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  • Sha

    Real hip-hop baby!!! Hip-Hop is supposed to move the party. But it’s also meant to teach and educate about the streets, life, politics, and injustices.

    A few MCs and Producers understand this. Thanks 9th for teaching this lost-ones.

  • WM

    Dope! 9th Wonder all day

    • >

      wm u a bitch

      w = white
      m = man

      u da white man

      go away bitch

      • WM

        MLK, Medgar Evers, Emmett Till, and the ones before them died for nothing, and sadly to say, Obama hasn’t changed anything. Why is everyone throwing salt at another African American for being successful, and why am I judged for celebrating with him? That’s definitely what’s wrong with our communities: African American people don’t stand together. European Americans (White people) are greedy, but at least they support their own. I feel sorry for you and people like you. I hope you change for the sake of our future, and by the way, which one am I because a bitch is a female dog and a white man is caucasian (European American). I’m not a female dog nor am I a white man, but you, on the other hand, are very ignorant and you definitely need to go get a education with that slave mindset you have.

  • datboyfrank305

    9th wonder is the best. fruity loops all day baby!!

  • thomas wilson

    9th… Gotta love it
    DYNAMIC PRODUCER: The Original Breeding Ground for Up & Coming Producers….Since 2002

  • smoke weed

    this nigga 9th gay as fuck
    pussy nigga u bitch to the core

  • 10th wonder

    u r a fag
    go and die
    9th is a bich

  • hater

    if you want to know why black people dont have shit? It bc of the attitude of ahh this nigga is smart, aint talking about bitches/rims/and killing niggasso hes gay… Nah man you gay, education always pays the best dividends.

  • Penney Ainley

    I wouldn’t believe I’ve ever witnessed a new web site on this quite a few feedback about it!

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