Hey, What About The Rest Of Us?

If you’re like me, then you’re probably worn out from all of the Drake footage that sites like the main hustle are flooding the e-waves with (I apologize for that). It happens from time to time, and while I do find it somewhat annoying myself there’s actually a percentage of society that truly care about every single thing the guy does.

For the other 85% of the hip hop world, however, most of us look to the sites like the main hustle either for new, different sounds or to snatch up “unauthorized” leaks before those alphabet boys come killing UserShare links and what have you. I personally have been listening to stuff that’s decidedly un-Aubrey like, and here are a few of said artists.

TiRon: For all the talk about Drake rapping and singing and being “emotionally vulnerable” and shit, for the rest of us who aren’t going to be lined up at Best Buy with the rest of the high school, teenage conglomerate we know that his style is nothing new and in some cases is done better. Around the same time Thank Me Later caught a case of the drips, this Los Angeles via Illinois artist dropped his latest project, MSTRD, and it’s thus far remained the most played album in my iPod this year.

Curren$y: I wasn’t a fan of the guy when he was underutilized rolling with Lil Wayne in the early Young Money days. But ever since he struck out on his own he’s become what Method Man and Redman wish they could do as successfully in 2010: weed rap over dope beats, provided by a rejuvenated Ski Beatz.

Ski Beatz: Speaking of which, I’ve always wondered why Jay-Z stopped working with the guy after he crafted some indelible moments on his first two albums. And while waiting on his oft-delayed 24 Hour Karate School project is similar to waiting on Detox or Act II, his other works with DD172 (with fellow Roc-A-outcast Dame Dash) will suffice for not. I’m still not a fan of the “Beatz” surname, however.

Diamond District: Wale isn’t the only act people should recognize from the DMV. Oddisee, XO and yU have ironically made some of the best East Coast boom-bap from the land of go-go and… errr… The Wire. The Diamond District released In The Ruff as a free (albeit edited) album last spring, and when it officially dropped in stores several months later it was still able to move units. Perhaps New York should pay attention to that instead of blaming everybody else for its issues.

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  • drico

    TiRon is the man, he raps with purpose. he is real good. i gotta check out diamond district too

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  • http://www.liveagl.com JP

    These are my sentiments exactly

  • DV8

    gonna check out the Curren$y joint.

  • Eamon Whalen

    The Wire takes place in Baltimore

  • stevep

    lookin back at this year so far KRIT’s album has easily got the most spins and him and freddie gibbs who i check for the most as far as the young cats…i spun ketchup a couple times of the strength of y all’s cosign downloaded MSTRD aint had a chance to spin that yet tho…never bothered to check out diamond district…i cant spin the drake stuff i gave him a chance he just aint for me.

  • Rahim

    @Eamon Baltimore is in the DMV
    DMV Stands for DC, Maryland and Virginia

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  • Teddy

    I still hate the fact that good artists are always on boring and sometimes just straight up whack beats. I mean on mainstream yea the beats are catchy and sometimes simple, but sit there tell me that “Flex” beat wasnt hot. Just imagine a dope ass emcee on that beat. It would be an awesome joint. Good rappers need to stop worrying about being real Hip-Hop and just be Real Hip-Hop. Its ok to make exciting, interesting, and danceable beats. They dont have to be back to basics boom bap beats, because its clear those kind of beats are not marketable. I think the Cool Kids and even Ski Beats do a great job in making Boom Bap beats that are not boring and have beats that entertain the ear and can make you dance. Not just bob your head. I hate it when I hear a dope artist on a head nod beat, its cool.

    From what I’ve heard from Ski Beatz his beats are more than head Nod, you can move your body, and thats what emcee’s have to remember. Your job is to Entertain.

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  • The Dude

    NO reason to mention NY in this article. The only people that NY is “blaming” for its “issues” is this ridiculous yellow journalism campaign that has been formed against the scene. NY embraces other regions immensely, let’s stop the hate…. All four of these artists are dope and get love in NY, and even though I love Diamond District I know their numbers weren’t crazy enough to make anyone jealous…

    • Meka

      they moved 100,000 units independently. what new york-reared artist, major or indie, has done that this year? i’ll wait.

      • DV8

        “what new york-reared artist, major or indie, has done that this year?”

        how about ever?

        I think Raekwon may be the first one. But then again he isnt completely indie.

        NY still hasnt caught on to the Independent game yet. They still running to them suits to give them a fish instead of learning how to fish themselves.

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    DMV stand up! VA all day!

    I was gonna check them dudes out but was a lil skeptical aobut purchasing the album…gonna have to check them out.


    this rap shit is starting to shape up, at least for the type of music i like. Tip’s album, some cool shit off TML, Kush & O.J., Curren$y (King Kong, & whats that song he has a video for? someone let ya boy kno), K.R.I.T. getting MAD spins on my ipod, J. Cole got a few new joints, Bawse got them bangers on that EP (B.M.F., Fire Hazard, MC Hammer) fucking Eminem (No Love is FIRE), sheeeit i even listen to a lil French Montana.
    yea Drake has all the coverage, publicity, & shit but its still hella good (better?) music out there & i will find it.

  • Maga D

    TiRon and Curren$y have been two of my favorites. And I’ve heard of DS, but will check them both out though.

    Tiron Is more like Kanye than Drake imo. Curren$y is exactly what you described him as.

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  • http://www.thehoodnerd.com thehoodnerd

    Good post Meka!
    I’ve been giving that TiRon tape quite a few spins myself.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    if you don’t know the game by now you prob shouldn’t be playing it.



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  • caino

    l downloaded that KRIT mixtape last night, but l still gotta give PAC DIV an XXL for nearly everyhting they do!

    • DV8

      “still gotta give PAC DIV an XXL for nearly everyhting they do!”


      Pac Div is like the new Tribe Called Quest to me.

  • westcoastaggie

    And you can’t forget about #KushandOrangeJuice & #FromWestsideWithLove.

    Pill, Donnis and Big K.R.I.T. are the best mixtapes from the south arguably as well. There is more than Drake. Not taking from his ability to move to close to 1 mill units though. THAT’S BUZZ!

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  • nizz

    music its our culture as niggas hence its our thing u knw?

  • j wormwood

    music 4 al 4 us.