No less than 24 hours after I tipped a hat of quasi-appreciation for all things debased since it essentially inspires me to become a better person (I never want to be known as just “that guy who made it onto BET Uncut”), I’m painfully reminded of why it, while at times hilarious, is also a detriment to society.

For every ass-backward video of a country White guy named “MTV Riff Raff” parading around in gaudy jewels while, ironically enough, the BET logo is emblazoned across his clavicle to make me laugh, there’s an equally painful clip of Kay Stacks getting slapped out of her now blonde mane... again (at least it was by women this time around. But still). Point being, I can only take ignorance in small doses; enough to inspire a dozens session, but not enough to make me cringe at life. Unfortunately, there’s that contingent of life that will lean more toward the... well... porch monkey state of mind, and with civilization becoming more digital everyday it’s easy for even the most slue-footed of individuals to post up a video on YouTube.

As I said yesterday, many societies are hypocritical communities. It’s illegal to sell drugs, yet we champion artists that make allusions to it in their songs. Most of us will never own an insanely large gun, but will live vicariously through Solid Snake. A woman will do the Sanctified Slide just hours after sliding down the pole. It happens, and most of us are more than smart enough to deal accordingly.

Unfortunately there are still those blithering that invalidate those ideals. I used to think that people had enough sense in this world to not make degenerative decisions in life, much less put it on wax. But, things like music videos that serve no purpose other than proving that the education system is continuing to fail and (word to my colleague of sorts here) Black People Twitter are at any given time a constant reminder of how full re-tard people can be sometimes. It’s a bittersweet feeling for me, knowing that I sometimes enjoy things that aren’t good for me.

It’s like having a diet that only consists of Starbursts. Or reading the comments found in the Chopper Suit video.

In no way am I backpedaling from yesterday’s post; I still like my fair share of dumb rap and even dumber displays of nignorance online. On the flip, I can only take such things in small doses, because certain things are just too dumb to even support. I’m still surprised people actually live like that, though. It’s like the country just stopped giving a fuck about them. Sad, really.