Slim Thug ain’t said nothing but the truth

How unfortunate that Slim Thug’s comments on why so many black women die poor and lonely became the talk of Black People Twitter the same week as the NBA Finals.

You guys know I can’t check Twitter during big sporting events, because that’s all anyone wants to talk about, and I could give a rat’s ass. It’s not that I hate sports. I’ll watch a game, if I’m at a bar putting on a drunk [||], and that’s what happens to be on TV. Even hockey, which seems more interesting to me than most sports fans would have you think, which makes me suspect that most people who watch a lot of sports don’t really care for sports, that’s just all they could think to do that doesn’t involve reading. It’s just that I don’t give a shit who’s playing, or who wins. There’s hardly anything I wouldn’t rather hear people talk about.

I bet I missed one hell of a conversation. Slim Thug’s comments struck right at the very heart of the paradox black women: their problem has to do with the fact that people don’t want to be with them, but they don’t want to do anything to make themselves more desirable. Could it be that Slim Thug is a much smarter person than I’d suspected, or is it just that he’s had a lot of bad experiences dealing with black women? Of course I’m gonna suggest the latter.

You can tell just from the level of detail. Because of my lack of relationship experience (it’s true) with women in general, and black women in particular, a lot of this shit never would have occurred to me. For example, who knew that some people get into trouble with credit card debt because they literally have no idea how to go about paying the bill. Slim Thug must have been in a relationship with a woman in this very predicament. It probably didn’t matter to her, since she didn’t have a job, or any valuable property that could be repossessed. She could let that bill for a $3,000 bag collect interest in perpetuity. Worst case scenario, she could have a kid and put her light bill in its name. Plus, a lot of places now have laws against cutting off people’s utilities just because they didn’t pay the bill, Hoop Dreams-style, which I’m sure is part of the Illuminati’s plan to make us that much more reliant on the government.

But as a guy, you don’t want to get yourself involved with someone that retarded. They could fuck around and drag you down with them. Sometimes, for my own personal amusement, I sit around and watch these personal finance shows on cable, and they’ll tell people straight up – don’t get with someone with fucked up credit. You can have sex with them, but whatever you do, don’t marry them. Because it’s just gonna fuck your credit up too. It’s something I hadn’t really thought about, until I found out that I have very good credit. It even got me a discount on the homeowner’s insurance for my house in a shanty town. It’s not like I did anything to earn it, I’m just not retarded. I’ve been carrying a credit card since I was like 12, but I’ve never carried a balance for so much as a month. Despite my fascination with rap music, I don’t have any interest at all in expense bullshit. The only Nikes I’ve ever had are the pair Dallas Penn sent me in the mail. (Not to put anyone’s business out in the street, but he’s generous like a mofo.)

If only I had a job that pays well (or at all, for that matter), I’d be set. I could get myself a woman like Slim Thug’s girlfriend. I don’t know what she actually looks like, but on paper at least, she sounds like she might be the most desirable woman possible: Halfrican American (a good thing more often than not), with white tendencies and a degree from Columbia, alma mater of Barack Obama and Vampire Weekend. Slim Thug says she knows better than to ask him for a buncha material bullshit, just because she has sex with him, but I doubt I could get a woman like that to come live with me here in my mud shack. There’s a difference between not being materialistic, and lacking any and all concern for comfort and safety.

If anything, I should be the one who’s upset. Slim Thug is getting it on with the woman who was so clearly born to be my wife, for free apparently, and I’m stuck here surrounded by women who could only ruin my already precarious financial situation. I know the stereotype is that single black women are doing so well for themselves, but the truth of the matter is that a lot of them are even worse off than I am, despite their fancy hair. According to a recent study, the median wealth for single black women is $5. That’s hardly enough to buy a $5 footlong. I just ate a $5 footlong. (Nullus.) If they learned how to make a sandwich, maybe this wouldn’t be an issue.

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  • http://xxl nguebayiha

    salut je cherche un femme ok ok ok ok

    • geico lizard

      This is why I cant see a woman ever being president of the US. Women value the wrong things. Women get emotional and rationalize anything they do as okay. Ladies thought Lorena Bobbitt was a hero for what she did while men knew that broad deserved to go to jail for attempted murder.

      This was another classic post Bol but Slim Thug did mention what men need to work on in his post too but what he said about women is all people talk about.

    • Cern

      Susan recommended me a nice community , ______ B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m ______ where black & white singles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with…. :D

  • Ahhhh $hit Bol

    “According to a recent study, the medium income of a single black women is $5.”

    That has to be one of the greatest lines I have ever read from your blogs, let alone anyones.

    It is said that 80% of the fights on the internet are of African Amercian chicks brawling. Who the hell wants to be with trash like that.

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  • these posts are racist


  • cmoney91

    Bol you are the goose who (sometimes)lay the golden message.Good work.

  • ri067953

    Least we forget that most, if not all black women are hosting the herp.

    Black women need to realize that they just need to shut up, cook something up in the kitchen and start givin oral sex more often. This would allivate the problem of them dying old and alone. They need to realize that a lot of asian, hispanic and white women were domesticated which is why most black (and other) men date them more often.

    I think a perfect example of this scenerio is that show “What Chilli Wants.” That broad is fine as hell and still can’t find a man because her standards are way too high!

  • Mike Streezy

    lmfao @ According to a recent study, the median wealth for single black women is $5. That’s hardly enough to buy a $5 footlong. I just ate a $5 footlong. (Nullus.) If they learned how to make a sandwich, maybe this wouldn’t be an issue.

    Great read! I did check that Slim Thug article out and he really put down some knowledge.
    Awesome post by both Slim Thugga and B.C.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Okay Slim thug states that black women don’t want to cook, clean, and support a man. That might be true for SOME black women but NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN. It’s funny when I was walking home I overheard a dude on a cell phone complaining about some dead beat nigga who was living for a chick rent free while she worked and took care of a child he had with another chick. So in my opinion there are many black women who are willing to cook, clean, and provide for a black man even a dead beat muthafucka. And that lies the problem that so many of black women have when complaining about not finding a black man. It’s not that their aren’t black men around, just that many of us want some chick to be either a peice of ass or our mothers while we don’t fill the role of a provider. My father always told me that no man or woman wants to be with someone that doesn’t offer anything in return and is just a burden to take care off.

    A black woman shouldn’t be considered a gold digger if she wants a partner that is willing to build a relationship together and not hold them back. Shit in every other race it is known that the when a woman introduces their boyfriend to her parents and loved ones, his occupation is always questioned in order to determine whether the man would take care of their daughter financially. Only with black people do we want black women, who I might add are seven times more likely to have a college education as well as earn higher incomes than their male counterparts, to settle for less. As a black man I refuse to tell black women to compensate. I’d rather tell black men to get on their shit ASAP.

    • Anonymous

      OMG I had to comment on THAT. The fact that black women are attending college at such a high rate accounts for why so many have the standards that they do…

  • latino heat

    you are making an unfair generalization about just black women being bad with money and credit. i was having this same conversation with someone on saturday. all women are bad with money, period.

    every women i’ve ever dated and all my female friends all have credit card debt and all blow their entire pay check a few days after they get it. then they struggle until the next check comes and try and nickle and dime me to death. the only exception i know to this is my homie’s girlfriend. the thing is shes 30 and has never moved out of her parents house. it’s pretty hard to be broke if you still live at home, although i do know for a fact that somehow some people still manage to pull it off.

    i’m not ballin by any means but i have manged to keep good credit for the last 12 years and more often then not i have a little change in the bank. just because i can balance my money and you can’t dosen’t mean you can blow your check on useless shit then come to me with your hand out. sorry ladies i don’t care what race you are or who your dating that’s not the way it works.

  • swype-matic

    Well, if you say stuff like that about any race a number of times, pretty soon, masses of ppl start to believe it. That’s called stereotyping if you have not heard of it. From my experience in dating [black, white, and mexican girls], when it comes down to it, females are females, no matter what race they are. You got the ones always down for you, have the ones that treat you like shit, you have the ones that don’t care either way, you got the ones with 3 and 4 kids from 6 different guys (???), and you got the ones whose sole purpose is to satisfy you and actually have their own mind to earn somethin’ for themselves. And its EVERY race, not just black women.

    I’ve seen white trashy girls slutin’ themselves out with a bunch of kids, I’ve seen black women do the same thing, and mexican girls too. It ain’t which race is gonna do it, it’s how the female in general is raised. Trashy or classy, down for you or don’t give a fuck, money hungry or independent—it’s every race people, and until people realize that, then this is the shit that people will continue to believe.

    • J-Hu

      ^^ Co-sign some real talk.

  • $ykotic Don McCaine

    “Dallas Penn sent me in the mail. (Not to put anyone’s business out in the street, but he’s generous like a mofo.)”


    Shouts to Billy X Sunday

    Foolish banter this blog is.

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign the shout to Mr. Dallas Penn/Billy X.

  • HU

    The fact is black men are worthless. The majority of black men have criminal records and a “playa” mentality. No black male posting above me has a college degree but they do have tattoos on their neck and call themselves Lil (fill in blank). Moreover, many black males are gay as hell nowadays.

    • swype-matic

      Hu, I know ur not an actual person making a comment, kinda like Capo-Status who just wants to start stuff, but I’ll just let you know I graduated from college this past may, with a bio degree, so kill yourself. Thanks

      • $yk

        This is what they teach in (H)oward (U)niversity? Shoul

        All of that knowledge and you STILL can’t speak to the people…ignore this fraud y’akk.


        • swype-matic

          So Howard University teaches that black men are worthless criminals. Glad that’s not where I graduated from, or I guess I would’ve agreed w/ Slim Thug and ol Bol…$yk man, I’m not sure if you were tryin’ to cap on somebody or what, cuz i can’t speak for the people.

        • $yk

          Ever since I started f^Xing with this site that dude has been throwing the same darts.

          My congrats to you is genuine.

        • swype-matic

          Man, it’s just hilarious and I just shake my head every time that dude posts somethin’ ignorant.

  • Brooklyn

    @hu, you funny. but for real though, the problem is this, niggas talk bad about black women, they don’t cook, they don’t clean, they got bad credit, they’re this, they’re that…and some are. but the truth is, ALL races of females have some like that. if you seem to keep dating sisters that don’t have respect for themselves, have bad credit, don’t have any goals or ambitions, have more kids than they have the funds to care for, etc, then maybe you should reevaluate the type of women that you’re attracted to. i’ve dated some real bird ass hoes. i’ve dated like 4 bird ass hoes in a row. i never once blamed black womanhood for those 4 bird ass hoes. i sat down, looked at the type of bitches i was fucking with, reevaluated what i wanted in a female, and then went out and found me a black woman that had her shit together.

    the truth is, if you’re attracted to that type of female, no matter what race you date, you’re gonna get that same time of female. but you’re gonna have psychologically conditioned yourself to be so hostile to black women that you’re gonna have a white, asian, or rican girl doing the same shit to you and you’re gonna take it because you’ve conditioned yourself into thinking that they’re better because they’re NOT black. my mother is a black woman, my grandmother is a black woman, my aunts are black women, and they all raised me, so i can never bad-mouth black womanhood in general, because i think those black women did a hell of a job raising me. some black women are fucked up, but so are some white, asian, greek, persian, and filipino women too. as long as you look for birds, that’s the type of females you’re gonna get, race regardless.


    Another classic piece of black self hatred from Bol.Do you think our ancesters who put their lives on the the line so we can have some rights would have ever imagine a piece of trash like Bol and Slim never had a hit Thug writing smart dumb shit like this?

    Either some Black woman has done something to them or they’re brainwashed.How does someone like Bol who apparently love alternative rock winds up writing on a hip hop site?


    A Black strong woman gave you life Bol.Who was there when you were sick or needed love?
    The more you write shit like this just gives the racist assholes more fuel.

    And to the bitch Slim Thug,try writing a hit record instead of posting misguided,dumb shit on twitter.You’re played out like grills and Mike Jones freestyles in this piece

  • ive seen it all

    the problem with most black women of lower income and education is simply intellegence ..
    most are for lack of a better word stupid they
    dont read if thy do read its a crime dime novel buy someone named isha or madame x most have become dike bait…friendship gone astray thir homes look like shit dirty dishes and all but the have three gucci bags and a fake belts they shave off half thier hair exposing the broken ear lobes from brawling over someones baby daddy they sit home and write drake lyrics in thier childs notebook and all harlem women are shaped like a bran muffin black and mild breath ass hoes lace front bitches and lyin lil black roaches musty ass bitches all smell like weed and fabreeze funky ass hoes are finished .tramp stamp hard ass hair looking like grease on ramp one eye coverd sneaky ass wheres my fuckin wallet bitches pikin up my pants buy the ankles so change can fall out deleting numbers while searchin my shit ass bitch………

    • yoprince


  • Free Speech

    dann’ Bol…you just ate a footlong? was it force fed?…..well, hopefully you refused to swallow. You’re still a man to me, no matter what they did to you Bol.

  • Chiliz

    I would’nt settle with any retarded whatevea’ just 2 murder my loniless & mess up my credit card.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    The problem that I have with Slim thug’s commment is that made it based on ignorance and denial. Not once did he mention that there are black women who are successful and willing to support their black spouses in an relationship or that there are black men who spend their money on frivalious shit like rims and jewelry as well as the black women he claimed do this. More importantly he did not in any way provide some type of recommendation to helping black women securing a black man. All he did was talked about the thrills of being with a women whose is at least partially white.

    One thing that I’ve noticed is that the black men that claimed that white women are better than black women really aren’t worth a shit to begin with. Yeah dude sold a million records before (who the fuck didn’t like 7 years ago?) but basically Slim thug really hasn’t made shit. Just like Yung Berg and Bol, Slim acts like he can make blantant disrespectful comments about black women as if he constantly feinds off the cream of the crop because he’s worthy of nabbing white women. The women you attract are based on the type of person you present yourself to be. If your the kind of person who used to ditch class, freestlye in hallways, sell drugs on the side, and focused on fucking chicks, then your going to attract broads that aren’t educated or career oriented who also are unfocused in building a relationship while being poor at budgeting their finances. Your not going to attract a black woman whose educated, with a stable career, and willing to please a bum because they expect much more in a partner. And that shouldn’t be a bad thing because every black man should expect as much or more for themselves and not what a woman should do for them that they could do themselves.

    Maybe that’s the message that SLim should have made in his comment. Instead of saying “any bit of white is alright for a suitable spouse for a black man, “he could have said “Both black women and black men need to expect more of themselves as being mentally and financially mature partners in a relationship without abusing each other.” A black woman or man with financial problems or immature tendancies can find a loving partner just as long as he or she is willing to work on those problems and their partner is understanding enough to work with dealing with it. So that black women Slim described to spent thousands of dollars on a purse find a man to form a long relationship with.

  • ben irons

    This post has been an eye opener; I’ll add it to my :).

  • steezolini

    did rap not teach you anything.
    money over bitches.
    are black women women or just black women?
    human first, sex next, race last…it’s 2010.

  • hater

    its not black women, its black people; they all got bad credit, to many babies, and grow up wanting to be more Gucci! than Barack. REAL TALK

  • icon (trillbert arenas)

    Bol just ate a footlong cockmeat sandwich (n/h), (c) “Harold and Kumar 2″

  • BlackCowboyBurt1953

    Like I give a crap about some dumb rapper(isn’t that an oxymoron?)who,if it weeren’t for his ability to get people even dumber than he to buy that garbage he calls “music,”would be9back?)in prison or shot be other gangstas or even dead.
    As for black women,the reason this boyishly handsome,
    57-year-old (July 6)black Canadian lad is into buxom blondes is that most black women are fat,fugly,b***hy,frigid or in many cases,ALL FOUR!!!

  • banker

    funds on deposit > credit card limit

    Saving money is the real hustle, some people are just to stupid to realize it.

    Pay your taxes, nigga you hustl’n backwards. HOV

  • anutha_level

    no words for this…

  • Arlene

    I feel sorry for black men. You guys are a lost cause. Why not just go hang out on strormfront.

    Black men marry at an even far lesser rate than black women and are killed and incarcerated at a rate far higher than white and even hispanic men.

    Brothas will never get it together because everything is always the white man’s fault or the black woman’s fault.

    You all take responsibility for nothing… not even your OWN lives.

    • $yk

      You don’t have to feel sorry for me. I’m doing quite well.

      Are you one of those women who have never seen a black male succeed, especially one that you grew up with? Or the ones you know dog you out because they see you for who you truly are and treat you accordingly? I hate to burst your bubble, BUT ALL BLACK MEN ARE NOT THE SAME.

      You statement is just as bad as the blog and the original statements. Why don’t YOU go play in traffic? And please do it soon so we can give your spot to a female who truly deserves it.

  • westcoastaggie

    You just gotta let go of the past my dude. You gotta quit bashing our fellow black sisters. We have a right to like who we like but come on. At least give em the respect they deserve.

    And that study you referred to is very flawed.

  • What about the men

    Why is it that every black man that speaks of black women being single and why they prefer this race over black women, they never say why they need a women to do all of those things for them in the first place. They never stay what they contribute and bring to the failed relationship with black women they’ve dated. It is always black woman don’t cook, they always nag, they got attitudes….Well what in the world are you doing to keep up your end of the relationship, they never say I was working paying all the bills or I wasn’t just laying on my azz the whole time.

    That kills me, every time it’s what black women do wrong. I hate the fact that articles like this and black men that have had bad experiences dating the same kind of tired azz black women give the good black women a bad name. I am a good black woman with a college degree, no kids, and two jobs (not because I need two) please STOP putting every black woman down because you’ve had bad experience. Promote self-love for blacks not hate.

  • $yk

    Until we realize that we don’t choose our representatives, our representatives are chosen for us, we will always be searching and reaching for “the right one”.

    We will never be contempt until we get that “co-sign”.

    There are flaws on both sides. But it’s 2010 and we’re still falling for ancient Chinese secret, divide and conquer tactics.

    A lite skinded brother saying something about Black women. All they need is another reason to ban rap in TX.

  • EF Cuttin

    Blog after blog on this subject,I see the same thing, women mad at what was said then saying in the same breath that black men are this and black men are that.You are doing the very thing that you are supposedly mad about, GENERALIZING!!!! Whether U like it or not,the woman described by Slim Thug not only exists but is found in high numbers in our community,but if U wanna stick your head in the sand and pretend we’re just picking on U go ahead,you’re only proving Slim’s point…

  • Dpg

    No [] after “generous like a mofo.” U Fag.

  • mav

    byron you got issues for real xxl is on some bullshit wit this one and this nigga said he gotta fascination wit rap yeah a fascination wit hatin it u talk all kinda shit about legends

  • BlackCowboyBurt1953

    mav,are “legends” rappers who’ve been shot at least 10 times and/or arrested at least 25 times for felonies?

  • Mukeye

    Why even dignify these stupid men with elaborate comments? They were frozen in time intellectually between child and adolescent stages.

    They are not deserving of an intellectual discussion because they have no capacity to get it.

  • Plubschristeen

    get with confident for less