Today is the day! The Bawse’s new disc, Teflon Don, is officially on shelves and everybody’s wondering, what’s Rozay gonna sell? He might not do Eminem numbers or Drake numbers, for that matter, but Ross always puts out impressive first week digits. Last year’s Deeper Than Rap did 158K, 2008’s Trilla pushed 198K and 2006’s Port of Miami whipped up 187K, and all debuted at the No. 1 spot on The Billboard 200.

So can Ross break 200K for the first time in his career? A lot of people on the XXL staff think so. Peep our projections.

Rondell Conway 265,000

Matt Barone 220,000

Adam Fleischer 302,000

Anslem Samuel 287,000

Rob Markman 187,000

Laurence Bass 450,000

Jesse Gissen 175,000

Then, if you haven’t already, go read this.

So, what do you think Ross is gonna sell?