Ignorant Rap, And Why It Will Kill Us

No less than 24 hours after I tipped a hat of quasi-appreciation for all things debased since it essentially inspires me to become a better person (I never want to be known as just “that guy who made it onto BET Uncut”), I’m painfully reminded of why it, while at times hilarious, is also a detriment to society.

For every ass-backward video of a country White guy named “MTV Riff Raff” parading around in gaudy jewels while, ironically enough, the BET logo is emblazoned across his clavicle to make me laugh, there’s an equally painful clip of Kay Stacks getting slapped out of her now blonde mane… again (at least it was by women this time around. But still). Point being, I can only take ignorance in small doses; enough to inspire a dozens session, but not enough to make me cringe at life. Unfortunately, there’s that contingent of life that will lean more toward the… well… porch monkey state of mind, and with civilization becoming more digital everyday it’s easy for even the most slue-footed of individuals to post up a video on YouTube.

As I said yesterday, many societies are hypocritical communities. It’s illegal to sell drugs, yet we champion artists that make allusions to it in their songs. Most of us will never own an insanely large gun, but will live vicariously through Solid Snake. A woman will do the Sanctified Slide just hours after sliding down the pole. It happens, and most of us are more than smart enough to deal accordingly.

Unfortunately there are still those blithering that invalidate those ideals. I used to think that people had enough sense in this world to not make degenerative decisions in life, much less put it on wax. But, things like music videos that serve no purpose other than proving that the education system is continuing to fail and (word to my colleague of sorts here) Black People Twitter are at any given time a constant reminder of how full re-tard people can be sometimes. It’s a bittersweet feeling for me, knowing that I sometimes enjoy things that aren’t good for me.

It’s like having a diet that only consists of Starbursts. Or reading the comments found in the Chopper Suit video.

In no way am I backpedaling from yesterday’s post; I still like my fair share of dumb rap and even dumber displays of nignorance online. On the flip, I can only take such things in small doses, because certain things are just too dumb to even support. I’m still surprised people actually live like that, though. It’s like the country just stopped giving a fuck about them. Sad, really.

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  • http://streetscrack.com Hughes

    This is about Gucci, OJ, Wacka, SouljaBoy, and other artist like them, right?

  • pig in poo

    “It’s a bittersweet feeling for me, knowing that I sometimes enjoy things that aren’t good for me.”

    thank you for defining ‘bittersweet’ for us po’, ignant folk.

    you have the lamest, most non-original, voiceless non-opinions evar.

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  • Anonymous


    • CC

      Rayan Haidar?

  • Alexis

    Is this the comments section or a fucking haters’ ball? Like damn, do y’all know the meaning of positivity?

    • Phillmatic

      “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home to put some water in Buc Nasty’s mother’s bowl.”

      • http://jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile


        • Flymasta


          (CHAPPELLE SHOW)

  • Brother Man

    I co-sign. When I hear the shit on wax it’s like aiight cool. But when I’m in the states for real, and I see people acting like that for real? Stuff trips me out

  • Bk

    i try to ignore all the ignorance and dumb fuckery that’s is happening around me, like when i was still in HS and the fight started and every ran like crazy to see it, i just mind my biz and went were i was going before. Worst part is that you can’t really stop ignorance so as racism it will be in societies for ever unless idk

  • hmmm

    I’m extremely confused, how does Meka have a job writing articles?? How desperate were they in need of “writers”? Last couple articles have truly shown his colors as a “journalist”, a bunch of nonsensical and disjointed bullshit packed in a few paragraphs. Congrats on getting this gig Meka, it really is impressive that you convinced someone to let you put garbage on their site daily.

  • Hells Yes

    Worldstarhiphop.com is a shining example of such ignorance. Cant beleive some of the shit on their.

  • bigg

    hahah what the fuck is the point that you’re trying to get across? this sounds like the fuckin diary entry of a nigga that just took a swisher to the face. learn how to structure an article or you’re just gonna continue to have niggas laughin at your rambling nonsense

  • PHLY

    this is real, but while you enjoy it sometimes…theres people who really live like this….then marry people that live worse, then when they have kids, hmmmmmmmm forgetabout it.

    ever seen a say “MY NIIGGGAA!!!” TO HIS 7 YR OLD SON????

    • PHLY

      *MY BAD


  • Decapitatah

    I like some your shit but your rant about “nignorance” is the cause of “nignorance” because what ever a black person does is “nignorance”? i mean, it has come to a point where whenever lets say a ghetto black person does something “ignorant”, we are quick to say shit like “nignorance”. By doing that we saying that the man’s action is representative of the whole race which is absolute bullshit. So next time you see shit like that just remember that the person representing himself, not our whole race.


  • http://emdinger195.blogspot.com Evan

    Meka, it must be amusing for you to see your words come to life in the c-section. I love “Ackrite.” But even after a long night of irresponsible drinking, I would never be able to listen to even a short playlist of other Hitman songs. Such ignorance is too presumptuous even for my 20-year-old, accustomed-to-internet-fuckery palette.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    they say ignorance is bliss. to be anti ignorant is to apply intellect. There are “intllegent” people who want all of hip hop to be banned. People who say hip hop isn’t music.

    Is the value of hip hop being depreciated? Heck yeah, BUT music is. Hell, morality is shifting altogether. It was a time when a president could have a side piece and not be called out. A time when a governmental offical could have a side piece and it not be
    a male.

    As a result, music has lost its potency. Understand songs are developed from a person be it the machine or artist. Soulja boi for example. Have you been to Mississippi? if not, take a visit and you may understand him a bit better. That song wasn’t suppose to be as big. the first time i heard it, i was like take that ignorant ish off. then i saw a spoof video on it. then i was in a football stadium at maxium capacity at a college game where the song dropped and everybody went nuts. Keep in mind me and my friends all talk ish about it BUT when the song dropped we all joined in. WHY?

    because it was just a song. Nothing about that song made any of us loose a point from our iq. In fact, a lot of my friends “doctors and lawyers” hate “intellectual” music. They say it requires them to think too much when they just want to listen/enjoy music.

    In addition, they know the difference. Rif Raf is an exception. A rairty. That show for example is pure humor. To blame ignorant rap music on that is a bit too much. Thas like blaming gangsta flicks for the black plight.


    In the 1970′s there where 200,000 people incarcerated in U.S.A’s prison’s. Today the number is around 2 million..
    Along with over 5 million on parole or probation.
    1 in 3 black men have been lock up or are currently there..
    The United States accounts for 25% of the worlds Prison population..Yet china alone has 4x the population..So much for freedom..
    Stop being feed nonsense and excepting it…
    As the cycle of nonsense and modern day slavery continues & more intense then ever..
    MOST OF THE REAL GEE’Z AND REVOLUTIONARIES IS DEAD OR LOCKED..so the masses of ignorant moron degenerates can..generate money for there overseers..officers and the likes..
    all while these clowns thinkin they Scarface..Zombies

  • http://dsadsa.com Mac Lethal


    Don’t let them hate on your writing. Nice article.

    My racial background only allows an implicit level of feelings for the topics you are brushing upon in this piece, but I can at least offer relative validation for them.

    Gotta love the misspelled, disjointed, weakly punctuated pejoratives being hurled at you.


    I am grossly drawn to Worldstarhiphop. Seldom do I make it through a whole day without getting a few brief, to irresponsibly, fully engulfed fixes of it. The problem is, as much as I find myself feasting upon it for mindless entertainment purposes; I am just as equally repulsed by it. Sometimes the mere descriptions of videos, let alone the videos themselves, are too much for me to handle. I don’t even follow through with a fully committed mouse-click half the time.

    I don’t know man. I think there is a certain amount of, dare I say… ‘tasteful?’ sadism, that the human brain naturally thirsts for. This can be found in the harmless, recreational clips of Kat Stacks getting backhanded by another woman, or a random street brawler getting knocked out clean by another street brawler, but honorably left to revitalize and walk away after, without facing further physical abuse. Those clips, while violent-natured, seem to play well to my senses.

    But when a 12 year old girl gets a brick taken to her forehead by someone yelling “Dade County bitch!” Welp. That’s when you lose me.

    I think the internet has synthesized an unnatural, unhealthy appetite in a lot of people for stuff like this. And unfortunately, technology seems to provide expectations for the unwilling, who seem to perform gratuitous acts of unthinkable violence on others, because they know their YouTube/WSHH view counts will be higher.

    It’s disgusting. How do we change it? I dunno, perhaps we consider the Sudan, or the Congo, where this lifestyle is the standard– and realize that, hey, maybe we were never actually as civil as we thought we once were. Fuck, maybe technology is helping reawaken those reprehensible savage/human qualities, we suppressed so long ago.

    Mac Lethal

    • bo

      We must purge them if we want a change lol jk build better shools for the little kids and forget about everybody else.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    So I better not hear, or read the slightest complaint about why the game is the way it is right now. Don’t say a f^kking word about how ignorant sh^t is getting more play and all the nonsense is happening, and how the rap way of life is dumbed down. You are the ones making it that way. Mufukkas are losing their lives over this ignorant sh^t and the 1st thing most of you cats can spew out of your mouths is comical bullsh^t.

    Trust me most of y’all will wish you had an OG like me around when the sh^t goes down.

    “Stop being fe(-e)d nonsense and excepting it…
    As the cycle of nonsense and modern day slavery continues & more intense then ever..”

    ^ PEACE

    If the masses were so correct with their ways and actions and thoughts there would have been no need for the messengers/prophets, correct?

    I’ma say this one more time, cats are giving excuses for doing this bullsh^t, when you even KNOW it’s bullsh^t (ignorant rap), BUT YOU WON’T/DON’T HAVE THE BALLS TO SPEAK THE REAL. THERE IS A PENALTY FOR THAT ACTION, NOT A REWARD.


  • bo

    how about u ignore it u ass its not that hard to if u don’t live there. Plus what would u rather do get a lot of money saying ignorant things or having a desk job? Whoever want that desk job is a dumb ass nigga if i say so…..

    • DV8

      what does getting alot of money have to do with ignorance? only ignorant people think those two subjects are linked. there are plenty of ways to be successful and not have to act an ignant ass. the choice is yours.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    if we say ignant rap kills hip hop or kills us it’ll be like adding fuel to the fire that HIP HOP is not a art and kills us.

    Besides Jazz, hip hop is one of America’s last great inventions. They are a handful of songs and artist that shouldn’t get any play BUT to lump all fun or ignant music into that same category is ludacris. In fact, ludacris and nelly for example were in this category. They both stepped it up. I read somewhere how a group banned Nelly from a fundraiser for his dying sister because of some booty shaking song he had out. NOW thas ignant.

    At the same time, Jayz is often considered ignant for talking about money cash hoes. Nas is consider conscious for black girl lost and etc. Yet jayz does more for the world than nas beyond his music. In other words, music is an art form and an outlet. Parents and the family is to blame. Millions of people buy into what is considered ignant rap and the most intellegent music is overlooked.

    there needs to be a balance and changing the enviorment is the way to create that balance.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I see what your saying but the thing is rappers commonly tell one side of the story about the environments they represent. I lived in D.C. and from my experiences there were crack heads, crime, drug dealers, and prostitutes and loose girls. But there were also blue collar workers, loving parents, kids attending Howard University, and people basically avoiding negativity. My point is that you rarely hear about these topics is because the rappers who make ignorant rap are really ignorant to this shit as well.

      That’s what really upset me about SLim Thug’s comment about black women. It’s not that the women he described don’t exist but the comment is made by a man who without rap would still sell drugs in the same neighborhood he grew up in. Without any knowledge of black women who don’t spend $3,000 on a purse. Some people may like ignorant rap but me personally I’d rather listen to music from rappers that have a wider perspective in life and not just the limited knowledge of life from what they’ve acquired from mostly ignoring many of the possibble life experiences of black people.

  • http://twitter.com/brotherdante BrotherDante

    respect! there always needs to be a balance in what you listen to as far as hip hop is concerned. it’s a shame that an overwhelming amount of hip hop listeners can’t distinguish the real with simple entertainment. people live vicariously through these artists that are praised for endorsing drug sales, demeaning women, and violence. and though i do too like my fair share of hardcore shit that expresses exactly that, i know that it’s only entertainment. great post meka.

  • Brass Tacks

    Good job on this one Meka,
    However I feel its not the country that failed the community; (that racism was established almost 400 years ago so its going to be stuck in there like a blood stain on an All White Polo). The communities hold the blame for todays kids. Men repeating the same cycle their fathers did with no care to how its affects the bigger picture.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    So we couldn’t speak on balance, we had to resort to shock and awe…and 2 posts so 2 checks are cut?

    “Now this fish eye cat (LOOK AT THE SLANG EDITORIAL BANNER…), gotta get his back bent/what the hell just made him f^ck with my intelligence…”-Ghostface Killa

  • http://intelligentRebelLion.org intelligentRebelLion

    i agree with you _ but you promote the wackness??


  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the future. Check out the movie “Idiocracy.” You will O.D. on that sh*t.