DJ Ill Will Digs Through XXL’s Music Mail Bag [Ready or Not]

Published in the Ready or Not column in the September issue, on stands August 10th!!!

William “DJ Ill Will” Reaves, 27, has a good ear for young talent. Back in 2007, the Los Angeles–based turntablist (by way of South Bend, Indiana) used his Rap or Die mixtape series to promote the new wave of MCs reppin’ the West, including Glasses Malone, Bishop Lamont and Jay Rock. Most recently, Ill Will has racked up credits hosting tapes for Young Money’s Gudda Gudda (Back 2 Guddaville), Tyga & Chris Brown (Fan of a Fan) and Wiz Khalifa (Burn After Rolling). Taking a break from crafting future projects for the New Boyz and Roscoe Dash, Will offers his expert opinions on the promising sounds submitted to XXL’s music department. To submit your music, send your best track to XXL at

Feroz, “I’m Invisible”
DJ Ill Will: I really liked that one. I felt like dude’s lyrics game was tough on it. He had good energy. The only thing that I could really say, it was just a minute long. It was one verse and a hook. I felt like it was just incomplete. The record needed to be finished if it really wanted to get serious feedback.

Lovox Sharpe, “Payroll”
DJ Ill Will: I feel like it would go hard in the club, and people that are into club music would definitely go for it. His lyrics weren’t out of the ordinary or anything like that, as far as what you wouldn’t expect, but I definitely feel like that audience in itself, the audience of people that have a drink in their hand and just want to have a good time, they’ll fuck with that record.

Young Fame, “My Star”
DJ Ill Will: I really like the sample and the beat on this one. This dude Young Fame was nice! I think I’ve seen his name around before. I would definitely like to hear more music from this kid. He’s the type of artist I would embrace in the mixtape game, because I really feel like the fans would like him. But that hook, I just felt like it was a demo hook or something. Not to knock the person on the hook, but maybe get someone with stronger vocals, or a better mix on the hook.

Rapman Ron G, “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”
DJ Ill Will: I definitely feel like he had the vibe of, like, a Wale, J. Cole, Pac Div, that whole conscious-music scene, I guess they would call it. It was a pretty dope record. Had a good story line, good lyrics, good hook. It was just a solid record across the board.

B Nasty, “Fabulous”
DJ Ill Will: I felt like the beat on this one was really hot. The dude Vybe Beatz from the Bay, he’s a dope producer, so I noticed that right away with his tag. But I don’t know, man. I feel like this one, not even to sound negative or anything, but it just wasn’t right. It wasn’t on beat. I don’t know. I wasn’t feelin’ that record at all. —Rondell Conway

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  • Anonymous

    LOL B nasty was just horrible. Waste of a decent beat.

    another amatuer using the s on my chest line.


    • Anonymous

      naw kid nice 4real tho!


    one a these days you’ll give respect where it’s due.

  • gift
    check us out bro. six figure hits on our page, and the numbers are real. No spiken the numbers or nothing. those people actually came through and checked our shit out. We’ve been on mixtapes over seas, as well as doin our independent shit in Texas. AUSTIN, TEXAS TO BE EXACT!!!!

    p.s. if you like any of the tracks or videos, hit us up on our page, or call 512-845-6923.

  • brightcrayons

    Ill Will keepin it real… I have to agree with him on mostly everything he said! Cuff Yo Chick!!!

  • yoprince

    much better than the last time around.

    honestly outside of the last record, all of these were at least listenable. nothing perfect or anything, but definite potential.

  • Kajmir Royale

    Much Love & Respect For My Big Homie DJ ILL WILL! He Knows Music!!

  • Josh Horn

    Feroz has all the rest of these artists beat by a mile and then some. The quality of lyrics and production are top notch, and in my opinion, in comparison to the other featured songs, no where even close to being as good. The reason for the track being only one verse and hook though, is because this was the intro track to his album “Invisible Man” that was released earlier this year. If you all are feeling this track, definitely download your FREE copy of his entire album. You will not be disappointed.

    • Orange

      I oompletely agree with everything you said. Feroz is goin places.

  • Face Phoenix

    Sorry but I just think Rapman Ron G is just more polished than the rest. All have potential but I think he has the best potential for longevity.

  • Zebro

    Feroz killed it on that track.

  • Zebro

    Feroz killed it on that track

  • Faraz

    Feroz all Day!!

  • aintlyin

    im laffin at you calling this wannabee dj a ‘turntablist’ hahahahaha fake cut n paste dj

    • Fake DJ Police

      LOL I want to know who you are. You seem to know who he really is. DJ Ill Will has never touched a turntable in his life and refuses to. He has my respect as a successful person that promotes new music, but doesnt have my respect for him calling himself a “DJ”, or allowing others to dare calling him a “turntablist”, because hes not. He wouldnt know the first thing to do when it comes to a simple live beat matching blend. Does he even know what BPM stands for? I dont think so. But, I dont and never will consider him a DJ. I am not hating on him for his success, I respect him for what he does. But there is certain titles for certain people. You cant call a teacher a principal. you cant call a manufacturer a retail store. it just doesnt make sense. But, my opinion! He should just call himself Internet Ill Will.

  • Waseh Khan

    Feroz all the way! good luck man

  • Shahzad

    feroz all the way! jersey stand up!

  • Iram

    The undeniable brilliance of “Invisible Man” stands in a class of its own. Feroz is shooting for stars.

  • kienast wadley

    what’s up ill will its bud from the Bend don’t know if you remember me it’s been along while. Anyhow I got some super HOTTTTtttt music off my label DUE 4 $elf Ent. I know you would LOVE.So holla at Ya Hoosier Boi.(219-810-7258)or email me.

    • dsmith

      What is ur e-mail…number doesn’t work

  • Anonymous

    BNasty all the way! Reppin that 216 :). He has come a long way, that’s one of his older songs.

    Haters gonna hate I guess.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really feeling the “FABULOUS” joint kid got potential.

  • humad hashmi

    this is humad Feroz keeping doing ur thing kid . u the best

  • megulito

    i liked feroz’ content it was good all the tracks were decent to good rap man was really on point

  • prada bags

    Feroz killed it on that track

  • westcoast

    This Dude iLL Will is a busta!!! Hw you a deejay and ive never seen his ass on no turntables out here on the west. Dude is phonie!!!!! This guy paid for this Ad in XXl -LAME-BUSTA!!!!

  • westciast

    Dj ILL WILL IS A FAG!!!!

  • bnasty

    thanks for the positive and negative comments. but this song is old. listen to two songs and you’ll be a fan. -bnast

    @ datpiff – JOHNNY LOVELY

  • Michael

    I like the first two. They were cool, I liked the beat on the first guy for some reason. This might be what some people are feeling.

    Pardon my judgement, i’ve been listening to Mac Miller, Jamaal, and Casey Veggies all day. Dom Kennedy as well.

    Mac, Jamaal, and Casey are all under 21 with dope records. You guys should check them out if you haven’t heard them, and want to hear a great new sound from new, young, artist.

  • Ace G

    Google, Prince Coca…He’s a 20 year old rap artist…U wont regret it ! If you like lyrics, he’s Drake “with street cred”..believe me when i tell you…

  • jesse martinez

    go to or or even and check his music out. he is a great artist. i heard about him on DJ ILL WILLZ WEBSITE and they released a mixtape together with exclusive feature from celebrities. its a great mixtape of young soulja, i been a fan ever since i heard it. its will take you right to it to download free. he’s worked with r.kelly, been in a movie with ja rule and opened for ray j just recently.

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