Keri Hilson vs. Ciara: CeleBeauty Deathmatch – Who’d You Rather…

Yeah, yeah, yeah… Don Cusack in High Fidelity is in stores and on iTunes and all that jazz. On the real, though, fuck all that deep, introspective, artist-dissecting –his-own-art shit… Let’s talk about women.

Specifically Keri Hilson and Ciara.

First off, let me just say that both of these women are absolutely gorgeous, and before all the testosterone-fueled commenting starts up; any guy would be lucky to date either of them. With that said, let’s keep it all the way funky. In my mind they both kinda owe a debt to Aaliyah. I’d say that for Ciara more so than Keri, but they both, in a weird sort of way, owe her legacy a debt.

This post ain’t about that, though. This post is about who’s hotter. Not more talented, not who has better SoundScans numbers, but visually who excites you more.

This question has been running around my mind ever since I saw Ciara’s video for “Ride,” and then re-watching her video for “Promise.”

For some reason, right after I was struck with a sudden urge to look at Keri Hilson and remembering just how bad she is. Talk about fun to look at. But hold up, though… The “Promise” video…

Yeah… Um, this may be a tie.

Nah, I gotta be resolute on this one, I gotta pick one…

Realistically, you wouldn’t have a choice (or shot in hell at getting either one), and ideally you wouldn’t have to choose. But hypothetically I’ma go ahead and rock with Keri. I can watch the video for “Knocks You Down” over and over and never get tired of it.

Maybe it’s the slow motion shots of her falling on the bed. Maybe it’s the shots of her writhing around bed. Maybe she’s just fine as hell. Just something about her does it for me and I honestly can’t really put a finger on it but I can put a finger on what it is about Ciara that knocks her out of the running for me:

Her dancing.

Yes, she can dance and dances very well. She’d dance circles around Keri probably, but she also reminds me of Michael Jackson/Usher when she pop locks and frankly that doesn’t do much at all for my libido. When she’s standin’ around stretching and shit, though… Yes.

Like those scenes in the “Ride” video where she is just leaned up against that car being all lanky and oiled up and shit. Yeah, she’s a bad muthafucka, too, but when she breaks out into that hard ass electric boogaloo I just cant really rock with it. Even the booty poppin’ is a little too herky jerky for the kid.


Okay, so I gotta ask y’all: Who is more “stimulating?” It seems pretty evenly split with the majority of women saying Ciara and the majority of men saying Keri. I wish I had a theory for that, but I don’t. At any rate, let’s see if this holds true here, too.

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  • Stuckfresh

    Keri is better and looks better! Ciara is Weak! Lastweek! But keri needs to stop being a video hoe! Beyoncen would never so some of the shit Keri does! When in doubt do what Beyonce does!

    • Coren

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  • Cha0s

    This is what you decided to write about?

  • Talisa

    Keri tries to give SEXY like Ciara, but FAILS every time.

  • Ryu

    Ciara HANDS DOWN…..You cant compare a legend to a thing like Keri.


    i’m a guy and ciara is a supermodel compared to boring old average keri.

    lets just say id wife ciara, but keri is only a one night stand

    • Young Mo Fo

      Cosign—->My thoughts exactly. I would rather have Ciara

  • Ciara shits on Henri

    in every single way.

  • the brown

    Yo! Neither…Beyonce, biatch! I don’t care how cute these girls are. They can’t even tread water in Beyonce’s world.

  • K1NG $oulblade.

    Ciara is BETTER & she is THEE F@#%&n’ SEXIEST!!! :D

  • Ant

    ay man, keri kinda ugly if yu look at her long enuff. i go wit ciara. i STILL be watchin that promise video.

  • arisea

    cici all day foo!!

  • swype-matic

    Just purely off looks, Keri looks WAY better than Ciara, and I don’t see how anybody else says otherwise. She may actually sing better than Ciara too. Now Ciara dances circles around Keri, which helps out in the bedroom, but personally, they both are too slim for me. I’ll take pre-Swizz Beatz Alicia Keyz over any of them anyday.

    • W. J. Rice

      I co-sign.

  • W. J. Rice

    Ciara is too athletic for my taste, so by default I’m going with Keri Hilson.

  • SansBeach

    Keri Hilson hands down even my girl and her home girls think she she looks good.

  • KD

    Ciara looks wayyyy better than Keri!

  • qce


  • Chris

    Keri Hilson is natural beauty – looks good anytime.

  • Talisa

    You greasy neck ***** better VOTE for your Cisus! HENri is never doing it!

  • yoprince

    lol. this is kinda funny. knew both of these chicks before they were famous. both beautiful girls. and goody good girls too. honestly, neither one of them can really sing or ever could, but they were both determined to be successful in this industry. so that goes to show you something.

    i’d take on personal preference. i promise you, in person, keri’s beauty is intoxicating, and she has a unique, interesting look too. also ms. hilson is fly.

    • yoprince

      oops, i meant:

      i’d take keri* on personal preference.

  • Bur

    I go with Ciara.

    Shes easier on the face and kills keri with the body.

  • Oletsdoit.

    Ciara! Keri ain’t sexy at all, she kinda masculine.

  • BeySLAYS

    beyonce slay all these girls in looks but keri BIRDson is not prettier than HEara

  • Abi

    Yall honestly take this stan thing to far. Keri and Ciara dont even know any of you and yall waste so much time on them. Anyways both ladies are beautiful. I say Ciara is prettier but that doesnt make Keri ugly because shes pretty as well.

  • Deontae

    I agree with @Abi to a certain minimum, I love Ciara more than Keri and I am a stan for both. However, Ciara is prettier to me because she does not have to add so much on her face because naturally she is perfect and looks the same with make-up. Plus Ciara personality makes her much more prettier than Keri, but that does not mean Keri is not pretty because Keri has a killa body!

  • jprincess

    Ciara all the way . They’re both gorgeous but body wise . Oww and legs wise , sex appeal wise Ciara takes the cake.

  • Chi Chi

    I’ll give you an answer after Keri gets off my face and Ciara hops off my dick…until we’re finished sexing, the decision remains inconclusive.

  • Face Phoenix

    Can’t I have both?

  • CrisTian

    Cisus slays CurSkiSki Birdson… on the charts, on the face, and on the bod. #BottomLine

  • Anonymous

    Two bad chicks from da A,shit they both can get it whenever however but if you gon put a gun in my face I pick Ciara you can tell by the way she moves that taking shawty to bed would be a night you will never forget.

  • CrisTian



    shits crazy!!! how is it 50/50%? off that pic up top ALONE, Mz Keri >>> Ciara

  • swift

    defiantly ciara keri just cant compare or ride it like ci does

  • Anonymous

    ok lets keep it one million….yall know keri is better….when i look at ciara i see a resemblance to wanda sykes and that makes mr no no un happy….

  • Godz Favorite

    I don’t wanna sound like a horndog………..
    But in order to make a decision, I gotta look @ both of them naked and with no makeup on!!!!

  • AppleTarts


    Ciara’s the complete package!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ciara Rulez


  • Shawty J

    Keri, easily.

  • ryan

    keri !

  • Elijah!!

    CiCi duhh!

  • chitown

    They both freaks so fuck it you really can’t go wrong wit either one

  • Imhailing

    Until that THING has at least ONE MULTIplatinum record like QueenARA i will not mention ITS name

    Ciara reminds me of aaliyah (not saying she looks like her) wen it comes to beauty
    SHE DOESNT TRY it naturally comes through

    unlike that flat faced pooch shes standing next to in that pic :)

  • chris_scott16

    cIARA and KERI both sexy az hell but id happened to met ciara in person and talked to her on the phone her voice is sooo sexy…. but let me get back to the in person part she is the most beautiful girl id ever seen that close to me before unbelievable


    Ciara HANDS DOWN…..You cant compare a legend to a thing like Keri.

  • Anonymous

    I cant tell by this picture. but Ciara has an amazing personality plus she’s sexy, and beautiful with or without make up so i gotta go with her

  • stacy

    this is about looks!! wtf yall tlkin about?? one of yall sayin u knew these girls b4 they got big a next bitch talking about u was on the phone with her? umm whos prettier not who the fuk you know

    • chris_scott16

      ciara is prettier hands down!!!! since i realized my comment didnt make sense!!! but u have no right to sit there and put bitch!!! but im mad u got time to sit here and read all these comments just vote dumb bitch and stop reading hat other people write… u aint gotta read all the comments stacy

  • Nigel

    Ciara of course!!! Bird not ugly though

  • LEEK

    Lovin’ Ciara, but Monica got em all beat!!

  • Back Door

    Keri jacked Ciara’s style. She was a pop artist that didn’t fly and since Ciara was on hiatus she jacked her steez. If Keri and Ciara owe anybody it would be Janet, not Aaliyah.

    Honestly, their both average. Keri’s big as nose and head, plus her ass is flat as a board; she is just hippy. And Ciara can look too hard at times; I like her better when she had meat on her bones. I give Ciara the edge just because of her chill attitude.

  • mystify

    Ciara….no competition.

    This is an insult that Ciara is even compared to this chick. I have yet to see her give a good performance, she can barely dance, can sing mediocre and is conceited as hell.

  • mpango

    Keri has a great body so i would like to have a thing with her. The thing is is she looks like she would give it up to many or many would try cuz of her body. So ciara for the win overall a great body and not too sleazy just right amount of spice

  • EmCDL

    Man, Ciara getting mad love up on this post. I gotta agree with Don though, Keri always had my vote; she just got that ‘wifey’ image to her thru and thru. Although Ciara do look fine in that Ride video, sometimes she be looking a lil too masculine IMO.

    But the one girl that beats out both is my boo Sanaa Lathan hands down! Ain’t no girl F’in with her.

  • wow

    FUCK CIARA and her stupid ass stans

  • Brooklyn

    ciara, only because i get the distinct feeling that behind closed doors she’s one hell of a freak.

  • Anonymous

    Ms.Ciara is a legend how dare we compare her to a wannabe swagger jacker like Keri (I wanna be Ciara so bad I can’t stand it)Hilson.

  • Chiliz

    Both Ms Keri baby “Knock Me Down” & Ciara’s “Ride” music videos r hot

    Leone Lewis is my baby-gal she can hit them high notes,u get me dog?

  • Therealtruth

    I’m sorry but ciara looks better then keri hilson
    , keri hilson nose is not nice !!!

  • David Washington


  • ciara4ever!!!!!!!!

    ciara ciara ciara wut she will doodoo on keri hilson n no homo bt she lukk betta den keri hilson pluz keri iz ayyy flop so noo compition ciara iz ayy legend cuz she iz gettn a lot of luv on here keri iz jst ugghh

  • Moe


  • the truth is

    keri hilson is more beautiful than ciara. there are obviously many ciara “fans” in here. but im here telling the truth! ive went around asking random peeps about this same picture. and about 80% said that keri hilson was more beautiful. Ciara is beautiful also, but those comments about keri are not needed because she really does look better.

  • Cp3jr no mad luv

    both girl are hot but teairra mari is hotter then both of them