s/Supporters. When we ain’t have video budgets supporters made them and posted them. When commercials on radio cost too much our supporters made their own and posted them on YouTube. You can ignore me and my music, but the results are real. It is changing peoples’ perception and their lives. You will see more supporter made content this go 'round because unlike most rap “movements?” This is a gang and the supporters are in it! Our movement through music is making a real difference and I promise, we will not lose. To every one that know what GTRGBBB stands for and responds with Bang Bang Bang, see you at the top cuz we on our way!

It’s the Leader of the Gang,



Before I go, here’s some catch up for The Sleeper, Doubters, haters, fuck niggas and just plain lames. GRIND TIME RAP GANG BANG BANG BANG! Our Flag Don’t Fall!