Gucci Mane Is _______

Committed readers of XXL magazine should be familiar with our regular column Doin Lines, a mash-up between fill in the blanks and Madlibs. The format finds us giving a rapper a series of incomplete sentences; some questions, some statements; and having them finish them in an effort to learn a little bit more about their thought process. Here’s a sample from the July/August 2010 issue courtesy of Juvenile: I am a legend. That’s why they call me Juvie the Great.

Now call me crazy, but I think this fun little column holds more influence than most rappers want you to believe. Take Gucci Mane for example. When it’s time for the Atlanta trapstar to jump in the booth, I feel as if Guch imagines himself being interviewed for the column. Gucci Mane, please describe yourself.

Now as you may imagine, this is a hard inquiry to answer in just one track. So that’s why, throughout GM’s career, it seems as if he’s been trying to bring light to that same loaded question. What’s the answer, you might ask… it’s all in the name. In other words, just check the track titles.

Gucci Mane is…



“A Weirdo”

“The Gingerbread Man”


“All About the Money”

“The Lawnmower Man”

“Shinin’ For No Apparent Reason”

“On the Rise”

“A Star”

“Feelin’ Myself”



“The Shit”

“For The Hood”

“Grown Man”

And of course “So Icey.”

Gucci Mane ain’t never lie and that’s why we love him.

All jokes aside, though, what other rappers do you feel give fans a glimpse into their individuality in their song titles? —Jesse Gissen

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  • kam


  • Pierzy

    Gucci Mane is… “Garbage”

    • East Atlanta

      Gucci Mane is… rich, smart, and productive. His beat selection is amazing. His lyrics are not the most lyrical but if you live in the hood and you can understand the slang he is saying then you can connect with him and you’ll appreciate it more. Why would someone up in philly understand the south and its mentality? You can hate the game but not the players.

      • El Tico Loco

        Gucci can’t rap and he gets paid for rapping. Mike Bigga, Pill, Luda, B.o.B, Jeezy that’s the best representation of Atlanta not Gucci and you say that a northerner can’t relate? C’mon son I’ve been in Atl since the license plates were white with green letters back and forth, don’t give me that hating crap and be truthful to yourself, don’t jump on a bandwagon because if you rewind the clock 10 years this convo would be about the Ying Yang twins, in other words he won’t be around long if he doesn’t step it up.

        • The Phireman

          El TIco aint really from the A
          cause if he was he would at least respect the man
          and enjoy the music…do you think it is luck for him
          man Ive been in the studios and clubs b4 “icey”
          All I can say is hes doin his thing….(ever wonder why jeezy didnt keep his following) He stoppedfeeding us Tru Atliens with that GA
          swag and moved it to a Jay-Z NY style of MCing(no hat on him Jeezys tape is right next to GUCCIs in the JAg….ElTico is really from Wisconsin

        • El Tico Loco

          That’s the best you got bruh? You’re right I’m not from the A, in fact I’m not even from this country but that’s besides the point cuz I still go back to the Phoenix days. One I’m not gonna jump on a bandwagon on and then off like they’ve been doing here for years and like you just mentioned they did to Jeezy (I still bump Jeezy), or the Shop Boyz, D4L, Ying Yang Twinz, DG Yola, ya’ll were defending him just like you doing with Gucci right now, and as soon as he shows signs of falling off you will move on to the next nigga and start all over again. So no disrespect to Gucci right now he’s hot musically but I check for the nicest and no he’s not nice and he has not amused me, or enlightened me, at least outside of a club having grandocious booty girl rubbin up against me or a lap dance he’s useless to the game homey.

          Go ahead throw darts but truth is truth.

        • East Atlanta

          Well i never said Gucci was lyrical you didnt read “bruh”. And all those “artists” you named get no spin time and never have. I love Atlanta but I’ll admit alot of the people coming out arent winning lyrical competitions outside of T.I., Big Boi, Andre 3000, Ludacris, or B.o.b. Who is jumping on a bandwagon? I mean gucci gets you pumped up, if he starts to fall off then fuck em, but his old shit is still bumping and will remain atl classics. I’m not a Gucci fan, I just appreciate his stuff because he’s making money anyway, no need to hate on that. And go back to the Phoenix days??? When the fuck did phoenix have even one day on the charts? Google “phoenix rapper” you get “Joaquin Phoenix made his first public foray into the music world Friday” Yeah the guy from “walk the line” a movie about johnny cash. so you need some facts on your side “bruh”! If you aren’t from Atlanta don’t criticize our music. Like i said its how the south is. We get crunk, but hmmm everywhere else they must be super-lyrical!! I don’t see money though so….hop off the jock strap.

        • Notorious AGC

          El Tico Loco is from Costa-Rica,
          wut it do tico !!,lotta respect for your comment thats the DAMN truth !!!

  • Terrence

    Gucci Mane is retarded.





  • Ayre

    Gucci Mane is… Doing something right, because he’s turrble, but is one the most popular rappers in my store. I Won’t hate too much, he’s good for business.

  • Class

    Gucci Mane is— Quantity Over Quality,as Over Worked as he is Over Rated. Respect His Work Ethic, Just Wish It Was Applied Out Of My Craft

  • Q461

    Gucci Mane is a wack rapper

  • dj

    Yall still dont get it!! The fact that yall used your time and energy to comment is beneficial for gucci! A negative comment for gucci is more publicity than no comment for the good rappers. It just proves that you’re paying attention to him, one way or the other.

    Gucci is “Laughin”—hes more famous now than ever. Partly because of all the hate.

  • El Tico Loco

    The Hip Hop version of Forrest Gump. Successful by luck but still retarded.

    • LightSkinMofo

      “The Hip Hop version of Forrest Gump. Successful by luck but still retarded.”



  • Phireman

    True East Atlanta

    Lets use ODB…now when I was the one of the only few ni&&as in the A blastin the WU…they were like man thats wack because they didnt understand ODB the rawness of his flow and the drunken mastery he displayed.
    Just like GUCCI his rawness and realness is why he is on top. And if you really listened to him he is lyrical (just in true ATLien style)
    if more rappers were REALLY in tune with the HOOD we can have
    a wider array of talent..instead of every new rapper following trends

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “what other rappers do you feel give fans a glimpse into their individuality in their song titles?”

    Eminem – Rain Man
    Outkast – E.T. (Extraterrestrial)
    Raekwon & Ghostface Killah – Criminology

  • Mr. Redz

    Cuccie Mane is Trash.
    most over rated rappper. aka one of the worst rapper of all time.

  • Notorious AGC

    man FUCK the south!, im sick of these southern cats whining and cryin’ bout “oh you aint like him cause he from tha south” FUCKING IGNORANT ASS bitches ! t.i,luda,outkast,bun b etc are from the south but CAN rap, gucci mane is straight fucking garbage with a hot beat. i TRIED to really listen to his music, and everytime he talked i just kept shaking my head of the stupidity comin out his mouth..for ATL rappers i;ll stick with Jeezy and T.I. fuck these UNDERPAR fags, theyre givin your city a bad name

  • Jamal7Mile

    XXL is… feeding the bears with this post?

    Still got love for ya.

  • flavorblade

    Gucci really isn’t a rapper. He’s more like an entertainer/commentator. He doesn’t even really have flow, more like talking in paces, at best it can be a little jumpy, but everything about his music can be described as simplistic. . He’s the type of M.C that would not make it in the era before video, when you heard the record before you saw the image.

    The streets from Atlanta to Baltimore like him. It’s like in the movie Sugar Hill when the character Lolly said “when people see me they see success.” Gucci is the hood success story, the fact that he isn’t a ‘talent’ in a way makes him even more appealing to some.

    Baltimore is pathetic right now, by the way. It’s the biggest city in America that isn’t on yet. Now they riding this cotton mouth cat. Went from trying to be New York to sucking ATL off. Damn even D.C got Wale; he’s not great but he broke through. VA Beach been on. Philly been on. It’s like hip-hop talent just skipped over B-More.

  • $yk

    “Gucci Mane is… rich, smart, and productive. His beat selection is amazing. His lyrics are not the most lyrical but if you live in the hood and you can understand the slang he is saying then you can connect with him and you’ll appreciate it more. Why would someone up in philly understand the south and its mentality?”

    ^ soooo…

    You can live in the hood and understand him, but because of WHERE your hood is located you can’t? This statement makes no sense.

    Plenty of hood cats can relate to Gucci, but say he has no rap skills. Bottom line.

    Good luck to homie and all of his endeavors.

    • Zone 6

      Actually the statement is correct. Evey hood is not the same. The south is different just like the west coast and the north. Every area has different slang, swag, dances, and styles. Gucci Mane is a less lyrical, funnier, and a slightly more ignorant, southern version of Game or of 50 cent.

  • Anonymous

    Gucci mane is one of the worst rappers out right now

  • kermitt387

    Gucci Mane is… of the year

  • Anonymous

    The hate is filled up on Here. I used to be a big Jeezy fan but started listening to Gucci. He is funny as hell mind yu he is hard to understand sometiimes ( with that heavy southern drawl). Yes his rhymes aren’t that complex but he has many flows and different styles. His beat selection is always on point . Thats why he gets far ppl see him as the underdog. All we want is good music. If i wanted to be educated I would read a book. When i want to have fun I put in GUCCI. He does it his own way and when he talks in interviews he is intelligent but he makes hood music. I work for the goverment a professional job but doesn’t mean i can’t enjoy some good bass bangin hard hittin trap rap.

    ITS GUCCI 1017 Bricksquad keep hating he is letting the money pile up

  • M


  • Vesta Moscoffian

    Amaze! Photograph hunting search engines all day because of this and that i as a final point thought it was the following!