Earlier today I consulted Google Images for a picture to illustrate a post I had "written" about how Young Buck's children no longer have a PlayStation, and I found an extremely teh ghey picture someone put together of The Game and Young Buck... erm, becoming one with one another. I didn't bother to investigate any further, because the only gay sex I find acceptable[||} is between two women, but I'm assuming it was put together either by someone in 50 Cent's camp, or a particularly committed G-Unit stan.

Whomever it was, I'm sure he was pleased to hear just how bad things have gotten for Young Buck. Yesterday, shotgun-wielding federal agents swarmed his house in Nashville and seized his assets, including jewelry, furniture, platinum plaques and recording equipment. He was allowed to keep his home and vehicles, but only because his lawyer struck a deal with the IRS. He probably made a hard luck case for Young Buck. Where would his kids go, if he were to be kicked out on the streets? Clearly, they weren't playing games, if they showed up with shotguns and went so far as to take his damn furniture. Where's he gonna sit?

I doubt whatever they seized came anywhere close to meeting Buck's $300,000 debt to the federal government. He complained via statement that the feds took his kids' PlayStation, and I happen to know you can't get shit for those video game system. I joked in a post the other day that the only thing I have to offer the guy who sent me those passwords (still working!) to all of the top pr0n sites of any real value, in case I die (a distinct possibility given my upcoming eye surgery, not to mention my lifestyle in general), is a PS2, and I was informed via some young guy on my formspring that you can't get shit for a PS2 these days. If you tried to trade it in for a new game on PS3 or Xbox 360 at one of these used game stores (a colossal ripoff, granted), you'd still have to kick in a significant amount of money. I'm gonna give Young Buck the benefit of the doubt and assume his kids had a PS3, but still. The PS3 has been out since 2006, and a lot of people are out of a job since then. This site's staff has turned over like four times.

If Young Buck had any sense, he'd just get rid of his house and get himself a house for people who can't expect as much out of life - like my house. Young Buck would be particularly fortunate, in that it wouldn't be as much of an adjustment for him to move to a place in the ghetto. Security wouldn't be as much of an issue. Lest we forget, he once stabbed someone with a fork at the Vibe Awards for trying to run up on Dr. Dre. (And yet he was still kicked out of G-Unit.) The house Young Buck is in now probably isn't as nice as, say, that house 50 Cent bought from some woman who used to be with Mike Tyson, but it's probably worth more than $300,000, right? Not that Young Buck, or people who live in Tennessee in general, necessarily has very high standards, but how else would he have gotten into such dire straits financially?

It's funny, back when I heard that Chamillionaire essentially lost his house to foreclosure, it didn't seem to make sense to me. I'd always assumed that Chamillionaire was smarter than most rappers, because he's an African, and Africans, er, at least the ones they let into the US, are so much smarter than regular black people, but obviously he's not that smart, if he put all of that money down on a house, and paid the note on it for like four years, just to give it back to the bank. (You don't get that money back, right?) Could it be that African people just seem smarter than regular black people, because they have such bad attitudes (especially the women)? But Chamillionaire might be on to something. He probably wasn't lying when he said that he isn't completely out of money. It just that he realizes that, if he lives to be 100 years old, he's never gonna be nearly as successful as he was for like two years back in the mid '00s. It's time to curb his enthusiasm, so to speak.

Young Buck doesn't seem to get it. In his statement to the press, he complains that the feds took his home studio, so he can't even record anymore. Presumably, the IRS is aware that Young Buck is a recording artist by trade (why do you think they showed up armed?), and if they thought there was any way he could make enough money to pay them back, they would have let him keep his recording equipment. It's not like they don't want their $300,000. Those bombs aren't gonna pay for themselves.