So much for turning over a new leaf

Yesterday afternoon, I saw T.I. on VH1 explaining how the relatively lenient sentence he received for having all of those machine guns in his house, despite being an umpteen time felon, didn’t have anything to do with snitching, then I woke up and saw where he’d been busted for riding around with an entire redneck pharmacy’s worth of drugs a man of his means doesn’t have any business doing. Coincidence?

I thought I might watch live TV for the first time in like two years. I was especially bored, and it was raining pitchforks and dreaded n-word babies outside. The lawn could use some attention, but it’s just gonna have to wait. Flipping through channels, I saw where VH1 had something ostensibly hip-hop-related. It was one of those countdown shows where Amanda Diva explains to you the historical significance of “Planet Rock” and what have you. I watched like 90 seconds of it, before I turned it off, in part because of how retarded it was and in part because I’d already seen it like five years ago.

A few hours later I cut the TV back on, and it was still on VH1. Funny how that works. They were playing what looked like it might have been a T.I. episode of Behind the Music. I didn’t bother checking, but it was definitely something along those lines, and I do seem to recall hearing that they were bringing back Behind the Music, which I probably haven’t seen in a good 10 years, because so many rappers have been fucking up lately. DMX was gonna be one of the first new episodes. Is it pretty much an all black show now? I didn’t catch match of this either, except for some footage of T.I. on some radio show explaining how he couldn’t be a snitch, because there’s no such thing as a secret snitch, or else there wouldn’t be a such thing as the witness protection program (which just plain doesn’t make sense, but, um, yeah), and T.I. giving a press conference on a random street corner somewhere, explaining how he’s turned over a new leaf. No more crime for him. This is not gonna be like the five or six other times he’s been to jail.

To his credit, it’s not like he did anything other than ride around in a car with a shedload of drugs. I mean, I could see if he got caught building another ridonkulous arsenal of assault weapons. I’d be down at the courthouse myself lobbying to have him buried underneath the jail on GP. But anyone (in hip-hop) could get caught riding around with some drugs. The other day, when I was in Atlanta, I had to spend what seemed like two hours (but may have only been like 20 minutes), riding around with one of Mike Bigga’s weed carriers. I think the idea was that he could explain to me how to get where I was going, but this guy was barely conscious. I thought for certain he was going to waste the plate or fried chicken he was holding and end up costing me a small fortune in fees to clean my rental PT Cruiser, but he must have been concentrating very hard on holding it upright. There’s a distinct possibility he was holding.

No one really thinks T.I. is on meth, and ecstacy, and sizzurp and god knows what else they found in that Maybach. His diction is too strong. No homo. I’d go so far as to say he isn’t even on weed, except that he doesn’t exercise very strong judgment. Not that weed necessarily impairs your ability to make the best decisions. But smoking weed is a bad decision in and of itself, if you’re not allowed to smoke weed. Regardless of whether or not you think weed should be illegal, you can go to jail for it, and you could get locked up for a long time, if you’re like T.I., and you tend to go to jail every now and again. If he’s riding around in a car filled with pot smoking, what’s there to say he wasn’t smoking himself? He could say he didn’t have any idea about the meth and what have you (his wife is black, fer chrissakes), but it’s hard to claim you didn’t know about the weed, when 5-0 could smell it from the street.

When I woke up this morning, my inbox was filled with emails from these assholes who send you links to what’s new on their blogs every day of the week, when you don’t even read their blogs, you’ve never even been to them a day in your life. Every single one of them trumpeted the fact that T.I. had been arrested for possession of marijuana, in California. It didn’t make sense to me how T.I. could go to jail for some motherfucking weed, in California, where they sell weed in corner stores as if it was Big League Chew (which seems like a fucked up idea for candy, 20 years after the fact). I heard they don’t even bother arresting people for weed, because there’s no money to pay cops, and there’s no room in the jail, what with all of the cholo gangbangers and what have you. Then I checked Twitter and come to find out they had all of them white people drugs in the car. The car got pulled over for an illegal u-turn. The weed smell was the reason they decided to search the car. He could try to claim racial profiling, but it’s not like he’s never been caught with something illegal. Maybe the cop recognized him and figured he’d better go ahead and search the car. Roffle.

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  • The Decatur Dictator

    All I can say Bol is folk from the “A” at times lack common sense, and it’s only because the school system doesn’t teach it. They pretty prepare all year for Black History month and leave it at that. I’m a product of Dekalb county schools and if it wasn’t for me getting a college education, i might have ended up like TI-stuck with a hood rat and getting busted for getting high like dem white boys….damn! I’m glad my momma cussed me out and kicked me out the house or else I would be in jail now defending my damn donuts.

  • 6 100

    [||] on you renting a PT Cruiser

  • Jerod

    I live in Iowa. I’m white like elmers. They didn’t teach me common sense in school either. I learned how to write, how to read, and how to add and subtract. Common sense is just a basic awareness of your surroundings and what can happen if you don’t pay attention. Just pay attention. Be aware. If you’re constantly thinking you’re untouchable; one day you’re gonna get touched.

    And, we white boys aren’t the only ones getting high on E or what have you. Actually, most of us just drink beer and smoke weed. I wouldn’t say crack is a black drug… there are plenty of white niggas out there smoking crack, too. Like there are plenty of black niggas taking E.

    Shrooms though. That’s a different story. Shrooms are grown for white people and tribal folk. And acid… acid is a white thing. I don’t fuck with that though. Probably turn me into a schizo.

    Fuck it. Drugs are EVERYwhere. Stick to the sticky icky and you’ll be okay. I’ll throw down a vodka and cranberry every now and then. Or Gin and Cranberry… maybe a rum and cranberry too. Pretty much anything clear with cranberry is good shit. While I’m puffin on a Good stick.

    • $yk

      “While I’m puffin on a Good stick.”

      ^ ayo

      © Nah Right

      • Jerod


        • swordz

          LOL he just called you a fag dude!

  • The Decatur Dictator

    How can I say this….Um..Oh yeah-If it is Illegal, then it’s ILLEGAL! Let me spell it for yas….Damn. I’m not sure why people want to stick to the fact that weed is just weed and it SHOULD be legal.Speeding in my Charger (HEMI sucka’s) should be legal too, but if I get caught on I-20 doing 110mph, then you know Georgia State Troops will be locking me up with the quick fast. How about stick to legal stuff, AND–get this..AND, if you are a multiple time FELON on probation for having weapons of mass destruction, then X, E, Purp and whatever other subtractive drug of choice should be at least 500 feet away from you at all times. Just saying…dude stay losing.

  • Jamal7Mile


    I’m starting to think that the stash was all Tiny’s. If you look at her face and arrest record, them pills are hers. TIP only sold the shit (past tense).

    Tiny needs to go head and claim the drugs as her personal stash. Probably a few months to a year in the pokey anyway.

    I know Tiny is Tip’s wife and all but… THINK, McFly, THINK! You’re on paper, man! I know his probation isn’t up yet. I’m still on probation for a damn DUI that happened 2 years ago!

  • cutch

    if ti gets a lenient sentence on this i will in awe. he got an easy easy amount of time to serve and community service is not a punishment its a hassle. major label will have a fly lawyer tho so hell get away probs

  • $yk

    To echo what the homies are saying on the other posting with TI’s lawyer…

    If you are riding dirty, don’t draw attention to yourself.

    She will most likely have to admit her addiction and go to rehab. Cali is broke so they want that fine money.

    And life will go on.

  • Tyler

    T.I. should be put in jail 4 marrying Tiny in the 1st place much less riding around wit that ugly troll while having drugs in the car. Dude got the number 1 movie, got off light on Guns which being called a snitch is like a bitch ass scarlet letter on his chest after not having 2 live in jail 4 the rest of his life. I think he gone or he is a snitch this time. Don’t U think they are gonna press him hard 4 where he got the drugs? Dude just got out & just got back hot which the movie Takers is super tight & they are talkin’ bout doin’ a Prequel, Dude ain’t tryin’ 2 go back 2 jail. Well scratch that, he is tryin’ 2 but his snitching won’t let him. That’s my call.

    • that nigga

      T.I. should be put in jail 4 marrying Tiny in the 1st place much less riding around wit that ugly troll while having drugs in the car

      Wow, had to kick my girl outta the car this morning, bitch is fuckin crazy. I did kinda have an attitude, but after reading that first sentence: Im cured. My day can now go on and I forgot about that bitch already.
      Funny shit, cuz Tiny looks like Ms Piggy.

  • Teddy

    atleast come up with your own title u just bit that new leaf shit from nahright and besides when he was talkin about turning a new leaf he was talkin about leavin the guns n thuggery behind him which he has smoking weed doesnt mean he didnt turn a new leaf he didnt say he was going to become a born again christian and never drink smoke or commit any wrong

  • Motor wit d@ Cam

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN Tip!! Man I aint gon lie they dont what kinda drugs it was I keep hearin that loud pack, E, Meth,… but anywho if they smelled it from the car clearly it was that loud pack… but if it was jus dem beans then I feel Tiny need to cowboy the fuck up & take that ride for homes…. I asked my shawty earlier whn we was listenin to rickey smiley would she take that charge for me… & her reply due to the fact that i have 2 f-bombs already she is pretty much a saint she said of course… its jus sum beans she aint gon get 2much of nuttin prolly a lil probation and sum drug classes & d@’s it…

  • Jamal7Mile

    @Teddy, whatupdoe?

    When you’re on probation for a felony (like me) you tend to do the Matrix “lean” when bullshit requests your company. You HAVE to become a Born Again whatever and not smoke, drink, commit wrong, etc. Trust me, I’ve ducked weed, prostitutes, alcohol, stolen auto parts suppliers, guns and driving (while suspended) all week while working at my auto shop in Detroit.

    One slip up while on probation and you’ve caught another case. Even if it’s jaywalking.

  • Michaelangeles

    Big League Chew! R.I.P.

  • dat k00n nigga

    white people drugs in the car

    datz soundsz likes sumin Iz wouldz sayz

  • Teddy


    yeh i can respect that

  • nunya

    @Bol as I read more and more of your blogs, especially this one and the one about Brian Pumper (some others back) you really don’t seem to like Black women. What’s your deal? Maybe you’re not Black, I thought you were. And no, I’m not a Black Woman and no I don’t date Black Women; but I don’t fucking rag on ‘em like they fucked me over. I am however, black.

    And to commentators, shut the fuck up man. I’m tired of men complaining about the woman Tip married. Str8 Homo Haters. Must be nice to be so fucking perfect and fuck A list models all the time and never have feelings for someone any deeper than their looks. You ignorant disgusting fucks.

    Oh yeah, and I will eat the shit out of some Shrooms, E, or LSD. Love ‘em. Gimme the chronic too.

    Fuck this blog, and you gay jealous internet thugs that hate you ain’t in Tiny’s position. How’s that for a fuckin’ roffle.

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  • Waaahhhhhh

    nunya has got to be a tranny or something messed up to talk the way it does. Is life that bad for you?

  • Otto

    T.I. is just gonna snitch. Again.

  • Still a T.I. Fan

    ti done did it again. If he didn’t snitch last time around its goin 2 b hard makin floks believe he didnt’ this time if the system lets him off the hook.

    tiny piggy should catch the charge and hold it down 4 tip. that could make 4 some interesting reality b.e.t. reality tv. “tiny in da bing”

  • Tom

    T.i. is a goddamn son of a bitch bastard!

  • Skibicki

    no victim no crime
    who got hurt?

  • Crystal


    Well I must say I agree w/ in everyway imaginable. At risk of sounding like a groupie, wait I think that statement in itself sounds groupie like. I’m a fan of your work, the vocabulary as well as the way it flows like normal thoughts or conversation. With that being said although you cover mainly hip hop matters,there’s an artist I’m representing that who I would be honored and please to covered by your words. If not helping or pointing us in the right direction to get the word out about some great music would be equally appreciated. In any event keep doing ya thing I’ll keep reading.

    For the Love of Music,