Murs, “If I’m Emo Rap, Then Kanye is And So is T.I.”

For some emo rap is a bad term, but not Murs. The Cali MC wears his heart on his sleeve and carries the title with honor. Here, he speaks on the portrayal of Black men in America, why Kanye West made the post important statement in hip-hop ever and why it’s okay to show emotion in hip-hop.

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  • Sha

    Damn! This dude is deep. I have always felt the same way that he does.

    And I definitely want to commend him on one thing….


    He hit that nail on the head! For real!

    And to me? Yeah! Kanye definitely said the realest shit of all time (recently) with that statement. I built up so much respect for Kanye when he said that. It was the equivalent of standing up at the Republican convention and spittin’ that shit into the crowd! Every Black person always thought that. That wasn’t new. But to have a Superstar…. Kanye…. to have the balls to drop that shit? Damn!!!

    Sure… After that Kanye went back to gettin’ money. But I can’t minimize that moment. It ranks very high with me.

  • Moving Sideways

    Hey, Murs, did you know you could save 15% or more on your car insurance by switching to Geico?


    first off, gieco sucks, they tried to sue me. second, more mcs need to spit with emotions and keep it real not fake to be a gangsta. now that doesn’t mean cry on a track. that doesn’t mean be a str8 up B**ch. it means displaying the right amount of feelings. no drama.

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  • Vee

    Umm, so is DMX

  • Kingroy

    Nothing but real sauce. They carried Kanye, Kid Cudi, and other artist for showing emotions. They called it “bitching”, well artist are people who express themselves with a talent. So thats what they’re supposed to do. It pissed me off a long time ago that people said bs like he is too emotional.

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  • Ammon-Ra

    What is emo rap anyway? Emotional rap? If that’s the case everyone is an emo rapper.

  • avenger xl

    Rap as we know it started as party music for inner city blocks of NY inspired by the jamican sound system. It later added more social commentary such as mele mels the message and this opened the door for more than the braggadico disco tech ish. Then many artists composed songs based on their world/experiences but when gangsta rap really hit the scene it changed the whole landscape. Though early gangsta rap should have been viewed as social commentarty by the youth of the time concerning their environment. Its success caused a arms race in the music industry to make 1 million disposable NWA clones in each city claiming they were harder and simply loved the gangsta life rather than talking about the fate of those people trapped in street culture or making frank statements about it.

    Not to mention the fact it played right into the 2 dimensional image of black males in america and thus it became an easy sell because many folks saw rap as just some ghetto trash noise, rather than art or music. They devalued the idea from jump waiting for it to fade. But the emotionless thug image is the new ministrel icon look at how hollywood still portrays us as thugs,buffoons or some hapless character rather than the leading man.

    To quote ice cube heres what they think about you

    • john

      if this was facebook i’d “like” your comment

  • Samplerzz

    Murs has a message but stop being a bitch about it. By bitch I dont mean in the female sense I mean stop complaining and do something. He looks like hes about to cry about it.

  • Harra$$dadon

    Good jobs murs, now i hate you this much lesser….Keep talkin and i promise one day i’ll b a fan! ( maybe when you style that bird nest you call a head!) chit my shit aint done either, but damn pimp didnt you knw you was comin outside! even stevie wonder got his shit together. u cant tell me you aint got a mirror. Smdh!

  • BluBlack

    Hes right Rappers are so hard, but Nothing they say sticks to you, all bullshit, no dept, Like Fab said, he cant talk about his life on track, cause hes too insecure about who he was before he got on.And it aint just him, the people champ LIL Wayne,DONT NEVER SAY ANYTHING OF IMPORTANCES, HE NOT DEEP AT ALL,T.I IS WAY DEEPER THAN HE WAS JUST 3 YEARS AGO,as rappers we must get deeper into who we really are on tracks ,so our fans can relate to what we are going threw,CHECK OUT SOME REAL HIPHOP CORNY NIGGAS… MYSPACE.COM/BLUBLACK, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.

  • The1987Kid

    Murs just brought that shit home… Everything he said was the common sense truth i wish people were more honest about their feelings & stop putting on a front that causes more harm then good. 808s & Heartbreak was a creative high for Kanye he brought a side that is taboo in hip-hop… Feelings & emotions! But as usual peple said it was gay & lame but as soon as Young Jeezy comes out people then swtich a say that shit is bangging, 2Pac & DMX showed their emotions on a consistant bases which made them real cause they were real humans.

    Rap music has become less soulful when you worship money, fame & success then you wep what you sold. Even when these same rappers get ripped off from their lables they won’t even talk about it in their songs to show the real side of their fame & so called success so thus they are puppets.

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  • evan

    sick ass fool

  • RobC

    Yea Everything he says is exactly how I feel. I just dont understand how murs can go from saying this to doing his melrose album.