The real reason Lauryn Hill has been gone for 12 years

Never mind that bullshit NPR interview. The real reason Lauryn Hill hasn’t put out a real album in 12 years is because everything worthwhile she ever did was secretly written by a guy, whom she subsequently alienated.

She and Wyclef famously had a falling out that had something to do with the fact that she was banging Wyclef. Supposedly many of the songs on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which I’ve yet to hear in its entirety (but mostly just because it came out a year or so before there was a such thing as a Napster), contain subliminal references to their sexual relationship. I don’t know if Wyclef was insisting on her letting him hit that, in order for him to contribute tracks to Miseducation, or what. I’d suggest that it must have dawned on her, at some point in time or another, that she’d been having sex with motherfucking Wyclef, but I know she likes those smelly Caribbean ninjas. Doesn’t she have like six kids with one of Bob Marley’s sons?

I’m not gonna lie – when I heard, back in the late ’90s, that Lauryn Hill had put out a critically acclaimed solo album, I assumed, based mostly on my own sexism (if that’s what you want to call it), that it was secretly written by men, like all great female rap albums. My suspicion was eventually confirmed, when the guys who wrote The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill successfully sued her for trying to claim all of the credit for writing the album for herself.

Just as I suspected.

I was actually less concerned with the fact that she couldn’t come up with an album like that on her own than the fact that she couldn’t give her collaborators their due. As a huge fan of The Score, both literally and figuratively, I don’t have any problem believing that she wrote most, if not all of her own rhymes on Miseducation, on the songs where she actually rhymed – what kind of man, even for a substantial fee, could write a song about a failed sexual relationship with Wyclef? If she’d just admitted that she brought people in to help her flesh out her ideas, she’d seem like a savvy artist. Like Kanye West, for people who actually like Kanye’s music. But trying to front like she came up with all of that shit on her own makes her seem insecure about her creative ability. And beyond that, it just makes her seem like a douche: If I had someone that I could rely on to take the same boring-ass hip-hop news day in and day out and extrapolate it into hilarious conspiracy theories and dick jokes, in case I needed to take a few days off to take advantage of a Reality Kings password that serendipitously landed in my lap, I wouldn’t have any problem giving that person their due. I’d even give them credit for some shit they didn’t even do. I’m generous like that.

The worst, though, is the fact that she orders people people to address her as Ms. Hill. (I’m assuming she’s not married to the Marley kid?) It was the one Lauryn Hill interview that turned out to be true, in the NPR interview. The rest, like the fact that, instead of talking directly to you, she writes on a post-it note and sticks it to your chest, might only apply to interviews with black publications. I’m pretty sure I read about that post-it note shit in Vibe. To her credit, the white chick from NPR may have been concerned that her refusal to address Lauryn Hill as Ms. Hill would have been construed as a race issue. Because if she would have told me some shit like that, I would have been like, “Bitch, please!” Or at the very least, I would have avoided addressing her by her name, period, if I just had to sit through an interview with Lauryn Hill. (Hey, it’s a recession.) But that’s the thing. Who needs Lauryn Hill these days? It was tough to watch the people from Rock the Bells and Urb magazine (to the extent that the two don’t overlap) get jerked around by Lauryn Hill, when it was time to announce this year’s lineup, when the lineup was perfectly fine without her. If you can’t sell out a rap show headlined by Wu-Tang, Tribe, Rakim, KRS-One and Slick Rick, you must be in Houston. Lollerskates. Then, when she finally had sufficiently gouged them (I’m assuming), they released a poster with her billed as Ms. Lauryn Hill.

If it’s not too late, they should seriously consider getting rid of her. The fact that she’s giving them specific names she needs to be called shows she has no respect for them, and you should only tolerate disrespect when you really need the money, like at my day job.

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    what the fuck did she did to you?

  • these posts are racist

    This is one of those posts where you just write the opposite of what is reality. Lauryn Hill is one of the greatest singers, voices and emcess of our time, period.

    The NPR interview was dope too. L Boogy is beyond icon, talent and inspiration…if only, we had her to listen to today.

    • Phillmatic

      TPAR also likes the sound of balls slapping against his chin.

      • these posts are racist


        That’s just weird. First, let’s assume that’s true, how do you know that?

        Second, you failed to add “no homo”, therefore per Dipset rules of communication, it is you who actually enjoys balls slapping against your chin.

        • Phillmatic

          That’s what she said.

        • these posts are racist

          That’s what who said?

        • these posts are racist

          That’s what I thought Phillip.

        • valdez

          LOL @ “Dipset rules of communication”

          fucking hilarious!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • ri067953

    Let’s not forget that Ms. Hill released a “unplugged” album that pretty much sucked balls.

    I tend to agree that she hasn’t been able to find co-writers that want to work with her since she scammed the others out of writing credits on the first album.

    I agree that she has a great voice and can write a RAP song. However, I would agree with BOL that her songwriting skills are not on par with what was displayed on her first album.

  • BoogaTheBanger

    this shit is almost like hearing santa isn’t real for the first time… or something gnarly like that…. wtf… i dont know even know what to make of all this other than…. laugh a lil now.. cry a lil later….


    XXL needs to replace this non writing dude.
    If you remove the glasses and add a high top fade to his picture i swear that he looks like Steele from the movie Juice.

    Where the real bloggers at?

  • route66

    HA! Can’t stand a woman smarter than you huh? You think that silly clown Wyclef wrote her ish? She is the BEST Hip Hop lyricist ever and you know it.

    Colours of sound
    Scales and beauty
    Audio scenery
    Electric love and
    Rhythmic symmetry
    Written in memory
    Beautifully crafted scenery
    Complex or simplicity
    Sonic energy
    Piercing insensitivity
    Sympathetic poetry
    For some even identity
    Collective entity

    Cross-examined by a master manipulator
    The faster intimidator
    Receiving the judge’s favor
    Deceiving sabers doing injury to they neighbors
    For status, gratis, apparatus and legal waivers
    See the bailiff
    Representing security
    Holding the word of God soliciting perjury
    The prosecution
    Political prostitution
    The more money you pay.. the further away solution

    I treat this like my thesis
    Well written topic
    Broken down into pieces
    I introduce then produce
    Words so profuse
    It’s abuse how I juice up this beat
    Like I’m deuce
    Two people both equal
    Like I’m Gemini
    Rather simeon
    If I Jimmy on this lock I could pop it
    You can’t stop it
    Drop it
    Your whole crew’s microscopic

    • Bol

      Not to ruin your little moment there, but I said right there in the post that she probably wrote most, if not all of her rhymes.

      • nate

        Then, what is your point…. your mad because she like a natural smelling guy instead of a cologne wearing douche like yourself? You just discredited your whole article.

      • Swordz

        BOL – you’re a waste man!

        Nuff said.

        Go review some indie rock.


      • Cali

        You are out of your mind if you think Wyclef wrote The Miseducation for Lauren! I’ve listened to them both speak and I don’t believe for one second that Wyclef has a big enough vocabulary to write the way that Lauren does. Sorry but to be blunt, I just don’t think he’s as intelligent as she is. She writes like she speaks, and Wyclef’s skills are highly overrated.

        I don’t know what your agenda or beef is with Lauren but this article comes off as ridiculous, petty & mean spirited. I’m not even that big of a fan of Lauren’s but I read this and was appalled that you put this shiz up.

    • Anonymous

      Mystery of Iniquity! Mad Dope Son!

  • Greatest MC ever

    I mean please! Check out her lyrics next to Wyclef’s lyrics on the SAME song. He is GARBAGE. Wyclef has admitted she was a superior writer. I guess she is the female MC your favorite blogger loves to hate. Lauryn Hill = the greatest lyricist ever and your favorite rapper could not f*** with Lauryn Hill.
    Lauryn –

    Why you beef with freaks as my album sales peak?
    All I wanted was to sell like 500
    And be a ghetto superstar since my first album, Blunted
    I used to work at Foot Locker, they fired me and fronted
    Or I quitted, now I spit it – however do you want it?
    Now you get it!
    Writing rhymes in my range with the frames slightly tinted
    Then send it to your block and have my full name cemented
    And if your rhymes sound like mine, I’m taking a percentage
    Unprecedented and still respected when it vintage, I’m serious

    Lauryn – The Score

    I’m the L, Won’t you pull it
    Straight to the head
    With the speed of a bullet
    Cuttin’ jokers off at the meeky-freeky gullet
    Lyrical sedative, keep nig gas medative
    Head rushers I give to creative kids and fiends
    Dreams of euphoria,
    To another galaxy
    Be this microphone, but get lifted
    Lyrically I’m gifted
    Burn on in without the roach clip (it)
    Henders, mind-bender
    Pleasure sender,
    So frequently your nerve endings belong to me
    Wrongfully you put me down not receiving the full capacity of my smoke
    Wack niggas choke
    From the fumes that I emote,
    Or emit shit
    See even I feel the mahogany L
    Natural hallucinogen
    Turning boys to men again
    With estrogen dreams
    Release blues, yellows and greens
    From Brownsville to Queens

  • BEasy

    Fuck these haters! That shit was funny if nothing else and me be true. The fuck do these morons know? If anyone saw her at Rock The Bells you would know that she is does a shitty live performance and is was only good with The Fugees. As for her being a “smart girl”, if that’s all you morons like about her then go put Ayn Rand on wax, give it a beat, and sit back and be enlightened. Or STFU and stop dick ridin’ Mrs. Marley!

    • BEasy

      I meant “may be true” not “me be true”

  • shabooty


    4th paragraph had me dead

  • Enlightened

    And if I remember, the lawsuit was more about PRODUCTION and not so much WRITING credit.

    She was saying she produced it too. On some Dr. Dre shit.

  • fastflipper

    Bol is right

    Who care bout her

    you all acting like she gonna save something

    she look like a retarded with a big afro

    Nobody need her she can stay in Marley basement

  • Kingzbread

    Oompa-Loompa azz..U a real disrespectful dude thats for sure..those smelly Caribbean ninjas Bob Marley’s sons?
    Bumboclaat…u Saying Lauren Hill is trash,,Bumboclaat fuckery.. who Byron Blo like better ? nikki minaj is that music??
    thats a bunch bolshit!!
    Nuff gunshot a wrap around blo body like a bangle..Dema bawl and dem a get bumboclaat dismantle.. bloooooooooooooow
    lol tryna diss legends..u garbage fa this 1!!

  • Chiliz

    L Boogy on my top ten list of gr8test Mcees ever…i just have 2 include a female 4 your curiosity.

    Dislike about her include:
    -having six offsprings with that Marley kid out of wedlock.
    -allowed being used by ganja hobos as a fertile farm
    -never ever putting an album

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  • qp

    “If you can’t sell out a rap show headlined by Wu-Tang, Tribe, Rakim, KRS-One and Slick Rick, you must be in Houston.” *sigh* sad but true…i love my town and all but…*sigh*

    As for Lauryn Hill….She makes great music, she’s a real nice lyricist and singer but she is a little…eccentric (nice way of saying kinda crazy). It’s nice that she is on the bill for Rock the Bells but with her history of flipping flopping on show and whatnot, they are taking a huge chance. She is still in high regards but with this publicity she is gaining she should atleast try to drop and album…or did The Miseducation do so well she still eating off that?

    • swype-matic

      How’s that true? The last time any one of them have been down here (including Red & Meth), it HAS been sold out. The Rock the Bells tour was the shit when it was down here. You and Bol must sleep on the same futon. Now if he woulda said G-Unit in that same sentence, then that’s a whole different story.

      • qp

        Granted Red and Meth sold out that show, but it was at House of Blues (a nice sized venue but nothing that big) same when Raekwon came down here (Warehouse Live, nice sized, but no Verizon Theather). And with Rock the Bells, people flock from other parts of the nation to see it with it having limited shows. What I’m saying is that they are legends in they own right, but the way the it is in here in Houston they wouldn’t be able to sell out those shows are larger venues, they have to do House of Blues and Warehouse Live (hell even Mystikal had a packed house at House of Blues). Sorry if I ruffled your feathers but I’m just saying.

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  • steezolini

    f**k lauryn hill.

  • johney

    Second the poster above: seriously XXL, you need to fire this blogger. This was awful, half-witted drivel.

  • geico lizard

    I am waiting on 2 rap albums:

    -The next Outkast album with dre3000 rapping again

    -The next Laryn Hill album

    Laryn Hill is like Sade and Maxwell no matter how much time off she takes she will comeback and go platinum. That Unplugged album you talked about Bol actually went platinum.

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  • Vee

    From a female position I agree with some of what you said and disagree with a whole lot of it. As far as writing, female emcees are always going to get the short end of it and the side eye if their nice on the mic (disagree). I definitely do agree with the “Who needs Lauryn Hill these days?” part. She hasn’t released music in 12yrs, hip hop still surviving. I can go listen to Tanya Stephens, Queen Ifrica, or Sizzla

  • that nigga

    I’d suggest that it must have dawned on her, at some point in time or another, that she’d been having sex with motherfucking Wyclef, but I know she likes those smelly Caribbean ninjas. Doesn’t she have like six kids with one of Bob Marley’s sons?

    Yo, you are fuckin crazy Bol. Anyway, I agree with Bol,(cant believe I typed that). But she CANT write love songs, just rhymes. Thats why she aint put out shit. But she still is and always will be the GREATEST female M.C. to me along with M.C. Lyte. Maybe she should just come out with a all RAP album!!

  • ?

    misogynistic fat piece of shytt…

    • valdez


  • Anonymous

    you are ab asshole

  • eSco

    who cares, Jean Grae took her place as the dopest female in the game

  • tensensi

    how did you get a reality kings password? that’s the real question.

  • Dru

    Hahahaha Wow. You’re an imbecile.

  • MLE

    This blog was actually written by a woman, hence the catty complaints about Lauryn Hill.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    I know some of you are saying “Who needs Lauryn Hill” but I bet you she’s saying “Who needs Hip-Hop”. If you look at a lot of the new artists that are comming out today and the remaining hip-hop acts today, a lot of them are straying far from the aspect of being spitters. B.o.B is really a rock artist that raps, Kid Cudi is a emo harmonizing rapper, Drake is the decendant of The Dream, and Black Eyed Peas are really a techno group. Both Lil Wayne and Kanye have made albums experimenting with different genres, Eminem song “Not afriad is the real remake of “We Are the World”, and Jay-z has recently claimed to have an affection for indie music. My guess is to expect his next album to be a continuation of “99 Problems”. So Lauryn Hill, an already celebrated artist who had the likes of Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, and Sen. John McCain liking her music, can come back with an album and do Sade numbers.

    The fact that people are anticipating her return on some Tupac/Makaveli shit shows people will do what they can to be present on her return. So Rock the Bells made a good choice in nabbing her because even if she goes bat shit and refuse to perform, they would still make a lot of money and it wouldn’t really upset the people who typically attend Rock the Bells because Lauryn Hill isn’t considered a “rapper” in the same way as Wu Tang. So next year’s event wouldn’t be affected by the possible fiasco.

  • Nate

    Who ever wrote this blog, is a hater. Stick to writing about other people and leave Lauryn to try and wake up our society to ill’s of this culture we have built up. For people have been blinded by corporations’ lust for greed of population control, power, and wealth. In turns, here is “you” paid by a news media corp. to distract the public with your non-investigative tabloid type of blogging. You suck!!!
    Wake up people… Check Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged it is powerful and beautiful.

    • swype-matic

      I can fully agree with you on everything there except about Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged, that was painful, sad, and embarrassing to watch. It was like seein’ one of your favorite artists fall off fall off and fall out, with no way to deny it.

      • nate

        I know how you feel because most people feel the same way about the unplugged. Under the layers of the cracks in her voice and the stopping of music at some point make it hard to listen to but think about this…. the message is so powerful through out the songs and her breaks where she is talking are deep. Not many people actual admit to not know who they are and are still figuring that out. The concepts are deep.
        I have come to a point to listening to the CD where I embrace those little nuances. Our technology has made it so where we make Brittney Spears sould like Whitney so to hear music so pure and true from Lauryn’s unplugged is a blessing.
        Check out a mixtape by Lauryn Hill called “The Re- Education of Lauryn Hill” go to
        Good Stuff Bro!

  • thetruth

    i remember miseducation and it was hot but true, it’s been 12 years. she keeps bullshitting around with music and not putting anything out, she’s gonna just be known as that girl from sister act 2

  • Face Phoenix

    Lauryn Hill is done and has been for quite awhile. The fact is she had a enormous amount of buzz going into her solo album and the pressure for her [or the label] to deliver was incredible but the mark of a truly great artist is consistency. To even compare her to Sade is ridiculous. I would feel more comfortable giving this amount of credit to Erykah Badu before Lauryn. Lauryn’s Album was a product of accessibility – she had access to the biggest stars [Santana & D'angelo]. She already had a built in fanbase which would justify just about any price tag to produce the album with the swell of support after the “The Score”. Any record exec would have made it his top priority to make sure her debut was not a failure even if it took the secret use of unknown writers and producers to help the process. No one would have turn that project down – it would be a career making move to work with her. Too many times labels mishandled prime opportunities so this was one case where they took careful oversight of her debut. Many artists have had incredible single albums but few are capable or inclined to repeat such success. Terrence Trent D’arby made an incredible album in the 80′s but he hasn’t made a hit since. Many more artists have walked this path and have ended up the same. Lauryn is a sweet memory to many fans but realistically speaking she is through just like Whitney Houston. They have a little something left but overall they are on E and Lauryn has been on E for the last twelve years. She sucked on the BET Awards for that Fugees Reunion where her voice cracked while singing on stage. I was hyped as anyone else that night but after her voice cracked while singing I knew the dream was over and brutal truth was left. Lauryn Hill is through. I would like her to prove me wrong but more than likely she won’t. She’s a has suffered through a failed relationship that broke her. Reality is a hard thing to accept but Lauryn Hill Fans need to accept this truth – Lauryn Hill is not going to return to music and repeat what she did in 1998.

  • C. Hop

    slight problem with that thesis… Wyclef can’t rap!!! He’s a musician and a business man, but he had to have Pras next to him to even make him sound decent. How and ugly person, hangs out with uglier people to make them feel a lil better. I don’t agree with a lot of her actions and views, but she’s easily the most creative woman in hip hop. Only Missy or Queen Latifah can match resumes with her.

  • JC

    Byron Crawford, you wack as hell!

  • T I

    The person that is responsible for writing this blog should be ASHAMED of themselves :/ You are ignorant, disrespectful and just plain STUPID. At the end of the day I hope that you know what comes around goes around. You too will have your day. DUMB ASS

  • Anonymous

    She is weak and your stupid if you think she is the greatest lyricist ever.Thats blasphemy and a slap in the face to all the greats.Fuck Hill and fuck the Fugees, some of the weakest shit to come out of the east coast.Where is Wyclef now? Oh yeah on Vh1 claiming how great he is/was.

    • Anonymous

      Well we know who doesn’t know hip-hop from your dumb ass sentiment. The Fugees are classic and Lauryn HIll is the greatest woman to ever do it and one of the all time greats period kiddo! Top 10 hands down.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    First off I’m not a fanatic of Lauryn Hilleven though I have a copy of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, but based on my understanding on the trend of record sales now I do know that these days the only artists that can pull some type of numbers are artists from a previous decade that have a strong fanbase. Based on the comments it is easy to agree that Hill still has a devoted fanbase. So making a comeback album wouldn’t be a bad idea as some may think. These days its hard as hell to break in a new artist because new artists must produce new fans and not fans of a previous artist.

    While she lost her former collaborators Santana and D’angelo, I’m sure there are plenty of musicians and artists willing to work with Hill. She doesn’t have to make a groundbreaking album just one to satisfy the fans. Shit Jay and Em did it with their last projects and they’ve sold well. So a Lauryn Hill album that merely resembles Miseducation can still be a satisfying album.

  • NY

    I saw Lauryn before she got dickmatized by the Island Dick of Rohan Marley. She was already with him, but this was before she found out that he had an entire secret family in Miami (and a woman to whom he was legally married, no less). That concert was off the chain. I have been to thousands of concerts, seen all of the greats of our time (and some older ones before they passed on), and this was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Prince agreed because he was moved to jump up out of the audience to hit the guitar. MJB crashed the stage so she could be on there with Lauryn. It was an amazing show. Lauryn, just like many male artists, allowed a “love interest” to mess up her head and her grind. If Lauryn got over her self-pity because she was wronged by a no good man (again), she could put out an album that would remind the world what real female MCs and singers are about. If she cleaned house in her head, she could help clean house in the game.

  • RudNare

    Self-pity is a Muhfcuka…Take my word for it, U hear?! :)

  • what

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • Holly Joiner

    Who ever wrote thisis very jealous of Ms. Hill point blank. She is gifted!

    • Nehemiah

      He dont even have the shit right cause they took her to court for Production(Beats)!! Not Writing!!!

      • blowfish

        Whoever wrote this is crazy in the head?

        All the writing on Miseducation came from Lauryn Hill’s pen and the lawsuit was about production credits, not writing. By the way, where are the producer’s who sued? They disappeared along with Lauryn Hill, the most we heard from them was that Pon De Replay which was rubbish compared to the songs on Miseducation.

        Once again, whoever wrote this article is crazy in the head.

  • carrie

    you know i feel sorry for people like you, your full of so much hate but your not alone there is a lot of people like you in the world and it is sad, you just cant be happy to see the success of others so what if she too all the credit its her thoughts and her own experience, so what if she is fucking wyclef he is a great guy, the only sad thing is she spend the most important part of her career loving some one who may not deserve, it she has five beautiful kids i love her i am proud of her and very happy she is back, you cant stop a moving train so shout up and get out the way.

  • Katrina

    I am so upset with Laryn Hill right now I could vomit. I spent 85 dollars for a ticket to see her at the HOB in Dallas and she was terrible. She first of all was late(as usual) and we left after 3 songs, because come to find out, she didn’t show up for a sound check and the sound was horrible. Spend more time singing and not musical directing if you can’t do what a real musical director does. SOUND FIRST

  • nehemiah

    They took her to court for Production you jackass!!!!! not writing!!!

  • Kaivan

    This is probably the worst two minutes I have spent in my entire life. Your entire article was pure stupidity. ” I don’t know if Wyclef was insisting on her letting him hit that, in order for him to contribute tracks to Miseducation, or what. I’d suggest that it must have dawned on her, at some point in time or another, that she’d been having sex with motherfucking Wyclef, but I know she likes those smelly Caribbean ninjas.”

    You can’t be serious right ? How did you even get hired to write articles for this website. I used to read XXL and read their album reviews, but thanks to your entirely idiotic and ignorant article on one of the best if not the best female MC ever to step in the game, this website and XXL in general has lost all of it’s credibility.