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  • real niggas dont die

    Rah, I aint gonna front…I wanna fuck yo brains out ma…can i hit?

  • Jay-B

    fo real, you cant be doing that to a nigga..showing a dangerous rack like that

    rah digga >

  • Worley

    You make a classic album by putting together Rah Digga and Remy Ma over some solid production for at least 10 tracks.

  • ms_spittuh

    Man I went to Best Buy and Target yesterday – her cd is fucking gone :( Managers told me they sold out in a couple of hours and that they had to order more. It sold out on Tuesday. Damn I guess people are hungry for some real shit. Welcome back Ms. Digga….now if only her and Redman did an album together. The king and queen of jersey. That would be some dope ass shit.

  • maaaan

    whats up with the fucked up camera effects? somebody fix that shit.

    cosign with the first comments too, i’d titty fuck her till somebody start bleedin.

  • ow

    look here cunt, u cant be tellin nobody how to make a classic if u cant make 1 yoself

    dumb bitch

    • Boomshiner

      Co sign to da fullest my nig.

  • http://xxl slickster

    Yea i feel ya i went to target and best buy and they both was sold out you go ma