What I Got From Watching “Inception” – Always Follow Your Dreams

I finally got a chance to see Inception, starring Leonardo Dicaprio. First off, let me say that this movie makes the whole theory of The Matrix look like something you would learn in an elementary school. It has all the elements of a great action movie, in-depth story line, and complex plot—I mean very deep; I loved it. In my opinion, Inception is an instant classic and everyone is talking about the ending.

Was that another dream within a dream? Was that his reality…?

I’m not here to give away the movie; this blog is only for people who’ve seen it, which should be quite a few of you because it’s been the No. 1 movie in the country for the past few weeks.

In order to properly understand Inception you have to know the actual definition of the word. Inception means the creation or beginning of something. So I believe the end of the movie was actually the inception or beginning of his dream, which he made into his reality.

Think about it, “Your dream can become your reality, which then makes your reality your dream,” therefore, the cycle never ends as long as you keep dreaming. If inception means the beginning or commencement of something then it can be the beginning of your dream life, which becomes your real life depending on the work you put in to make that happen. So at the end of the movie, Leonardo Dicaprio’s character Dominic Cobb was beginning his dream, which he actually made his reality.

You have heard people say before “I’m Living My Dream,” and they actually are because we all have dreams, ambitions and things we want to accomplish. When we actually do make our dreams a reality then we are living our dream. Just like the characters in the movie, we can live dreams within dreams.

Someone like Michael Jordan for example, I’m sure in high school he dreamed about being a star college player, he did that. Then, within that dream he dreamed of being a star NBA player, he did that. While in that dream he dreamed of winning championships, he did that. I’m sure he dreamed of owning an NBA franchise, he did that also. Michael Jordan is constantly making his dreams his reality.

Michael Jordan and other people who are highly successful never stop living the dream, and what I took from Inception was that none of us should ever stop dreaming. Make your dreams reality and when your reality becomes your dream create another dream within that dream.

Inception and success is a never-ending cycle as long as you keep dreaming. Author Brian Tracy said it best, “The starting point of great success and achievement has always been the same. It is for you to dream big dreams. There is nothing more important and nothing that works faster for you then to cast off your own limitations and for you to begin dreaming and fantasizing about the wonderful things that you can become, things you can have, and things you can do.”

So, yes, Leonardo Dicaprio’s character was living his dream at the end of Inception. He was living the dream he always wanted therefore it became his reality. The question I pose to those of y’all who saw it is: When will you start the “initial inception” of your own dreams?

Peace and prosperity, Charlamagne Tha God

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  • russ meyer

    I did not like this movie at all!And it is bullshit to think when you dream of something it will happen!WAKE UP and live in the real world man!!

    • _

      its a movie…. its fiction

  • Dominic Cobb

    The first commenter stopped dreaming a long time ago. He doesn’t get it.

  • dex

    CTG thanks for this one…Been missin you on here Big Dogg

  • John Cochran

    I gotta disagree on this one homie. The whole ” make your dreams reality” thing is kinda cliche at this piont. The hood is filled with dreamers who live in thier own worlds, never grasping realtiy. Micheal Jordan is not the best athlete of all time because of a dream, it’s because of hard work, practice, and God given talent. The movie was hot though. I think the end of it was reality. It would be a cowardly move to live in a dream forever instead of facing reality.

    • http://www.stupiddopemoves.com Cthagod

      Peace John Cochran. I guess you missed the whole “If inception means the beginning or commencement of something then it can be the beginning of your dream life, which becomes your real life depending on the WORK you put in to make that happen.”

    • The Decatur Dictator

      To your point, there is a difference from dreaming and being “Sleep”-most of the hood folks are sleep-the dream with no action.

  • Julian Smith

    Charlamagne is dead on point as far as the meaning behind the movie. There are far too many people trying to tell others to “wake up” and stop dreaming….such as the first poster….who obviously has no desires, goals, aspirations or “dreams”!!!! For someone to say wake up and start living in the real world…..that’s foolish…because who are you to determine what reality or a dream is for someone else???

    Where would we be today if it weren’t for people dreaming of something better for themselves and better for those who come after them? Where would we be if it weren’t Martin Luther King “having a dream”….there’d still be segregation and more blatant racism than there is right now. Not to say that it’s all the way gone….but it’s alot better since men like Dr. King, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman and others who dared to dream of what many thought was impossible in their day.

    “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”- Harriet Tubman

    “When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.”- Dom Helder Camara

    Don’t listen to those who tell you “you can’t do this or that”…that’s just them hating themselves for not having the courage to continue dreaming like the rest of us.

    Anyone who looks at history and the great things people have accomplished because they dreamed about it and still say that having dreams won’t amount to anything…..they should stop being that crab in the barrel trying to pull us back down with them!!!! If you don’t know what that means….READ A BOOK!!!


  • Julian Smith

    No one is saying that dreaming is enough. That’s just the start or “inception” of great things. Hard work, determination, perserverance, all those things must be involved in order to accomplish great things….but at the very beginning there’s a dream or natural thought that develops into a dream. The hard work comes next in order to turn that dream into a reality.

    @JSmith2523 on Twitter

  • Julian Smith

    Besides providing a great message…..it was a tight movie too!!!!



  • RDS

    “In order to properly understand Inception you have to know the actual definition of the word. Inception means the creation or beginning of something. So I believe the end of the movie was actually the inception or beginning of his dream, which he made into his reality.”

    It’s impossible to discuss this movie without giving away what happens at the end. There are two problems with this, the first being…well…you’re talking about the ending of this movie and there are people who haven’t actually seen it. The second problem is with your analysis. IF I believed the movie ended the same way you did, then you’d have a definitive point. But I don’t necessarily believe the movie ended the same way you believe it ended, therefore I can’t particularly agree with what you’re getting out of it. While it makes sense to discuss your epiphany, it doesn’t make sense–to me–to connect it with the film. I can’t actually argue as to why I disagree because again, there are people who haven’t actually seen the film (see it if you haven’t…seriously in my Top 5 of All Time). For me to discuss my opinion in depth wouldn’t ruin the movie. The point of walking out of the theater is for people to make up their own mind, not to spoon-feed the audience the rudimentary bullshit we’re used to.

    That is the greatest strength about the film. I could tell you what happens at the end, but you’d never understood how it gets there or why unless you actually saw it for yourself. And even if you saw it, you’d likely disagree with me based on what you saw. This will probably only make sense to those who’ve actually seen “Inception”.


  • sway-z

    Dreams are necessary to create your vision, you just have to be smart enough to wake up and make it your reality. Without question, whoever you think you are, is exactly the person you become

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimbroskikanobi jimbroski

    now i really have to see it..guess i was busy dreaming huh lol jus kiddin..but well yeh i agree with CTG..easy fellas..checkout my dream on facebook search for jimbroski kanobi couture..thanks oh en the new issues goes in too gatta love xxl

  • Wenty En

    I read the first few sentences from this blog last Monday and saw the movie last night because of it. Good lookin on that C.

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  • http://advertising.forum-phpbb.co.uk danny

    The final hour of the film, is possibly one of the most complicated action sequences put on film. You have to constantly be paying attention to remember all of the layers of what is happening. Without spoiling anything, all I have to say is that is what this film is about, that is what makes this film so great, layers. Once you have seen this you will now what I am talking about.

  • chas

    CTG is so right. Big things always start with thinking about what you would love to have or do. These thoughts could come in a dream, but they do not necessarily have to. However, once you have the ideas in your head, that is not the end. You must work hard and dominate whatever it is you are doing. Become the best. Then dream of something more. Then become the best again. That is success.