Soulja Boy vs. Fabolous: Beef Is Dead, Tweef Is Livin’

Last week, when I was holding down the XXLStaff twitter account, I somehow started talking about that Chappelle’s Show skit where he envisions what it would be like if the Internet were a “real place.” Classic. Genius. Hilarious.

Then, the other night, I re-watched the “Imaginationland” episode of South Park. Again, it was an actual manifestation of a world that exists, but doesn’t really; a place where all the characters we had ever imagined in our minds were real and lived together. Again… Classic. Genius. Hilarious.

I’m not sure what Twitter would be like if it were a real place. If Chappelle remade that skit in 2010, he’d have to include it. There’d probably be people saying a lot of short, witty sentences. Everyone would be retweeting repeating each other. And then repeating each other’s repetitions, adding three to five words of their own. There would be three times as many people standing behind Lady Gaga as The New York Times. And Fabolous and Soulja Boy would be battling.

When the Kat Stacks x Soulja Boy video surfaced a week or two back, Fab made some comments on Twitter, basically saying the videos shoulda been called Stupid Boy Swag. But he also said it was all fun and jokes, and he had no beef with Soulja; he just wouldn’t be fuckin’ with Kat Stacks himself.

At first, SB said nothin’, but then late last night, he lashed out a little bit. He launched some classic shit talk, like, “I wish that fab would quit copying my swag damn he a nut rider i swear man.” That’s good stuff.

Fab couldn’t believe it, “Yooooo!!! Jus had another crazy dream @Souljaboy was talkin shit bout me on twitter but then i woke up & went to his page, its nothin there.” Maybe it wasn’t at the time, but by this morning, either the words had reappeared, or SB had some new ones. Either way, he was retweeting his followers and their general sentiments of “Fuck Fab” and “You’re a better rapper than Fab, Soulja Boy.”

At one point, he issued a challenge: “I tell you what fabolous get yo weak ass on wax and spit them weak ass bars so I can shit on you boy;” adding, “I will murder that nigga fab in a freestyle battle he garbage compared to soulja boy.”

Aight. Word. A freestyle battle between Soulja Boy and Fabolous. I’m with it. Let’s do it.

As a rap fan, I’m ready to see it happen. Battles are always exciting. In this case, it’s particularly intriguing because one dude has a shitload more Twitter followers, and the other is generally regarded as a better lyricist (oh, and ’cause it started on Twitter). How would that affect the outcome? How important would fan support be versus content? Whether they recorded diss tracks aimed at one another (yeah, right) or really did freestyle battle in person (yeah, right), it would be a moment for hip-hop.

But until Dave Chappelle comes back (yeah, right), Twitter isn’t a real place, and we’ll never actually hear Fab and Soulja battle musically.

This is the closest we’ll come. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Sha

    This is clear stupidity at it’s best (if you could call it that)….

    First…. Soldier Boy can’t get mad. He put pen-to-bush with the most notorious prostitute in recent memory.

    Second…. Soldier Boy likes Christmas year-round. If you didn’t guess, I’m referring to that coke that was shown in the video.

    Third….. A battle with Fab?! Huh??????

    Fab was out of line for making those comments. But who isn’t. I’m out of line for making these comments. So is XXL….. But that’s what happens when you let fame go to both heads. You forget your upbringing.

    This is dumb. Fab wins strictly off of the fact that he didn’t lay Kat Stacks. Soldier Boy got caught acting like his name….BOY! Get an H.I.V. test.

    • Dinero

      “This is dumb. Fab wins strictly off of the fact that he didn’t lay Kat Stacks. Soldier Boy got caught acting like his name….BOY! Get an H.I.V. test.”
      lmao… Kat Staccs is given prostitutes a bad name…. She fuccin over tha call girl industry… Those chiccs maybe prostitutes but they hav more class than her… U’d think a high class hooker would keep he mouth shut wit all that dicc in it…

      • Sha


        I feel you on that one. Prostitutes aren’t stooping to the levels “Kat Stinks” is….

    • NW9ZeuS

      Sum authentic bozo behaviour. Them man got a track TOGETHER!

      Str8 mismatch right there.

      Fab been doin this solid for years.

      DIAMONDS ON MY DAMN CHAIN-better bars than SB could ever spit. Plus da remixes were even better than da original

      SB couldn’t make da top 100. Fab is like a #50 at least!

      • NW9ZeuS

        Kat Stacks is Kat Stacks. U lettin her take footage of u, with coke???

        like Papoose once said and I quote;

        “aaaah man…. These niggaz is sum fuckin idiots.”

  • Marco V. AKA WestCoast Injuztice

    Who Cares,

  • El Tico Loco

    Funny how folks get mad when they hear the truth. Souljah Boy shouldn’t be mad a Fab, he should be mad at himself what was he thinking? Maybe cocaine IS a helluva drug, because that’s the only thing I see that can cloud his judgement to go around and mess with Klap Trapz after seeing how she can be. So if the Stupid Boy Swag comment hurt his feelings maybe it means that he probably don’t think he did anything wrong. I know Salvadorean cats that won’t mess with her and they got NO standards, believe that.

    I think SB only knows Fabolous album music and has no idea what he (Fab) does to mixtapes to go out and challenge him lyrically. I doubt SB is gonna surprise me with some etherlike lyrics or a new “No Vaseline” type shit. If he does then this year is Detroit vs Cleveland for the Superbowl too.

    • Jamal7Mile

      “…this year is Detroit vs Cleveland for the Superbowl too.”

      Hahahaaa!! I hope I live to see the day!

  • Moving Sideways

    Beef is what’s for dinner
    Tweef is an irrelevant made up word which should never have been coined
    Queef is disturbing expulsion of air, much like a Soulja Boy song

  • HellNaw

    “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools.
    Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who”

    • yo

      dope quote

    • D-MaCK


  • Jamal7Mile

    At one point, he issued a challenge: “I tell you what fabolous get yo weak ass on wax and spit them weak ass bars so I can shit on you boy;” adding, “I will murder that nigga fab in a freestyle battle he garbage compared to soulja boy.”

    I stopped reading right there, no vids…

    *sidenote – Be sure to watch/DVR ESPN’s “30 For 30″ episode tonight. It’s about Tupac’s last night in Vegas. Supposed to be an excellent show (30/30 usually is).

  • M. Baby!

    I can’t believe people are really following this up, Soulja Boy vs. Fab in a freestyle battle…are u serious. Okay the article says Soulja Boy could win because of his mass following and if that was to ever happen in this genre of music we call Hip-Hop, that’ll be it for me. I will never ever listen to Hip-Hop again. I can’t believe Soulja Boy’s fans really think he’s a better rapper than Fab. This is why the real Hip-Hop heads needs to come out of their shells, stop listening to this garbage, and support the real Hip-Hop heads out there doing their thing. There’s no way Soulja Boy could even consider himself to be better than Fab. Is he gonna beat Fab by rapping or singing “Get out the waaaaay…” lol. This really shows how the real art form of Hip-Hop is dead. The “Man” has stole another one of our creations and is making money off of us again, damn.

  • Young Funeral

    This is funny Souljah is stupid for trying to start beef with Fab, cause Funeral is just to fucking raw on his mixtapes, personally i think Souljah had 2 good tracks Crank Dat and Pretty boy Swag

  • DJ Postman

    Hopefully Fab finishes this clown for good.

    • that nigga

      RE: Fab
      CC: XXL MAG

      Dear Fab,

      You know what??? I think this is very stupid and its a mismatch. And you shouldnt be caught battlin’ S.B….BUT, on another note, We could rid S.B. outta the rap game if you ETHER him. So, FAB, KILL HIM DEAD. His music fuckin’ sucks and we can do with out it.

      Thank you,
      (inserts signature here)

      That Nigga

  • cramzy

    im bored so i kinda wanna see a battle. I dont see it happening tho. Should Fab really waste bars on Soulja Boy and Lil B?

  • Axeo

    Wow if a mass following of teens and dick riding fans helps soulja boy even get close to winning it will be a bad day for hip-hop. Money vs Skills should be no contest

    Soulja needs to stop taking nose candy I mean two weeks later and now you respond even after Fab said he was just joking around and having fun on twitter. Seems like a distraction to try and get the kat stacks shit behind him when the new album drops. If you got no hit songs take the 50 cent route (no diss just look at the track record)

    Oh and Lil B vs Fabolous > Soulja Boy vs Fabolous though Soulja Boy will probly send Arab in just so we can all Laugh our asses off.

  • Dinero

    lmao…. Thanks Adam… This is one of ur best… Maybe, u should do tha skit cuz tha idea in my head is funny as fucc…. Chappelle Show = Greatest Skecth Comdey ever… I like tha way u ended it too (yeah, right), makes me wish u went in a lil more… Dope post forsure….

    Only if Dave Chappelle (I miss that Niggar) would come bacc, sigh….

  • $yk

    “I know Salvadorean cats that won’t mess with her and they got NO standards, believe that.”

    ^ LOLZ

    I forgot you’re down there Tico.

    “In this case, it’s particularly intriguing because one dude has a shitload more Twitter followers, and the other is generally regarded as a better lyricist (oh, and ’cause it started on Twitter). How would that affect the outcome?”

    ^ this is total “I don’t know sh^t about Hip Hop” blasphemy. Straight up.




    Cocaine is a helluva drug!!!!…That nigga ACTUALLY BELIEVES HE’S BETTER THAN FAB????….LMMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • jusadream

    chip tooth vs. coke head
    ok it’s official
    hip-hop is dead!!!

  • nunya


    You wannabe TMZ EOnline fags….Tweef…God start the planet over already.

    And Soulja Snatch has no biz battle rapping someone like Fabolous…you couldn’t even take Bow Wow out, nigga!

  • Q461

    Soulja Boy shoulda just stayed quiet and let it pass. Next week there woulda been some more drama in the twitter hip-hop soap opera and heads would have forgot for the time being that this cat was blowin powder with the new version of Superhead.

    Not for nothin, this is bullshit.Soulja Boy is a novelty act, a one or two hit wonder at most like Young MC or Rob Base. Fab was/considered a dope mc I thought?? a lyricist with a prove track record of hit records. A battle between these 2 is a waste of time, some real stupid boy swag nonsense.

  • joey

    the guy that wrote this is a moron. i piss on wack ass wanna be journalists like you man. thats all a nigga got to say and you can put the pieces togerther why. peace yall. wu tang forever

  • BRIX

    “They should’ve never gave you niggas Twitter!” (Chappelle voice)

  • js

    fab will shit on that bitch soulja boy

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  • Listen Busters

    That coke was hers. This whole bullshit is a set up. Fab, how many real niggas in rap could have dissed soulja, it so happens that the nigga that wore those soulja boy glasses and a fucking christmas jacket that decides to diss. Fuck outta here son. Hoe ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    I hate niggas that act hard cause they got a gun, but are little bitches with out 1

  • Anonymous

    That bitch was coked up, she used that line you dumb niggers. Who the fuck trusts a hoe’s word. Shes a prostitute. Petty busters

  • yo

    I dont listen to hoe nigga music, but im wit soulja on this, he’s a young nigga with heart. I dont care about being entertained mentally I look at reality. He aint scared of A petty nigga waitin on a young nigga to slip. I got you homie. IM FROM THE 90S BITCH

  • Wisest

    Shout out to fab music is bangin. But yo soulja you still young, keep your head up and stay strong. Hoes teach niggas to be men. I aint mad at u. You not berg so dont let the media get 2 u


    Clearly if you can read, you know tht FaB would murder Soulja boy with one punchline.

    However, ignorance is bliss and the net is the streets and its a ignorant person paradise. FaB as a man probaly will engage in lyrical battle BUT soulja and his followers would be blind to the lyrics. This is the world of today. I hope fab don’t ruin his career over this.

  • ^^^

    He wont ruin it, its jus petty son.

  • ^^

    But damn fab is nice tho, souljas production might damage him. Its gonna b interesting.

  • CMon Son

    Y u fuckin with small fish.

  • Anonymous

    Niggas need 2 stay in their lane.

  • Anonymous

    David V Goliath. Don’t sleep bitches

  • Kry

    I say make him battle…Soulja Boy put his foot in his mouth by issuing a challenge he can’t win over the internet. He don’t want it wit Fab, but he talkin reckless like he does. Hiphop should hold him to that challenge, and we can all watch Fab destroy this cornball.

  • BGZ

    Fab is a classic NY rapper who was born too late (and made too many songs for chicks).
    He’s for real too, and doesn’t flaunt it.

    No hate on Soulja, tho; it’s just sad to see another young black artist wasting his gifts away.
    He deserves all the clownin; hopefully it will help open his eyes.

    Kat Stanks should be sent to Iran; they would stone her hoe ass.

  • Jamal7Mile

    I hope SB didn’t hit that Klap Snatch. It came out yesterday on the ‘nets that she might be HIV positive. While it’s still a rumor at this point, these rappers should avoid the chick at all cost. The rumor is incentive enough.

  • Jazzie Lee

    Fab was just playing, but lately Soulja Boy has been following in the footsteps of 50 Cent. Every time 50 Cent was starting to slide off track, he’d always pop up in some random interview trying to take a stab at some well off rapper. Soulja Boy doing the same thing. Come on, the young dude was trying to throw some heat at Kanye West and Nas! SB has no respect for people that created him and could take him down in a heart beat.

    His career died after Crank Dat and he feels like the only way to keep people speakin his name is by talkin a bunch of mess. Hopefully youngin comes to his senses soon enough and they both just let it go.

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