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  • ms_spittuh

    God Bless You Digga! Hopefully I can be that rapping mom one day too lol. Stay strong Sista! :)

  • fembo

    tell me gur why yo pussy smell like a dumpster with some shrimp that been out in da sun?

    • Bee zee


      Yea for real my cousin hooked up with this ho after a concert and he told me her pussy smell like a used diaper with some month old tuna in it



  • LdNSe15

    Digga..I just wanna’re a milf..

  • sarkastixxx

    Props to Digga Digga…. Repping Da Bricks and repping MC’s with skills. You niggas stop posting these wack ass, disrespectful comments.

  • r2j

    Yeah, I’ll cosign with sarkastixx on that one.
    This is one of the best female MC’s of all time.
    To be honest with you, I hate it when people make up stories about trying to screw around famous people and the story makes no sense. Stop messing with that lady, she’s can still got her flame so
    cut that B.S. out ya’ll. Just stop.

  • BeerGangsta

    All fun hobbies have mom working. This is only normal. She just was not ready for the cometition of life. Stop the dam crying!! Get your kids on the right track and make sure they be rich or have GOD on they side.

  • U ugly

    Bitch yo pussy smell like shit

  • Lil Bit

    Man, I commend you at being a mom. No matter what profession you are in, we as moms have alot to do to assure our children are functional people in this society. Keep doing what you know best Rah. I’m really surprised at the ugly comments posted here. I had no idea that people disliked you like that. Wow! No matter what they say, you are alright with me.

  • Notorious AGC

    you people stop with the stupid ass ignorant comments, just cause a woman,A MOM, is hustlin’ way BETTER than you ever will, more power to digga, mad respect, do your thing.and yeah ur a MILF :D


    Big up for holding the motherhood thing down.
    When need more mothers in this world like you.
    All these disrespectful comments only mean one thing you’re still a star love and if they every decide to do the Gladys Knight story you better get prepared you’d be a dead ringer for a young Gladys yeah…. I’ve always thought she was fine too :)