Committed readers of XXL magazine should be familiar with our regular column Doin Lines, a mash-up between fill in the blanks and Madlibs. The format finds us giving a rapper a series of incomplete sentences; some questions, some statements; and having them finish them in an effort to learn a little bit more about their thought process. Here’s a sample from the July/August 2010 issue courtesy of Juvenile: I am a legend. That’s why they call me Juvie the Great.

Now call me crazy, but I think this fun little column holds more influence than most rappers want you to believe. Take Gucci Mane for example. When it’s time for the Atlanta trapstar to jump in the booth, I feel as if Guch imagines himself being interviewed for the column. Gucci Mane, please describe yourself.

Now as you may imagine, this is a hard inquiry to answer in just one track. So that’s why, throughout GM’s career, it seems as if he’s been trying to bring light to that same loaded question. What’s the answer, you might ask... it’s all in the name. In other words, just check the track titles.

Gucci Mane is…



“A Weirdo”

“The Gingerbread Man”


“All About the Money”

“The Lawnmower Man”

“Shinin’ For No Apparent Reason”

“On the Rise”

“A Star”

“Feelin’ Myself”



“The Shit”

“For The Hood”

“Grown Man”

And of course “So Icey.”

Gucci Mane ain’t never lie and that’s why we love him.

All jokes aside, though, what other rappers do you feel give fans a glimpse into their individuality in their song titles? —Jesse Gissen