It’s Alright To Dislike

New York is an interesting place. Even a simple subway trip becomes an adventure loaded with fly women, guys flanking said fly women and homeless people with flies flanking them. It’s all a visual example of the survivalist nature of man, really: nameless individuals packed in like human anchovies in a life-size tin can headed toward some unknown destination, usually in the name of survival. I say “survival” because regardless of if you’re going to your job or going to a party, every step we take is all for the means of staying alive somehow.

It’s the same thing with music. New artists come out all the time, every single day. Can’t be mad at them for the most part, but I do have the right to reserve a negative judgment toward them. Much like it is human nature to have survival instincts, I believe it’s also in our nature to inherently dislike any and everything we deem unfit to suit us. And absolutely nothing is wrong with that.

Akin to my disdain of pork, coconuts and the WNBA (that shit is boring. Nothing more, nothing less), I’m not a fan of many styles of music, and it’s perfectly fine. Not one person is ever built to like everything. The age-old adage, “If I don’t like it I don’t like it,” rings ever so loudly in rap, especially considering it is almost as if we have to not like certain aspects of it.

I’m not that big a fan of Rick Ross, and the past few years has made me respect him even less. From being revealed as a former corrections officer, to swacking the name of a government-controlled, Los Angeles-reared glorified drug runner and the nickname of one of the most powerful crime bosses in history, damn near everything he’s done has received its fair amount of scorn. Leave it to the so-called “musical pundits” the flood your friendly neighborhood c-section, however, and those opinions would be looked upon as nondescript revulsion (or “hate,” if you will). It’s a never-ending cycle, and while it’s not widely respected it does keep the energy in music alive (believe it or not).

Imagine if everybody liked everything in rap; this shit we live in would be that much more boring. Instead, it’s perfectly fine to have a few naysayers in the crowd. The best part about them, though? When the person they’re talking about catches feelings. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see some rapster take to the Internets and talk about their “haters” like they were caught fucking their spouse on his brand-new mattress I die a little on the inside. Just saying.

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  • Blah

    these type of editorials, that spew forth random musings, should be reserved for celebrities with a penchant for the pen. meka, on the other hand, is just a notch above a rap groupie and music bootlegger.

    • Maya

      you’re reading it, so his musings must count for something

  • Maya

    you’re reading it, “Blah”, so that means his musings must count for something.

    • Blah

      @maya… i’m in search of interesting topic and i landed on this page. ooops!

      no hate. just criticism.

  • 3 train to brooklyn

    hey if the rapper is wack and just fucken wack im fucking hating on him.
    and c’mon what is hip hop without a hate and argument about each rapper?
    i find it entertaining
    The hate will never stop

  • Teddy

    Its OK to not be a fan of something. But some of things you dont like, does not mean it sucks. Like some people dont like Country… ok a lot of people dont like country, but that doesnt mean country sucks. And you should respect other peoples choice.

    But then you get shit that is in no way shape or form artistic. Now granted, what is art any way? Some people look ata 4 year old’s finger painting and dont consider it art. But it is. But then you just have shit that is so bad, even though technically its art, it makes you ashamed to acknowledge that technicality.

    So its like this. I like Curren$y, but I cant get into Wiz Khalifa, but I respect Wiz and his fans. But I think Gucci Mane sucks ass and anyone who listens to him is even dumber.

    • El Tico Loco

      Gucci Mane is the fingerpainting of rap.

  • Stan-Layy

    I feel on this Meka. We are living in a time of clones. No one has the self respect anymore to be genuinely different. Everyone want’s to be liked but in reality our differences are what make us human. This reminds me of an old Krs-1 verse, “If you were to rule or govern a certain industry, all inside this room right now would be in misery, no one would get along nor sing a song, cause every one’d be singing for the king am i wrong?”. Those who don’t sing for the king are needed just as much as those who do. I hit em with a Stan-Layy proverb…

    I don’t have to like everybody, but I love you all.


    decent blog. where is krs one? i was thinking this week that krs one is prob the last hip hop purest who didn’t bite BUT nobody else is biting his style either.

    i mean, nothing new is under the sun. u can say rick ross is biting wutang big jayz nas all them dudes who had alias.

    times have changed.

    its one thing to dislike but if u are gonna go that far atleast explain why, don’t say it just cause its southern or just cause stories you’ve heard. is it hip hop or the wwf?

  • HellNaw

    Interesting post for once Meka.I normally scan down to the comments section and depending on how angry the comments are I’ll bother reading your blogs.I digress.

    You’re right.Just because you dont like something doesn’t mean you’re hating.I dont ‘hate on’ ice-hockey or bowling.I just dont particularly like them.My view.

    However, I would say one of the most annoying things in hip hop is when you say to someone you dont like something they say: “Ahhh you just aint geddit…geddit?” Its like an inverted snobbery.Which is ridiculous.I get it…i just dont like it.

  • thecollegecurb

    you mind if I spread this on my blog?

    hit me up.


  • El Tico Loco

    Save the weak blogs for Fridays.

  • ruthless

    only 13 comments huh

  • !ll

    Haters are people who hate for no other reason than to just be negative.

    But you can dislike something if you dislike it for a reason. I don’t like Rick Ross because I think hes just average, generic, and claims to be something he is not. I don’t hate on him just to hate though.