Coke Is The New Weed

I only have a few vices, none of which are entirely self-destructive. When I’m nervous I start scratching my left arm a lot. If I’m very hungry I tend to yawn like I’m tired, and if I’m… um… antsy, I think about sex a lot more than usual. If I’m bored, I run through a game of Madden (this year’s version sucks!). When I’m angry, I tend to punch walls and put my fist through coffee tables and such. Ask my old job about that one.

I enjoy some of the same libations as everyone else also, especially when I don’t necessarily have to pay for it. Doing what I do, I’ve gotten my fair share of free weed brownies and bum liqueurs, or, as I used to call it back when I was struggling to find a job after college, breakfast. Most of the time, I could do without the alcohol, though. I don’t know why people push Nuvo like it’s the greatest drink of all time (OF ALL TIME!), when the shit looks and tastes like carbonated Pepto Bismol and is as cheaply produced and wreaks as much havoc on your insides as the pink stuff.

Blame or credit my upbringing, but my debauched decadence would only stop at, at most, alcohol and weed. Not to say that I haven’t thought about trying other drugs, though. I mean, ecstasy sounds like it’d be one crazy ass trip, and sipping some lean could prove for some interesting conversation, but I’d be too scared to actually try the stuff without fear of destroying my body from the side effects. And if I were to “upgrade” to another drug it surely would not be cocaine, much less crack, as I was taught by some of the greatest poet laureates in history, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, that it was very unscrupulous to abuse it.

Rappers talk about selling crack as if they were pushing off dollar waters during the Puerto Rican Day Parade, which, as you know, I’m perfectly content with so long as the resulting music is listenable. Never did I think I would never see the day when artists would start essentially freebasing in the public eye, essentially violating rule number four from Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments,” as if weed and alcohol wasn’t doing enough for them. Even worse so, those who are doing it (or get caught doing it) are seemingly nonchalant about getting caught doing the stuff, thanks to their stature in society allowing them to get away with it.

A quote from Wale’s BFF KiD CuDi:

“I started doing cocaine to get through interviews, ’cause people wanted to know a lot about my personal life and I wasn’t prepared for a 60 Minutes interview every time. Doing bumps I was able to get through the day, but then I would smoke weed to calm me down—it was the only way I could get through the day without people noticing I was doing it.

“…Just for the record, it bugged me out that people said it was liquid cocaine. No, I’m just fucking rich, and my blow comes in a jar.”

Well, damn.

Add to the mix of Lindsay Lohan constantly relapsing, Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars getting caught and Vincent Chase devolving from a promising actor on the rise to a out-of-control basehead during this past season of Entourage (mind you, the show is supposed to be “loosely based on Marky Mark’s experiences in Hollywood,” so there’s some validity to that storyline), and one has to wonder how prevalent cocaine abuse actually is within the so-called “celebrity community.” Yet when they get caught, which is a lot, the law essentially gives them a dick slap to the face.

Maybe I need to be rich. Not so that I’ll do cocaine, but for the liberty of getting away with damn near murder.

If you told me that a rapper actually did what they rapped about a few years ago, I’d have probably laughed in your face because I wouldn’t have believed it. Now that cocaine usage is afoot like this was the Studio 54, discothèque era, I’d shake my head in disgust. Yet when nobody’s getting long jail terms because of who they are, it’s only a matter of time that the shit will seep into the broker civilizations and fuck shit up even worse for us.

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  • Tha Handyman

    I’d agree to that. First weed, they won’t stop with coke. Some people need to check themselves.

  • ri067953

    Yo, moderate cocaine use is not any worse than drinking liquor or smoking a doobie. I wouldn’t say do it everyday or every week but if you do it once in a blue moon or a couple of times a month, it’s alright, as long as you getting the good shit that isn’t stepped on more times than a door mat. However, if these rappers are bumping day and night, then they should seriously reconsider the type of hype they like.

    • The Dude

      LOL, ri067953 snorts blo….

    • readybeeill

      Good luck with that i am going to be come a part time crack head. You know once or twice a month. Cause for whatever reason i am better than everyone else to have ever done the drug.

      A little crack never hurt anyone.

      What the fuck its 2010 people, can you not look into the past and see what this shit does to people? Are we not to learn from the mistakes and teachings from our forefathers?

      Today some guy or girl is trying crack for the first time today thinking ah that wont happen to me…..wrong.

      wake the fuck up.

      • The Decatur Dictator

        And I Agree!!!!!

  • MMCCE10

    HAHAH are u serious? moderate cocaine use is ok? it is highly addictive and still is not legalized and never will be..not saying alcohol is bad as well but none of the three are “okay”… but cocaine is addictive and highly dangerous and that is classified as “okay”? not only does it give someone the feeling that they invincible, but it also makes them aggressive…and then when you come back down from your high u can become depressed to the point of suicide and also develop anxiety disorders…plus it only pushes you into more and more drugs.. now while it may be popular and done by many of our favorite stars, it should never be okay…i wouldnt want my kids or friends doing cocaine

    • $yk

      “it is highly addictive and still is not legalized and never will be..”

      ^ I thought doctors used this in early medicine, and it was in early made cough elixirs known today as soda? Wouldn’t that notate it was legal at one time?

      “not only does it give someone the feeling that they invincible, but it also makes them aggressive…and then when you come back down from your high u can become depressed to the point of suicide and also develop anxiety disorders…”

      ^ I don’t see this as truth. I haven’t seen a cokehead aggressive or thinking of invincibility or suicide. I have seen cokeheads talk too much though.

      I think you have CRACK mixed up as being COKE.

      More people DO NOT become addictive to coke because THEY CAN’T AFFORD IT. AND IT’S STEPPED THE STEPPED ON (not pure for the non-knowers). The addictive ones seemingly have access to pure product (and plenty of money to afford it).

      “plus it only pushes you into more and more drugs..”

      ^ I don’t believe in that “gateway” nonsense. I know plenty of people who are cokeheads, weedheads, boozers, and have NEVER crossed from their choice of vice. YOU choose to do other drugs, NOT THE DRUGS MAKE YOU CHOOSE.

      “now while it may be popular and done by many of our favorite stars”

      ^ The drug is more of choice for professional people because of the timing it takes to leave your system. Notice I said professional people, suit & tie, running things people.

      And in closing, Pfizer, Kaiser Permanente and other drug makers create stuff more addictive, destructive, and costly than cocaine.

      I’m not advocating the usage, just stating the obvious that the media won’t.

      • killslip

        Hmm, sounds like Syk is a happy go lucky Coke head that feels guilty so he justifies it. Drugs are for the weak. Weather or not they appear harmless or don’t kill you right away. They are for the people that can’t enjoy “regular” life. People that are insecure with their thoughts and emotions. Sure, they are fun for a short time, but then they destroy and degrade.

        • $yk

          “sounds like Syk is a happy go lucky Coke head that feels guilty so he justifies it”

          ^ after all that I wrote that’s all you could conclude?

          “I’m not advocating the usage, just stating the obvious that the media won’t.”

          ^ did you see that? It’s right above your screen name.

          “Drugs are for the weak. Weather or not they appear harmless or don’t kill you right away. They are for the people that can’t enjoy “regular” life. People that are insecure with their thoughts and emotions.”

          ^ this sounds like a “just say no” pamphlet. I don’t have to be a cokehead to know what’s going on.

          “Pfizer, Kaiser Permanente and other drug makers create stuff more addictive, destructive, and costly than cocaine”

          ^ yet I see you skimmed over that…they even have commercials with 5 minute disclaimers telling you it’s fuXed up drugs…lawsuits…death…but I forgot, I’M feeling guilty…

        • DETROIT

          i was gon leave a long post because most of what is being said is crazy….but it seems syk beat me to it. so i’ll just take this as an opportunity to say….WADDUP $YK?

          Anyway, i’ll just say this, i’m from the hood and i graduated from a top 20 university. in both places, coke use is very prevalent. one difference is that hood niggas try to hide coke use and other people don’t, due to the coke stigma which is mostly related to crack. coke had no stigma in the hood prior to the crack era. also, more successful people use coke than weed, because it speeds u up, as opposed to slowing you down. coke itself is not any worse than any other drug…it’s the lactose that is bad for u, and rich people can get a purer product.

          I HAVE NEVER USED COKE. but i know alot of people who do. u think all these niggas wit bricks ain’t blowin lines…LOL!

        • yoprince

          what up Detroit.. what up $yk..

          glad to see some ppl on here have sense.

          i dunno why it’s so hard for people to differentiate btw CRACK and your basic-sugar-stepped-on cocaine.

          you can really tell which commenters have lived or had family in the hood and who hasn’t.

          it’s easy to spot a CRACKhead or a heroin addict.

          on the other hand, your doctor, professor, or accountant could be a cocaine user and you may never know it.

          honestly, it’s stupefying how ignorant people still are even with the wonders of the internet. take three minutes to do some research instead of just posting the lecture your mom gave you the first time she caught you sneaking in the liquor cabinet.

    • The Decatur Dictator

      A coke head will say all day that ” I only do this twice a month-it’s no problem”…Yeah right-let’s see…Richard Pryor, Lynn Bias, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Robert Downey Jr., Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden, Mike Tyson, Kate Moss, Nicole Ritchie, Most of the Rock Groups from the 80′s, all of the Models in the 90′s, the list goes on and on… and most of them did not come out on top.

  • $yk

    “When I’m nervous I start scratching my left arm a lot.”

    ^ LoL

    Meka the trackstar…

  • Kid Nice

    I hear you! They need to keep that ish out of Hip-Hop game!

  • butta

    Coke is soooooooo dirty. I don’t know about the old days but, todays coke is mostly METH mixed with some other shit dudes use to stretch. If 75% of what you snort is not coke… are you a coke head?

  • FUC IT


  • tron

    musicans and celeberties have been doing drugs since day 1, just because its hip hop people are crying about it, yet dudes can go to jail, kill people, have massive amounts of artillary like they’re going to war, and its all good. but cant party like rockstars have been for years? thats crossing the line? not all the other shit they do? since when is “hip hop” stuck up.

  • Chico

    I will be honest since I have experienced it. I started smoking marijuana, then I started drinking, and when I got too drunk I was introduced to Cocaine, it sobers u up quickly and for SOME people you can get aggressive and whatever else was said. but it affects everyone differently. I’m not addicted to coke, and I only do it if I’m partying hard. It does not make me aggressive but it keeps me very concious and alert. I agree that it is bad for your health (NO SHIT), but some people have problems in life, not everyone is perfect like “Killslip”. You’ll be surprise how many people do it low key.

    • The

      “I’m not addicted to coke, and I only do it if I’m partying hard. It does not make me aggressive but it keeps me very concious and alert….”

      Classic Dopehead Statement at it’s finest. Dayum, folks never learn.

  • Chico

    I also forgot to say, from doing all of these drugs it will definetly give u side affects, im currently struggling with Anxiety.And now i am taking pills to help control it, but no luck. So for the people who haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and don’t. You will be fucked in life, unless you stop.

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  • “Broadway Joe”

    I gotta agree with syk…

  • steezolini

    sell coke, smoke weed.
    the game’s got rules.

  • AD

    Listen to $ky and Chico. They’re speaking actual truth.

  • Notorious AGC

    Coke beEn around since the 80′s when it BLEW UP..what you mean “the new weed” weed was 60′s or 70′s no?…get your facts straight, this is another blog everyone dissects and shows how little thought you bring into the blogs.

    • ar- kkk -ansas

      80,s nigga get your facts right! you must not be to old…shit was legal in the 20′s n shit…you got some bad math nigga bad math

      • Notorious AGC

        i know it been since then when the old folks used to snort that shit, i was referring to it having a impact on the music biz in the 80′s hence a lot of people and rick james sayin “cocaine is a hell of a drug”. bad math? you mean bad history, you thinkin time-line’s are math is straight fucking hilarious, your school system must be fucked the fuck up in arkansas, stick to listening to your lame ass state’s rap (if there is any) and stop tryin to correct people.

  • WeedHead


    I live w/ a cokehead..

    So I see the ups, downs and in betweens from a 2-3 times a week user.. its annoying. The constant life of the party attitude.. they think their the funniest person alive.. mood swings like a ball bat.. 24 hour naps after a coke night out.. EVERYTHING ABOUT COKE IS ANNOYING.. so I told myself I would never do it.. BUT a lot of ppl including YOUR FAVORITE RAPPERS been doing coke.. I give props to Cudi for admitting the shit straight up.. but best believe Diddy, Kanye, Pharrell, Swizz Beats, and many more do it.. Shit Pimp C died from it fuckin around out west.. All of those artist I named aren’t just limited to the Hip-Hop community.. they live that Hollywood life and partake in what comes with it.. Some ppl, like Wale, dont like that LA shit.. but some ppl fall for it..

    Ppl laugh when they hear Cudi does blow to get through interviews but talking about himself for a big publication is prob not the easiest thing in the world for him to do.. so he does a line.. Just like comedians ,who I think have the hardest job in show biz, have to go out on stage and make complete strangers laugh.. they do even harder drugs.. What im saying is ppl deal w/ pressure in their own ways.. good or bad.. its their own way of dealing w/ it..

    I dont ever see coke being accepted like weed in the hip-hop community (just b/c hard drugs hit hard within black families) but if ppl are making “Good Muisc” fuck it.. its their nose not mine..

  • BGZ

    “White lines – don’t do it”; like Melle Mel said.

    Fucking with drugs was the downfall of La Cosa Nostra, too. And I don’t have to quote Frank from Scarface/ Biggie’s 10 Crack Commandments to anybody.

    I only did coke once when I was younger, and got a better high from meth, fo’real (now I don’t fuck with that shit, either).

    The singer Rod Stewart said “‘nowadays’ cocaine is too weak for me”.

    While coke today will get you lot less high, it will still fuck your heart up even if you’re only a habitual user, and it doesn’t have any positive health effects unlike weed, red wine or prescription drugs.

    Fuck advocating for using coke today; it will make you a sucka, not cool like a Miles Davis.

    • oskamadison

      And Melle Mel was skiied up like a muh’fucka recording White Lines.

      • BGZ

        Dinno that… the irony.

  • wildin4thanite

    Women and Sleuth foots, Mark A$$ tricks, Trick A$$ marks, Johns, etc.

    1) coke gives you anxiety attacks and sh!t. that’s it. that’s why cudi smoke weed afterward, cause it helps to calm you down. be educated about D-Rugs; sh!t.
    2) gateway drug my a$$. h3roin3 b!tches, h3roin3.
    3) highly addictive, no. studies say MY A$$. tell them to see the streets. they watchin’. h3roin3 b!tches…h3roin3.
    4) no drug is addictive except that rat poison sh!t in cigarettes. everything else is a g0^t ploy.
    lastly, why call yourself out about knowing cokeheads and being a “former” cokehead…how did you get a computer??? COM’ ON SON!!!


    for the record:

    snoops last drug arrest was for coke

    gucci went back to jail cuz it was coke and weed in his system.

    trick daddy, wu tang, young buck, ll cool j, three six mafia, pimc c….

    the list goes on and on, coke is nothing new in the hip hop community…i guess people are just starting to pay attention.


    and we can’t forget RUN and Russel Simmons!

  • Anonymous

    “my blow comes in jar” its called a vial welcome to new york loser it been in vial’s fuckin up lives since 85.

  • alderman j

    Defending, condoning, rationalizing coke use is a junky move. PERIOD!!!!

  • black jesus

    sizzurp and acid ftw!

  • $yk

    alderman j says:

    Defending, condoning, rationalizing coke use is a junky move. PERIOD!!!!

    ^ and totally overlooking a lot of the factual stuff typed is a foolish mortal move. Heads are on their high pedestals where they can’t see beyond what they know.

    “I dont ever see coke being accepted like weed in the hip-hop community”

    ^ have you been listening to the rap lyrics the last couple of years? It will refute this statement you typed.


    yoprince what’s good?

    Shouts to Anslem for moderating my last comment from last nite, which was more informative than what I posted above.

  • Notorious AGC

    @ Meka, Having the Comment section MORE interesting and poppin than the blog itself should really make you think….or XXL think for that matter…

    • $yk

      ^ LoL

      AGC what it do fam?

      Shouts to my lurker brethren who have hit me up to spit game…100

      • Notorious AGC

        wut it do $yk ?

  • Caino

    lol peeps getting their knickers in a twist over some coke useage!!

    Dont get me wrong if any substance is taking over ya life you have a problem u need to get it fixed (i.e alcohol, weed, coke, e, asprin, codeine etc)

    But u gotta ask yourself, why are certain drugs legal (check your medicine cabinet) and others illegal? MONEY!!

    And yes $yk coke did used to be legal, and used right upto the 1930′s, shit back home in the UK you could get prescribed Heroin from your doctor untill they changed it to methodone(a drug that is way more addictive than heroin)

    My belief is most things like e, lsd, heroin, coke , weed should be legal and people should bebale to make their own choice to use it or not, like we do with alcohol and cigarettes!

  • oskamadison

    Cocaine is almost as much a part of Hip-Hop as an Ultimate Beats and Breaks record. What do you think most of those first generation old school heads were gettin’ it in with? Weed, dust and coke was the norm back in the day. Your boy Russell Simmons once said that during the ’80′s, he snorted half of Peru and smoked the other half. I don’t pass judgement on anyone because I can’t do God’s job better than God but Coke always seemed to me like it was a wack high. If something has the potential to overtake me and make do things outside my character and endanger my life, chances are, I’m not touching it.

    Yo $yk, what’s up?

  • EuO

    Not sure its fair to stereotype so many people because of some stupid comments Cudi made.

    I’m pretty sure that opiates are the new weed. Syrup and OC (And a few other painkillers, but OC got the most attention)really started taking off over the past decade. I know for a fact that opiates have the highest percentage of first time users who become addicted, 29% and they just happen to be the worst thing to come off.

    I’m actually wondering what Wayne did before he went in to Rikers. If he was still drinking syrup he must of detoxed at some point.

  • Rosa Bluntz

    There is nothing “new” under the Sun. . .

  • Dub

    Damn near everyone in Hollywood does coke, ain’t nothin new… Just like how beans have been accepted in the hiphop culture, next niggas gonna talk about usin heroin in their lines.

  • Stickin

    If you live in a college town and your going out to Fraternity and Sorority parties….there’s gonna be coke around (especially in California). But…us college kids “party hard” two nights a week. We do so much blow in one night that nobody wants to touch it for a week. Its a mix of alcohol and coke that really gives you a bad hangover. If you bring up the word “coke” after a night of partying…everyone cringes.

    I guess were considered “weekend warriors” in a party town fool of college kids. Nobody does this…during the day, or before class, or after class. We still study and get our shit done. But, when its time to party…we party.

    Dudes…that use coke on a regular basis seems whack to me. Its kind of like an everyday cigarrette smoker. But…when your taking shots at a bar and your about to head to an after party….coke is where its at!!

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    I caught the end of this convo BUT this is always one of my favorite topics

    First, most of you are confused about coke meth crack or DOPE.

    I’m not gonna break it all down but Coke is lyrical pure like a nas or jayz. Crack is sublevel (its coke that is cut) like a fabo or lloyd banks. Meth is like all the music that most of you hate.

    In other words, cocaine is rare as big homie $ky broke it down. Yea, its been around for years. Its not a trend. And like the top 20 dude said…its being used from both specturms.

    Cosign, too many local dope boys use it. BUT its often given a bad sterotype in the hood.

    I think coke heads are a bit agresive. they get that invisible superman type attitude. Atleast thas what the people that i know who have done it says. Its not the “drug” in hip hop because weed and liqour and now champagne takes the cake but its always been around.

    Listen to some 36 mafia

  • mav

    i cant believe how many of yall r down playin cocaine one of my niggas nose is done for cuz of that shit he cant smell nothin his lining is fucked and fuck what yall sayin if youll try coke you will try crack if the circumstances r right i do agree that its not any worse then alcohol and all them damn pills they got out but it has different effects in different people plus that shit is expensive i cant smoke 500 worth of weed in one day..cant believe some of yall