Never let it be said that nothing good ever resulted from rape.

First of all, there's a distinct possibility that we never would have had a black-ish president. lol jk Second of all, Antoine Dodson's sister almost got raped, and now he supposedly has enough money to move his family from the projects, if not enough to stop living with his entire family, as if this was India.

Why is it that all of those people were living in the same house together? Antoine Dodson is in his mid '20s. And his sister is obviously no spring chicken either, if she's got all of those kids, though someone still found her rapeworthy (an actual term apparently - I checked). The rapist, whom I'm surprised they haven't found, may have stalked her for a while before he decided to go in for the kill, so to speak. Otherwise, how would he have known to sneak into her bedroom? He could have accidentally sneaked into Antoine's bedroom, where he may have been raped himself.

You can't tell from the infamous TV news report, but there might have been way more people living in that apartment. I can't imagine that Antoine and Kelly's parents, i.e. (let's keep it real), Antoine and Kelly's mother, has her own place, that's decent. Otherwise, why would she run the risk of letting her kids and her grandkids (and their kids, so on and so forth) live in such a dangerous area, where you can hardly go to sleep without worrying about getting raped? It's one thing if a woman gets raped-raped the old fashioned way, especially depending on what she's wearing. But breaking into someone's house to rape them is crossing a line. You didn't even do anything to provoke it! I've lived in some pretty suspect places since I graduated from college, but that's because my parents and I don't get along well enough at this point to live together, even in such a big house. They'll find me, to lay a guilt trip on me about my career in hip-hop journalism.

I'm assuming Antoine lived there because his sister got the place for free, or for some nominal fee like $5 a month (yes, some people on section 8 really do pay $5 a month rent, and some of them still fall behind on that), because she's got all of those kids, and if you're a woman, you can get a free place to live + money, as long as you have a kid you obviously aren't capable of raising well. It's all part of the Illuminati's plan to keep black people mired in poverty for generation after generation, because the way capitalism works is you have to have a permanent underclass. But you can't get shit, if you're a guy, because who gives a shit if a man has someplace to stay, and food to eat? Normally, you're not even allowed to stay on "the welfare" if you have a man in the house, which is also part of the Illuminati's plan, but there might be a special provision for obvious homosexuals, who can help make sure the male children don't turn out right.

Now Antoine is in the tough position of being somewhat obligated to take care of his sister and her umpteen kids, with all of the money he's supposedly making. According to a story in the New York Times yesterday, he's made enough to move them all from the projects. He could take that money, skip town and get himself a place in the part of Atlanta where that guy shot that 28 Days Later-style video of all of the tranny hookers walking the street (or is that all of Atlanta?), but he kinda owes it to his sister to help her escape from the project, not least of which because that guy might try to rape her again (why doesn't he just try to holler the old fashioned way? has he seen her teeth?), but also because he was living there on her largess. Not that she had to put forth much in the way of effort, but still.

I guess what all he can do will depend on how much he makes. It could be quite a bit. The story in the Times says that the infamous "Bed Intruder Song" has cracked Billboard's Hot 100 and gone as high as number 3 on iTunes, plus he's making money from merch sales and a PayPal button on his site. There wasn't a specific figure, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was quite a bit of money. You have to sell a lot of songs to make it to the top of those iTunes charts. Didn't that one Flo Rida song sell like six million copies? I remember, when I was in Boston earlier this year, Esoteric was breaking down how much that guy Sam Adams must have spent to game iTunes' hip-hop chart. That shit wasn't cheap! Whatever he has now, I'm sure it's orders of magnitude more than he's ever had in his life. It's probably more than anyone he's related to has made in their life, with the caveat that I'm not sure if they've ever had a job. Roffle.