Identity Crisis: We’ve Lost Our Way & I Know Why

Armageddon is upon us, people. We are living in the last days. The signs are all around us. I can reference several Bible scriptures to back my “Apocalypse Now” claims. We can go to Matthew 24:6 and read “Wars and Rumors of Wars.” You think that’s just a scripture? Well, explain the endless war that has been going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Explain how the war on terrorism is spreading to nearly every corner of the globe.

What about Matthew 24:7, which states, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” You must not be paying attention to the conflicts raging in Darfur, Saudi Arabia, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand, Chad, Gaza Strip, and the West Bank in Israel, Niger, Mali, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. Yes, turn off VH1 and turn on CNN and you will see that it is going down.

Matthew 24:7 reads: “There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.” It seems like every other month earthquakes cause thousands of deaths, either directly or due to the resulting tsunamis, landslides, fires, and famines. I mean, do I really have to remind you all of Haiti?

Isaiah 5:20 reads: “Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil.” Yeah, this scripture is talking to you people who find the most ungodly things on this planet entertaining. You people think God is Satan and Satan is God. You people pay tithes to strippers but tip the collection plate on Sunday morning. You all are playing the game wrong and this is why this civilization is on its last legs. The signs are right in front of us, the writing is on the wall, and it is almost over.

One of the main reasons I know it’s almost over is because there is something that I just can’t tell apart nowadays. Something that used to be uniquely distinct isn’t even recognizable to the naked eye anymore. No, not the seasons, but men and women! Estrogen is the New Testosterone, Testosterone is the New Estrogen. I might need to start carrying a home gender test kit so I can identify some of these young confused individuals.

This identity crisis is a direct reflection of single parent homes in the U.S. According to Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2007—released by the U.S. Census Bureau in November 2009—there are approximately 13.7 million single parents in the United States today, and those parents are responsible for raising 21.8 million children (approximately 26% of children under 21 in the U.S. today). Furthermore, 84% of custodial parents are mothers and 16% of custodial parents are fathers.

The conclusion I come to from these statistics is a lot of women had to raise young boys on their own and a lot of male figures were not in these young men’s lives so I think they picked up the mannerisms and traits of their mothers, aunts, and sisters. This is also another reason I think you see so much homosexuality nowadays, because young men see women around them dealing with men and as a young child if you don’t know any better you’re just mimicking the behavior of the women who is raising you. When someone says homosexuality is a learned behavior I personally think this is one of the ways they learn.

As far as the females acting like men, I honestly don’t know. I see lesbians who look as feminine as Melyssa Ford and I then I see lesbians who look as manly as T.I. so I can’t blame it on their sexuality. I asked one of my homegirls and she said if no father is present, the mothers, grandmothers, and aunts are telling their daughters that they have to be tough and not depend on a man for anything. This causes women to equate being tough to being manly and they lose themselves in the process.

In closing, I want to say that it’s obvious the natural order of things here, on this planet, are off. If you believe in the law of attraction and the law of energy, then maybe you will understand when I say that we quite possibly could be the cause for the planet being the way it is. The law of energy is that energy is never lost or destroyed just merely transferred from one party to the next. Our nature is off so we are causing Mother Nature to be off. This in turn causes the weather to be crazy, and the overall hateful energy that seems to exist in us all.

How do we get things back on course? How do we restore the natural order of things? Bring the family back. When more fathers and mothers are in healthy marriages, together, in one household then we can properly raise the babies and teach men how to be men and women how to be women. The father is the foundation of the family the same way the sun is the foundation of the solar system. The father is the glue that holds the family together the same way the sun is the glue that holds the solar system together. Imagine the universe with no sun? The planets wouldn’t have any direction; they would just float off into space. This is what’s happening to our kids now. They have no direction; they are just floating around aimlessly not even knowing who or what they are. These kids are watching us so the change we want to see we have to be.

Peace and Love,

Charlamagne Tha God

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  • Gemz

    Also there is Matthew 24:42&43. Watch & pray.

  • Bumpy Genitalia


  • Anonymous

    You are telling the Truth, and I def respect what you saying and why you are stating this. We are def living in the last days, not many people in the public eye will point that out. The media, including music, is desensitizing the minds of the people, especially the youth (take the anti-religious actions, pictures and symbolism in Jay z-, kanye, rhianna, beyonce, and lady gaga’s music and videos) These things and images are in plain sight but some of us knowingly reject them to live the “life” that we want to live. Ignorance is bliss to some, and I am def not excluding myself. check out http://www.vigilantcitizen., that’s some real stuff on there, all you have to do is research and open your eyes as well as your minds.

  • Moving Sideways

    I seriously can’t tell if this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, or if this is just a clever set up to get people like me riled up enough to write a comment.

    Bible quotes…War in Africa…Census stats…Homosexuality…Fatherhood

    I could spend my time calling basically everything in this blog bullshit separately, but in the interest of brevity I’ll only pick out one of them.

    In paragraph two you bring up wars around the world. Honestly, people have been fighting wars around the world since the first tribe of hunters fought off a different tribe of hunters. Shit, even in biblical times (which you seem so fond of quoting) they were killing each other all the fucking time. You think that shit was all peaches and cream back in Jesus’ day, people living in perfect harmony? The difference is now we have war reporters, global travel, and the internet telling you about all this stuff 24-7. So I’d say you should probably start watching VH1 and stop watching CNN, unless you can put it into prospective.

  • Jez

    That was the most retarded shit i’ve heard in a long time. Even for a hiphop-blog that shit was stupid.

    • Pete from Harlem

      How and why was that retarded and stupid?

      • W. J. Rice

        He’s pushing religious dogma and it’s thinly veiling sexist, homophobic and ignorant rhetoric.

        See the posts below for why this article is essentially Alex Jones-type fear mongering.

        • Notorious AGC

          said the homosexual named W. J. Rice

  • these posts are racist

    This is the most ignorant shit I have ever read. When has there ever not been war and tragedy on earth? People have ALWAYS said the “end is near…” When has there ever been a time of peace or lack of natural disaster on Earth? Are you serious?

    Also, this bigoted lack of understanding of socilization and gender roles you speak of is just pure ignorance man. Bigoted, ignorance.

  • ri067953

    I am a Christian but always disagree when somebody says that we are in the last days. I mean, war has been ongoing and will always be a constant in our world. I mean, WWII happened and the world didn’t come to an end. There have been conflicts all over the world, that were never exposed because lack of technology. During the 70′s and 80′s, homosexuality was on the rise, and yet we are still here.

    The arguments will alwasy be the same, but for some reason, I beleive the human race will never cease to exist.

  • General

    Ah damn not the end of days shit again…

    You know somebody was giving this same speech probably every year for the last 3000 years…

    The way you put together your argument reminds me of how Fox puts together their “news”. Use random quotes, statistics and complete speculaton, tie it together and deliver a conclusion meant to scare the masses…

    First off wars have been going on forever. Earthquakes and natural disasters? Again been going on forever. Homosexuality? Might want to study history, because again that shit has been going on since the begginning of mankind.

    I don’t watch VH1 and do watch CNN already, but still find nothing credible in your argument. Where we differ is that instead of CNN and the bible, you might want to add a little more reading (especially history) into your diet of information for the future…

    • whoa

      So true this article is an insult to pur intelligance

  • these posts are racist

    Are you saying there was a period free of war and Natural disaster without homosexuals where all men acted like “men” and all women acted like “women”?

    • Anonymous

      u made a damn good point my dude

  • Sha

    FlameThrower 5.0!!!!

    Anyone that buys into this type of bullshit, please…. Do us a favor…. KILL YOURSELVES ALREADY!!

    To me, there is only ONE GOD! Not these fake dudes and prophets that claim to “See Signs” and shit. If God wanted you fake asses to deliver us that message he would have put some prophet “Sandals” on you and sent you several years back.

    This world has been “BEAUTIFUL AND SHITTY” for as long as I can remember. There are no signs of the end. It will happen when it happens.

    Hey Charlamagne!!! Stop smokin’ that shit!

    This shit feeds the same dumb assed mentality our people have been fed for years.

    The Church is everything!!!

    Day Dream and Watch TV!!!!

    Step on a Crack and Break your mother’s Back!!!

    Fuck that “end of the world” sign carrying bullshit. I can’t wait to see God. But only he knows when I’m going. And fuck whoever doesn’t agree. Dummies!!!

  • SMH

    …says charlamagne tha GOD?? that’s pretty blasphemous. check yourself before u warn others.

  • The hate that hate made

    You see the haters come out the wood work like termites when you speak the truth.

    Their have never been wars, famine, death destruction, and a spirit of hate like there exist in the world today.

    This shyt is gonna burn, and there is no cure for this disease.

    • W. J. Rice

      “Their have never been wars, famine, death destruction, and a spirit of hate like there exist in the world today. ”

      Do your history playa

      Alexander the Great/Destroyer’s campaign
      Rome’s campaigns
      Ancient Egypts Campaign
      the REAL Charlemagne the Great
      The Crusades

      There hasn’t been one Iota of war in comparison to those 5 war campaigns.

    • Moving Sideways

      Oh, word? Never been this bad before?

      Smallpox, Black Plague, Potato Famine, WWI, WWII, Civil War, Inquisition, Crusades, Khmer Rouge, Holocaust, Typhoid Fever, Mongol Hordes, Cholera, Vietnam War

      Yeah, stuff sure sucks now.

      • W. J. Rice

        Exactly what I’m saying. It has been far worse. It’s actually the best it has been in the last 2000 years

    • kASSEEM

      “The hate that hate made”, YOU HAVE PROVEN YOURSELF TO BE A FUCKIN’ IMBECILE.

  • Anonymous

    you should never argue with a fool

  • PerfectPoints357

    Realest article I’ve read on XXL in a long time shout to Charlamagne for puttin it down. We as a people should be much farther along than what we are right now. When I say people I dont mean black, white or brown I mean as a species. There has been no evolution of our species we have evolved technologically but as a people we have been stagnant for a very long time. Look at our resources, every resource needed by man to survive has been provided by God but man in his feable attempt to be God has perverted those resources to the point that they are a threat to our lives. We must wake up and realize the error of our ways or forever be lost these are our last days.

  • W. J. Rice

    Your argument is unsubstantiated when put into proper context with our civilization. Your views are outdated and smell of the 1950 perspective of gender roles and homosexuals.

    I have been studying Political history and religious history for 15 years and in short:

    1. There has been far more wars over the last 3,000 years than now

    2. Homosexuality has been historically documented during Greek and Roman time

    3. There have been far more natural disasters with far more devastating effects over Earth’s pre-human period.

    4. “Yes, turn off VH1 and turn on CNN and you will see that it is going down.” Turn off VH1 BUT definitely turn off CNN. CNN is apart of the American media driven machine. Watch BBC news over CNN. CNN only pushes an American agenda. BBC pushes it’s own agenda but it’s coverage on America is far more unbiased than CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. (I’m from America, I should know).

    5. Your argument about single mothers is not just statistically/historically inaccurate but it makes you sound sexist, homophobic, and ignorant.

    6. “You people think God is Satan and Satan is God.” I’ve been following you for years and did additional research on you as a radio personality. You sound like a hypocrite or at the minimum, do as I say, not as I do type.

    7. “Estrogen is the New Testosterone, Testosterone is the New Estrogen.” Your claim that niggas are basically soft because they’re raised by women is not statistically backed up. Men raised by women are statistically more likely to engage in violent acts and/or less violent but equally illegal activity.

    8. Your religious dogma has been deemed historically irrelevant when given the fact that it was written 2000 years ago and everything in it proclaiming the End of Days has come and gone. This era is just another cycle of the same thing.

    • KASSEM

      PREACH THAT SHIT!!! Charlemagne you need to read some books or something… Go talk to the 5%ers or something…


    Life has been a tough experience for all of us, we’ve all ben thru sumthin.. I use2 say tht man tht go2 prison a thug n***a and come change after doing a bid was soft r weak r sumthin. My model for life use b Sex,Money, and Murder, “Lost”, I was fooled in2 thinkin tht this was the way 2live. But its thru the trail nd tribulation we over come we become stronger ppl. So try and see pass the illusion like Fear,Greed,Hate,Power,EGO’s,Pride,nd Selfishness. Nd find LOVE, becuz evn wen ur lost or caught in the Lucifer grip the LORD JESUS CHRIST(YESHUA) WILL PULL U FROM IT!!! No one men nows wen the end is going to come not evn JESUS, but the its playin out rite now WE BETTA GET READY!!!


      What the bloody hell are you talkin’ about?!? Go back to school please…. don’t embarrass The Lord.

  • El Tico Loco

    I’ll put it simple and plain – If you think is the end then live it up and get it right. If you think otherwise then keep planning ahead and use the time to get it right and correct errors, cuz is neither here nor there we all die and you may not be around to see if the world actually ended or not. That means we can’t even have an office pool about this,or be like “Told ya!”. So this convo is dead.

    • W. J. Rice

      “So this convo is dead.”


  • $yk

    * tries to return popcorn at concession stand *

    • Federal Ranga

      Sorry, sir. No refunds. Lal. Would you like to exchange this for a cherry ICEE?

      What up, $yk?

  • The hate that hate made

    Open your eyes playa

    The world population was less than half of what it is now. Never was the world ever connected by planes, trains, internet, & cell phones. This is a different time, & the spirit of hate is greater that it ever was.

    “Just look @ you”

  • The hate that hate made

    I also believe that the human race will never cease to exist. The point of this article is that the human existence will change DRASTICALLY, IN OUR LIFETIME & WE WILL BE THE CAUSE…

  • The realist

    Yo thanks 4 havin da guts to speak ur ‘opinion’. Why do some of u hate his opinion so much. Did it sting dat bad. I agree man, war on terror is just another disguise for world domination. US, UK ties ‘special’. Look anyone who pays taxes should want their money benefit dem. But for some reason we pay billions to a country who has nucleur weapons and keeps innocent people in apartheid. Day of judgment is near, when evil becomes normality.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I can fuck with right here is his points on the family, but not really in relation to homosexuality. The reason you see so much homosexuality today is because of the continued progress of Civil Rights. Ancient Greeks had been up in each others asses. And as a black man, you should do a little research on Gay Rights and how it relates to your rights. You mean to tell me, that this asshole Matthew, is some kind of prophet, because 2,000 years ago, he predicted that nations are going to rise up against other nations? And all the war that has been going on since has been alright, just regular ‘fuck it’ war? But now, war is some sort of sign of the apocalypse? Or did he just see that war is inevitable and he can make a name for himself and probably got money and ass for talking some shit? Maybe like you’re doing right now? Maybe if you got your head out of the fucking Bible, you might realize that religion is the number one reason people hate each other. I mean, we have Christians hating Christians, Jews hating Jews, and Muslims hating Muslims, all because they interpret their religious texts differently. I look into a man’s heart and mind to see who he is, and if his mind is set-up on HIGHLY EDITED and highly uncreative writings from 2,000 years ago, I see a sucker. A sad sucker. But make your money, I’ll see YOU at the stripclub.

  • sway-z

    Definitely on point with the father figures missing, I feel that, but black people quoting the bible is like an oxymoron.

    That religion ain’t nothing but what they used to suppress and keep the downtrodden in check. One of the first slave ships was called Jesus, I mean gimme a break. We had our own culture and belief system until we were made to believe something else. What better way to make a slave think his suffering on Earth has some higher meaning than to promise him “heaven” when he dies and “hell” if he tries to escape? I’m more worried about niggas trying to turn that into a self-fulfilling prophecy than anything else…

    • W. J. Rice

      Co-Sign that shit my nig

    • render

      no pun but CHUUUURCH

      Why the fuck are yall praying to jesus in the first place? Because European colonizers raped your lands, put you in chains, and said you deserved it because you didn’t worship christ

      You wanna believe in the Bible, or the Quran or the Torah then feel free to. If that shit gives you guidance and strength and makes you a better human being then more power to you.

      But get the fuck outta here with that times square, end is near bullshit. These enlightened preachers are funny as hell…thinking they’re tuned into some higher truth when they’re just as ignorant and stuck in a box as the people they judge

  • Caino

    Damn this is a dumb, ignornat sexist, homophobic article……………sad real sad.

    Fear = control, remember that peeps!!

    read your history….in fact just read people!

  • smojo

    thank you sway-z!
    you nailed that shit, all religions are a spell on mankind that we SERIOUSLY need to shake the fuck off. it’s what divides us as people. you honestly think you would still believe in that shit if you were born in korea? or what about india? No. you absorb the culture that you’re raised in.
    with all the countless number of religions out there, if yours is the right one, how could so many other people on the planet be wrong? and then burn in hell for it? it’s absolutey ridiculous that we as people in the 21st century, believe in these fairy tales. it’s the biggest scam the illuminati/bilderbergs have pulled off yet. whoever mentioned that we are stagnant as a culture is on the money as well. it’s time to smarten the fuck up people.

  • smojo

    thank you sway-z!
    you nailed that shit, all religions are a spell on mankind that we SERIOUSLY need to shake the fuck off. it’s what divides us as people. you honestly think you would still believe in that shit if you were born in korea? or what about india? No. you absorb the culture that you’re raised in.
    with all the countless number of religions out there, if yours is the right one, how could so many other people on the planet be wrong? and then burn in hell for it? it’s absolutey ridiculous that we as people in the 21st century, believe in these fairy tales. it’s the biggest scam the illuminati/bilderbergs have pulled off yet. whoever mentioned that we are stagnant as a culture is on the money as well. it’s time to smarten the fuck up people.

  • Face Phoenix

    To tell the truth I enjoyed the post because it is talking a relevant subject. People often dismiss the last days as some superstitious supernatural farce but so did people in Noah’s Day. The state the world is in is worse and better than it has ever been. We have the ability to unite as people and truly do good for ourselves as a whole but we also seem obsessed with finding new ways to destroy ourselves. Just recently a new stealth bomber was designed and ready for production by defense contractor BAE Systems’ named Taranis and what makes Taranis so different is that it is a unmanned vehicle capable of spanning the globe without being detected. Many people just can’t fathom the power we possess. We have for the first time in human history the ability to kill on a unprecedented scale. We are able to kill every living thing on Earth several times over with the stockpile just in the U.S. & China. This is a scary time to live in from the social norms of today as to the sheer fragility of world politics. To ignore or not recognize these simple truths is not ignorance it is foolish. We war machines like Taranis and other devices NO one can afford to not take these critical days lightly.

    • W. J. Rice

      I hear what your saying but your example (“People often dismiss the last days as some superstitious supernatural farce but so did people in Noah’s Day”) is not historically founded.

      • Non Stick Mom

        LOL you must realize that every early civilization has a story of the flood! Silt deposit of soil only found on the edges of the earth opposite of each other are gathered in one spot… I would laugh at you but I gotta smh on this one…. The things we say in an attempt to be right

        • Non Stick Dad

          A great flood that covered the entire earth has NEVER BEEN PROVEN BY SCIENCE – That is a fact.

  • Anonymous

    Bullshit. The signs that your referring to have been happening for centuries. Theres always been wars or rumors off wars. There have allways been famine and natural disaster. And your opinion about homosexuality is based on false information.

  • Gotta Wonder

    Hmmmm….If anything I must say is, The Governments of the World are fucking Thieves, Murderers, and, barely give a fuck about the people. They don’t mind the poor getting poorer, or the Rich getting wealthy than before, or the Middle Class working man carrying the Rich and Poor, and, our Full of Shit Governments on their back. I say its getting harder out here in this Cold, Cold world. All we can do is stay focus, wise your mind and prepare yourself for many storms to come of more coldness.

  • Stan-Layy

    Anything i could have said has already been said. Whether I agree with this blog or not at least we are having this discussion. There used to be a time when you couldn’t have these debates without the threat of being labeled blasphemous and burned at the stake. Unfortunately in some parts of the world that word is just as deadly as it was a thousand years ago. It’s time for man to truly respect one another. I once heard a man number how many religions were on the earth, the answer was 6 billion.

  • Tasha

    Amen Give Glory to God. That is very impressive & well spoken

  • ThaHandyman

    Yeah your name is blashphemous,check yourself,but you have some truth here.


    nice write. the guest bloggers are killing it. literal and figuritive. wants and needs. if half of america could tackle the meaning behind those words we woould be in good shape.

  • Chiliz

    Spiritually & uplifting reading.May God bless & protect us.

    Aids,poverty,illiteracy,teen-pregnancy,women abuse,terrorisim,developed countries vs third countries,all these taboo subjects etc need 2 be tackled head on.

  • abdulnasir

    er… what conflict is going in Saudi Arabia?

  • Nbrown

    Charlemagne you should think about what your gonna say before you say it and make sure you do research before you post something like that again. I can see where you’re trying to go but you lack the intelligence to convey your message to the masses. BTW I’m sure you meant to insert Iran instead of Saudi Arabia. There are so many things you left out.

  • avenger xl

    Now I understand why this dumb piece of crap got canned for his radio job. For his second banana shock jock bullshit. Dude is just another homophobe and dooms day theorist go get a job on fox news or something. But save your biblical theorizing for another site this is a hip-hop site or at least it pretends to be a hip-hop site stick with the script and if you must vary be more creative than the world is ending and you can prove it. Nigga Please! you sound like someone who belongs on the 700 club next thing you know you’ll be talking about how demons caused the hatian earthquake by doing windmill breakdance moves on the island. COME ON SON! get the fuck outta here with this garbage post

    On top of that you call yourself c the god, isn’t that a bit contrary to your religious bent dumbass?


    I had to read it again,

    true, this is a hip hop site but alot of hip hop heads need to be informed. No, not the deep concsious i’m underground i live in my back pack type dude, but the average hip hop fan. as a journlist, you have to know your audience. again, a lot of hip hop heads or smarter than the average peolpe only write for themsevles.

    i don’t think its homosexuality, i think it does have alot to do with the family and our morals. I do think a lot of the confuison of today, the out in the open ignorance that you guys complain about in music from various artist comes from the home. Yall talkin ish about this now BUT once hip hop release the first gay mc, the out in the open gay mc, then you guys will be on anotha soap box.

    We do need balance. That energy needs to be harnested and blanced. What we are going thru today is similar to what we’ve gone thru in the past. It reminds me of the matrix, its what you do on the brink of extenstion that determines a species character. Have faith…

  • Escobar9300

    Man this blog continues to be flat out trash. The shit is soft son. XXL, please stop force-feeding us bullshit bloggers and even more bullshit bloggers. Time to give “Tha God” the fuckin boot. PS Son, for someone hawking religious rhetoric, it may not be a good idea to be calling yourself “Tha God”, maybe “Tha Fraud” is better suited for you.

  • The hate that hate made

    All of you haterz must be flaming homosexual who don’t understand why you do what you do, lost spirits with no meaning to life accept the carnal tendancies you can’t control. Blame everyone else for you problems, and why you’re the way you are. But I’m not throwing stones cause I’m not without sin, and I accept all just as they are. My point is if you don’t believe in a greater power, WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN? WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING WHEN YOU SPIRIT LEAVES YOUR BODY? DO YOU THINK YOU DEEDS HERE IMPACTS THE AFTER LIFE?

  • W. J. Rice

    Why did you resort to name calling, nigga?

    What does a “believing in a greater power” have to do with this article besides circumstantially?

    Charlie is pushing a judeo-christian rhetoric thinly veiled over undertones of sexist, homophobic, and ignorant logic to support this End of Days dogma which has proven to be historically irrelevant given that fact that over the last 2000 years of the Common Era all of these signs existed time and time again.

  • Notorious AGC

    Clearly this WJ Rice is a homosexual hiphop fan who took MAD offence to the man acting like men and woman acting like woman because he was probably raised by his mother and got too defensive on the homosexual subject as you can tell by the 9.343 comments hes flooded the comment section with. I CO-SIGN C tha dude

    • W. J. Rice


      Sure nigga. I actually was raised by both my parents and I’m not gay. I took offense to this religious bullshit being shoveled like it’s the truth.


    If a day to God is said by man to be be a thousand years. One has got to wonder if maybe after all theses days God has witnessed. That God is growing tiresome of our pathetic self centered ways. Time to pull the plug? We do not Love each other as sisters & brothers. We hate due to color still. We are ruled by class. We sell our Soul for money (man made evil magic) … When I was a kid I wanted to be a hero. I’ve lost so much compassion for human beings. I am now a villain lost in translation. When I think of the elite’s plan in action today of depopulation. It’s sad to think or even agree it would be good for Earth. The only problem is: WE ARE THE ONES THEY WANT AWAY. After all the Hate they orchestrated. In association with Divide & Conquerer we followed. We do not need money, status, rulers. We – You – I Need Love. All ours laws today are a confusing web of control. Ten Commandments is very simple. Lets Get Free – Raise our babies, the Government doesn’t create them, we do. Place power in the people, a Real Republic. Praise a higher power (God) if your Christian find Jesus, Islamic follow Muhammad (all religion etc.). Good energy creates good things. “That which you want for yourself, seek for mankind.” – Qur’an … the light I saw wasn’t light at all, come to find, I’ve ran into the dark to far. Peace

  • Caino

    If this was more about family morals then it would be a good blog, but it turned into fear and a bit homophobic!!

    Maybe when people have a baby together, they dont bail out at the first sign of trouble!! My mom & pops been together 45 years!!! If kats nowadays put that much dedication into a relationship when children are involved then we might have more 2 parent families!!

    Instead girls act like bitches, and men cant deal with their own responsibility , someone quoted nas above 2nd childhood, and thats what its like, noone wants to grow up anymore!

  • maximus 32

    I may not agree with all of what you said but it is good to see somebody doing some critical thinking. Don’t just accept things for what they are and say fuck it. With that said, dudes need to go back to wearing bigger clothes…relaxed fit man…modern t-shirts are cool but make sure it has the right manly cut. If you like girls and only girls…dress like a man. And stop letting your little seeds wear that stuff. If you paying the bills and buying their clothes, they should wear what you buy them. Long ass hair…tight ass pants but you a man? That shit is disturbing.

    • whoaaa

      i feel u on the tight clothes but i was just telling somebody in court today that im glad the baggyclothes thing is out. long tee shirt, wristbands, baggy ass pants. that shit wasnt too cool



  • uhh yea?

    Sooo being raised by woman turns lil boys into flamers and subsequently lil girls into bull-dikes? LOL!! I’d LOVE to hear your analogy on single father households…….

  • Another thing

    I’d be willing to bet about half of these masc, macho, tough guys (who may or may not have been raised by a single parent) are on the DL getting rammd by some cross dressing single mother raised child. Your right, america has become too accepting. Maybe we should go back to how it was when we first settled, abolish the consitution, and start taking out anybody different. Much like the aforementioned countries in Africa you speak of..

  • DUB

    Okay, if it really is ending, one question…

    Can I have your stuff?

  • Anonymous

    i’ma dog i know it and i’m not gonna change but i’ma stand up guy that will take care of his kids even tho i don’t have any its not about everyone its about u and the things u do for other people and the conviction u have while doing it i couldn’t careless wat the next man does by no means does that describe me i don’t fall into anyone else’s category of how they percieve the world

  • stop bruh

    fags,wars, famines and earthquakes have been around since day 1. we just have internet and shit now that sheds light on those things

  • http://yahoo nobody

    keep kickin’ that truf homie. u dumb muthafuckas in denial need to stop sleepin’ on ya mans. with that said, sure there’s been wars and fags since the beginning of time. that gay shit just all of a sudden became accepted these last 15 – 20 years. and now the way it’s glorified is quite sickening. no offense to the punks out there, but if you gay, be secure in your gayness. nothin’ worse than a she-boy on fire. keep that shit behind closed doors. like ya’ll used to. and you’re right about wars. sure, there’s been wars since the birth of civilization. but never like how it is in current times. people give the baphomet way too much power now. remember, he rules the air. so you wonder why all of this bullshit thats devoid of Godliness is so rampant in society. as we speak, they’re preparing the concentration camps all over the world. look it up niggas!! the plan is enslavement of billions upon billions by the elite. all that is needed is the right conditions. (i.e. stock market crash, large scale simultaneous terrorist attack or natural disaster)…and BANG!! martial law is kickkin down ya front door. my niggas, PLEASE inform yourselves. get on that google and youtube ’cause the information is out there. if i’m lyin’ i’m flyin’. and the brotha here is firmly grounded. the elite has this shit on lock. and them muthafuckas is just waitin’ for that one moment. and believe me, it’s gonna SHOCK THE WORLD. but of course, we’ll be chillin’ like just before. 9-11 and then…it will happen. when?…who knows. but know, ITS GOIN DOWN!! sober up my niggas. gather your guns. and be ready to die for your land and fam. i got my shit world. is ya’ll ready?…Godspeed peoples. love

  • http://yahoo Anonymous

    Wow…Nobody, I’m feeling that shit for sure. Bill Cooper been saying that for thirty-five plus years. (RIP) The dude’s not bullshitting. The N.W.O. is on the way. People get ready!!!

  • Anonymous

    Am in Kenya and there’s no war here, the murder rate in New York is probably higher than the whole of Kenya….

  • TORI

    Just because most of you believe what this dude is talking is shit it does not mean it is an excuse to dismiss all that has been said.

    Regardless of the past this world we live in is cruel and society is fucked, the only ones we can blame are ourselves its time we as humans and as a people stood together and made this world something to be proud of.

    Look at the bigger picture as MJ said “If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change”

    Those words could never be more true.

    Instead of sitting here cussing maybe if we all acted on our words shit would get done.

  • lookadeez

    Glad other people came in with commone sense.

    By the tone of this Charlamagne, I imagine, and Armageddon to your career is coming, so you want company in your misery. Now all of a sudden, after a “career” of being basically a lapdog, and gossip whore, YOU all of a sudden are the messenger of prophets. You and Tila Tequila “know stuff”. SMH… pitiful that you would even spread this bullshit to your fellow dumbasses. DO you know what they may be driven to do behind such basic rhetoric? Well, it’ll be on your hands buddy.

  • Velouria

    You’re just as misogynistic as Paul.

    Religions have been the cause of fighting and disruption through history. It isn’t only recently. It is when people move beyond what is good and evil and realize that the world we live in is more important to life than anything we cannot prove – only then will we begin to see peace.

    You are NOTHING like Jesus.