Rick Ross’s Sales Projections – Can Rozay put up Champagne Numbers?

Today is the day! The Bawse’s new disc, Teflon Don, is officially on shelves and everybody’s wondering, what’s Rozay gonna sell? He might not do Eminem numbers or Drake numbers, for that matter, but Ross always puts out impressive first week digits. Last year’s Deeper Than Rap did 158K, 2008’s Trilla pushed 198K and 2006’s Port of Miami whipped up 187K, and all debuted at the No. 1 spot on The Billboard 200.

So can Ross break 200K for the first time in his career? A lot of people on the XXL staff think so. Peep our projections.

Rondell Conway 265,000

Matt Barone 220,000

Adam Fleischer 302,000

Anslem Samuel 287,000

Rob Markman 187,000

Laurence Bass 450,000

Jesse Gissen 175,000

Then, if you haven’t already, go read this.

So, what do you think Ross is gonna sell?

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  • yoprince


  • martinanton

    80-90k look im a huge rick ross but i dont think they was that much promo…like super high joint peaked at 95 on the billboard 100 and that is the offiacl single…usually u would need a big single for your album to sell, 1. trilla ross had ” the boss ” which was top 20..2nd deeper than rapper even though he single with john legend peaked around 65..he had the 50 beef which was heavy promo for him and it got him around 150k first week …..i dont think that bmf joint will make it have more sales..cause is just a street single….if ross pushed his album a month back and put out anonther single and it would of reached top 50 while bmf is going crazy in the streets at the same time i would say he would so the same 150k

  • bylaw99

    Look, I’ma tell what should be the same thinking as all of you…if Drake did $200k and he was literally all over the place and was promoted 5 times more than William then William wont do anymore than $100k…not to mention people arent buying cds like that anymore. William isnt even worldwide, he National so his fan base doesnt reach outside the US.

    • HellNaw

      Just to be picky…Drake did 480k on his first week out.With a whole bunch of promotion from the TI’s.

      Rawse? I think <100K.

  • DV8

    really why is this even a subject?

    How bout we find out how much the T.I.’s make after raping the artist. that the more interesting issue.

    Or better yet lets just keep the convos about the music.

    • The Decatur Dictator

      I Concur! Why are we talking about what another man is making? I’m sick of hearing fans gossip about artist numbers…the purpose is? nada, nothing, ziltch…it serves no purpose other than to microwave your brain into thinking that that matters. What matters is if you liked it or not, rush it of flush it. Other than that, shut up and be quiet. Damn.

  • Qarim

    who ever Laurence Bass is… he should be fired


    btw.. he’ll do 80k – 110k

    • Cal

      Only royalty or fags are called lawrence!

      • Herm

        Word to Full Metal Jacket.

  • tommy gunz

    i called this shit weeks ago


  • tommy gunz

    holy shit i just saw that bass kid’s projection

    my man….

    go headbutt a chainsaw super stanley

  • The Decatur Dictator

    Everybody sounds like ignorant soothsayers…”Oh, he’ll do 110k, he”ll do 145k” Yall don’t have a freaking clue what that CD will sell until XXL mag tells you… And then it still doesn’t matter, you know why? It will be off to the next rapper and what he is going to sell. While yall are debating that topic, Rawse is eating Crab Meats with butter sauce-losers.

  • harmen

    deeper than rap was better than trilla
    and i think this will be better than DTP
    and i agree not much promo was done but ppl still know that its comin out soo ill go with like 120 -150 k

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    first week numbers are big on a buisness side. those projections like in the movie industry, book sales, car sales or sales period determine a projects future and/or artist future. xxl would be doing hip hop fans an injustice if they didn’t do this.

    it is the sad reality of our lives these days becaue of the net that the interent has trapped us in.

    these numbers have always been important. more importantly, its important for hip hop. its similar to tom brady and peyton mannings contract talks based on sam braford’s numbers. or the lebron james over kill. its informative and great for buisness.

    rather than give a number, rick ross is in the streets and has loyal fans and also curious new commers who will buy it off his buzz. he hasn’t crossed over yet. The album is pretty good, i got the concept. this album is definetly hip hop in the 90′s. Plus, features. come on, only built for cuban linx 1 HAD WAY MORE FEATURES. yeah, it did have skits and it was during the golden era and was from the greatest hip hop group of all time. I’m just pointing out that this isn’t nothing new AND that teflon don has that same vibe. Also, i doubt that RAE was still in the kitchen at that point. Likewise, its just ear visuals.

  • seemoregan

    85k.. this album is only being promoted heavy on rapradar.com and that’s Em’s site.

  • Jerod

    Rick has no competition this quarter. Think about it. All the other heavy hitters are locked up or aren’t planning on dropping an album yet.
    Rick will do at least a milli the first week. Teflon Don is going to be a monster of an album. I didn’t buy Drake’s album… as I’m sure most TRUE rap fans didn’t as well. Who will buy RIcks album… the same people that bought drakes, minus a few of the girls, and everyone who who has been waiting for a possible classic.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      I couldn’t finish reading this because I just kept shaking my head.

    • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

      As the great words of Donald Trump, YOURE FIRED!!!

    • yoprince


  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    “Rick will do at least a milli the first week.”

    ^ wow. Really?

    No competition? In terms of new releases true, but Em & Drake still lead the pack.

    But a mil is waaayyy to much Bawse sauce fam.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy


  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    The only album I got from Ross was Port Of Miami, and I ain’t gonna front that ish knocks. But I haven’t heard anything else from him other than that.

    • dmfslimm

      u need to wake up. ross is the truth. the new album is worth the $. deeper than rap also.

  • jonny bizness

    i was way out with the drake numbers so i’ma be conservative with rickys sales projection i’d say bout 120k

  • Ayre

    Last year he hit 150k. I’ll say 175-180

    • Ayre

      I win! Where’s my crabmeat meal?

  • sych

    “do a Milli in his dream” 50′ death blow just started…. lol.

  • jburg

    I wouldn’t be surprised if em outsold him.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    @ Laurence Bass 450,000

    What u smoking? 80K the most he can pull in a week,besides nothing really inspires me to go cop that album,just my opinion.

  • Lloyd Sprayweather

    Is there a big market out there for corrections officers who claim to be drug kingpins?

  • tommy gunz

    numbers are rollin in

    150k-170k projected

    go slit your wrists and do pushups in the bathtub rawse stans

  • JUKE

    So let me get this straight…. Def Jam found a fat corrections officer, probably put the tattoos on him then gave him some jewelry and told him to tell Ricky Donnell Ross “Freeway Ricky Ross” story. IT WORKED.

    I’m not hatin, a record label presented him with an opportunity to make a better living for himself and family what was he supposed to do say no?

    To the people who don’t like Ross music and says he’s fake guess what he’s not the only one. Music is a form of ENTERTAINMENT 80-90 percent of entertainment is FICTION.

    To Ross’ fans please don’t confuse it with REAL, as I said it’s ENTERTAINMENT.

    Rick Ross has found a way to make it in this world. I don’t listen to his music nor do I listen to rap I listen to Hip Hop, YES there is a difference look up the KRS-One interview, but I’m certainly not going to HATE on someone who is making a living a helping his people along the way.

    Remember at the end of the day, WE ALL FLOAT!!!

  • that nigga

    220,000. No more, no less.

  • T


  • Gemz

    I hope he do 500K first week.



  • kedordu

    168,553 i really mean it (in sped up voice)

  • smashin

    hes an ex-cop actor you fuckin fools,you might as well be listenin to kevin costner gangsta rap.

  • hip hop

    i hope he does well too many people hate on him for no real reason, his lpsare always well put together if you think about it hes been on top of his game for a while now, if he wins it will befor us the real fans of good music, i say 180, 000 and top of the charts, nice