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One of my earliest posts here at the temple of doom was on the needy factor that’s prevalent within the hip hop culture, how its denizens – in their never-ending quest to keep it real – will decry anything with a modicum of success as simply selling out without legitimate evidence or providing any real solutions to any problems that arose from said success.

We’ve all done our fair share of bitching and moaning (hell, I bitched yesterday about so-called “Dilla” fans for really no reason), so we can’t be entirely too verklempt at this trend. But rather than offer no logical answers, we’ll continue to bitch and moan. Maybe there’s some scientific relevance between hip hop and laziness, but I’m too shiftless to bother finding that out.

One of the largest complaints is that today’s terrestrial audio systems are severely lacking in airing quality product. In an era where more people have iPods than boomboxes however, I feel that there’s no point in trying to force a change in a system so diluted that said change would offer little in the way of musical progression when there are many alternatives. However, if I were to wield such power, I’d throw a few songs into the bland mix of monotonous reggaeton and Universal City Nissan ads for some flavor:

*Note: I don’t know if any of these songs get radio play anywhere else in the country; I’m just going off what I get from New York’s hip hop radio stations.*

Johnny Polygon’s “The Riot Song:” KiD CuDi’s brand of stoner, alternative emo-hop has proven that it is also commercially viable, so it’d only make sense to hear the genre-bending sounds of fellow compatriot Johnny Polygon, who quietly dropped one of the more stellar (and free) releases this year.

Curren$y and Stalley’s “Address:” I also stated in a previous post that Curren$y has been on a steady roll of consistently dropping hot music over the past few years. with Pilot Talk set to drop next week, one wonders why songs like this isn’t being played on air to give him a push no freeloading Internets fans (like myself) can provide.

Theophilus London’s “Enjoy The Sun:” If you’re not living in New York, then you’re probably unaware of this “downtown” scene that’s taken shape for a while now. Not really “rap” music per se, Theophilus is a combination of hip hop, electro and whatever sound you can fathom coming from the depths of your mind, mashed into some eclectically awesome shit.

Miguel & J. Cole’s “All I Want Is You:” J. Cole is already started to get his push, so while this song will only assist in those matters it could prove to be a very major look for this Los Angeles-reared singer. But then again he’s not shrewdly crooning about conceiving boinking positions in this song, and we know how blasphemous not talking about sex so explicitly is looked down upon by Clear Channel.

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  • M-Select

    people still listen to the radio?!

  • Jamal7Mile

    I’d play “Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz” all day today until security removed me from the radio booth, consequences be damned. Better not put me on the airwaves because I know what the people need.

  • DV8

    I quit listening to the radio close to a year ago.

    *wonders if you can sue these radio stations for false advertisement? Place where hiphop lives my ass*

  • edwill

    Miguel & J. Cole’s “All I Want Is You:” and “who dat” gets played on kmel here in the bay which is surprising because they usually play crap

  • Jose

    stopped listening to the radio 7 yrs ago c’mon now son


    I listen to the radio every so often to stay tuned with society. Honestly, if you turn the raido on i can promise you you’ll hear a Drake song.

    J. cole is getting spins now.

    BUT i agree that radio should try and set trends vs followin them. We know its a buisness. nevertheless, it would be great to give us at least one song that wasn’t pre programed.

  • ant

    i stopped listening to radio in the 5th grade

  • thony

    what u in 6th u stupid nigga

    • swype-matic

      Hahahaha!!! Damn, that was like an ak-47 to the chest!!

  • W. J. Rice

    Damn the last time I listened to the radio was like 1996 or 97

  • JayeL

    Theophilus London is a solid up and coming artist. I hope he gets his shine soon.

  • ri067953

    I am listening to “Address” as I type this and I think the song is incredible. However, I think that the song is a little to slow (BPM) for major radio airplay. Plus, the song doesn’t contain any Auto-tune and the Stalley verse may be a little too much for most radio listeners to pay attention to.

  • Graphikz

    I agree that the songs on the list are great and incredible music… but to be honest the only one i think that should be on the radio is riot song… the miguel joint has potential but that’s only for the hook. Riot song is a kanye/weezy/drake verse away from being a smash!

  • Graphikz

    I agree that the songs on the list are great and incredible pieces of music… but to be honest the only one i think that should be on the radio is riot song… the miguel joint has potential but that’s only for the hook. Riot song is a kanye/weezy/drake verse away from being a smash!

  • KN KY Reppin’

    My job normally has the radio on. Our so called “hip-hop” station was later removed from the “rotation”. Now all they play is country and rock. Everything on there is just as offensive (usually more) than the sex and drug talk on our “hip-hop” station, but ain’t no convincing the old, white folks that.

    I am kinda upset with that station in the fact that they play Young Money literally 3-5 times in a row, or some bum rapper no one is going to remember next month instead of opting for something with better talent (which happens to be local).

    Show a way to change the system. I’m sure there’s plenty of people that want the same

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  • Brass Tacks

    That new Curren$y joint goes off… I needed that in my life good post..

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  • nicholasdelorejo

    I used to believe that the songs that were played on the radio were due to the payola from major labels. But considereing how no body pretty much sells anything even with as much exposure (B.o.B, Kid Cudi, Wale, ect) I’m left to assume that the people who run these radio stations or enter the music industry are idiots. I’m willing to bet this because I know plenty of people who want to work in the industry and their musical knowledge extends only as back as “Get Rich or Die Trying”.

    My point is that the people whose job is it to prove music to listeners pretty much have a limited knowledge and taste in it. That’s really why the quality of music being released on the radio is ass so much and records are pretty low for new artists. Because radio DJs and execs didn’t do the ground work in finding music and are pretty much inexperienced groupies that are more clueless to music than the rap fans they are supposed to cater to.

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  • mieszkania gdansk

    Nice one ! Thatnks

  • Portable Gas Generator Guy

    Great opinons…I will give this blog some thought!!!

  • Lamont Woodmancy

    Good post..keep up posting this