The Devil Wears Rocawear

Of course Jay-Z is gonna make a song about how he’s not a member of the Illuminati. What, was he gonna make a song about how he is a member of the Illuminati? He must think we’re stupid.

“Free Mason,” his song with Rawse on Teflon Don, sounds as if Rawse called Jay to do their usual “Maybach Music” collabo and Jay was like, “Is there any way we could do a song about how I’m not a member of the Illuminati instead? People on the Internets keep saying I’m a member of the Illuminati.” Rawse would obviously rather be talking about how much money he has, and the delectable taste of crab meats soaked in drawn butter. It’s funny, Jay spends his entire verse talking about how he’s not a member of some shadowy secret organization, while Rawse, whose entire career is built on pretending as if he’s a member of various shadowy secret organizations, does the exact opposite. Let me guess – Jay-Z did his part first.

For a minute there, I was concerned that there might not be another Rawse + Jay-Z collabo. There wasn’t a sequel to the original “Maybach Music,” and then there was. A version with Jay-Z just kinda popped up on the Internets a few weeks ago. Presumably, it was recorded back during the sessions for the hilarious Deeper Than Rap. It wouldn’t make sense for Jay-Z to put out his own remix to another artist’s song, two years after the fact. That sounds like some shit 50 Cent would do. And it wouldn’t make sense for Rick Ross to have a song with Jay-Z in the can, and scrap it in favor of whoever was on the second “Maybach Music.” I thought there might be some saltiness between the two of them. (Nullus?) Jay-Z probably only did “Maybach Music” in the first place because Rawse was one of the few successful artists on Def Jam during his tenure, and they had him spitting guest verses on everybody’s album – that may have even been the main reason he was hired. If you think about it, Rawse is like the anti-Jay-Z. Jay-Z’s whole thing was that he really did sell drugs, though I’m not sure if I believe him. Rawse used to be a prison guard. He probably had to check underneath people’s ballsacks for contraband. Associating himself with Rawse couldn’t have been good for Jay-Z’s “personal brand.” I thought maybe Jay-Z realized this, and that’s why he stopped returning Rawse’s phone calls, once he was let go from Def Jam. If you listen to that second “Maybach Music,” it sounds like Jay might be taking a few shots at Rawse. Maybe TPAR can clear it up for us at Rap Genius, which is obviously BS, if they let TPAR work for them. This clown tried to claim J. Cole wasn’t taking shots at Drake on “Who Dat,” and told me it could be proven by checking the entry on Rap Genius. Then he went and wrote an entry on “Who Dat” that didn’t include any reference to the subliminal shots at Drake. Tha fuck kind of bullshit is that.

But I digress.

You can tell Jay-Z’s insistence that he isn’t a member of the Illuminati is BS, because he sounds so confident. On the one hand, he wants you to think that he’s so upset that people keep saying he’s a member of the Illuminati that he’d rather someone just shot him, but on the other hand, he’s rapping as well as he has since he came out of fake retirement, which is to say he’s not embarrassing himself. That line about how he said he was amazing, not that he’s a Mason, was genuinely impressive. If he really wanted us to think that he’s upset, because he believes that life is precious and god and the devil, and he’s concerned that if people think that he’s the devil that might cause him to go to a lake of fire and fry where you won’t see him again until the 4th of July, he shouldn’t have sounded so calm and collected. This is his afterlife for all of eternity he’s talking about here, and people are jeopardizing it by spreading rumors on the Internets! It’s obvious Jay-Z doesn’t believe in any of that shit any more than I do. In fact, if he’d read Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not Great, he’d know that even most religious people don’t really believe that there’s a guy with horns coming out of his head (like the Jews) who lives in the earth’s core, surrounded by a pit of molten lava, and that’s where you go if you break one of the 10 Commandments, unless you sit in a booth and say you’re sorry to a priest. It’s just a metaphor. The only reason Jay-Z would be concerned about people thinking he’s a member of the Illuminati is because he is and he realizes people are starting to figure that out.

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  • fastflipper

    nice post Bol

    probably a bunch of haters gonna try to take it down

    still wondering why the industry is down with ross

  • Master CHeef

    Yeah, my dude, that shit tripped a player out yesterday. Like, all Jay has to do is say he’s not, and everyone accepts it just like that? Like, damn, what’s he gonna do, say “ok, y’all caught me.”?

    Not to mention, if that was the case, shouldn’t the title of the song be “Not a Free Mason”? The title, itself, is a subliminal, IMO.

    *goes to search for Rap Genius to see if TPAR really has finally kicked off his blogging career (that shit’s been a long time in the making)*

    • these posts are racist

      What up fam? How you been homey?

      • Master CHeef

        Just trying to maintain, fam. Be easy out there, and be sure to frequent the x-spot.

  • Sha

    Damn Mr. Crawford. I was trying to give you some credit…. And then you write this shit.

    Bottom line….

    Who gives a fuck about Jigga’s religion? Niggas are still gonna rock out to his bangers. Shit… I know you have some of his CDs.

    Niggas like you, Mr. Crawford, are the same ones that have this country completely fucked up. You’re the type of cat that complains about Bill Clinton getting his dick sucked in the White House, but says nothing about the pen stroke that will send thousands of people to their death.

    And truth be told? On some real shit? I think you are in love with Jigga… On some REAL STAN SHIT. I don’t give suckas half the time of day if I’m not feeling them. But 80% of your blogs dick ride on dude.

    I don’t hate you. I hate your continuous dick riding. Jigga ain’t your mom or dad. He ain’t holdin’ no public office. He ain’t your minister. So……

    “Back up off his dick for the simple fact you’re on it like a gnat on a dog’s dick.”


    damn,Sha slayed u. lol

  • nic

    Internet blogging….the stupidest shit we’ve ever known.

  • Lol

    People worried bout da illuminati but kno one notices da bilderburg and/or rothschilds running da earth from behind da “curtain” so to speak.

    • geico lizard

      They tried to end Chris Browns career for hitting a woman but now they are defending Mel Gibson for knocking out a womans teeth. If you are down with the right people you can getaway with murder in this country. Mel Gibson should get the same treatment they gave Chris Brown. John Mayer is back on TMZ making jokes like he never had the same racist comments as Mel Gibson. Too many coincidences in hollywood to ignore these double standards for much longer.

    • romil

      Thats true but like I was told theyre all tied to the same master on one MISsion!!! Just different departments and divisions.

    • Gerv

      Those are all the same people just different names non of them call themselves the illuminati that’s just the original name from back in the day.

  • $yk

    ^ I can relate to what he’s saying about Jay, Nas & Dame more than I can relate to the ‘Free Mason’ disclaimer.

    • avenger xl

      I can’t go with Griff on this trip unfortunatly. I believe what is going on in society is a lot more powerful than a secret society. It is the growing pain of social evolution. As I said it would be great and even easier to have a enemy that is a shadowy human made organization because at that point there structure would fall to treachery and dry snitching. One thing about human beings they suck at keeping real secrets even when threatened with death. Humans are predictably unpredictable. So I do think certain groups work together to get power and stay in certain lanes of power, not to mention they got the jump on folks using slavery and the opium trade.

      The only black people that would be in a shadowy organization are micheal steele,clarence uncle thomas,Alan Keys and other such sellouts who want to leave the black social construct for the white social construct. The thing folks forget about is the fact all human constructs are finite, so to quote a hip-hop legend “their times limited”. Eventually hopefully we evolve a civilization with as little pain as possible.

      Rappers are not even worth pawns in a larger game. We don’t control the industries that we become champions of because 9 times out of 10 cats don’t wanna try. Why don’t Jay-z,bitch daddy etc… try to figure out new ways to deliver music or even creating a fair artist co-op rather than just wanting to one up the next man and use hip-hop like the lotto to escape the hood, only to take the hood with them which can be fatal RIP PAC! BIG! etc….

      • $yk

        Avenger you are totally underestimating the power of music and marketing.

        These cats ain’t gonna listen or pay attention to a Michael Steele, but millions will tune in to hear Jay speak/rap for 4 minutes, and speak on it for months, this convo is a perfect example.

        You have to think that if this “crew” has been running things since ’76, they already control things.

        People are willing to be pawns or whatever part needed to touch money, especially big money. We can take that back to the “house n^gga”.

        Music is a good viaduct to use if you want a message spread to the people (product endorsements, commercial jingles, co-signs thru collaborations).

        So now the question should be what message is being spread?

        • avenger xl

          I fully understand the power of the TI mob and even the italian mob as they built the music/entertainement industry as we know it by bankrolling the monster since the beginning. I think however that the music that is being pushed only has relevance because of real social ills in black society. The generation that took over after the civil rights generation started a downward spiral in selfish consumerism as well as assimulation(i.e. I got mine and f all you ninjas over there). Which caused the upwardly moble and folks who would have been so called leadeers to focus of rampant self gain rather than building a rights of passage system to help our future generations to get a leg up in life. So the raw the desire to be successful or appear successful in a white constructed society/coupled with the brain drain it caused in urban communities plus the drug epidemics fostered by the us goverement in many ways caused the crack epidemic in the 80′s.

          Hiphop came along in the late 70′s as a escape mechanism from the slum environment as block party music to allow folks to dance and forget their problems in a time they were so many. Note: I know hip-hop is a culture and the music is just a part of it but the musical element was born of the block party sound system culture. Later social commentary was added by some folks here and there but rap is always reflective of both the beautiful and ugly parts of our physce at a particular time. These TI’s and such have always made the mose money off the 2 dimensional black characters presented in gangsta rap,blaxsploitation,etc…. Look at how Denzel washington didn’t win a oscar until he played a thug cop or Holly had to play the broken jeezabel in a southern ghotic role to win. We will always be americas fascination because of the fact we seem to still smile even in sufering and our gangstas mythology represent the latest american anti-hero/villan that is whorshipped when the suburban kids go to slum.

          Now is that all a secret cable looking to control black communities through music. I don’t think so I think it is bigger than hip-hop and music word to dead pres. It is more the pregression through time of a grouup of people that where brought here as human cattle, identity erased, terrorized,murdered,raped and cheated but some how still fought and recieved their civil rights only to be sattled with more discrimination. Then when our family unit came under fire after the civil rights movement, A whole disassociated generation was spawned due to the passive discrimination practices and the sentence of abject poverty in the land of so called plenty.

        • eSco

          wait nas is controlled by the industry too?

        • $yk

          @ eSco

          U gotta peep the vid I posted above. You’ll see it.

          @ Avenger

          If you can see the reactions, you gotta believe the actions. History doesn’t lie, especially when you witness it. The players and circumstances have though.

          ^ read that again. And thanks for the idea.

  • Pierzy

    Co-Sign Sha. I really don’t care about ANYONE’s religion or spirituality.

  • yoprince

    this was lazy.


    double cosign.

    first, its more pressing matters. This is music. its other genres of music where str8 up haters murderous and people with str8 up bad intentions. its public figures with people who have worst allegations. i mean the majority of this comes from a tom hanks movie. w(who)tf is tom hanks?

    second, to all my true masons i feel sorry for the stain that is being left on the brotherhood in efforts to attempt to interent lynch a superstar. even the illumanti is being misrepresented. groups are being formed to gain publicity over this.

    third, the song is a good song. the monster of the double enterde did leave it in the open. his beliefs shouldn’t have anything to do with his music. its christians who live foul and do mad evil things. google juanita bynum. a religion doesn’t define a person its what a person does with the knowledge. ross put jayz on the song after jayz listened to it. jayz did his reign man thing and then put a verse on it. its said to have a recording of the entire process.

    Dude ur a good writer but u be spacing out. its obvious you are trying to gain readers by dropping jay’s name. this is what killed the source tho. use ur humor and wit to blog. nobody cares about what jayz looks like what he listens to who he rolls with or who he worships….just keep makin them songs.

  • GTD

    Fuck saten. He is a homosexual. You didn’t know that did you?

  • jazz

    satan has a dirty little secret too. he fondles children.

  • trillvillain

    shots at jay z and a nirvana reference
    good one

  • Lugger

    you guys are all stupid distracted illuminati controlled half fucks…you should be talking about my Big dick you morons

    • Byron Crawford is a dumb nigga

      Lugger, you are a dumb ass

      Anyway, Dear Bitch Ass Byron:

      Byron, “Bol” of shit, Crawford you are a dumb nigga who has nothing better to do with his time than write about other people’s lives and eat his way to a potential heart attack. I just saw your video interview from a few years back and I gotta tell you that you sound like such a pussy. I bet you’re one of these loser niggas that talk shit but can’t back it up; all bark, no bite nigga. I’m surprised you’re ass hasn’t been shot or shot at yet. I’m surprised that you haven’t been knocked the fuck out yet. One of these days, you’re words are gonna comeback to haunt your little bitch ass and I’m gonna laugh my ass off when it actually happens.

      Nigga, you like to brag about getting a degree from a school no one outside the state of Missouri’s ever heard of before, Truman State University, and yet, what have you done? All your lazy ass does is collect unemployment checks and revenue from ad space on your site. You’re a loser, for real. Don’t even get me started on the fat jokes, that shit’s too easy and beneath me. But, without question, the saddest part about all this is that you’re a self-hating negro. You’re like Bernie Mac’s character from Don’t Be A Menace (a.k.a. Mr. I Hate My Black Gums). Look nigga, I know you want to be white, but that shit’s never gonna happen. You’re never gonna have what I have, so just deal with it nigga.

      You write about other people because you’re jealous. You’re never gonna be multi-millionaire. You’re not smart enough to do anything outside of what you’re doing now and you’re pretty mediocre at that. You are a dumb nigga, remedial at best. You hate on the honeys because you can never get with any of them. You’re poor ass can’t buy a dime piece, you have to settle for a penny piece and you can barely afford that. I bet the only time I’ll ever see your faggot ass on TV will be on the news, dead in a drive by caused by some nigga you crossed. It’ll be fitting to say the least.

      Lastly, I pray for misguided niggas like you. People like you are disgusting human beings. Internet blogging is losers who like to take down other people because they are not successful and have done nothing with their lives, as is the case with you. You are a grimy nigga who should get sued for slander and defamation of character. Don’t be surprised if some nigga knocks on your door and knocks you the fuck out. The only way someone doesn’t beat the shit of you is if you die and trust me, that can happen at anytime. Nigga, you’re one Reese’s Pieces away from a heart attack. You live a sad, miserable existence, I feel bad for you, for real.

      Bye Bitch Ass Byron (a.k.a. that twinkie-eating dumb nigga)

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  • Byron Crawford is a spiteful nigga

    Hey, dumb fuck Byron. You little bitch ass nigga. You know who’s better than you? Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Bun B., Pimp C, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, etc. You’re not as smart as they are, as financially well-off as they are, as famous as they are, etc. In fact, you’re not smart all. Period!

    You’re a joke that I laugh at every single day. God, you’re pathetic. You’re such a little bitch. Nigga, I bet you paid for your degree because you’re clearly not smart enough to earn one. A nigga who got a GED is smarter than you, for real. Hell, you can’t even pass the GED exam you remedial motherfucker.

    Deep down, I know this shit eats at you. I know you get bothered by this shit. How could you not. You’re a weak motherfucking blogger. Bloggers are the most sensitive, weak-minded niggas around. I bet you’ll commit suicide at some point in the near-future. I mean, look at yourself, seriously. I’d commit suicide if I were you.

    Lastly, please take down that 12-year-old picture on your worthless, piece of shit blog and Nigga, who are you fooling, for real. You are one ugly motherfucker. You are one nasty nigga, word. Look at yourself in the mirror and please don’t tell me that you don’t throw up. Ill, nigga.

    Bye, Bitch Ass Nigga Byron (a.k.a. that remedial motherfucker down the street with the fucked up walk)

    P.S. Trust me nigga, for as many people who do actually (OMG) like you, there are four times as many people who straight hate you. You are nothing but a hate monger. If you were white (which you’re not), I bet you’d be a neo-Nazi or some shit like that. Bye bitch.

  • Yessir

    You gotta give RICK ROSS some credit. He made a lot of money selling somebody else’s story. He is a very good actor.

    Guarilla Black tried and failed

  • thoreauly77

    the only thing interesting about this post was the mr show reference.

  • eNICE

    the line “i’m amazing, not that i’m a Mason” Jay is just saying even though he is a MASON, it is not the reason why he is amazing..think about it…if he really wanted to clearify things all he could have said was “i said i’m was amazing, not im a mason”. you gotta give it to the man, he is amazing with words!

    im not a mason, but i am amazing

    not THAT i’m a mason, but i am amazing…see the defference?

    • anon


  • Escobar9300

    This is starting to remind me how in elementary school, kids pick on the person all the time that they really secretly have a crush on. Anything you wanna discuss Bol?

    • Byron Crawford is a dumb nigga

      Yeah “Bol,” anything you wanna discuss you cock-eyed, remedial motherfucker. Come on bitch ass, speak. You and any other nigga can talk all you want. You know why bitch? Because I’m not gonna see it. I’m off, for good. One last thing, when you die Byron, no one’s even gonna notice outside of your 17 fans. Have fun in hell bitch.

      P.S. Byron, I’m sorry that those [5 people] around you actually have to look at your sorry ass. I really feel bad for them. At the same time however, I thank God that I’m not ever gonna see your ugly ass up close. Also, I know you jerk off to Ashley Logan, knowing that you’re never, ever gonna fuck her. Ashley Logan thinks you’re remedial too, as well as a faggot. Honestly, I see what she sees too.

  • Worley

    Most of these comments prove that people are thoroughly confused about what the f*ck is going on and have no idea what to do about it, which is the goal of a secret society.

  • Master CHeef

    The shit really ain’t no big secret. They tell you about the federal reserve in economics class. How they control the monetary policy and economy by increasing inflation or shortening the money supply. You can wikipedia it. If y’all don’t think the elite control everyday life in a huge way, then you are sadly mistaken.

  • yo

    The fag that is so mad a Bol….you are a sad lil white boy, aint cha….I’ll bet it makes your little peepee hard to type the word “nigga”….you better keep yo ass in the house and away from anyone like me…Fuck whatever kinda bitch ass feeling you have for Bol cuz you are guilty of the same hoe shit…MF’s like you are the kind of pussy that I wish I could catch slippin….I would disappear your ass so quick….anyway peace to Bol for givin me some shit to read everyday…and Son, I hope your ass comes out of pocket one more time…I will put the beam on your ass and slaughter your blood line…believe dat

  • http://xxl Jacob said……..”jayz did his reign man thing and then put a verse on it. its said to have a recording of the entire process”… need to read up on “rain man…reign man” homie….lol..smh

  • Rufus Smith

    Your blogs are quite entertaining lol. Idk if you actually think Jay Z is a member of the Illuminati but…I think it is a definate posibility the man is a free mason. It’s funny, the song can either eliminate these theories or to people like you and I, it can enhance these theories.
    Check out my blog…

  • the thinker

    what Bol says ain’t gonna affect the price of cigarettes in China, Timbuktu or any other damn place in this world… so why the fuck are supposedly ‘educated’ people who claim to be happier and better than Bol wasting so much fucking time shitting on what he has to say when, at the end of the day, you chose to come to this site of your own fucking volition? did it ever occur to you to simply ignore any and all links Byron related? is his blog a CNN or Fox news or Al Jazeera, where his word will have a global, national or even local effect, or even be considered mnoteworthy by anyone of repute. or is it that you consider everything he has to say a personal attack, in which case, Bol might be the most shrewd person evar born, cause then it would mean that the world is really full of more ignorant people than I initially thought ie billions. There are 2 reasons why I visit XXL for Bol – the first is to laugh at what he has to say, and the second is the read the comments, on the look out for (people?) like ‘Byron Crawford is a dumbass nigga’ (no homo). the mere fact that he/she/it has spent so much time typing so much hate means Bol has succeeded in his aim ie goading anyone dumb enough to be affected. Falling for it so obviously and so completely shows just what kind of person he/she/it is. go away if you don’t like him or people who like for, coz it aint gonna change your life, and u aint paying for it – either enjoy free show or fuck off, nothings holding you back (except your ignorance probably)

  • these posts are racist


    What about the translation did you disagree with at





    im pretty much burnt out on the illumanti and free mason allegations. I had to listen to some jayz to see how his music is damaging our soceity. I did that. At worst, i wanted to hustle, at best i wanted to find me a pretty young girl, throughout all of his songs i wanted to bounce. with that said, dude could be pimpin chinese midgets in south america to fund a evil plan to take of the world. regardless his music is good. i don’t think jayz has ever indicated any signs of world domination. hell, jayz doesn’t even want to rap. he does it for the game. people are taking things out of context. even if he is part of this or that group he is still good for hip hop. for example, when he said i said i was amazing not a mason and then goes into a maze. thats dang near a double entredre. thas an amazing feat to flip a word or words sounds three ways. in addition, his reign man techinque is also amazing. he’s the best at it.

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  • On one

    If im not mistaken didnt Pac do the same shit….wasnt he apart of the illuminati shit and realize that it wasnt anything good about it and started to speak against it and now thats what i believe Jay z is doing he figured out that its no hope with the illuminati shit and wants to get out

  • Nam Sane

    Cuz life is precious. And God. And the Bible.

  • flavorblade

    I browse XXL blogs from time to time. Bol from the passion you generate you might have a future as the black Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh of this blogging. I figure there is going to be one blogger that emerges as the one. But T.V is still where it’s at. I don’t know how “beholden” you are in your views. Interscope I assume still has shot calling powers here.

    Jay-Z is not a Ill Kid (Illuminati)or a Prince Hall mason which currently have fractions trying to liberate themselves from under the Shrinner foot, good luck, but…Jay-Z is 8th Guard. It’s different. New lessons. Old wisdom. Unusual power. At it’s center is duty to the one Supreme Being, who helped you plan this trip. Ill Kids want to know what 8th Guard knows.

    True stuff.

    Bol being an atheist doesn’t make you the clever – knowing rebel. While I understand your dissatisfaction with the explanations of this age; you do have a soul. Somewhere under that unhealthy bulk.

    Who am I? I’m a person who has a few million in escrow but lives like I just have a $1,000 of net worth. Food spoils the appetite. Though it is time for a snack. Peace.

    Do you know what freedom is?

    throwdown temple/yuku