Joe Budden must be counting on not many people ever hearing "T Shirts and Buddens," the Joe Budden dis song by Lil B, whom, coincidentally, I wrote about here last week. Remember, he was the guy who knew he wasn't teh ghey, because when he's stroking it to pr0n with other guys in the room and some teh ghey shit pops up, he just keeps on pulling his pud while everyone else shrieks in horror and turns away from the screen?

It isn't clear to me that the Internet Soldiers - the legion of militant Joe Budden stans who ended my oh, so brief career as a journalist for actual print magazines, that you have to be talented to write for - are even around anymore. I've yet to hear anything from them re: Lil B vs. Joe Budden, and it's been damn near 24 hours. They used to seem so dedicated. I don't know if they got upset with him, when he tried to claim that what he did to Taheezo didn't constitute domestic violence, because all he did was push her into a wall, or what.

On a side note, I'm pretty sure I saw recently where Somaya Reece, one of Budden's post-Taheezo jumpoffs is also now claiming that Joe Budden put a shoe on her, but she might just be upset that getting with Joe Budden didn't do anything for her career. At least Taheezo almost got on the cover of the late, great King magazine. I probably could have helped her career more than Joe Budden. Budden wasn't nearly as diligent about taking lingering, pervy videos of her ass and posting them on YouTube as he was with Taheezo. I would have shot way more video of her, if only for my own personal amusement.

It could be that Joe Budden's career just isn't strong enough anymore to sustain his own stan community. That Slaughterhouse album only sold something ridonkulous like four thousand copies per member. Even Little Brother might be more successful, on a per failed MC basis. And that's been damn near a year ago. Since then, I know there were rumors that they might be signing to Shady/Aftermath, but I'm pretty sure Eminem started those himself, concerned with his street cred after the relative critical and commercial failure of Relapse. I don't believe that Interscope is gonna waste any money on a Slaughterhouse album any more than I believe that Pete Rock and the RZA made significant contributions to the new Kanye West album. I just hope Slaughterhouse got paid well to pose next to Eminem in that Drake video.

Shortly after "T Shirts and Buddens" hit the Internets, I saw where Joe Budden said he was on his way to the studio. I thought a response would be all over the Internets by now, but apparently he meant that as a joke, as if he couldn't be bothered to respond to a rapper as significant as Lil B. I didn't realize this until Noz pointed it out in his comprehensive Lil B vs. Budden beef recap, perhaps in part because I'm not a very strong reader, but mostly because it seems absurd to me that any rapper could be insignificant enough to not warrant a response from Joe Budden. At the very least, he should probably wait until an actual Lil B album hits stores and sells worse than the last several Joe Budden albums to make such a claim. Noz claims that Lil B is popular to the point where he's being discussed on the front page of most hip-hop fora (which apparently still exist) and even several fora that don't have jack schitt to do with rap music - though it isn't clear if this is just discussion of the video of him getting cold cocked by a guy he used to bang in high school. [||]

Fortunately for Joe Budden, Lil B has already decided to dead their beef in utero, like Drew Barrymore's children. I don't know if it's because he's afraid Joe Budden might beat him up, or if it's just because he's certifiably bathsit. It could be both. Budden has been involved in his share of violent incidents, but usually, if it's with another guy, Budden is on the receiving end of it. Nullus? The only time he's issuing a beatdown is if a woman is involved. But Lil B is a teh ghey guy, which I guess is kinda like a woman. He's already had hands laid on him once this month. No homo. And you know how crazy people are always sending you these bizarre emails, going off on you for some shit you didn't even do, and then the next thing you know they're apologizing equally as profusely, before you hardly even had a chance to respond. Crazy people just like to apologize for shit. I think it makes them feel like less of a burden on society.