When Young Jeezy announced that his song "Death Before Dishonor" wasn't a Rick Ross dis, I assumed the TIs put him up to it, because Rawse is high priority these days, while Jeezy has somehow managed to get even worse than he was a few years ago.

Wasn't TM 103 supposed to come out like a year ago? The TIs probably don't want to put it out, so he can't run the risk of pissing them off. He could end up the next Young Buck, having to explain to his kids that they can't have a PlayStation anymore, because daddy got into an argument with his boss. Nelly at least got a job as a drive-time radio DJ here in St. Louis, and a gig down in Branson, MO, home of Silver Dollar City, opening up for a puppet show or some shit. Someone should explain to that weed carrier with the mask that Nelly probably couldn't give him any money now if he wanted to.

Or could it be that Young Jeezy is afraid to beef with Rick Ross, because he could be outed as a fake drug dealer? Def Jam didn't seem to mind Rawse putting out this new Young Jeezy dis, "The Summa's Mine," in which he suggests that Jeezy is just as much of a fraud as he is. It's not like Rawse has anything to lose. It's already been proven that no one gives a shit that he used to be a cop. The fact that he supposedly used to be a drug dealer is all that Young Jeezy has left.

I read that feature in the Atlanta alt-weekly earlier this year, or last year, or whenever, about Black Mafia Family, the infamous drug-trafficking organization Rawse's "B.M.F." is named after. It said Young Jeezy was affiliated with BMF, but he didn't get busted when the rest of them did, because the Feds looked into it, and they couldn't find any evidence of him being involved in any drug dealing.

Aww dang...

You know good and well that if Young Jeezy had a hand in moving kilos for $17,500 or whatever, his ass would be in jail right now with the rest of them. There were hundreds of people who got busted when BMF went down, and Young Jeezy is a famous rapper. All it would have taken was for one of them to say they saw Young Jeezy with some cocaine, T.I.-style (LOL), in exchange for their own freedom. Snitching is supposedly verboten in the hip-hop community, and, by extension, the black community in general, but I read somewhere once that it's way more widespread than you'd think. Pretty much everyone does it, or else they'd get buried underneath the jail.

Didn't the late, great Pimp C once get on Young Jeezy for being a fake drug dealer? That could be why the Illuminati had him killed. I know Professor Griff has some sort of theory having to do with Def Jam signing well known drug dealers, or people who appear to be well known drug dealers, in order to promote drug dealing in the black community, to help feed the prison-industrial complex. They can't have people suggesting that the likes of Rawse and Young Jeezy haven't sold any more drugs than I have - possibly less, since I've sold a dime bag or two in my time, though not to make money (fuck ambition), just because I happened to have it, and some kid wanted it. (I wonder where those kids are today.) That may have been what happened to that guy from one of those ghetto crime magazines who got shot and killed on the highway, supposedly in retaliation for outing Rawse. I remember one of you clowns asked Bun B whether or not the Illuminati was involved in Pimp C's death, during XXL's Ustream show, and he got all weird about it. I'm pretty sure that wasn't because he was concerned that Pimp C's kids might be watching. There's hardly an aspect of Pimp C's life that would be appropriate to discuss with a child. The guy's name is Pimp C, fer chrissakes.

So far, the Illuminati doesn't seem to mind Rawse trying to out (nullus) Young Jeezy. He might be too important to kill just yet, but they could probably have him tossed in jail for six months to a year for having some of his jism turn up on an unlicensed firearm. (If he got busted for an actual crime, people would wonder how he got out so soon.) That is, if they gave a shit. This isn't 2005. People don't seem to like Young Jeezy anymore, and he can't very well convince kids to deal drugs, if they aren't listening to his music.