Was J. Cole tampered with as a child?

Tip for up and coming rappers: If you’re gonna try to make a name for yourself by dissing another up and coming rapper, do it at the beginning of your song, where I might hear it before reflexively changing the station.

I didn’t realize J. Cole was dissing Drake in the last verse of the ur-obnoxious “Who Dat” until I read about it the other day, possibly on Noz’s Tumblr, and that song is on Sirius constantly, presumably as a favor to Jay-Z. In fact, I’m gonna go ahead and say it was on Noz’s Tumblr, even though I’m not sure, because I know there had been an issue with Tom Breihan pilfering ideas from Noz’s formspring, and I wouldn’t want to run the risk of Noz going off on me on Twitter. He’s been especially prickly lately. I don’t know what’s gotten into him. You should see some of the shit he said about the guy from the Smoking Section the other day.

“Who Dat” came on, like clockwork, when I was on my way to cop a burrito just now, and I started to change the station, but then it occurred to me: hey, I could finally listen all the way through to the part where he takes shots at Drake. I’d heard the song in its entirety once or twice, back when it first came out, but I had to stop listening to it, when I realized how vulgar it is. Not that I have a problem with vulgarity per se. You guys know me: there probably isn’t anything I say, do, think about or watch during the course of any given afternoon that would be appropriate to discuss with children. It’s just that I have a problem with some of these younger rappers who seem to curse all the god damn time for no apparent reason. I think I even did a post here once about how the chorus to every Drake song consists of him singing curse words. Tha fuck? How would his grandma feel knowing he sings like that, if she had any idea where she is?

The first four bars of “Who Dat,” for your reading pleasure:

Who dat who dat, the nigga you been waitin fo’. I mean the shit was all bad just a week ago. Rappers is bull shittin’. Fuck it, I ain’t hatin’ though. Cuz now a nigga hot enough to fuck with one of Satan’s hoes.

He even finds a way to incorporate Satan.

It isn’t until the very end that he starts talking down on Drake, though I guess the entire song builds up to it. He spends the first couple of verses talking about how he’s from the ghetto, and how awful his life has been (at one point he didn’t even have AC), despite the fact that he went to college on an academic scholarship (just like my dumb ass), which makes me wonder if he’s really from the ghetto. I remember one time Wale did an interview with the aforementioned Smoking Section, talking about how he was from the ghetto, and come to find out he’s from a nice area. I checked his high school’s website, and the banner image looked like some shit they found in the depths of my subconscious: more attractive white women than you could round up in an area where people’s parents don’t work for a living.

Even if J. Cole grew up in an area to rival North St. Louis (which might not exist in North Carolina), I’d say that’s rendered moot by the fact that not only did he go to college, but he graduated. The school I went to was about 3% black, so I know what it’s like. People from underprivileged areas go to college all the time, but they only ever last for as long as you can possibly stay in college without being able to read and write in English, i.e. a semester or two. Unless you go to the school that accepted Mary J. Blige, after she received an honorary high school diploma, there’s no way you can graduate from college without having “white tendencies.” The one exception might be if you had something extremely bad happen to you as a child, and it gave you that extra drive to succeed, like if you were “tampered with,” which would help explain all of that cursing.

Let me guess – J. Cole realized this would be an issue, so he decided to preemptively dis the one rapper even more suspect than himself. No matter how soft J. Cole’s upbringing turns out to be, at least he wasn’t on the Nickelodeon version of The Children of Degrassi Street. At least there’s no video of his grandmother on MTV Cribs spitting a hot 16, and probably shitting her pants in the process – though if J. Cole’s grandma is especially young, like 45, he might want to trot her out, for street cred purposes.

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  • http://rapgenius.com these posts are racist

    Wack Drop homey. Peep Rapgenius.com for an explanation of Who Dat lyrics.

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      Stop being such a fag. “Who Dat” isn’t even in Rap Genius.

      • http://rapgenius.com these posts are racist

        it will be up shortly. How does that mistake make me a homosexual and why are you being mean to me?

        • http://xxlmag.com Bol

          I meant that in the slang sense of the term fag, i.e. someone I wouldn’t want to be around.

          No offense to any actual homosexuals.

        • http://rapgenius.com these posts are racist

          Well, that’s not true, we actually met and had a very thoughtful and enjoyable conversation. Do you deny? Also, did you get my email?

        • that nigga

          TPAR and BOL?? WTF? Kinda suspect posts you two!!! And J. Cole is way better than Drake any day. But Iseriously doubt he was dissin Drake.

  • ri067953

    Yo Bol, I am a big fan of yours but I gotta say, this post was half-assed. I think its time for you to take a break, my friend.

  • adam

    i dont feel like j cole is a rapper whos generally trying to be that hard or potty mouthed. have you listened to much of his ish? and you didnt even really talk about the alleged dis! thats what i came to see

  • http://www.mikestreezy.com Mike Streezy


  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    “Was J. Cole Bol tampered with as a child?”


  • Phillmatic

    The absolute epitome of needless swearing is Adrenaline Rush by Obie Trice.

    Having said that, it is a strangely addictive song. Motherfucker.

  • Yessir

    That verse WAS NOT targeting Drake. If you believe that, then you would think his whole “The Come Up” mixtape was targeting Drake. It is just the Nigger’s competitive nature on the mic.

  • Big_seth

    I’m from the hood and I graduated college.

    granted I know there are plenty of worse hoods than my own… but I still saw murders drugs and robberys… FOH.

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      *scans post for part where it says no one from the hood ever graduated from college*

      You must have gone to the St. Louis College of Health Careers.

      • Around and Around

        Medical coding?

        ITT Tech?

        You got a waverunner?

    • IgnantA$$Nigga

      I lived in Caracas Venezuela Til i was 8, then moved to Baltimore Maryland right off of Franklin, wit just my mom and I got a scholarship from UCLA and Graduated

      That fact that He got an academic scholarship and Graduated from college has nothing to do with the neighborhood he grew up in. It just means that he was ambitious enough to acheive the goals he set for himself

      and soon his mom will never have to work again if thats not already the case. How many people can say that?

  • Yaw

    LOl Allow Drake’s Granma (allow= London slang for LAY OFF). Hahahahaha

    • Zood

      I never thought I’d come on XXL and find someone else use or so much as know the word allow. Rarity.

      • Yaw

        Haha I’m on here quite frequently but I read more than I comment lol… I thought because we use it differently (at times) I’d clarify the way I meant it

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    I met many cats from the ‘hood in business school. It’s called growth.

    But, on the real, not having A/C would suck!

    • http://www.thehoodnerd.com thehoodnerd

      especially in the south.

  • hater

    damn BOL is all up in this thread shutting niggas! down…..

    BOL you need to do a thread like you did on your website about wack ass rappers ruinning good indie rock songs.

    BOB destroyed (in a bad way) Vampire weekend’s The Kids dont stand a chance….

  • NaSty

    Bol, you’re the only reason i come to this site. Good work.

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  • Tack

    I think its extremely racist that the author is saying that no black people can graduate from college without having “white tendencies.”

    • Malik

      He put it in quotation marks because he was being sarcastic about the fact that things like being able to read on their grade level, studying, or just being smart are generally marked as “acting white” within certain sectors of the black community.

  • hater

    but its ok to say no white person can rap, unless they are a wigger…. check the EM post

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    This was a weak drop, with the exception of:

    “The first four bars of “Who Dat,” for your reading pleasure:

    Who dat who dat, the nigga you been waitin fo’. I mean the shit was all bad just a week ago. Rappers is bull shittin’. Fuck it, I ain’t hatin’ though. Cuz now a nigga hot enough to fuck with one of Satan’s hoes.

    He even finds a way to incorporate Satan.”

    The reason why you originally didn’t pick up on “Who Dat” being a diss toward Drake, is because it’s not a diss toward Drake. J. Cole and Drake have both established that they’re on good terms with each other and want to collaborate in the future. The third verse of “Who Dat” could have literally been aimed at 75% of rappers with a song on the radio.
    Someone has already pointed out that this just how J. Cole raps, he raps in a competitive style, especially on The Come Up mixtape, where half of the songs had the same vibe as “Who Dat”. Keep in mind that mixtape was recorded before Drake put out his first mixtape.
    It’s okay, Bol, I understand though. It’s a slow news cycle, and there isn’t much for XXL journalist to write about or much for you guys to blog about. Considering you literally had nothing to work with. But at least that quip about managing to work Satan into his verse made the whole thing worth reading.

    • Freshman

      Thank you Shawty J. For clarifying that up for the good people of XXL (especially Bol). Im a rapper from North Carolina as well and to read that bullshit was a waste of my time. Drake and J.Cole are the most humble rappers in the game right now so you automatically know that this is a bunch of bologna. NOW… If they were to beef it would be very interesting but Drake wouldnt stand a chance.

      DURHAM, N.C

  • A chick

    Funny bits but yeah…what a half assed post. Just forget about it next time Bol.
    You sent more shots at Drake in this than J. Cole. Talk about a missed target *smh*

  • swype-matic

    Only a fuckin’ dummy would have interpreted that as a Drake diss. That’s like The Game gettin’ pissy like a bitch for somebody sayin’ “game” in their song. Another shit ass irrelevant post.

  • swype-matic

    And what’s that dumb shit about “white tendendcies”? You sound like some coon shakin’ his head “yes yes yes” while some random white dude stands behind you while typin’ on here. I didn’t know whites were the only ones who can graduate successfully and try to make somethin’ of themselves. If that’s what “white tendencies” are, what are ‘black tendencies” bitch bol?

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    the humor and insults i can take BUT the lack of facts gotta go.

    1. J. Cole and Drake are cool for now. I mean, why start a beef? UMM, its profitable but nobody wants that manufactured beef. Plus, you’ll ruin a dope mc (j. cole’s) career.
    You can easily say j.cole went at Jayz on star is born. That would make for a better post plus u could talk about ur mancrush aka HOV.

    2. the hood comment should get u smacked with an open hand. why even write that as a joke? u know little kids will take that and run with it. the suburbs are the new hood. In addition, its not too many nice places in fayetville, nc. plus its too many smart hood niccas. one of the….nah gangstats move in silence.

    3. why title this post that? hip hop is dead? i’m telling you, society brah. correction bruh bruh.

  • Gemz

    I heard that song last night on Music Choice. I was feeling it till he big upped _atan. Oh yeah, I made the deans list twice this past year 3.5 or higher. Look out for ‘The Sweet Sixteen’ Underground Album October ‘Oh’ 10.

  • Teddy

    j. coles always sneak dissing drake and i think drake knows it if you recall the interview where he talks about ppl pitting him against j.cole and he says he hopes the ppl around cole dont talk him into doing something stupid,

    he dissed drake in that song he did at sobs

    “compare me to who, oh bitch is you crazy”

    if u recall j.cole on canada tv the chick compared him to drake and he took offense

    then the will smith lines and bff shit sounds very specific to drake as drake was bein called new will smith

  • Teddy

    and that drake burmimham freestyle he says “who else trying to fuck with hollywood cole”

    and on j.coles “who dat” he says “who else wants to fuck with hollywood cole”

  • Yessir

    Mannnn, anybody can say SATAN if they want. Nobody prays anymore.

    Shit, people in AFRICA have been praying for centuries and shit is not getting better over there.

  • http://myspace.com/bkattmuzik Bumpy Genitalia


  • yoprince

    i’m glad most ppl realize there is no j.cole vs. drake.

    bloggers stay tryna make the shit happen.

    j.cole was scheduled to come out at the drake show in NY that got shut down.. they’re cool.

    post was still funny tho… esp TPAR asking Bol why he’s being mean to him.

  • hate

    i’m not gonna lie, bol and tpars exchange was teh gayest thing i’ve seen in a minute on this site.

    however, i do agree with bol’s critique of j. coles pointless cursing.

    what happens when u wanna play your music for your aunt and her kids, or your grandma and her grandkids?
    old folks ain’t wanna hear fuckniggashitbitchasshofaggot 300 times per track.

    And rappers, if u rely on curse words as a crutch,

  • Rell

    “White tendencies?” WTF. J. Cole went to school in New York City, which is very diverse.

    And where’s the proof that he dissed Drake? This is shitty ass blogger reporting, where you don’t have to state any facts at all; you need only to make statements as if they’re actual facts.


  • Anonymous

    This article/review is terrible. You don’t prove in any way that j. cole is truly dissing drake. J. Cole has said in countless interviews that he has respect for drake, and that he admires the drake comparisons. He is in no way dissing drake in the song “who dat”.

  • Stickz

    Guessing you’ve probably never been to the DMV( that’s DC, MD, VA, probably didn’t know that either). I’ve lived in both, so let me brak it down for you. In the Montgomery County, where Wale went to school, they break up the bad neighborhoods and send them to different schools, so one school can never be but so bad. The areas Wale lived in growing up were prety rough, both in Dc and Mo County, so no need to question the neighborhoods. I don’t know him personally, so I can’t vouch for his street cred, but he came from rough neighborhoods. Secondly, you def don’t know NC very well at all. The school J. Cole went to there was where all the wealthy white kids went, and all the project kids went to as well. Don’t know which side he was on, but don’t sleep on the Ville. It’s called fayettenam for a reason.

  • TwiZza


  • TwiZza

    And to add to it, the nigga AINT from the hood. I aint never seen him in the projects, in SAVOY HEIGHTS/Haymount Hill (Where Im from), Nimocks Ave, Evans Hill, Bonnie Doone, etc and I aint even know the nigga in school and Terry Sanford aint but that damn big. He from the white folk neighborhood talking bout the hood made him. We dont even know his ass. Tell the nigga I said that

  • india

    bol, you’re my fucking hero.

  • philthadelphia

    @Teddy.the line “who else wanna fuck with hollywood cole” was originally said by andre 3000 on the song “spottieottiedopaliscious” off tha aquemini album.

  • KS

    For real Bol,
    go play in traffic during rush hour

  • http://www.benzandabackpack.com clutch

    this post is embarrassing for all real bloggers.

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  • mrsmosdef

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time.
    Since when does being from the ghetto mean you can’t be smart? And you said yourself he got into college ON AN ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP. That means you don’t have to pay, dumbass.
    Seriously, just go die.

  • http://friendofthepeople.tumblr.com/ friendofthepeople

    “here’s no way you can graduate from college without having “white tendencies.””

    Wait what? And yall niggas wonder why Africa hasn’t been a place worth mentioning in this world for the past couple centuries.

    Theres no beef. Shit, Drake promised us a bonus track with both Cole and Lupe. (lie btw) Tampered with? Bullshit.

    What I CAN agree with tho…Cole curses sooo much for a nigga that went to school.

    But hey, he can do what he wants I guess.

  • Devyn

    Hold up! Being smart and going to college is a “white tendency?”

    Am I any less hard or respectable because I worked hard to attain knowledge? Identifying intelligence as a trait of white people is extremely racist. People assume if you speak with a lot of profanity and slang that you are of inferior intelligence. This is not true. Their are a lot of dumb ass politicians that speak proper English and a lot of smart cats from the hood who talk like they’re from, well, the hood.

    I’m still not convinced he was dissing Drake. That seems like someone interjecting their thoughts into a song.

    Anyways, I like J. Cole. He is very skilled lyrically (not something the mainstream enjoys) and Who Dat has a very different sound to anything else on the radio (sounds similar I Get Up by J. Cole though). Having most of his music, I don’t J. Cole has ever claimed to be a gangster or a dealer.

    Anyway, I don’t like to think of myself as the type of person who is going to flame you for not enjoying the same music that you like. I just think that way too much thought goes into the artist and not the art.

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  • Sam

    my response to this is in honour of q-tip: “and ummm…”

    this was a weak post, full of half-assed speculation and just down right rubbish. why even waste your time on this??

  • LBc

    That’s not true. My roommate is from compton, went to a university on a scholarship, and graduated on the Dean’s List. She’ll always remember where she’s from, but knows where she’s going!

  • Henzley

    Who ever wrote this shit needs to Die slow, this has to be the worse article, No wonder people don’t take this XXl shit seriously, must have been some nobody az nigga who, got a week azz journalism degree, lol

    real talk this shit Article iz simple

  • GhostOfTupacShakur

    ive never seen so much pointless hate on J.Cole… i mean this shit is.. fuckin ridiculous! (Ye Voice). I Hope u got ur life right for the New Year #FridayNightLights #InTheMorning … which features DRAKE o_0 now doesnt that fuck up ur whole blog u hating ass nigga get off his dick!

  • Corey

    You have know idea what you are talking about. Cole kills it every time he spits… don’t be such a hater

  • P.J.

    hold up! how in the hell could you say J.cole was dissing drake when they cool with each other? why is it that when 2 hot rappers come out everybody tries to find a way to start a beef? this column is real dumb! these dudes are good at their game and what do we do as people? try to bring them down with bullshit! so what J.Cole and Drake cuss? does not half of the rappers out cuss? so why ask that silly ass question? the dudes are hot rappers so just leave it at that! dickheads!

  • Keezy

    Lame ass post. New? J. Cole been doing underground for a long ass time, read up on a person before you make half-ass posts.

  • Doz

    You should be punished first for thinking about posting this rubbish, and secondly for acting on it!
    People with your mentality is what got the black community thinking “oh if i go to college and do something with myself then i am a sell out”
    smh… u disgrace me…. You disgrace yourself.

  • somenextshit

    LOL trust me , jcole wouldnt debut a single just to diss that dumbass of a “rapper” drake. smfh

  • JD

    whoever wrote this is fucking retarded. what a stupid article and total bullshit.

    • Karen

      You ain’t said nothing but the truth!

  • Karen

    This was a ridiculous article. The title and the article have nothing to do with each other. I’m a J Cole fan and I admit that Who Dat isn’t my favorite song by him, but I believe in his talents. The cursing didn’t bother me. And the questioning of his actually coming from the hood is bullshit. Why can’t he be from the hood, go to college and actually graduate? Not everyone is a product of his or her environment. This article was terrible in so many ways. It was garbage. Being molested or “tampered with” what a disgusting term, as a child has no bearing on whether or not a person will be more profane than the next person. What the fuck kind of dumb logic is that? Terrible article, poor writer.

  • fuckyoubud

    first.. J.cole and drake are friends your idiot. Drake wants to leave YM for Roc to be with cole. and cole only dropped this track to show he can do it as big as these other rappers.. like others said hes not trying to be hard, it was a statement. go listen to the rest of his shit

  • kb

    “white tendencies” wtf?

  • Alexander Place

    WHO DAT is a beast song. Really XXL? Really? The Mind state of a winner.
    When you thinkin bout summertime
    i’m thinkin bout the winter.
    When you thinkin bout breakfast,
    I’m heatin up my dinner. I was plottin this
    moment back when yall was ridin spinners.
    Now I’m a menace. God as my witness, with this pen I’m insane, yup.
    Hungry like the nigga who ain’t got the taste of fame yet.
    Cloud told me “ain’t you roc? well? where the fuck yo chain at?”
    Guess it’s somethin like your girl, nigga it aint came yet.
    The man make the chain chain dont make the man
    how many niggas do we know with hella ice but yet they lame
    the cloth from which we came me and them is not the same….
    EDUCATE YOURSELF XXL. Those are hot bars

  • http://twitter.com/uncsnareline13 Jamie Starling

    this is the dumbest article I’ve ever read. First and foremost, it’s dumbasses like you that hold people back. You’re trying to take something away from my man just because he went to college, rather than celebrate it. Secondly, J Cole is by FAR the best new rapper and I promise you he will one day be considered top 5 all time. PROMISE. Meanwhile you sit behind a computer criticizing people who have the balls to make their dreams a reality. Cole is an inspiration. On his mixtape he says something about “its the people who don’t do anything that try to talk shit about you” looks like it’s true. Shame.

  • Hassan

    Honestly, if he’s the softest kid from the suburb or the hoodest nigga from Detroit. It doesn’t matter. Is there good music, and is it intellectual and uplifting for the people?