Stick To Hip Hop, Please

Not gonna lie; “Under Pressure” sucks balls. Its unfinished nature sucks. Dr. Dre’s doofy, Wyclef Jean-style “Sak Pase” line sucks. Jay-Z’s #FakeDrake rapping sucks. That hip-house beat sucks. Hell, even those tagged, annoying screams from my NMC brethren sucks.

The fucking thing sucks.

What really sucks, though? That underwhelming feeling the hip hop collective experienced upon first listening to the track. I mean, this was supposed to be the gateway song to the album that was years in the making, the album Dr. Dre started talking about back when I was in junior college. From that long-scrapped “concept album” about a hitman that was to be narrated by Denzel Washington (no, seriously) to the time he vowed that – after he was sucker-punched at the VIBE Awards six years ago – it would come out. Then tracks that were supposedly slated for the album would pop up on other rapster’s albums. Reference tracks got leaked, with Ludacris and T.I. essentially rapping what were to be Dre’s verses. There’s even a Dr. Pepper commercial with the guy. Despite it all, we get expensive headphones, really expensive laptops and more expensive headphones with Lady Gaga and Diddy. And not one. Damn. Song.

Until yesterday afternoon.

And this is what we get in return? A hip hop version of Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction?” I’ve shitted out much harder stuff than “Under Pressure,” and they were far less painful on my bowels when I did so. If there was any shred of buzz for Detox it may have subsequently been ethered with the release of this track.

People should have seen this coming, however. Dr. Dre’s work with Jay-Z has never been groundbreaking, save for “The Watcher II” and “Watch Me.” But “The Watcher II” was a rehashed beat of the original, while Irv Gotti of all people produced “Watch Me.” I never understood how two of the most influential minds in rap can’t come together to simply make one good song, and when they do either the beat or the raps falters. In the case of “Under Pressure,” however, it’s both. Maybe it’s an age or pride thing.

Whatever the case is, the anti-climactic release of “Under Pressure” has left a few scratching their heads, some questioning and many let down. Add to the fuckery that happened in New York a few days ago (all of that for a free Hanson concert? Sheesh), and it appears that hip hop’s been having a down week. I hate to say this, but perhaps Detox should stay vaulted for a little bit longer.

Needless to say, I won’t be playing “Under Pressure” at any gigs soon.

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    I completely agree. First, we had Jay plagiarizing Young Chris flow. Now he’s on to the next, with Drake’s flow. Boooo.

  • dro

    true, I always wondered that too. Especially after the Kingdom Come flop. Its sad cuz I’m at the point where I kinda hope Detox never drops cuz it would have to be the best album in rap for it to be worth the wait and hype.

  • Dan V

    You can’t tell me that “Lost One” wasn’t the shit (even though Kingdom Come as a whole wasn’t) — the beat was absolute fire, and the verses were some of Jay’s best and most poignant in the past 5 years. And despite the fact that “Watcher 2″ was a rehashed version of the original, it’s still a classic in my book.

  • QU718

    Agreed. These two people are the reason we have to listen to this garbage. They so big in the industry but they inlfuenced by the wack shit that is out. I understand that shit is selling but that dont make it good.

  • these posts are racist

    about to get a lecture/
    you ain’t hip hop, you a turn coat defector/
    u scratch the record, i set it straight/
    you piss me off, i deficate/
    jay and dre, that’s great and great/
    you and Byron? That’s fake and fake/
    ricky bobby, no shake and bake/
    you dissin who? man, drake is great/
    am i too redundant? well so is your hate/
    Callin Drake Hanson?/
    have you heard “Randsom”?/
    The boy can spit/
    and you ain’t shit/
    he got skills, luck and charm, and I ain’t talkin Flip.

    • Meka

      how thoughtful.

    • Ron Lee

      whoever wrote that rap, WOW, you’re a dickrider. dis rap comments in the comment section of a blog? WHAT PART OF THE GAME IS THIS???

      • these posts are racist

        As opposed to a diss “comment” on a blog? Or are you cooler because you write in ALL CAPS?

  • Brooklyn

    i’ve been saying for years that “detox” wasn’t going to be all that it was cracked up to be. niggas’ expectations were far too high so anything short of a miracle will be a major letdown.

  • xplosive

    Detox = Rap’s Chinese Democracy. Lots of waiting, lots of false starts and in the end it can never live up to the expectations that the hip-hop community has established for the album. This post reiterates what I’ve been saying about this project for years and I’m sad that my predictions about this album being underwhelming are now coming true.

  • kroY weN

    Under Pressure is just the worst long waiting most anticipated collaboration of all time. If this what detox will sounds Dr.dre should just go and spend another 10 years working on a better single.
    This is pure disgrace to hip hop a slap in the face to hip hop heads. The new freshman’s of hip hop are million times better than this crap.


    it was leaked. damn. u act as if dre the perfectionist was ready to release it. jayz verse was tight. they gonna go back in and when he comes out with detox u’ll eat ur words.

    nice freestyle too.

  • uhh

    Under Pressure sounded like two old men trying to make a Black Eyed Peas song. Im not usually one to talk shit about Hov being old and shit, because when you see him rock a stage its unbelievable, but his verse on this song just sounded half-assed and tired. Dre fell off a while ago, and honestly if it weren’t for his legacy, nobody would give a shit. I guess I just can’t get excited for something like Detox, when artists like Kanye are making more interesting music than Dre is right now.

  • Josh

    “Still D.R.E.” is a Jay Z/Dre collabo and is classic.

    • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

      “Still D.R.E.” is a Jay Z/Dre collabo and is classic. Ummmm no, it’s a Snoop and Dre collabo. But yeah, it’s dope.

      • Fake Name

        Josh means that Jay-Z wrote “Still D.R.E.”

        • Josh

          ^^^Thank you.

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    People do not realize that Detox is not gonna live up to the hype. Because he can’t live up to the hype, he waited too long and put himself up against a wall. He can’t go and get the personnel that made the first 2 albums good (Snoop, Dogg Pound…I mean he could but would that be something to look forward to?)…and I just don’t see him stepping outside the box getting rappers that have buzz forreal like Jay Elec to really raise eyebrows…but, most likely it will probably be “new breed” (loosely stated) cats like Lamont and Game that will fill in duties, maybe him attempting to “show love” and grab Nip Hussle, and of course Drake will probably be on the shit, but them dudes ain’t a draw either. He would have to do some astronomical shit to really get the attention the hype he has built garners. Plus the Dre beats, save for a few, that have been other projects over these past year have been trash, especially for someone people label as a “perfectionist”, with those beats? really? yea right.

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  • LV

    *dead* @ Meka dissin Splash. Smh @ this song.


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  • Me

    This is one, unfinished song that for all we know won’t even be on the album and everyone is up in arms crying. You’re the reason hip-hop sucks. Everyone wants to have an opinion before anything official is released. SMH

  • $pence

    ^^^ preach.

  • B-Shell

    I mean honestly as Dro says Kingdom Come was the begining of the End of Jay-Z ….I’m like gracefully bow out son.. You did what you said you were going to do and now you are pointing up the proverbial middle finger up to all of the cats who are trying to come up…I don’t care how much Don P jay was sipping on reasonable doubt that muther f**r was hungry and it showed in the music.. He should have fade to black like that album… Dr.Dre had a moment to come out with Detox… But son son was scared… He cried wolf so much that now he has to put out something to stall. Honestly both of those cats are like Jordan wearing the 4 5 and that was kind of excrutiang to watch… everyone can’t be Brett Favre… That is what Jay thinks he is… Jay always eludes to people hating him.. So I guess he thinks haters are Green Bay.. And yeah the Vikings went to the NFC Championchip i.e the Blueprint 3 sold Favre still got banged the F* up… i.e The Jay I know put out “Forever Young” how lame is that song? ANd Empire state, I guess you knew you needed an anthem… .. SO now it’s the off season and voluntary practice… and N*ggas want to know if you are retiring or what? Only thing about this analogy is….. I really like Brett Favre. A lot… I used to breath Jay Lyrics like Surah or Bible scriptures….. ok I’m getting ahead of myself..

  • capcobra

    what you expect from a procrastinator and a swagger jacker?

  • zane

    maaaan fuck you. the song is dope

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  • flavorblade

    Detox doesn’t have a mission. When you listen to Chronic you hear songs like Little Ghetto Boy, that song was on a mission. G-Funk as a whole was new and so was Snoop. Every track was fresh; exciting; purposeful.

    Detox took so long to come out because Dre was looking for something to go on a mission about; and some groundbreaking freshness. However the “pressure” got to him and he just released something just using the biggest name power he could get. The tracks with Eminem will probably be lackluster to. He might even get Drake. Dre fans won’t appreciate that move, getting Drake would be like throwing your hands up; the mainstream wins. The Chronic was an underground concept that went mainstream. You can start down and work your way up, but you can’t start up and work your way down. We don’t accept that.

    Dre is wandering right now. I don’t know if he feels he has to save face, but he should just call this wac record a promo, and wait. The world is about to get real inspiring.

  • gibran

    so that’s it now Meka, you take Ivan’s sentiments and make them your blog posts?

  • Alex

    You didn’t like the jay/dre collabo “get yo money right”? …song was bananas