Who’s Real? Who’s Fake? Who Cares? Just Be Entertaining

Who’s to say what “real” means these days? Is Shyne as real as he proclaims? He did do nine years behind bars for staying true to the code he professes as being real. In the time he was gone, the rap game changed, and he’s returned with several sub-par tracks that have people from the streets to the suburbs hating on him. One might say this is the sacrifice he made for remaining true to his words; others might say he’s a knucklehead. Being real is in the eye of the beholder.

People want to be entertained, first and foremost, and people want the highest quality as well. The guy from your block who really moves weight and really puts in work, may try his hand at rapping and be terrible. He’s authentic, yes, but his rhymes are elementary nonsense. The average consumer isn’t going to buy his album when the new Rick Ross, whose content is most likely fabricated, is sitting next to it, because Ross can spit.

More and more rap is being viewed as entertainment and consumers are looking past what’s real to what’s hot. Rappers are being compared to actors. If that’s the case it becomes a matter of who’s the best actor. If you’re going to lie to me, sell it. Make me believe. I don’t want to watch a no-talent actor on-screen; it takes me out of the moment. Music is no different. The majority of rappers feel the need to constantly reinforce how gangster they are in every available forum. That’s not gangster. It’s like watching an actor who tries too hard to convince the audience.

At the opposite end of the spectrum you have Jay-Z, who rarely, if ever, talks about his past exploits apart from music. Why would he? He’s genuine and he knows that. That confidence translates to the audience who believes every word he says on record. When you see De Niro playing Jimmy “The Gent” in Goodfellas, it’s natural. He’s not acting like a gangster. He is a fucking gangster. There’s no need for him to reinstate that via constant discussion of it. I believe what Hov raps about, and even if it is fake, fuck it, because he’s the lyrical equivalent of De Niro to me.

50 Cent admits he spends most of his free time in his Connecticut mansion; he doesn’t need the potential trouble brought upon by sitting on the stoop in Southside Jamaica, Queens. He’s an intelligent, talented individual and an excellent businessman as well—one who’s paid his dues in the streets prior to his music career. Does him not smoking weed in the ‘hood anymore make him any less real than Lil’ Boosie? Boosie had his entire life and a promising career ahead of him and threw it away in an attempt to remain what is often mistakenly considered “gangster.” He’s facing the death penalty, whereas 50 Cent is raking in millions of dollars via legitimate business ventures. Who’s real?

The realest thing an artist can do is be true to himself. When Rick Ross drops the drug kingpin persona for a moment and speaks about the emotion he feels for his father who died of cancer; when Eminem raps about the hardships he faced being a drug addled White trash kid from Detroit with dreams of becoming a rapper; when Jay says, “My nephew died in the car I bought/So I’m under the belief it’s partly my fault,” they’re rapping from the heart. That’s real. Unfortunately, we don’t see enough of that. —Joey B, aka Pat Bateman

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  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    Well done. I completely agree with you. People need to stop acting like hip-hop is a lie detector and instead treat it like novels, films and other genres of music. It’s entertainment, that’s all it is…and those that are the best at entertainment are the most successful, regardless of content or authenticity or anything.

    • jburg

      I understand your point but I disagree. I think that if you’re gonna tell me you have done this or that then you should have at least seen it from some angle. Music is different from movies or book because its supposed to be a reflection of ones personal experiences. I do agree that it is entertainment but don’t entertain me with tale of trafficking drugs and driving fancy cars, thats what movies are for. When I hear music I want to identify with (to some extent) the artist. I want to hear about their struggle and how they managed to gain stardom. Thats more appealing to me. But thats all a matter of personal preference.

      • Pierzy

        So, if Bono or Prince talk about an experience with a woman in their songs, they HAVE to be true. They can’t use artistic expression? That sounds like a great way to keep music from growing.

        Imagination is a very strong part of any type of art.

        • SmokinAces

          There IS a difference between artistic expression and staright lying. Telling a story as a third party or outside looking in type thing = artistic expression. Telling the story and then saying that you lived it when you didn’t = lying. Simple concept really.

        • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

          I completely agree. I think the biggest problem is not the fans, it’s the artists. If Rick Ross didn’t constantly claim to be the biggest coke kingpin in history, I wouldn’t hate him so much. If he had been honest and said, “Yeah, I was a C.O., so what?” I would’ve respected him.

          When I said that it’s entertainment and artistic expression, I meant it more for the artists themselves. One reason people like Em so much is because he was so honest about getting picked on, made fun of, failing 9th grade three times, etc…

        • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

          Basically, I’m a jaded skeptic and don’t believe anything that rappers say…particularly when they’re bragging over and over again

        • jburg

          I didnt said they couldn’t exaggerate, you’re going to do that to some extent. But like the other guy said, when the artist blatantly says he lived the life when in reality he didn’t, I can’t listen to it. Its just not genuine. I’m basically saying what you said in your statement. And like you, my example always goes back to Rick Ross. Dude talks so much about being a kingpin when in reality he was no more than a corner man. And I hate the bragging and shit too. Get old really quick. I think that’s why most artist go downhill after their first album. They get big and get all the money so there is no more emotion and hunger like there was with the first album.

    • http://allhiphop.com Tee-Jay

      I only have one thing to say. I hear everybody let me take that back….I hear everybody that’s not from MIAMI say that Rick Ross is FAKE but I never heard not one person from his hood or from MIAMI not even Tric Daddy say he was fake or never sold drugs. If somebody talks about selling drugs as much as Rick Ross does don’t you think atlease one person would say something? I even heard Trick Daddy say that Rick Ross was a real dude and I heard Big Meach say that as well….if I’m wrong let me know but I never heard anyone say that he is fake except people who is not from MIAMI…

    • http://specknasty.com -Sn

      Hmmmm… Hip hop was created as a form of expression. This is why there is hate for “fakes”. Dudes like ross are not selling rap ability… they are selling an image. He could write a gangsta song without saying (constantly) that he’s a don. He could write in the third person… NO… his whole thing is based on “I am somebody big”. Thing is, you can shoot for what this article says is “hot” music, but when you listen to guys like tupac, Em, Jay-z and people of their ilk you can FEEL the music, weather it’s a hit song or not really doesn’t change the impact on the listener… further, Just because it rhymes doesn’t make it Hip hop… even if it’s a hit. Most music has gone so far from expression of self or interesting narratives to poppy sounding “feel good” music anyway.

  • BeerGangsta

    90 percent Rappers are Bitches!! Will Smith is one of the Realest Rappers out there. He don’t need to curse to become a Millionaire!! Ya’ll Jealous of Will because he don’t curse on the Mic to much. Will walk his own lane!! Got fine Azz Jada. Makes 10 to 20 Million off every movie. What other Rapper doing that. Nuff said!!

    • ha ha

      lmao u made me laugh white boy

    • El Tico Loco

      Top 5 storyteller.

  • ReyCrush

    Yo man this kid makes his point clear, but I think he is forgetting a lot. This author must be either young (like 18) or he just hasn’t been listening to rap very long. If you started listening to rap in the early 1990′s or before, then you’re opinion will be much more valid. This kid is writing as if rap started 3 years ago. Are you serious, man? You write about being real, and you choose Shyne, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, and Jay-Z? Please. I love Hova, and he is real. But 50 Cent and Rick Ross were brought into the rap scene when it already changed. Notice how different 50′s rhymes are today, compared to his first raps. So you are right about rapping turning into acting – but THAT IS THE ENTIRE PROBLEM! Being fake is acting. And you say oh well they arent fake, they are just acting. Think about it man. Rap changed from realness to acting and kids like you support that by saying “I believe what Hov raps about, and even if it is fake, fuck it, because he’s the lyrical equivalent of De Niro to me.” I should’ve written this blog. Being real is not acting. When soulja boys talks about his bugatti, he is full of shit. When t-pain says he is a self-made trillionaire, he is full of shit. But when young tunechi says he has the Atlantic in his back yard, that’s real. I should’ve written this blog.

  • SmokinAces

    It’s funny. In one breathe you’re saying that if you can pull it off, it’s cool to be fake as long as it’s entertaining. But in another, you’re saying the realist thing a artist could do is stay true to themselves and you wish there was more of that. I’m confused.

    And no matter how you slice it, a rapper and an actor are not one in the same. I don’t give a fuck what this new era of hip hop is feeding us. Back in the day, this wouldn’t even be a conversation.

  • El Tico Loco

    Shit like this is why I believe that if you’re gonna get in the rap game you should first really know how to rap before you find an image. Singers first priority is to have a voice that can carry a tune then image follows, rappers should be held to the same standard, if you spit a mean 16 you can talk about whatever because your delivery, flow, and lyrics can grab the crowd’s attention. Case and point Kool G Rap vs Rick Ross. KGR came into the game letting us know that he can really really spit then he went extra hardcore on us but nobody was checking his resume why?because we just wanna hear his verses sex, murder, drugs, PTA meetings, whatever he’s gonna kill it. On the other hand Rick Ross came into the game trying to convince us and maybe himself that he’s this kingpin who probably would have a writer’s block if ever went broke and it didn’t help that he got caught lying either, he came off more fake; now he’s gonna be stuck in this era and will not advance as an artist when his style gets played is gonna be wrap for him musicwise like what’s happening to 50cent now.

    • El Tico Loco

      BTW I’m the purest example of a fuck nigga you ever will see.

  • og bobby j

    “The average consumer isn’t going to buy his album when the new Rick Ross, whose content is most likely fabricated, is sitting next to it, because Ross can spit.”

    Wait? Rick Ross can spit? i gues the bar is just that low nowadays

    Stopped reading….

  • 6 100

    Jay Z “confidence translates to the audience who believes every word he says on record.”

    How does this statement prove JayZ is Real? How does it NOT proove he’s an actor? Answer to both questions is “It doesn’t”

    You’re a fucking idiot. Maybe you should outline your bullshit blog post next time so you can have some semblance of a fucking coherent view point.

    • 6 100

      The previous post was written quickly. Please excuse the typographical errors. If not, eat a dick!

  • entertainment

    i think every body below BeerGangsta either forgot what the article was about or just didn’t get to the end.

    Music is for your entertainment

    If you prefer to know the artist just as well as his songs then that’s YOUR preference. Others like good music, or in the case of rap, somebody who can spit regardless of the his history.

    (then again, anybody reading this article more than likely gets deep into the whole genre so they’re most likely the former)


  • emerald flowsion

    Um…this blog was just written like a few days ago with different words, we need some new topics.

    • 6 100

      Or the XXL mail room needs to get their internet access cut so they can get back to work.

    • 6 100

      Or the XXL mail room needs to get their internet access cut so they can get back to work.

  • Sha

    As a black dude, I’m a little pissed by continuously having this argument.

    Sometimes I feel like we are the only race that WANTS our artists to be stick-up kids, murderers, and drug dealers. We actually look up to cats that profess that they have smacked bitches, been shot, killed niggas over a stick of gum, or been pimpin’ bitches on the street. I am soooooo sick of this shit.

    Keeping it real?

    Keeping it real is getting up every day and going to a job you know you hate so your baby and wifey can have a home and food on the table.

    Keeping it real is trying to make it in a society that only makes the wealthy more so.

    Keeping it real is trying to have honor and respect for yourself when you know your father bounced on you and your moms when you was a baby.

    Keeping it real is singing, dancing, or rapping since you were old enough to walk and then realizing at age 30 that the dream is not going to happen. So you take a job at the factory in some shitty little town.

    Keeping it real is working two jobs so your little sister doesn’t have to be a stripper or pimped out like Laurence Fishburne’s daughter.

    Keeping it real is doing your own laundry, and cooking, and cleaning. Not because you can’t get a chick to do it, but because that’s the way you were raised.

    Keeping it real is realizing, one day as you become older, that racism exists, yet you are as racist as the other motherfuckers that hold that title in public because you see the shit and do nothing to stop it.

    And finally….

    Keeping it real is realizing that Rapping, Emceeing, or whatever you want to call it is pure entertainment and them niggas Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, NWA, Eminem, and whoever else have all played a mind game on you and got you to BELIEVE in them. Meanwhile you are in the same shitty job and their pockets are greener.

    This shit is pure entertainment. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a dummy.

    • Jerod

      Co-sign. ^^^ Especially that last paragraph.

      • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy


        • jonny bizness


        • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine


        • P. Harris


    • Bullshit…….sha

      Go listen to Goodie mob’s 1st album “soul food” thats not Entertainment buddy that Life music. Go listen to Eight Ball Mjg “On top Of the world” there are no shootouts or big time drug dealing on those cd’s just music about life experiences Listen to Common’s Be or Ressurection. The problem is most hip hop fans just like the new “It” artist. Whoever is Hot at the moment ..now its Rick Ross and drake and wayne despite how Horrible the content of their music is All while Damion marley and Nas album sells under 100k is week. Bassically my point is Yea sha YOUR music may be Entertainment only…but mines is not its the real deal shyt i can relate too no drug dealin or Maybachs in my music dont paint hip hop with the same big brush because u listen to that pop commercial bullshit.

    • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

      Co Sign to the fullest.

      XXL, why doesn’t this dude have his own blog on this site?


      Props SHA
      But its like this people identify with whats bein said most of the time.
      The biggest rappers now this, they now how to walk that fine line.You are dead on, your a dummy if you cant tell the difference.Between when a rapper is entertainin you and givin a heartfelt song about somethin real in their lives.

    • Kappadolla

      The thing I think you missed is it’s not what you actully do thats the problem, but the fact that you lie about it. Point blank weather a rapper is street, suburb, homeless or fucking ballin outta control, he or she should have some type of reality about them. Just saying you can spit hot fire, or you can yalk the loudest does not meant that its true. Personally I could give 2 shits about what you did or didn’t do in the streets but I do care if you are not truthful about what you say you did. With music like movies I do want to be entertained….. Just not lied to!

    • Cam Jones

      The realest thing ever wrote or said in hip hop or music itself period. Take notes people. This is the definition of reality.

  • Kingroy

    To be honest…

    I want the person at some point to say it’s a story he is making, not trying to hide the fact he didn’t do it.

  • we aint slaves no more people

    another punk ass whiteboy trying to defend eminem oh what a god damn surprise. let me tell you something devil, your ass needs to go back to hell where you came from and leave OUR culture alone

    • shone jones

      Dude, grow the fuck up!

      • YOOZ A HO

        fuck nigga mad cuz some1 speekin da truth

  • R2j

    Rap is entertainment but rap and hip-hop in general is filled with storytelling. If you look at guys like Nas, Jay-Z, Drake, KRS One, Slick Rick, Rakim, Biz Markie, Guru, Kanye, Lupe Fiasco. If you got a story to tell and you are as real as you said in the studio then it shows what your character is made of. I’m a rapper as well and I tell stroies about the good things and the ugly things about the world and I write music that everyone can relate to. That’s the key for me and that’s what my music consists of. Don’t forget my name is R2j and you can listen to me on myspace or youtube.
    If you can tell a good story then you’re real, if you’re telling a lie then you’re you’re fake.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    And to add on to the “it’s just entertainment” thought…

    You don’t have to over-exaggerate, tell myths and all of that nonsense just to entertain.

    Most kids learn the alphabet in it’s song mode. A lot of stuff taught on ‘Sesame Street’ is accompanied with music.

    ‘Children’s Story’ by Slick Rick was very entertaining, with a moral to the story.

    ‘Just A Friend’ by Biz Markie was entertaining, but had a story to tell.

    ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five was a powerful story presented thru music.

    In all, entertainment is not all “party & bullsh^t”.

  • jim

    c/s Sha, as for the writer of this article you are contradicting yourself, and being “real” doesn’t mean you aren’t fucking “stupid” case in point Lil Boosie

  • jujusolidfoe5star


    • yo moms pimp

      fuck nigga u da fakest of them all

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    And a plus degree to “it’s only entertainment”…

    So when the O’Jays sang ‘For The Love Of Money’, it was only entertainment?

    When Marvin Gaye sang ‘Save The Children’, it was only entertainment?

    What about Public Enemy’s ‘Fight The Power’? They were only rappers, so we shouldn’t believe it?

    What about X-Clan? When Q-Tip and the Gza talked about the industry shenanigans, we shouldn’t believe them, because they’re entertainers?

    So let me pose this question…

    So wherever you are getting your knowledge from, do you know whether they are “real”, or “fake”, to give you the right information?

    And also, we have wanted to be “entertained” for way too long. When do we want to learn? I see this type of sentiment is also the reason the quality of music has regressed.

    Again, music has been proven to be a great learning tool, not JUST ONLY for party/entertaining reasons.

    When rappers were building about “real” topics, classics were made, because they are relative to life. Once we started to only want to be “entertained”, we lost the vision and focus, and thus the music doesn’t stick or age. You can only party for so long before it’s over, then it’s back to real life.

    • jburg

      Co muthafuckin sign!!


    I READ ALMOST ALL OF THESE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dr. Dre said on “The Show” cd years ago…thats this is all entertainment…which is TRUE! But its the integrity of a man that the artist of today have.
    Example: Chris Tucker said after a couple year after the 1st Friday he wasnt doin anymore movies that had his dialogue filled with curse words. He keep his intergity as a man and didnt do any films like that and made good as a entertainer.
    Rick Ross had countless times to just say he just in this for entertainment purposes only, but yet he states nothin but him being real on and on and on. When everyone even yourself know you CONTINUE to LIE. Its like that kid who ashamed to tell the truth about pissn on hiself….HOW LONG WILL YOU LISTEN TO LIES……?

  • Stone Cold

    It’s been said before, and it’ll be said again, but:

    Hip Hop has become more like WWE than ever before.

    The majority of fans know its fake, but its the ones who take everything they see (or in this case, hear) literally who end up hurting themselves and others.

    If a 13 year old from a trailer park watches Triple H head butt a dude then drop kick him in the chest, he’s gonna emulate that because he doesn’t understand it’s all for entertainment.
    If a 13 year-old from a bad neighborhood buys a Young Jeezy CD and hears about coke and guns, he’s gonna emulate THAT too.
    It’s all relative.

  • Anonymous

    so glad all the haters made it through this dumbass blog without ripping apart drake…is he starting to get the respect he deserves?

    • lillie

      hell no drake a FUCK BOY

  • leasure suit

    After reading this you know what I’m crankin’ up right?

    Kool Keith – I Don’t Believe You

  • DMX

    DMX is the realiest you bitchies!

  • http://tone1andonly@twitter.com tone

    good blog and good points. well written and format. Real is in the eys of the beholder. Whats real to me may not be real to you. Stay real to yourself.

    Tone1andOnly @ twitter

  • August Martian

    co-sign Don McCaine, he’s the only one that gets it so far

    There is no such thing as ‘just entertainment’ (another myth sold to the sheep masses), its actually ‘creative information’. You learn from exposure whether its consciously or sub-consciously and music is one of the few channels that forces a non-voluntary response which is why its constantly used to get different perspectives and data across. Remember the term ‘rapping’ was slang for talking/communicating originating back to the african drums and story telling (mankind’s history was told in song and dance before and after written language was foundated).

    Also you have magazines (including XXL) and various websites that have made millions of dollars marketing the images of these rappers which almost always include the real life backgrounds of these artists so people can buy into them and then when they’re exposed as being fraudulant they want to blame the same artist for caring about anything but the music. So then why are there big marketing departments at these labels for then? Stop the madness. I do believe no matter what quality music is a must

    • Turban Beatdowner


    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

      Exactly August.

      “Let’s have fun”, “I just want to be entertained”, are the reasons you have dudes like this one above me commenting like that. Cats wanna have “fun” with the comment section, because they have nothing intelligent to bring to the table, and they know they can’t be checked for their foolishness.

      We embrace ignorance, and shun factual information.

      The powers that be keep telling the masses “it’s all in fun”, so they can keep feeding you the same bullsh^t with minimal disapproval.

      This is why they target the illustrious 16-34 demographic, because they aren’t smart or experienced enough to see the agenda.

      • hip hop nigga

        Co Sign both August and Don McCain,

        I look at the “hip hop” industry, or the “business of hip hop music”, as two different factions. On one side, you have the artist that get signed/have an industry buzz (Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z), and on the other you have the independent artists striving to get little to no buzz (Ras Kass, Freddie Gibbs, Jean Grae).
        Most of the time, the artists that get signed to the labels are told what to promote, while the indy artist do what they feel. I don’t think alot of the posters on XXLmag.com really know, or even care to check out the indy artists, but that’s where the problem lays: How do you know “real music” if all your exposed to is commercial garbage? There should be no debate whether hip hop, let alone music, is entertainment. But if Al Pacino was to act like Scarface is who he really is, I’m sure everyone here would look at this nigga like he crazy. I got respect for any artist grinding, but if an artist can’t respect himself, then why should I give him props?
        I feel the cats saying “music is entertainment”, it is, no arguments here, but you can’t really judge everyone else because your fave rapper is a stone cold liar… The Industry artists are the ones who treat the business like WWE, the real always remain true to self!!


        P.S.- I suggest ya’ll check out those “other artists” i named, if you haven’t already, they speak truth in volumes.

        Google these names:

        - MC Juice
        - Saigon
        - Evidence
        - Apollo Brown
        - Serum
        - Boom Bap Project
        - Binary Star

  • Ay to Z

    bullshit article

    if you never sold shit on a corner than don’t talk about it like you did

    its that fucken simple we don’t need no actor bullshit

  • http://www.rasheedchappell.bandcamp.com RasheedChappell

    This is a conversation I often have with people…what is real as it relates to music…I am in no position to judge how another man goes about feeding his family…my only concern would be with the children who don’t know how to separate the entertainment value of a song or artist persona from reality & tries to emulate that behavior…I know, I know it’s not the artist job to raise our children…it’s the parents job agreed…but as a kid I was influenced by the artist I listened to…Rakim, BDK, BDP, etc…I feel an artist should be responsible enough to make any kind of music they want but enlighten the kids and inform them that there are different avenues and definitions of success…these tales of drugs & violence may not be true life for a specific artist but these stories take place in Anyhood, USA so they should be told to expose & create dialogue on such issues…like in movies sex, drugs & violence sell…it’s no different in music…we just need more of a balance.

    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine


      And over in the Wyclef Aim & Fire, this was said…

      Sam Jean: And for most people who aren’t Haitian, Haitians have a history of making political protest songs. So this song by Wyclef is in the vein of Haitian protest songs.

      Kris Ex: The truth is that song is more dangerous to the CEP than any legal action.

      Kris Ex: Well, no one in Haiti is reading HuffPo or the Guardian.

      Erik Parker: Music is the best communicator. Like hip-hop circa ’88.

      ^ see that?

      People ain’t reading the newspapers, so they use MUSIC as a format to get points across.


  • http://indiestream360.com Mar

    i beg to differ , i’m not from miami but lived there for a year matter a fact the year that the whole CO thing first came out … All i ever heard at the countless barbershops in the FLEA MARKET was how Trick was the King of Miami and how Rick Ross was never a kingpin out there and only sold dope for 5 minutes .. & these are niggas from Carol City where he is from ??? one of the niggas told me his brother used to front rick ross weed until one day he said that it wasnt for him and he wanted to rap…. HOWEVER niggas niggas from miami do bump his shit all day !!! cause his music is good but its kinda how niggas from CALI (WHERE IM FROM) bump Game… we know that nigga was a High School Basketball star and not really A coke selling Blood like he portrays but other then Snoop he’s the only nigga we got doing things on a national level so WE GON Ride WIT HIM

  • yo delf

    Krs-One said a 50 Cent Vs Jay Z all out diss battle would be great, for supremacy of NY. 50 Cent is a snitch and lives in CT behind a plethora of police and bodyguards, and Jay Z always sticks pawns in front of him and openly admits to not caring about his own squad as long as he’s filthy rich. One has weak lyrics at best, and the other is a world renowned biter, how could we crown either “king” to the throne? Lets throw Cam’ron into the mix, before you haters bug out just answer me these questions without bias, out of those three who would you find at the local sub-shop eating a steakbomb or in the streets? Who has had the most innovative style? Who always went at anyone in a diss battle? And of course, who of the three has the best lyrics? To Krs-One, you are a legend and deserve more credit than 50 and Jay Z, as far as a future king on realness alone, I want Cam’ron with the scepter, crown, and designer robe, no homo.

  • Lurigancho

    tell us something we dont know, i dont have much time before work but let me educate you on something

    cam’ron ALREADY battled both, look up You Got To Love It and Curtis Part 2 (Child Of The Ghetto), he smashed both, do most people accept this, of course not, most haven’t even heard of either track

    2nd Round Knockout was ill but nobody thinks Canibus beat LL cause LL had publicity on his side same with Jay and 50, they can reinvent battles however they want

    take eminem for example, do you know why people are really afraid to go against em? they cant win even if they did win. Eminem is a GREAT battle rapper, but that has been blown way beyond god like status, as if back in the day when he did battle circuits he never lost, he lost plenty, hes not unbeatable, but lets say someone did go at him, lets say J Cole(and no they have no beef, just a random name) went at em, lets say J Cole tore him up lyrically, best diss track ever recorded, he’d still lose. Have you seen the eminem fans on these blogs even? Or the staff in his pocket? They are some of the most blinded kiddie bop fans ever, you can say eminem is a great rapper and that his album was really good and theyll still flip out saying its not just good or great its xxxxxl and instant classic rivaling the 36 Chambers and won’t listen to any point made. So whatever Eminem came back with, even if it was fart noises and 3rd grade insults, theyd proclaim Eminem the winner, people can’t go at him (plus he side steps real competition and goes at easy targets), same with Jay Z and 50, Cam will never get the throne, and I fully agree with you that he deserves it on swag and lyrics, but until he sells his ass with some hits and stops trying to reunite dipset he wont get the crown. he needs to pull a jay z and only look out for himself.

  • http://youtube.com/reelmuzik ReelMuzikRep

    Best Article Yet! This whole “I’m the realest” thing is DEAD. If you want REAL… come to youtube.com/reelmuzik …you’ll be amazed.

    • Joe215

      Clones are funny dudes…

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  • divadarlin82

    Odd question, but has anyone else met Eminem at a show or at a signing? I got to meet him twice and the first time he smelled just like Vera Wang Princess perfume, I used it once so I knew it but thought maybe it was another girl nearby or a coincidence, so I started wearing it again to make sure I knew the smell. Second time I was lucky enough to meet him, sure enough, he smelled like Vera Wang Princess perfume, I’m 90% sure he wears it, I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest with you.




  • Moi

    the big difference between then/now is a lot of rappers say that there is no difference between their ‘criminal backgrounds’ and music. 50 cent is the best example; 2pac started this whole idea and 50 took it to the next level. and some rappers with the least ‘gangsta’ music did time–Slick Rick, Chi Ali. and who were ice cube, architectual drafting major, and dr. dre, world class wrecking cru? but at least Cube was ‘reporting’ what he saw and said so. and ice-t always tried to discuss real consequences and loss. anyhow, whatever. “the chronic” ruined hip-hop.

  • http://acidrefluxremedies.blog.com/ benCagRaini

    Howdy, Just found this forum, I’m not sure if this is the place section to post this, I am Tom from Australia.