Slaughterhouse x Eminem = ???

I love teams in rap. There’s something about a team’s chemistry that makes me nod my head a little harder whenever I’m bumping their songs. When the members of said team is on the same wavelength, the results are almost always spectacular. The Wu-Tang Clan had it during their run. Ghostface Killah and Raekwon still have it. Mobb Deep also had it during theirs. Jadakiss and Styles have it and still use it at nigh neck-snapping levels. Big Boi and Andre 3000 would still do it, had they not split up and Three Stacks started singing. Some of my favorite rising talents have shown flashes of it as well. U-N-I, Pac Div, TiRon and Ayomari and Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar do it, and they all do it well.

That said, I think the group “model” has faded quite a bit in the past few years, much like my faith in Nigeria’s chances of making it to the next round in the World Cup [1] (you disappoint me, Super Turkeys). I’ve felt that due to financial or egotistical constraints most teams ultimately dissolve, leaving a lot of disappointed fans and even more “what ifs.” So after seeing something like Slaughterhouse form together, I initially approached the idea with skepticism. Four disgruntled rappers from four different parts of the States coming together; it was only a matter of time before something would go wrong.

To my surprise that hasn’t happened yet, and I’m actually quite pleased to see that they seem to be signing with the house Jimmy Iovine built. Optimistic as I am, however, I’m still not convinced that this idea will work on a mainstream level. True, Joe Budden, Crooked I, Royce Da 5’9” and Joell Ortiz can rap circles around nearly anybody, and a four-person team composed of that much talent hasn’t been seen since the first version of The Firm. But in an era where the group has taken a backseat, I fear that Slaughterhouse will look more like another D-12 instead.

Then again, not too many people care about the “group” ideal in the first place because the group model as we knew it doesn’t exist anymore; instead it’s just a guy rolling around with his far less talented weed carriers. Rick Ross’ crew aren’t known for anything outside of that one guy getting cold clocked in Queens. I can’t even tell you the name of that female that wasn’t in Danity Kane that’s now a part of Dirty Money. And while Slaughterhouse is loaded with spitkickers many heads felt that Joe was the weakest link, with some going so far as to edit his verses out of the album.

With that said, I want Slaughterhouse to win and break this losing streak group rap has endured for years. Aside from it being redemption for the four artists who were once considered “the future” of their respective crafts, it’d prove that it’s much needed in rap. So long as they’re not doing any “My Band”-type tracks, however…

[1] Good job, Nigeria. With your elimination, I can now go back to ignoring “football” as I’ve done so for years. Good grief.

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  • Joe

    kjshdjksahkjlh Joe the weakest link???

    Joey’s by far the’ top lyricist in Slaughterhouse.

  • hmmm?

    LOL @ the COMPLETELY unnecessary Budden diss at the end of this entirely pointless editorial. Delete Budden verses out? ROFL, I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, the fuck you hang out with?
    But really, what was your point in throwing that in there regarding Joe? Do you have Wu-Tang cock in your mouth as you type?

    • Master CHeef

      dont know where you were, doggie. tons of cats wanted joey’s verses outta there, hence the no budden version, click on the link and check the date

      maybe you got too much cock in your mouth, and that’s why all you could out for a name was hmmmm, mmmmm, hmmmm, mmgoodmm

      • hmm?

        how does Mekas dick taste nigga?

  • $yk

    Whaddups @ the board.

    I don’t expect SH to sell a gazillion units, but they stand to make some serious coin touring, maybe even squeeze a couple of rotation songs out of the deal.

    • Pierzy

      My man $yk…what’s good?

      Call me a stan, but I’ve liked almost every song I’ve heard from SH. And I think that they are stronger as a collective than some are individually…I respect the hell out of Crooked I (for example) but I am much more likely to listen to him as part of the group than an entire solo album. That’s just me.

      I really enjoy the Em/SH song too…I think they all bring it. With a hookup like Shady, they’ll get more attention than they would otherwise…if Obie Trice had been on another label, he wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much attention.

      And to $yk’s point, I’d go see Slaughterhouse in person whenever/wherever if given the chance.

      • $yk

        “With a hookup like Shady, they’ll get more attention than they would otherwise…”

        ^ arenas>>>back-pack venues

        Em’s gonna get them to write SONGS, AND they will keep Em’s rap sword sharp.

        These guys are in a good space now, congrats to them getting a right situation for their career longevity.

  • Bitchesonmydick

    Slaughterhouse blows. A bunch of punchlines with no substance. Plus they have terrible beat selection and have the annoying tendency to jump on whatever is the hottest beat of the moment, the minute it drops.

    Lil B > Joe Budden and the rest of those Slaughterhouse goons

    • Lowedwn

      WTF??? just slap urself with Lil B’s dick and STFU

    • NYC22

      You’re out of your mind. “A bunch of punchlines with no substance” ??? Are you crazy? Almost every song on the SH album had its own concept. For example, my favorite track, ‘Cut You Loose’ was about calling it quits with hip-hop because of the current state it’s in. You might say, “Yeah, NYC22, but Common already did that.” Correct, Common did, but Royce references Common’s efforts in the first verse. SH signing to Shady is epic. 4 of the best MCs in the game all coming together in the first place is beyond epic, but them signing to the label headed by the GOAT is unbelievable. I just hope they get the push they deserve.

  • wale

    have always been curious about ur name MEKA, but with the Nigeria references, i now understand were u are coming from. chukwueMeka. Igbo Kwenu

  • Drizzy

    Crooked I>Joell>Joey>Royce

  • Lo$ Angele$

    He didn’t diss Joe Budden at all if you have eyes and can READ you’d clearly see that. For people to think that Joe Budden can’t rap you must have stupid stamped on your damn forehead. Smh at that Lil B comment. It seems that you’re just a little upset. Here’s a new math problem.

    Slaughterhouse x Eminem > Your Life.

  • Ryan

    Your an idiot for not knowing why Budden’s verses were cut on the web version by some ppl… If you knew your history, u’d know that Crooked’s were cut first on another version…

    • DoeDollarz



  • Big Wig

    Seeing how far these dudes have fallen and collectively risen in their careers, it’s only right for them to finally get a chance at major stardom. SH represents some of the biggest markets in Hip-Hop as well as bein some of the hardest spitters out there.

    I’ll never understand why (outside of Joey’s occasional rants) why these dudes get so much hate.

  • Anonymous

    Slaughterhouse is hard, D12 hard as hell,and for people to say they werent that good need to check the numbers they did, because D12 has some spitters and last I checked both albums went platinum and had some serious heat on the albums.Slaughterhouse didnt do as good of numbers but yeah they are still good, and with Eminem backing them I dont seem any harm comin out of that.Its a win no matter how you look at it.BTW Royce is by far one of the top of the four not the at bottom of the four.

  • $yk

    “Canadian hip-hop phenom Drake’s proper Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown debut, Thank Me Later, debuts at #1 on this week’s HITS album chart with 463k, the third-highest total of the year after Sade and Lady Antebellum.”


  • Worley

    “with some going so far as to edit his verses out of the album.”

    I once did that to G-Dep on the remix to “Special Delivery.” Always felt we should have the option to edit out the weak link.

  • Malik

    Outkast haven’t broken up. They’re both just doing solo albums. Or they’re bored after going Diamond on their last album. Oh, and groups still exist. CunninLynguists have dropped several mixtapes and albums in the last few years and have another album coming out this year. And Clipse dropped an album. Groups are still around.

  • created619

    This is what I think.. FUCK WHAT ANY HATER THINKS ABOUT EMINEM & SLAUGHTERHOUSE! They should combine efforts and put out an AMAZING ALBUM together. If you don’t understand it, if the patterns and punchlines are too complex, or if you’re going to just sleep on it… TOO FUCKING BAD FOR YOU! I’ve listened to ALL these artists for WAAAAY TOO LONG!!! I, as well as A LOT of other REAL fans, deserve an album between the five in my opinion. Not to mention, I can’t imagine how much fun they would have putting this together. Let people think it’s another D-12, FUCK THEM! I hope only a thousand people buy the album, it’ll only make it more special to me and others who GET IT. And if you don’t LIKE IT, that means you DON’T GET IT! Period.

  • dahui

    XXL bullsh*t on you saying Budden’s is the weakest fkn wack Joey can spit so can Royce. Shady records heart is a beating again most powerful label with Slaughterhouse!


    First, Groups still exist. Rae Ghost and Meth just dropped a dope album. Outkast hasn’t broken up. Even rick ross clique did something recently. Fact is, there isn’t money out there. Th rap game is similar to the housing market, they was giving niccas homes like it was government cheese. Funny, I just went into one of those “suburbs” saturday on a upscale side of my city and it now looks like the HOOD. its the new ghetto. Likewise the value of rap has been depreciated. it was a time when group albums came out every other week. If the internet isn’t regulated over the next five years, music is gonna be in serious trouble. second, joe budden can spit. another thing i’m getting tired of is comparing verses on a song. they aint’ battling…joey’s verse wasn’t weak maybe not in snyc but neva weak.

  • Q461

    Groups do stil exist….but not the way it used to be back with Tribe, De la, Naughty, Pharcyde, onyx, lost boyz, etc etc…today’s hip hop is missing the group dynamic as well as female mc’s.

    It’s funny the 2 bonus tracks were alot better than many tracks on Recovery. Not sure what to make of the album just yet.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Might want to look at AMALGAM DIGITAL for the reason why Joey isn’t on the track. I thought that Buddens got out of his contract with them. Turns out that might not be the case.

    AMALGAM DIGITAL is looking real spiteful and suspect right now. I think more news on this will come out tomorrow or sometime soon.

    • beaver

      Amalgam Digital is fuckkin Joey..
      joey isnt on the album version of the track cuz some shit with his contract..
      joey wants out that label.. but they wont release him..

      did u hear how crooked was like.
      “Wheres jumpoff joe beeeezy”

      it cuts there.. i’m very positive the version with joe should come out.
      just not for the album..


  • Siya

    The Horsemen is the most powerful form ever seen in hip hop, only if they can see that, & make it happen…replace Kurupt for Pharoah Monch…Slaughterhouse ain’t got nothing on The Horsemen

  • SutterKane

    LOL @ the joe budden hate, nobody ever said shit like that till he beefed with Wu Tang. Wu Tang fans are like the urban version of the Insane clown posse’s “Juggalos”, say one word about them and their ready to kill your whole family and shit………SMH, Fuck outta here

    As for the article. I think SH could work on a mainstream level, that single from the last album, The One” with its rock flavored beat and catchy hook, coulda blown up if they had a capable machine behind them.

  • j

    Support real lyricists! These guys are the best to do it. How can you say you like rap and not like these guys.

  • Wallman

    That Recovery bonus track with slaughterhouse is fire.

  • capcobra

    they should do a group album and 4 official solo albums on shady records…this way they get the right push..because it’s only a matter of time before they wanna go back to being solo artists…especially when you got fans editing you off your own songs…that’s crazy right there….and as far as the group thing go..if you not chiming in like leaders of the new school or filling in blanks like run dmc then it’s just soloists on the same track.

  • MeGaVeLi

    Thanks for the link to the ‘no Joe Budden’ version of the album … I’m currently in que waiting to download! Can’t wait!

  • 12th Letter

    Based on all around rapping and not just 1 aspect

  • OpnHds


  • Edouard

    LMAO @ Budden being the weak link.

    Crooked I is horrible compared to Royce, Joe & Joell.

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