Live At The BBQ

It’s Flashback Friday time! Normally we pay homage to an artist who’s been off the radar for a minute, but on this holiday weekend I’ma give it up for the cookout. No, not the C level flick starring Ja Rule and Meagan Good, I’m talking about the moments in rap when the good cheer, good food, and good music are on display. — Rondell Conway

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince “Summertime”

This is only my all-time favorite summer song.

Dr. Dre “Nuthin’ But A G Thang”

DTP  “Growing Pains (Do It Again)”

The Dove Shack “Summertime In The LBC”

“Fools get tossed if they reach across my barbeque grill” Believe that!

LL Cool J “Lougin’ (Who Do You Love)”

It’s a Queens thing

2Pac “I Get Around”

Thugs gotta eat too!

Ja Rule “Livin’ It Up”

The good ole days at the Inc.

Wrecks N Effect “New Jack Swing”

Pardon the colorful outfits and all that, but this joint still knocks at the BBQ.

What other videos can you cook up?

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  • brittany

    i always loved The Dove Shack “Summertime In The LBC”

  • Dan

    Fuck the 4th of July. Black people were slaves for 80+ more years. Does anyone actually know when Blacks were freed?

    • Brass Tacks

      History Lesson*

      On June 19th aka “Juneteenth” Slaves were considered more or less free individuals in the U.S.
      sidenote* I personally believe we were always free. No fuckin law made by man can destroy something that man never had control over in the first place. Its just my perspective.

      • qp

        June 19th only applys to the slaves in Texas who were freed 3 years later after the other states, on June 19th 1865. Slaves were freed September 22, 1862 by the Emancipation Proclamation. Other states just started honoring that holiday as their own, but it originated in Texas.

  • EmCDL

    Damn, memories! Taking me back to my high school days LOL

  • Boog

    That fool Ricky Harris called Warren G “Orange G” in the Dove Shack video!!! LMAO!!!!! Classic West Coast music right there.

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  • General

    Love that DTP joint you posted. Thats one of them tracks I always forget about and then when I hear it, I’m like “damn”, hot joint right there and perfect for the summertime…

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  • Federal Ranga

    In Da Wind by Trick Daddy featuring Big Boi & Cee-Lo Green anyone? What’s wrong with that?


  • latino heat

    i know i’m way late on this one but cosign General and Fed Ranga.

    i always forget about that DTP joint and that Trick Daddy joint until i actually hear them out of the blue every now and then. then they just take me back to summer ’02, aka the best summer of my life!