The Three 6’s: Hip-Hop’s Bad Rap With Women

The relationship between rappers and females has been tumultuous to say the least. In the wake of Kat Stacks’ latest episodes—first with Soulja Boy and then this past weekend’s tiff with NBA baller Carmelo Anthony—hip-hop’s No. 1 villainess got me to thinking about some of the instances where rappers have laid out their ill feelings towards a particular woman on wax. In fact, I’ve got 6 Bad Girls to speak of, 6 Cautionary Tales about females, and then 6 Moments when rappers felt the need to just call a spade a spade. Keep in mind these are just some of my favorites. Sisters please don’t be offended. I’m just saying. —Rondell Conway


Caroline, from OutKast’s “Roses”
“All the guys would say she’s might fine/But might fine only got you somewhere half the time.”

Jackie, from AZ’s “Hoe Happy Jackie”
“Diamonds and furs is all she want, that damned Glamour girl.”

Tropicana, from Brand Nubians’ “Slow Down”
“She loves men that trick like Halloween and treat.”

Betty, from Too $hort’s “Blow Job Betty”
“She’s one of a kind, a hell of a girl.”

Jasmine, from Black Rob’s “Jasmine”
“Know that I’ve got Jasmine on my mind.”

Blah, Blah, Blah, from Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend”
“Don’t ever talk to a girl who says she just has a friend.”

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  • say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    u worship da devil fuck nigga. three 6s? fuck u

  • Sha

    The Yin and The Yang. The Sun and the moon. Water and land. The pussy and the dick.

    Men and women have forever beefed. And it won’t stop. And seeing as how a large portion of these rappers come from broken homes, how can it change? It won’t. And that’s the unfortunate thing about it.

    Everyone’s a teacher. They can teach you two things. What to do, or what not to do. But we people only seem to focus on what’s bad. Not the good.

    For instance…. We know about Kat Stacks, Lil’ Kim, and Super Head. But XXL…. Just a suggestion…. How about doing a story about some MCs that rep for their families? If I’m a kid and I’m coppin’ your magazine, this is the only perspective I see. No positivity as it pertains to making a positive change. Yeah, 50 Cent got shot a million times. But how about a story that shows the blueprint of how Will Smith made it to become the biggest person in hollywood? How about letting kids know about the “Stop The Violence movement” of the 80′s? Or better yet, why not initiate a NEW STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT?

    Now, I’m not perfect. And yeah, I beef with my girl from time to time. Who doesn’t? But people accuse people like me of being a hater…. When the truth is… How can I write about anything positive when all of your topics are negatively based?

    Reality is harsh. Life isn’t easy. But life isn’t ALL BAD. My son is proof of that….

    • Poonhitta

      Yo son gon grow up to be a fuck nigga like his ole man.

      • Mr. A-B-Cool

        An’ ur son gon’ grow up w/o a daddy talkin’ like that, son.
        B-E Cool

      • Mr. A-B-Cool

        An’ ur son gon’ grow up w/o a daddy talkin’ like that, son.
        B-E Cool

    • King Joffy Joe

      Co-sign @ Sha, and may God bless you and your family. @ Poonhitta, why don’t you go and catch aids, you fuck boy faggot.


    co sign with Sha.

    Also, more stories on the roots are needed.

    as for this drop, i like it. I’ve always been a fan of treating a woman like she deserves to be treated. major difference between a woman and a lady. major difference. all of those songs are good songs. I would’ve love somethin by 36 mafia.

  • El Tico Loco

    Co sign Sha and double f

    Should put on some 36 mafia on there or go for 9 for the 9th month of the year and put Janine the Dick Fiend, Strawberry the neighborhood hoe, and Yvette. But ya’ll should do an article on the positive women too, don’t go one sided on this topic if you gonna put it out there.

  • GIFT

    XXL, I’ve been reading yalls mag for over 10 years now. I definitely loved yall way better than the “Sauce” (fuck source lol) but I gotta say, yall are trying to feed us shit on pancakes, and have us believe it’s mrs buttersworth. SMH! we don’t cop your mags or read your website to find out what’s new with Kat Stacks. We would like the guest bloggers to update their messages at least weekly. I’m seeing shit that’s been on yall’s webpage for the last 2 or 3 months. the cats writing these pieces aren’t going in like yall used to. I’m sick of reading about the same 6 or 7 rappers. Yall go hard when it comes to hip hop news. Hell All Hip Hop be stealing headlines from yall and bossip on the daily. please step it up XXL. I know yall got it in you.

  • Q461

    Who remembers this one?

    Sally’s got a one track mind by Diamond D.

    Old School Niggaz Stand Up.

    • Brilla

      Fuck u.

  • Dub

    One for the South

    Pastor Troy- Help Me Rhonda

  • Dick B.

    You forgot one: Da Bitches by Jeru The Damaja (Produced By DJ Premier)