Lil Kim Should Not Be Beefin’ With Nicki Minaj [AUDIO]

Instead of putting pen to paper, Charlamagne literally phones this one in with an audio blog about his uncensored thoughts on Lil Kim’s beef with Nicki Minaj. Listen up as C Tha God drops bombs…


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  • MrAndreJackson

    I agree. people are inspired by other artist. and Kim should be flattered that someone wants to be like her–some one imitates her style. its no need for all that beef and foolery. if anything she should be trying to reach out to nicki to give her advise..take her under her wing ya know.

    but…i mean i can see where kim is coming from. having little imitators running around can be slightly annoying ya know but nicki is substantially different from Kim so…its no big deal. lil kim isnt doing anything right now…so why is she trippin. someones just filling her void. let her legacy and influence live on. she knows that she was original so….just let that be that and chill.

    • Notorious AGC

      one thing is being inspired, another thing is doing exactly the same thing ALL THE TIME, just be happy JAY-Z didnt gain 200 pounds and started actin like BIGGIE..same story than these 2 hoes.

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    • LORD

      If Charlamagne was the God he should have known they had a callabo. Kim flow was bangin. Do your research.

    • http://xxlmag rayon

      nicki half no talent with lil kim she is trying to copy her style lil kim is won of the best woman rapper i ever come acros

    • KimMajorr

      Nicki Minaj is a legand and Kim should be happy any one even remebers her name. the onli female rapper on the charts right now is minaj. Kim relle should just step down and apologize for her rudeness -.-

  • Yessir

    DAMN, LIL KIM used to be sexy before all the weird plastic surgery shit.


    • TellEmWhyUMad

      Honestly Kim has noone to blame but herself, this bitch is trying to be Michael Jackson in stead of rapping. How about we stay away from the plastic surgeon and go to a studio. Go and see if u can still suck off Maino for a 16. The nerve of this cruela deville looking bitch, there’s like 5 females in the game and none of u have put out anything in 10 years of course someone coming for ur spot.

      uh yeah Free Remy Ma

  • Stuckfresh

    Tell lil kim Birdman said Nikki is the new QB!
    And she need to get down or lay down on her back! Then she come to Bmore and chill w/ that bum bitch keys?? WTF? Then she start fucking w/ Gillie the kid and them because they are cash money haters as well! She has made like 5 videos and nikki has not made 1! wtf? get a life! wheres the new single or mixtape Kim?

  • Anonymous

    Yes I totally agree, Kim needs to just step off and holla Nikki and do a calab with her. Rather then trying to play her, she doing her and your not. Out with the old and in with the new!! Simple as that…plus Kim look worst then Michael Jackson, she needs to stop “HATING” and do what puff does evolve with time. And why you getting at puff, he is doing his job…”MAKING MUSIC”!!!


  • jburg

    I wish these rappers would get off this, “pay me my respects” shit. Please!! What you want a muthafucka to write a song about you or something? Get the fuck outta here.

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  • who really cares


  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    kim pussy fat as fuck nigga! it look like she took a shit backwards…goddayum mayne!!I know big was splatterin his people paste all over that motherfucka! who gives a shit what mainstream females rap about anyway? they jus’ made to look at and splooge over. Rah and Jean grae and lady luck betta den both these cum toilets so why give a fuck?

  • Pierzy

    I could NOT care less either way


  • El Tico Loco

    I could care less for either one, by now Lil Kim’s cameltoe prolly got bunyons and shit plus she made a song called “no time for fake ones” and she got fake ones anyway, now you want respect from Nikki Minaj? pfft nigga please make music and stop crying and tryna be hollywood. That’s the problem with female rappers that are in the limelight <<(keyword)they come off as if they never wanted to rap in the first place and attempt to sellout the minute they get any shine, as soon as that fizzles they try to come back as if they didn’t alienate the fans that supported them from jump.

  • The Partykilla

    BITCHES R KATTY anyway!!! Did U expect anything different from these 2!

  • hater

    Neither of these bitches write their own shit, i cant stand these bitches.

    Drake needs to write a diss track for Nikki to go out kim, bc kim aint got biggie to write her rythmes anymore

    • Notorious AGC

      drake doesn´t write his own shit dummy, a 12 yearold in love does.+



  • Earlee30

    Damn…..the truth!!

  • wondough

    No Image No Gimmicks Just Banging Ass Music

    I Love M I A Music and Ent Presents $WonDough$

    Raw and Uncut Reply

  • these posts are racist

    This is actually why Kim SHOULD beef with Nikki. This is the most attention Kim has gotten in years…she’s not really upset folks, she’s getting free publicity. Fear not, Nikki will do the same in ten years when a new Queen takes over…it’s just the way it is.

  • BeerGangsta

    Look at this Jealous Shit here! Kim is Jealous of Nikki. Nikki look better! She got a bigger Azz! Kim u need I am telling the truth. So stop acting like a Bitch!! Remember this female Rappers. Kim did not pay the way. God did dummies!!

  • Charlamagne is fucking wack

    Who does this cat think he is?? Charlamagne Tha God, nigga you are not a deity so shut your fucking stupid ass up. Do people still use the word swagga, fucking dumbasses. Nicki Minaj is fucking wack as hell, and the bitch gave me and my boy crabs when we ran a train on her REAL TALK!!!! Bitch needs to get off that fucking Cocaine and plastic surgery.

  • sealsaa

    TPAR called it. Shit is just getting pathetic. Not only for the beef, but she’s still bitching about how she was portrayed in that “Notorious” movie, and she mocked Biggie’s mom in a recent interview. Big would’ve smacked her in her plastic lips a long time ago. Incidentally, they’re both untalented.

  • M. Baby!

    Is this still Hip-Hop? I mean back in the day when you tried to jack somebody’s style, flow, or whatever…people thought u were wack for that. You had to be original. Now there’s no more originality, that’s why all of the music sounds the same, beats almost sound the same, and ya’ll know all of the verses sounds the same…u can’t tell Wayne apart from Drake from Nicki. Shoot, everybody thought Biggie was wack for jacking Nas’ baby album cover, but Biggie had skills to back it up. I could see if Nicki had some skills to back it up, but she doesn’t have that…so yeah she’s wack for that to me.

    • that nigga

      M.Baby, you could not have said it better. We must have grew up in the same era unlike some of these commenters.

  • Anonymous

    kim is old news

  • $yk

    I don’t advocate biting. That’s not Hip Hop. If you’re not original enough to create YOURSELF for people to love, and have to assimilate someone else’s character, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE STILL ALIVE, you should be ready for that person to come see you and check you.


    Good post. I appreciate the social commentary vs just blatent hate. Nah, niki doesn’t owe kim anything. In fact, she paid homage by mimicing her style and using sex as she did. Imitiation is the greatest form of flattery. Kim should’ve defintely tried to collab or mentor her. Minaj is loosing momentum as we speak. All these females should realize that she is reopening the doors for them. they could all benfit from her.

  • Devi Gargon

    “I dont want nobody to sound like me….on no album. Cause Ima approach a nigga. Keep it real, be original and come out your own way, fuck it!”

    Ghostface OBFCL 1995

  • sealsaa

    What up $yk?

    I don’t listen to Minaj or Kim so I can’t speak on any style similarites, but as far as image biting goes, chalk this one up to the hip hop “commmunity”(i.e. fans/media). Originality is subjective in hip hop, an industry(similar to many others) where new talent is constantly compared to old talent. Nas was hailed as “the second coming of Rakim”, G-rap pretty much fathered the styles of Biggie and key members of the Wu, and now you have the likes of Fashawn and Jay Elec drawing Nas comparisons.

    As TPAR stated, it’s a cycle. I don’t think that Minaj has bitten Kim’s style so much as people have just moved on. She’s no longer relevant, and Minaj has been crowned. She had her run, but now she just looks bitter and washed up.

    • $yk


      I just have a different understanding when it comes to this. Hopefully people can understand my point of view with my example below…

  • $yk

    I don’t see where biting is a form of paying homage.

    If I came out rapping & wearing bathrobes, would I be seen as paying homage to Ghostface? Or would I be biting his style?

    Just because me & the god chopped it up at a music function doesn’t give me the co-sign to rock the robe.

    But I would do a ‘Fish’ RMX and try to get a fresh verse from Ghost, perform it at a large venue that’s videotaped where the god would put a robe on my back with my name, while he’s rocking his. THAT’S PAYING HOMAGE, AND I WOULD GET THE ULTIMATE CO-SIGN. The biting convo would be deaded, no?

    If I didn’t do that, I should expect Ghost to come see me for biting his style.

    • Detroit P

      There are different levels of biting…the biting you speak of is one of the worst kinds Yes…

      The thing wit hthis situation tho, is that Nicki raps nothing like Kim now…she used to when she wasn’t hot and was doing small level stuff…but now Nicki has her own style which is actually more of an extension of Lil Wayne that Lil Kim…there may or may not be influences but thats not biting.

      To add more to it tho…wasnt there a song recently posted of this website where Lil Kim was biting Nicki’s style?

      And If it’s a matter of content…Lil Kim didnt invent rapping about sex…and we all know she didnt invent rapping like a slut, Biggie concocted that.

  • sealsaa

    And if Kim’s argument is an issue of image biting, I mean, LOL, different color wigs, tight clothes, and sexually charged lyrics? Really? If that’s the case, then they both owe Salt ‘N Peppa their propers. Yo-Yo as well.

  • Face Phoenix

    Kim should just step away from Rap and just change up her hustle. Everybody can’t spit that same old yang and still sell. When your time in the limelight is up – step away and be gracious instead of coming off like a new millenium Diana Ross. I love her but she needs to re-analyze the directions she is taking in life. This reminds me of how strippers act at a strip club when someone new arrives and the older strippers become seemingly forgotten old news. Kim got sloppy in recent years and became an afterthought in the minds of her fans. This is just like kitty clubs because you always see a dancer who was once the belle of the ball and everybody wanted a dance from but now begging for the time of day from anybody. I may not like Nicki Minaj but Kim should be the adult and just leave the girl alone. How about worrying about becoming relevant again and spit about something other than money, p*ssy and jewels. Weakest Beef since 50 & Ross.

  • Brooklyn

    i think that when you come out doing the same exact shit that someone before you did, then you should pay them homage, because if they didn’t open that door for you, then your ass wouldn’t be where you are. for instance, elvis jacked lil richard, chuck berry, b.b. king, chubby checker, and all those pioneers of rock and roll, and he gave them no credit. for 20 + years, whites folks were going around thinking that elvis created rock and roll because of that. kim wasn’t the first female rapper, but she was the first to use that hypersexualized image. nicki isn’t doing anything that kim didn’t do, from being in a group (kim in junior mafia and nicki in young money) to the skimpy outfits, the male superstar cosign (and probable ghostwrites), the multi-colored wigs and tracks, the sexual boasting on par with a man, nicki is following in kim’s footsteps. see the picture that you posted? that bitch is even doing the lil kim pose. if biggie didn’t turn his jumpoff into a raptress, nicki would be somewhere in queens giving blowjobs to drug dealers for money to keep her tracks and nails tight. for that alone, she should recognize kim as the pioneer and give the woman her fucking props.


    detriot and brooklyn work together to make a great point. 1. there are so many different levels of biting. Its like snitching. Every mc after Rakim bit him, but its to the degree that you bite the rapper. Lyrically niki and kim are not on the same level at all. clothing sexatude, yes. Its not like she is doing it exactly the same but the resemblence is too close. brooklyn is on point because you should pay homage if you bite a person’s style just a little bit. thas total disrespect. thas when somebody should be comforted. Respect is a two way street tho. Kim could’ve reached out to her. In fact, she should’ve done that first because her career is on its last few seconds.

    Some dudes take biting and keeping it real to exreme levels. Originality is an important factor of hip hop, but not to the point of isolation.

    • Thriller

      What people dont even understand is that Lil Kim did approach Niki and was like you know, let me show you some things, and lil kim was with Baby and Slim in the studio, but because of LIL WAYNE niki went in the studio and redid the songs that lil kim had alread done. It was Niki and Drake who said FUXX like lil Kim, so of course she’s going to be mad. Lil Kim paid homage to the other rappers and she was the 1st to exploit sex the way she did, then came foxxy so niki needs to keep it real and pay homage.

  • $yk

    “i think that when you come out doing the same exact shit that someone before you did, then you should pay them homage, because if they didn’t open that door for you, then your ass wouldn’t be where you are.”


    I hear what your saying about influence, and Wayne. Biggie was Kim’s influence. But the rip is blatant. Now if the rip of styles isn’t blatant, there would be no picture above.

    It’s the presentation of the new model.

    Now correct me if my wrong, Ray J said something, which was noticed by many, but wasn’t thrown out there because of the “hating” factor. Drake came back and said he don’t give a f^X about what Lil’ Kim said, Minaj is that chick.

    *My question is where are the flicks of this meeting? That was the best photo op missed…*

    Give Big Mama her props. She done even did a skid bid for this Hip Hop life. She pioneered a style.

    Why can’t she pay homage and really kick it with Kim? Minaj will need help for that album. Kim might put shorty on to some game on how to handle Puff, who to look out for in the game, Kim’s been there already, but all cats wanna do is throw darts at Kim with the intangibles and specify how Kim’s at the end of her career.

    All this is showing me is that our social equality is far from repair.

  • caino

    Niki doesnt rap like Lil Kim!

    Like someone else said, paying homage and respect isnt biting! To me lil Kim has no light on her at the moment and one way to do that is by going after the top artiest in your genre and at the moment is Niki Minaj

  • marz

    the new kids dont know there history. so how will people know that Nikki is bitting unless Kim says something.

    many don’t know hiphop history

    nikki get your own lane. lil kim is still driving in it.

    kim can diss nikki all day if she wants to.

    if somebody comes out tommorrow acting like nikki, nikki shouldn’t get mad huh?

    when did, swagger jacking become legal in hiphop???????????????

    you can’t jack somebodies style unless your from thier camp.

    these new cats, are fu**ing up the rules.

    hiphop is dead.

    kim go ahead a drop a diss. lets see if nikki can hold her own.

  • mav

    brooklyn gotta good argument who can honestly say theyve watched a significant amount of footage of this bitch and didnt think shes copying kims image not her rap style but her image to a tee fake body parts colored wigs(wtf) and the whole ms lewinsky thing and what makes it worse is she from ny! so u know she probly came up as a youngn spittin kim verse off quiet storm and shit

  • swf

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  • KenDodd

    I know all about the street-rat “cargo cult”, the Nation of Gods and Earths, but could someone please tell me what sort of “God” would suffocate without oxygen, starve without food, be homeless without money and is certainly not immune from gun fire? A very, very minor deity surely?

    See you now truth?

  • Southcidal

    Phuck emceeing, I propose a g-string only, mud-bath UFC wrestling match. Winner take all off.

  • osyrys

    kim’s fallen off and she’s playing jealous cause someone’s come to take her place. Not that it matters cause nicki’s falling off before she’s even really started…whatever man, jean grae all the way!

  • osyrys

    kim’s fallen off and she’s playing jealous cause someone’s come to take her place. Not that it matters cause nicki’s falling off before she’s even really started…whatever man, jean grae all the way!

  • B Eazy

    I have real problems with some of the direction Hip-hop is going in. Like Syk, Brooklyn, Detroit and ff1one all touched upon, BITING IS NOT HIP-HOP! It’s not okay AT ALL and let’s be clear that what Nicki Minaj is doing is STRAIGHT BITING! Everybody is influenced by the people that came before them, but not everybody chooses to just. This “fuck what you did before, this is what’s poppin now” mindframe hip-hop and our culture in general is sinking into is dangerous and destructive.

    Nicki Minaj biting Kim, Rick Ross being a fraud who stole someones identity in the open, Wacka Flocka saying fuck Lyrics, all represents things changing for the worst

  • 1hunid

    The irony is this audioblog sounds like an audio version of J Smooths ‘Ill Doctrine’

  • sic flo

    What kinda name is Charlamagne? I would love to slap this bitch ass cat man. Why do we care what he think????????????

  • bigg cujo

    wish i could minaj wit both of em

  • The REAL

    This dude didnt OBVIOUSELY GET THE WHOLE MEMO of how the “BEEF” even started he not ;lookin on the INSIDE of this beef he just on the SURFACE! On what we are seeing! It looks that way to us but we dont know the WHOLE STORY! So before THIS GUY START PLACING HIS OPION! WHY DONT YOU GO STR8 TO THE HORSES MOUTH OR THE SOURSE ~FROM BOTH LIL KIM “THE QUEEN” AND NICKI MINAJ_ CUZ IT IS OBVIOUSE YOU DONT KNOW JACK!!!!!

  • The REAL


  • Anonymous

    fuck nikki she cant fuck wit kim and fuck the whole young money fagots!

  • caliluv

    nikkis fukn annoying ass shit fuk young money fake bitches


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  • 69FLAVAS

    NICKI IS THE ILLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Look here

    Now if Nick is not the only female in the game, shes the only who is getting attention and being pushed the most right now…. this should open doors for other artist and dayum fo sho hope that dont have a stupid ass gimmick!

  • matreiya

    Both Kim and Nicki are 1 trick ponies. Kim hadn’t had a hit since biggie died. Nicki has NO talent and she won’t last the test of time, she is not a MC Lyte or a Yo Yo who can ride a beat or is a lyricist. She is all gimmick and has a fat butt. In a few years, we won’t even talk about Nicki Minaj.

  • Anonymous

    yesss Nicki minaj is tryin so hard to be Lil’Kim…, but Nicki can neva or compare to kim….. KIM will alwayz be the Queen B. Nicki also be tryin to pull anotha TRINA, but there is only one TRINA and she will alwayz be the BADDESTTTT BITCHHHH…… swagged out and beats lame ass nicki in her RAPPIN!!!

  • micah

    honestly……….. lets keep it a buc nicki minja iz reppin her shyte o.d hard nn da funny thng iz dat she said she doing it 4 all FEMALES out dere soo if KIM feel sum type of wayy about dis den mayb she jus have no respect 4 nickii