Why You Should Never Include 50 Cent In Your Dinner Plans

I’ve fully become convinced that 50 Cent is the Eric Cartman of rap.

With all due respect to the guy (in the sense that I don’t want to be openly mocked on the Internets and/or slapped out in front of my neighborhood deli as if I was Jimmy Henchman’s child), but he’s since traded in his trademark brand of “aggressive content” for something a little less warmongering and a lot more doofy. His style of beaf has regressed from being able to fully shut down an artist’s momentum to something resembling an elementary school bully teasing his adversary for the sake of public approval, while the music he made has suffered greatly in the process.

Still, artists want to inexplicably engage in it, knowing that there’s virtually no reason to do so. Never mind Shyne ironically sounds like a dying Lloyd Banks in all of the songs he’s released this year; dropping Curtis’ name in that song “Belize” just was not good for business, and per usual 50 responded by party-crashing Shyne’s conference call, of which I’m sure you all have seen the visual evidence of.

For the record, getting shot in the mouth > shooting a woman in the face. In terms of sheer ballsiness, however, shooting a woman in the face is just insane. Like, you have to have some kind of lingering issue within you to want to do that in the name of self-defense. I’m not saying I support shooting a woman in the face at all; I’m just saying.

Where was I?

Regardless, I thought these type of antics were only reserved for high school ruffians, not multi-millionaires deep into their thirties. Still, the fact artists who caught 50’s wrath are still talking about it some years later still amazes me. Ja Rule, known nowadays as what I like to call “The Example,” spoke on how he was still affected by their now legendary squabble:

“I feel like everybody deserves a second chance to do whatever. Really, I feel that my situation was an unfair situation. A very unique, very odd situation. Nobody ever seen anything like that in Hip Hop, you know?”

He’s right; nobody had ever seen anything like that in years. But this isn’t 2003, and I feel that if Ja had simply ignored 50 and continued to churn out cuts the way Rick Ross and Lil Wayne – also targets of Curtis’ ire – have done, I’m sure he would be in a different situation than the one he is in now.

While being on 50’s bad side isn’t the best thing in the world, it’s now become akin to an annoying paper cut. What’s so hard about throwing some Neosporin on a Band-Aid and keeping it pushing, though?

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  • http://music.ajcrew.com A.J. Crew

    I’m gonna have to agree with Meka on this one. 50 is making himself look like a bigger du-mass (dumbass) with each passing day. Shyne = self-fail. Calling out 50 is retarded. On the other hand, if you do fall in the path of 50′s “self destruction”, it’s better to play the Jay-Z card and do absolutely nothing about it.

    50 hasn’t made good music since GRODT. Everyone knows that. Ja’s situation is the only one where he literally destroyed his career. Fat Joe still makes CDs (no matter how much they don’t sell), Jadakiss is still doing features, Game is… well, he’s Game… I think 50′s last straw of killing himself was the “Curtis” vs. “Graduation” bit with Kanye. It showed really how much the game has shifted from aggressive gangster persona and content to music that is 10x more relatable to the everyday common man. Even if Kanye does talk about Persian rugs from time to time…

    • Quake

      Wow did u just say 50 Cent hasn’t had a hit since GRODT?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? The Massacre sold 1.1 million copies in 4 days and had 2 #1 Hits…Candy Shop and Just A lil Bit, As well as Curtis which right now has a total of 6 Million copies sold worldwide..and that had hits like I Get Money and Ayo Technology…oh Fat Joe is OUT of the Game he sucks at making music…The Game on the other hand BEGGED to join back G-Unit..and Jadakiss and 50 Cent squashed the beef AWHILE ago..get up to date man.

      • Sleepy Wonder

        “50 hasn’t made good music since GRODT”

        Learn How To Read Idiot, He Didn’t Say He Hasn’t Had Hits. The Massacre Was Garbage And So Was Curtis And That Last Album He Put Out (I Can’t Remember The Title)



  • yo Momma

    Yo Meka, you can’t write.

  • QUEENZ718

    If we just going to keep it real.
    50 is garbage
    Kanye is garbage
    Lil wayne is garbage and list goes on Rick ross, jay_z fell off once he got scared to get at lil wayne and now he raps like drake he my grandma could rap better than.
    If anyone who reads this and likes rap not this shit thats been coming out. support your rappers from your hood that dont get play on radio.
    The ones that say there a furhter the rap game are garbage and alll sounding the same its time to change it back to the gritty boom bap shit with lyrics.
    Anyone feel that rap is offical over now that rae jumps on a track with justib beieber. Im just happy i was rsaised in the 90′s and got some music in b4 the shit.

    • og bobby j

      it dont need to be just your local rappers….support joell ortiz, termanology, crooked i, etc…

      there is still some good music out there…



  • Mek-uh

    Hey Mek, looks like the inevitable is happening.

  • King Carter

    I would say that 50 will go down as one of the best to ever do it but he has definitely had his wins and losses in hip hop. 50 has been known to dismantle careers if someone ever came upon his radar. A lot of rapper’s careers eventually succumb to him if they ever battled him sooner or later. Lately, 50 has just been toying with rappers based off the fact that he enjoys getting on people’s nerves he doesn’t get down with. In a lot of ways, Hip Hop would be boring without some of his antics. I mean, who else would have called Shyne Po and told him he hopes he gets raped by a pack of niggers?
    I do admire the fact that 50 want kiss anybody’s ass to stay relevant or just hop on a song with anyone for a paycheck. Sometimes, his beefs can become to much because he doesn’t need to be beefing with artist who are not on the same scale as him but he has never backed down from a beef. I do feel that his loses comes from the fact that a lot of the great ones loss at times. Jay-Z lost to Nas in a Battle, Nas got dissed by Tupac when he was leaving, Eminem and DMX have had their own personal battles with drugs and both have lost their wives. Kanye lost his mother and came out with one of his worst albums with 808 & Heartbreaks, T.I. 1st album flopped, lost his best friend to gun violence & he went to prison and lost out on a lot of endorsements and Weezy didn’t really start selling or getting recognition until his 6th album; So 50 is no different.
    He never destroyed Ross’s career like he did Ja but Ross did loss a lot of credibility for his past doings that will forever stick out a a soar thumb to his career. As far as for Ja Rule, it was bound to happen that he would’ve gotten what came to him regardless. Going around portraying a mafia lifestyle and imitating other rappers such as Tuapc & DMX. Making countless pop records with female artist and never making any street anthems that will forever etch his name in stone.
    50 did to Ja what was going to likely happen anyways even if it wasn’t by 50. 50 may have pop records but his whole catalog includes some street anthems that will be around forever and what big name rapper doesn’t have any pop records?

    • LightSkinMofo

      Well put my dude. Co-sign. One!

    • Nickolas Reid

      this post has the truth etched in every sentence. nice job.

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  • Sha

    I said this exact same thing when it happened and the boards were calling me a hater. But anyway….

    50 won’t go down in history as the greatest(yeah right….more like the greatest bully)

    I remember when 50 was on MTV when he was about to drop his first album. He said,

    “Calling yourself Murder Inc is disrespectful to the community. Where I’m from, Murder isn’t something you glorify.”

    Obviously he was taking shots at Ja Rule. I actually agreed with him. I thought he had intellect and I was sure he was on some next level shit.

    But as time went on, I realized 50 and his entire career was directly played out in his first video “In Da Club”. Dr. Dre and Eminem were behind the screens scribbling on pads as if they just unleashed a virus on the world. And I’m afraid to say, that’s exactly what they did. Bullying people and talking that “Murder” shit gets old. Especially when those people you have dissed have friends you might wanna work with in the future.

    50′s time is over. It was good while it lasted. But he’s been revealed to be exactly what he is. An opportunistic-bully caught in the fame-zone of 2 decent albums.

  • Mick_Swag

    Without 50, this music industry would be very doll and no entertainment whatsoever. Fif, keep doing watchu doing and let the money pile up while these no name niggaz waste a day writing about how much they dont like you.
    Also i very much do enojy Eric Cartmen. Without him, southpark wouldnt be what it is.

  • LightSkinMofo

    What King Carter said… One!

  • platinum gurl

    when did it become fact that shyne shot a woman in the face? smh do your research first.

    lol @ beaf… who hired you to write for xxl? should be fired just like whoever told shyne his voice sounded good.

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  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    this is a good post. I like the fact that people are now talking about 50. to be honest after listening to GRODT today it doesn’t have the same impact. the album is far from classic. THE BUZZ AND THE HYPE IS WHAT SOLD The zombies bought the first two albums. 50 can’t fool fans anymore. laughing and gloatin on half of the track. thas not rap. thas not lyrics. I hope ja rule career gets reestablish and his song is 50′s funeral song.

  • HellNaw

    good post.50 used to have edge over other industry artists.The main reason is because he was a different (to what was dominating the charts) at the time.I recall in 2003 Nick Cannon spitting in a chinchilla.

    now 50cents a bit like that older cousin who would come around and get all angry when you kept kicking his ass at Street Fighter 2.

  • BW

    “His style of beaf” “BEAF”?!

    It’d probably take you as long to spellcheck your articles as to write them.

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t misspell anything… Beaf is a reference to one of his old blogs.

  • DaDude

    King Carter said it all. Except: 50 had two mixtapes last year, everybody slept on: War Angel LP and Forever King, c’mon you can’t tell me that you liked GRODT but didn’t like these two + he gave them out for free. Just sayin’ – people can keep hating, but 50 will be getting those checks, no matter what you say about how he “fell off” – fuck outta here.

  • JC501

    Da dude_ you right. 50 be drooping hotter mixtapes then peoples albums since he came in the game. Those last 2 you mention probably could have been the best shit out last year. Thats his problem he putting his hot shit on mixtapes and not his album.

  • wadoo

    Yall some motherfucking haters. He had the best mixtapes out last year & this year. He’s the funniest dude in hip hop. He makes hits still. I love when he talk shit about ppl. You guys use to get beat up in high school huh. Fuckin haters on this blog

  • luke

    The only rapper to actually beef with 50 and come off OK is Ross and it’s because Ross has continued to make hot music at a time where 50 is at a low point. Ross’ credibility however went out the door after the 50 beef and that is something which i believe is going to hurt him in the long run when his music inevitably loses quality. Also like someone has already mentioned 50 didn’t start ANY of his beefs yet he is strangely always seen as the beef loving bully. If you say 50’s name you are going to get attacked, everyone knows that by now so any artist dumb enough to say his name without expecting any response deserves what they get, and it will be damaging. Meka your article is really fucking stupid.

  • jp

    While 50 maintains that he doesn’t actually start beefs, and that may be true to an extent, his rationale for getting into these altercations is pretty stupid. I remember when he was asked why he had a problem with Fat Joe and Jadakiss, he said something to the effect of “Where I’m from, if someones standing next to your enemy, hit him too,” or something like that. The problem is, if you make an enemy out of a perceived friend-of-an-enemy, your enemies list will keep getting longer and longer until pretty soon, everyone’s your enemy. And guess what…

  • http://www.songzige.com meez


  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    wtf is a mixtape. a mixtape is left over lyrics. its the straps. its like a sirlon vs a ribeye steak. you gotta know your cuts of meat to really talk beaf. sell the mixtapes 50. nah, nobody wouldn’t buy them. 50 is finished.

  • da5_9@hotmail.com

    Fif was a Fad, dude had the potential to be one of histories greats with a name that would be heard for years to come but Meka right. The Idiot lead himself to his own self destruction, you cant be that guy who takes shots at everyone and expect to be living forever!? Especially when half the artists you taking shots at are More talented, respected and have more of a name/fan base than you…

    You made the world listen when ya beefs first hit the scene but it got boring and loyal fans of their more favorite artists than you got sick of ya shit and took a side which wasn’t yours… Like every artists has their Loyal supporters, you got yours too. Shit thing for you is that you coulda had a whole lot more of them.

    A.J Crew hit the nail on the head and so did sleepy wonder. The little kids who made the albums following GRODT didnt buy the albums cause they fux with fifty cent or the G-unit camp they bought them cause of the hype and IT was cool. Fif’s last 3 albums have been weak as hell and dont even really deserve mentioning.

    How many Heads out there have a bunch of 50 Cent tracks on their play lists mixed in with other classics? I dont got none that I can think of off the top!?