Bring Back “BET Uncut” – I Need My Tip Drill

By the time you’re reading this I should be en route to some nondescript spot in Mexico, hoping I don’t get kidnapped or the runs from their water. With my flight being extremely early in the morning, I needed something to do to keep awake so late. So I scoured the webs to watch an exorbitant amount of pr0n flipped to BET for the first time in a few months.

I hardly watch BET much anymore, save for their awards show back in June. Excluding the occasional Everybody Hates Chris rerun marathon (although Nick At Nite does them as well), I have no clue what comes on that network past that one season of College Hill where one of the cast members mollywhopped her roommate with a shoe or something. I can’t watch the network’s edited episodes of The Wire, since so much of it is censored to the point where you can’t follow the story, and I don’t fit the 106 & Park demographic, even when they interview the likes of El DeBarge and, uh, Free every once in a while.

Free > Rocsi. All day. Eh day.

I give about as much attention to that channel as I would a stripper with a bullet wound or c-section scar, which is to say not at all. Yet since they canceled their now-legendary show BET Uncut in an effort to “clean up their act,” I can’t help but feel that they lost a piece of themselves after.

As if selling the network to Viacom like it was the strongest super-slave at an auction wasn’t bad enough. But I’m straying from the point.

Part of what made that show so awesomely bad was its willingness to cater to the best of the worst of rap music which, as I’ve said a few times before, is definitely not a bad thing at all. Even the most staunch of rapster fans who can recite a Brother Ali album front to back has watched and/or enjoyed a music video from the likes of Mighty Casey, Joker The Bailbondsman and – my personal favorite – Black Jesus and his magnum opus to decadent opulence, “What That Thing Smell Like.”

If you really think about it, BET Uncut was, in its essence, an indie rapper’s wet dream: a means of getting on a largely distributed network without having to sacrifice integrity, or lack thereof, to do so. But – as is always the case whenever something becomes popular – when the mainstreamers took notice the show began to falter. Once Nelly swiped a credit card down that stripper’s ass in “Tip Drill” it was a wrap; the show no longer was for the backpackers grimeballs, and with every “P-Poppin’” airing the show seeped into the public conscience, implanting a target of scorn and contempt on its back and drawing the ire of every two-bit conservative hack, forcing BET to ultimately cancel the show.

Never mind the grainy, poorly produced videos, overall horrible songs and equally slovenly women; BET Uncut was essentially the Fat Beats for wack artists who preferred sleaze to aesthetics. While YouTube has largely taken its place there will never be another thing like the show, and we all lose because of that.

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  • brand-new

    they also need to bring back rap city the basement with big tigger…those were the good ol’ days

    • DownSouth

      Tru dat!

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

    • PeRs_1

      Co-Sign that ish!

      Ditch Big Tig and get a semi known DJ to do the hosting tho, Tig corny as hell…

      Back to Basics Kids.

  • Anonymous

    ” Aint nuttn like money ina ziplock bag uh huh.. uh huh ” joker the bailsbondsman n Bone THugs! lol! Classic!!

    i heard at 1 time they had a petition going to bring it Back??

    • Hannibal Cannibal

      Man I was just about to quote that line! Joker the Bailbondsman (insane name) had a new video a week on that show. Definitely the BeT Unkut goat rapper

  • Worley

    “Black Jesus and his magnum opus to decadent opulence, ‘What That Thing Smell Like.’”

    Possibly the greatest video in UnCut history.

    Other notables:
    Waxamillion “No Panties On”
    Joker the Bailbondsman “Ladies Coming Over”
    Labtekwon “Uhnnn Huhnnn”

  • swype-matic

    “Lemme see your ass drop, lemme see your ass drop, lemme see your ass drop, girl who taught you how to pop?” Hahahaha, that was my shit!

  • mark givens



    My favorite video on uncut was by Team Uncut called Time For Freakin.It was 6 minutes long and funny as hell.

    • King Joffy Joe

      @ SOMETHIN NEW, Dammit! I was gonna say Team Uncut! I thought that I was the only one who remembered that one!


        That video is a classic.Do anyone remember that video called Shake it like a pit bull by Cold Cannons?
        That’s another classic i remember they used to show when i would be packing up things after my dj set at the club.

  • gift

    i swear every single comment i’ve read got me cryin im laughin so hard. I remember being in high school watchin that shit LMFAO!!!!
    My favorite uncut video aside from all of the joker the bailbondsman shit would have to be that “get crunked up”. I don’t even remember the name of the group, but they had some hoes in that video. there was also another song called “poppin n lockin” from some niggas out of carolina that was pretty live too. BET need to bring that shit back for real lol!!!

    • D-90

      lil peedy did poppin n lockin n no lie that shit actually went hard lmao

  • Anonymous

    Shit who remembers, “Whites girls are on my miiiiind, Don’t tell Minister Farrakan, but white giiiirls wont go away”

    Funniest shit ever.

    • qp

      Aww man I remember that video lol That shit was hilarious

      Yeah…though Uncut was showing bad rappers, it was still entertaining.

    • swype-matic

      hahaha!! That Mighty Casey shit was hilarious, with that one white girl givin’ him head in the video!

  • Brother man

    “Whitteeee girrrrllllssssss” That song is etched in my memory. There was also a joint called “I aint got no panties on”. Some of them dudes knew how to make hooks. No matter how crass they were

  • Sir Smith

    If you bring back BET Uncut. U gotta bring back Comic View. Its only right that after seeing some good comics, u look at sum good ass. I’m Just sayin….

  • Anonymous

    Ya got me laughin off memories for real

  • q.b.

    team uncut was the funniest! “time fo freakin time to come clean with them tight azz jeans…”

  • js

    as soon as they cut rapcity bet was done

  • P. Harris

    Joe Clair was the best Rap City host…

    BET Uncut is a cult classic show… too many memories to pin point one favorite video…

    still… Tip Drill is the #1 Hoe Video ever…

  • ms_spittuh

    I cried when i watched the last episode of rap city bassment. since i was 14 i had always wanted to spit in the booth next to tigger. i never got that chance. since then bet sucks ass. i just watch food network now…


    I remember uncut used to always air that one Dead Prez video. They was alright, pretty controversial too.Kinda like a newer public enemy.

  • thaking

    da bassment son

  • J-Dub

    “I ain’t got no panties on, on the dancefloor!!!” Every female in that video had panties on.

  • audio tech

    now u kno shit is bad when u got a n^gga^ wishing for BET Uncut back

  • jon

    remember dat video wit the dude at the end singin “powder on my chest, powder-powder on my chest” lol


    I used to watch uncut religously lmao. I remember a nigga named Joker The Bailbondsman had so many videos on there including the one with Bizzy Bone back in 02-03 I think. Remember shake yo sally? tip drill lmao.

    BET is garbage now thats why I say RIP BET. I dont even watch that shit anymore its so garbage. Anyone watched 106&park within the last few years? its a joke now garbage ass music. I miss Rap City and Uncut, that was all that was keeping BET alive until 3 years ago…

  • krazycee

    I almost forgot one–Super Hoe by Filthy Rich, another gutta classic lol…

  • Super Fan

    Man I loved this show, some classic joints. I cant remember the one but where the dude was washing his car in the video and it wasn’t even a hot whip.

    Join the fan page on Facebook for a million fans.

  • Notorious AGC

    “By the time you’re reading this I should be en route to some nondescript spot in Mexico, hoping I don’t get kidnapped or the runs from their water.”

    FUCK YOU. ur blogs are underpar so you try to make little “bol” style jokes… are oyu still hired ?

  • mexHEco


    um what he said about mexico is the TRUTH.

    that place is a HOLE.

    anyone that goes down there is a IDIOT.

  • frassta

    ‘if your titties are big and yo ass is fat, wudnt have it any other way, cus i like it like that…” the vid was sick cuz they made ugly hoes uglier… sick, but funny as hell though. lol.

  • Marcel Zachary

    I agree with everyone I miss the old B.E.T if it wasn’t for that show and others I wouldn’t know to do and what I wanted to do I’m sad that B.E.T has changed now it’s all stupid sitcoms and old reruns of movies and shows I watched when I was a kid B.E.T sucks ass we need to sue Debra Lee for ruining the channel and bring Bob Johnson back as CEO again if not can someone make another Hip Hop alternative channel for the fellas and only so bitches won’t have a fit they can just watch B.E.T