Happy Birthday Mike Tyson – 5 Rap Knockouts

“True legend, his hands was two weapons…,” —Nas, “Legendary (Mike Tyson)”

You ain’t never lie, Nasir.

Others might wear the crown of the greatest of all-time, but Iron Mike Tyson was the greatest boxer I ever saw. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY a Tyson fight was like a national holiday in the ’hood.

Everything stopped.

You had to be in front of a television to see the most brutal and ruthless champion there has ever been. Iron Mike was loved in the streets and respected by hip-hop. Like Nas, many rappers paid homage to the boxing icon on wax. He even made cameos on rap records like on Canibus’ “Second Round Knockout” in 1998. So as the champ celebrates his 44th birthday today (June 30) it’s only right that I flip a list of some of my favorite knockouts in hip-hop. —Rondell Conway

CLICK HERE for a little sample of what Iron Mike did to the comp back in the day.

Once “the most feared man in hip-hop,” Suge got hit with a one hitter-quitter from a neighborhood barber and the rest was history.

Charlie wasn’t physically laid out when his ex-girl hit him with the right cross, but his career has been on a standing eight count ever since.

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  • El Tico Loco

    Honorable mention to Meek Millz.

    • POPO

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  • Caino

    That Lil B getting knocked out cracks me up everytime!

  • hiphopdoc

    “make you an overnight celebrity like that nigga
    that punched Suge”

    Sonic got hit by Knuckles!

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  • http://jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    I always wondered if KRS-One kicking PM Dawn off stage was ever caught on camera.

  • dhunt512

    Where is Joey Jihad and Joe Budden, those asswhoopins where epic!

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  • http://www.myspace.com/idonthavearapname Mika

    LMAO just seen the Charlie clip for the first time … and tht slow motion knuck-up was EPIC lmao he was kicking them punchlines and got punched by a chic for real ! lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/idonthavearapname Mika

    and oh yeah … dont know if that RassKass-Game fiasco was caught on tape but the video of rass kass spitting out bullets saying ‘hi gayme’ to the camera was one of the most loser shit ive ever seen my entire life.dude got a black eye…dude gets on camera and dude spit bullets with his boys obviously force laughing in the back LMAO

  • P. Harris

    That Lil B one… Haaaaaaa!!!! Fuggin hilarious!

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