Top 5 Movie-Inspired Music Videos – Better Than the Original?

The Whoridas “Talkin Bout Bank”

Chances are that you have NO idea who the Whoridas are and that’s cool. You don’t really have a reason to, but they had a few jams. Their inclusion in this list is thanks to their spot-on remake of Pulp Fiction, complete with wigs and mustaches. Surely, y’all are familiar with Pulp Fiction and seeing these dudes dressed up like John Travolta and Samuel Jackson is kinda awesome.

Donwill’s “Laura’s Song”

I don’t really have to tell you why this video is on the list do I? Seriously, now… Don Cusack in High Fidelity is available in stores and on Itunes now!


Alicia Keys “Teenage Love Affair”

Man, Alicia Keys looks good and when she is bopping down the sidewalk in that long shot with her homegirls she’s REALLY looking good…. What was this about again? Oh, yeah, movie inspired videos. This is a cool take on School Daze and those of you who remember gawking at Tisha Campbell when the movie dropped have to admit, Alicia has the same effect.

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  • Chiliz

    2pac’s “Aint mad @ cha” “Scarface”intro movie-inspired music video is the sh*t 2 me.
    Damn i miss u homie!!!!!

  • 6ix

    The Firm-firm biz = Reservoir Dogs (not better than the original but enjoyed it)

    The scene when they’re talking about the heist and start play fighting in the office.

    Also Busta Rhymes- Put your hands where my eyes can see = Coming to America (enjoyed just as much)

  • BossGame

    I spoke on that Watch for the hook on the last post. That song went hard as hell.

    Ashanti had one that was based om Good Fellahs(Can’t remember the song’s name.

  • mattitaly

    Lil scrappy feat. lil jon – no problem inspired by training day was cool!

  • alicia

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  • DV8

    all good choices

    im sure there will be one where we all will be like “oh snap i forgot about that one”.

  • AZ40

    I think it’s a good question to pose but how can you compare if you don’t remember seeing the originals? I guess some videos may be better than their film counterparts only b/c they are shorter versions which only depict the juicy or pivotal points of a film that most people have seen or know about

  • geico lizard

    I agree with everything you said about the Dungeon Family being slept on lyrically. Cool Breeze was on the Hip Hop Honors last night.

  • N treez

    young jeezy feat akon soul survivor

    Paid In Full

  • capcobra

    gotta go with cool breeze…they really were the reservoir dogs.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Donwill, you gotta watch The Blues Brothers! It’s a highly underrated Saturday Night Live movie that was a childhood favorite of mines (hell, I’d watch it again if it came on tv). Car crashes, shoot-outs, bumbling cops, Princess Leia going HAM, and absolutely timeless, classic music! Everything a young boy loves. Red and Meth are the shizzits so combining them with that movie made for a dope ass video.

    I would vote for Red and Meth, but I’ll need to see the other videos and some of the movies they’re based on.

    Fun post, bro!

  • Lowedwn

    Donwill, props for showing love to Tha Whoridas man. I also loved thet video for “Shot Callin” where they re-did the A-Team.

    I know some people wil have something to say, but one of my faves was Puffy’s(pre-Diddy) video for Victory w/ The Running Man theme.

  • EmCDL

    Damn, thats the first time I seen that Alicia Keys video; she fine as all hell. I remember that Cool Breeze song too, ish go hard still to this day.

  • Dee El

    Who don’t know who the Whoridas are!! Hobo Junction wasn’t no joke,even though they got served by Heiro on the wake up show. Don, you know exactly who the demographic is for XXL good call on that…it’s some older gods on here though!!!

    Dee El Sends

  • young h

    The Def Squad Full Cooperation clip paid homage to 3 eddie murphy movies, one for each verse

  • megulito

    isnt that astrid from fringe?? in that donwill song? don can you confirm?