Possible proof T.I. is not a snitch

T.I. may have had a point when he said that there was no way he could be a snitch, even though he keeps getting off easy despite the fact that he’s an umpteen time felon, because there’s no such thing as a secret snitch.

You’ll recall that I saw a few minutes of T.I.’s Behind the Music the other day, when I accidentally left the TV set to VH1, because I saw they had something on about hip-hop, but come to find out it was just a buncha clips of Amanda Diva explaining the historical significance of songs that came out when she was three. The way the shot was framed, you couldn’t even see her extra thundery lower half. (At least there’s always Google Images.)

I turned on the TV, after I had rubbed one out or whatever (no 2ge+her), and there was T.I., dressed in his Sunday best, presumably from the boys section at JC Penney, where my mom used to go to dress me like Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties (T.I. and I are about the same age, so there’s a distinct possibility this happened to him too), talking about how he turned over a new leaf. No more crime for T.I. Then I woke up the next day to an email inbox filled with links to blog entries about how T.I. and his wife Tiny had been busted riding around in a car full of white people drugs.

It was a ridonkulous, if not surprising, sequence of events.

T.I.’s point in explaining how he couldn’t be a snitch was that, if he ratted someone out in exchange for a relatively light sentence, you could easily pull up the court documents and point to where it says that his lawyer asked the judge to go easy on him, because he help put another black person in jail. That’s why there’s such a thing as the witness protection program. These court documents aren’t too difficult to find. They might have to be made available, legally. I’m not sure. You guys knows I was pre-med.

On YouTube, there’s a rather disturbing video in which a lawyer or somebody hands T.I. a picture of his… erm, right hand man Philant Johnson with his brains blown out and asks him to describe what it is, and how he went about explaining to the guy’s five year-old daughter why she’d never see her father again. It was tough to watch, and believe me I’ve seen my share of disturbing videos.

I guess they allowed the press to videotape that trial. If you wanted to, you probably could have spent a week in East Bumblefuck, OH and came home with some damning footage of the part where T.I.’s lawyer asked him to point to the two black guys who popped a cap in his homeboy’s ass, and he was like, “That’s them right there, your honor.” But that wouldn’t have been snitching, because it’s not like those guys were his co-d. They killed his weed carrier. Who gives a shit if they go to jail?

Was the trial where T.I. only got like a year for having all those machine guns similarly public? If so, there might be some truth to his explanation of why he isn’t a snitch. Because apparently, the courts don’t do a very good job of hiding the fact that you got away with something because you gave them someone else. I guess the courts could give a rat’s ass whether or not people find out you’re a snitch. If they do, they’ll probably just kill you and save the state some money. They could make these trials private, but if they did, people would just assume that was because you were gonna tattle.

There was a story in the New York Daily News yesterday about how Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond has been snitching, going back to the mid ’90s; they made it sound like they conducted an All the President’s Men-style investigation, but it looks like all they did was dig up court documents from a few of his trials (lol) and scan for the part where his lawyer asked the judge to go easy on him, because he got someone else tossed in the clink.

One of these rap magazines could have had an intern do that a long time ago, if they were into that kind of journalism, and they weren’t afraid Jimmy Henchmen would show up to the offices and pull guns on them. (Didn’t he get busted for kicking the crap out of some radio DJ in Philly? But I don’t seem to recall him doing any time…) For all we know, this shit may have already been well known in industry circles. Wasn’t Jimmy Henchmen rumored to have had something to do with 2Pac getting shot? I seem to recall reading that the two of them got arrested, but Jimmy Henchmen got let go, because he knew someone at the FBI.

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  • saint louie

    this was trash my man, you shoulda stayed in community college

  • http://xxlmag.com Saint Louie

    this was trash bol, step it up..and a spell check wouldnt hurt

  • Fat Jays

    Fuck what these clowns are talking..

    This post was spot on BOL..hopefully one day the PEOPLE will take the conspiricy theories that have bounced around for years regarding the way our Black leaders have been systematically targeted and assinated by our own people..Jimmy “Haitian Jack” Henchmen is just another in the long list of Judas’

    • I knew he was workin for the FEDs

      Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jack and two different cats.

  • Fat Jays

    And yes, I do regard Tupac Shakur as one of ‘our’ leaders simply because he had the ear of a generation of so called ‘thugs’. Altho his message had been distorted over the years, he was a great leader who may have walked to far down the wrong path (i.e Death Row) and found that it was too late to re-trace his steps and get back on track..

  • The Don

    so where can i find this video

  • Dee

    @Fat Jay “Hatian Jack” & Jimmy are 2 different snitches,er people.

    Yo Bol where the fuck u been(no mo)? I’ve been reading all these half ass blogs at work. Shit is weak. U need to have a stash on deck for days u feel like calling in.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    I saw on CNN earlier today that MLK’s personal photographer was an informant…all of them good ass flicks were actually surveillance photos…

    “watch them n^ggaz that be close to you…”-Nas

  • angeldust

    Did you even know that T.I took the stand and sent his freinds killer to jail for 66 years? He talked about having RED Beams on his guns, his goons, fuck the police, him being a gangster and all and when shit got think, this nigga took the court stand and testified.

    Have you ever seen any gangsters testify in court against their rivals?

    And what would happen to them…

    T.I is not just a snitch. He takes the court stand and uses police force when his life in trouble and on the records he is a gangster.

    Hence, Snitch!

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “Did you even know that T.I took the stand and sent his freinds killer to jail for 66 years?”

      “But that wouldn’t have been snitching, because it’s not like those guys were his co-d. They killed his weed carrier. Who gives a shit if they go to jail?”

      ^ some people call that retribution.

      “Have you ever seen any gangsters testify in court against their rivals?

      ^ yep. A lot of mob guys do.

      And what would happen to them…”

      ^ Protective custody.

      “and on the records he is a gangster.”

      ^ if TI gets penalized for this, Ross has to be penalized as well.

      And TI’s security guy was the one who set the gun sting up (snitched from jump). He could have easily said the iron was for him.

      I’m not defending TI’s actions, just pointing out the double standards.

      • Notorious AGC

        i believe angeldust just got what nerds call “Pwned” LMAO

        • that nigga

          Yup, $yk just ripped him a new one (and sayin “no homo” is super gay). Im glad “angledust” didnt spell any words wrong or $yk woulda red inked his whole post.

    • The Decatur Dictator

      His friends killer was not a rival dude, he was some jealous dude that took the punk way to do business. To kill someone over some non-sense is a punk in my book. If dude would have killed one of my friends I would have stood up in court and shouted “He is the one!!!!!” Why not? to protect some meaningless code of not snitching…psst-nego’s iz dumb for that. So dude get’s to kill folk and eat next to you at Fridays? Yeah right. I’m str8 testifying like i was in church!

  • cutch

    ti is a boring rapper. i would rather listen to other rappers than clifford. He did snitch tho. shawty lo is more interesting

    • Cam Jones

      Someone used Shawty Lo and interesting in the same sentence? Tell the truth you his cousin ain’t you lol

  • Streets Is Watching

    Is There Any Real G’s Left Or Is Everybody Just Fronting Like They’re From The Streets? Last Time I Checked, Wether It’s Your Enemy Or Co-D, If You TAKE THE STAND & TESTIFY Your A Snitch Point Blank. Where The Fuck Do Ya Niggas Get Your Street Knowledge From Cause It Dam Sure Ain’t From The Street? If T.I Testified Against Them 2 Dudes In Court, He’s A Snitch.

    • Notorious AGC

      No, the g’s are just adapting to diffrent times, Gangster’s can’t just be stupid muscle-bound dumbasses killing because they believe a “street” is owned by them…look what happened to Suge Knight…he (DIDNT)get with the times…now he’s getting knocked out by lawyers constantly

  • Niggerhater

    I cant believe ya’ll negros think that putting away a murderer is snitching or wrong. What if that nigger, i mean negro, shot your best friend or your nigger mom right next to you? You, being a nigger, wouldn’t testify to get this nigger put in jAIL? Nigger, please; your scared-nigger asses would be sucking cops cocks until niggers could fly.
    Niggerhater #1

    • yoprince


  • Negro Hater

    “Did you even know that Nigger took the stand and sent nigger’s freinds nigger killer to jail for 66 nigger years?”

    “But that wouldn’t have been nigger snitching, because it’s not like those niggers were his co-niggers. They killed his nigger carrier. Who gives a shit if niggers go to jail?”

    ^ Niggers

    “Have niggers ever seen any nigger gangsters testify in court against niggers rivals?

    ^ Niggers do.

    And what would happen to niggers…”

    ^ Niggers die.

    “and on the records he is a nigger.”

    ^ nigger, nigger, nigger, NIGGER!.

    And Nigger’s sniggery guy was the one who set the gun sting up (nigger snitched from jump). Nigger could have easily said the niggered iron was for niggero.

    I’m not defending Nigger’s actions, just pointing out the double standards for niggers.

  • Niggahaeta

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    Can any niggers answer me?

  • NH

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  • Bol


  • e-furious

    if y’all don’t like bol’s shit, why do you smell it?



  • Caino

    To the idiot above that said Niggers need to go back to africa and that the Latino’s need to go back home!! Dont you realise America was founded via immigration!! u are a immigrant( unless you are a native american) read you history!! (and everyone can trace roots back to africa ) damn l hate idiot’s!!

    On to T.I, if some fool shot and killed my best friend l would quite happily send them to jail, y’all need to get over this ‘fake’ street code !!

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “and everyone can trace roots back to africa Saudi Arabia”

      ^ Sumer (Ur) was in Asia

      • kedordu

        doesnt make his statement wrong . everyone can trace their english to britain or to rome ( latin )

  • jimmy j

    alot of gangsters are in jail or dead for keeping it real. not a happy lifestyle or a lucrative one when it’s all said and done. life is what you make it so i stick with that.

    for those who call everybody else gangster, how do you know gangster or what it looks like?

  • KS

    If testifying against someone who maliciously killed a friend and/or family member of mine is a snitch then yeah….ill be that.

  • KS

    If testifying against someone who maliciously killed a friend and/or family member of mine makes me a snitch then yeah…ill be that.

  • *I*THE PEN & THE SWORD;=***


    The last time I checked, muthu-fukas in the public view can’t get away with that oh regular shit. Not unless they slicka than the average.

    Kill’n a mutha-fuka with the sword or the pen is the same in my book. Shieeet it’s even worse when you 20-something & you get 66yrs! Let me say it again “SIXTY-SIX YEARS IN JAIL!!!” Maybe some would rather die.

    Which would you prefer??????????????

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