So Kanye’s Back On Everybody’s Good Side Again?

The great thing about going to another part of the world is that, for the time being, you completely forget about the things that made you want to leave your homestead in the first place. The deafening noise you hear from the city, pollution so thick you can’t even remember the last time you saw the stars in the sky and getting that peace of mind you’ve so desperately wanted, if only for a short while.

Going to Mexico was both mind-numbingly relaxing and bittersweet. On one hand, it was weirdly great to not have to deal with work and its supplementary fuckery. I spent nearly a week in a different country where I got more attention for my hair (I even got asked “¿Puedo tocar el pelo?” once) than for my profession, and it actually felt pretty damn good. Catching a nice case of food poisoning, however, was not. I blame the combination of the Mexican exchange rate being so piss-poor low that even their inflated prices are about as equal to New York’s normal prices and the fact I OD’d on way too many churros while there. Still the best damn churros I ever had, though.

On the flip returning back to the States was almost like a rude awakening, as before I could even set down my luggage my phone and email went off with a bunch of talk about Kanye’s grand return to MTV’s good graces – again – with his performance of “Runaway,” which occurred after his onetime, media-fabricated “beef” with Taylor Swift’s own West-inspired set, reminding me that the bullshit will forever remain even after you ditch it.

For all the interviews about, comments made on and multiple apologies for his actions, what folks don’t seem to realize is that it was the media that made Kanye West of all people some kind of warmongering super-villain to Taylor’s dainty, “America’s Apple Pie”-esque damsel in distress after his infamous stage-crashing, and that the situation really wasn’t as awful as MTV – clearly the true winner of the shit – made it out to be.

Since then, Kanye’s been on some mission to become the most well-liked rapper of all time (OF ALL TIME!), dropping new songs every Friday, being a chatterbox on social networking sites he used to loathe and the like. While this is an admirable thing he’s doing, I honestly liked Kanye when he was an asshole more. I don’t have an issue with this “new leaf” he’s turned, as it’s on the surface appears to be genuine (if not quasi-forced by the label), but I preferred when he was rap’s Floyd Mayweather instead: a multi-talented threat whose spotless record was only supplanted by his own brash, arrogant nature. It was one part rap and three parts that Dos Equis, “The Most Interesting Man In The World” guy, and it was wholly entertaining.

I’m not complaining at all, though. This new leaf Kanye’s turned has provided excellent fodder for my iPod, and it’s actually gotten me gassed up for his next album to prematurely leak. Maybe by the next time I take a trip out of the United States again, DJ Premier would have had a media-influenced fake bitchfits and will try to redeem himself by dropping free songs as well. A Stan can only dream.

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  • $yk

    So Kanye’s Back On Everybody’s Good Side Again?

    Cam’ron & Jim Jones Diss Kanye West on New Track

    ^ strike the whole blog Meka, you’re late…


    What is this,Kanye West dick ridin day or somethin.?
    Niggas act like this nigga was dead and came back.
    When did the MTV Music Awards matter to any real hip hop head anyway?
    MTV is ruled by sexually confused,pill poppin suburban kids anyway.
    Damn Meka you stay catchin bricks.

    • BR(.)(.)KLYN


      your right

      fuck MTV they barely have anything that really worth watching.

      and yeah its not like kanye quite rap and came back, he was just out for 8 months

  • Hip Hop Update

    “Back On Everybody’s Good Side Again?” <– What a ridiculous statement by a ridiculous fag SMH. The whole situation was NEVER that serious to me, I’ve seen MUCH worse. Hip Hop’s audience has gotten too soft. Maybe because of it’s crossin over into mainstream media because Rap was NEVER about bein Politically Correct. When ODB (Rest in Peace) rushed the stage and said “Wu-Tang’s for the children!” No one organized a hate rally for him because quite frankly, that shit was HILARIOUS! Just by you dedicatin a WHOLE post wastin space on XXL’s server even entertainin the whole idea and questionin the “re-acceptence” of Kanye West is kind of disturbin seein how you contribute to a website that’s ‘spose to be helpin Hip Hop in some ways. Maybe you should just go and start up a fan site for Taylor Swift and leave the Hip Hop bloggin for the professionals.

    P.s. You prolly cried when Kanye so savegly interrupted that po’ lil girl Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaah!

  • GOD

    I actually enjoyed this piece homie good work.

  • huh

    Does Meka get paid for this?

    • holdupni66asholduphos

      no kidding… most un-talented peice of shit writer i’ve seen. should write for hiphopdx. they suck dick too

  • aaronisnotcool

    this is a very interesting piece because before monster came out kanyelove was not very high. and in a short time people are talking about him, his leaks and album in a very short time. i can see how being away and then returning and him having blown up again after the spewing of hate from everyone can be surprising.

  • Choc

    “but I preferred when he was rap’s Floyd Mayweather instead: a multi-talented threat whose spotless record was only supplanted by his own brash, arrogant nature.”


    As I quoted in Bol’s post:

    Don’t ever fix your lips like collogen/To say somethin where you gon end up appollogen”

    Nobody wants to be the bad guy except 50 and I hate that

    • 6 100

      You probably have a menopause riddled vagina

  • p$

    AGree. Meka, you aren’t gettin much love here

  • holdupni66asholduphos

    Why was this more about Meka eating churros?

    Anyway, Meka spends the whole article addressing 3 things that are now apparent to me.

    1. Kanye V Swift = fabricated by the media
    2. Meka enjoys talking about himself
    3. Meka clearly rolls out of bed and writes bullshit for money. Rap’s Floyd Mayweather? That would be 50 Cent. He’s a fraud. Whereas Lupe is rap’s Pacquiao. Eastern influences, slaughters the mic.

    Do something else with your life. You clearly suck at this

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Kanye West:

    “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”
    >>>>> “Taylor, Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.”

  • nicholasdelorejo

    “Since then, Kanye’s been on some mission to become the most well-liked rapper of all time (OF ALL TIME!)”

    I have to disagree, That statement is really for rappers like 50 cent and One thing that annoyed me about the Kanye West- Taylor Swift incident was the fact that every damn celebrity felt they needed to throw insults at Kanye. 50 cent claimed he would’ve physically assualt Kanye had he tried that on him and went as far as to record a damn song called “the Jackass Song” which sampled Heartless in order to diss Kanye over the VMA incident. Whether you have an opinion or not, there is no need to voice a popular opinion and trash a dude in order to gain some admiration. I think Kanye wants to be some Hip-hop diva or idol. Someone who causes media burst in order attention from the public.

  • vastcomm

    Once you make your millions, get out of the game. You have nothing else to say. Leave it to the next hungry generation.

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  • doclvly

    best you wrote in a WHILE. funny and i feel the love behind it

  • whoshotya

    Seems to me like those who hated on this post are either are either..

    a) idiots that dont understand the points meka is trying to get across
    b) clowns with nothing to add to the conversation so they hate
    c) both a and b

  • 6 100

    I’m calling bullshit on catching food poisoning from eating churros.

    I’m calling a “Dont get gassed” on meka loving the attention on his homo dreds. Besides, who gets attention for their profession on vaction besides self absorbed pricks who tell everybody about said profession?

    We need to sign a petition to get this fag fired. Using XXL’s server space to post bullshit about your shitty vacation, and how the whirlwind of the media hit you likea brick when you got back home should be banned.

  • j

    He is still a cocky asshole, listen to his lyrics. He hasn’t changed one bit. He is just ‘playing the game’

  • JayeL

    Great commentary on the whole situation. Album is gonna be amazing.