Good Ass Job: Not the next Illmatic?

Like Eminem’s Recovery, Kanye West’s Good Ass Job, or whatever it’s gonna be called, looks like it could be one of those things that seemed like a good idea, but it turned out to be some ol’ bullshit.

Since I published my post the other day on how I’m no longer nearly as psyched for the new Eminem album as I had been, because I find the lead single kinda guy (unlike that “Despicable” freestyle, which was the freestyle equivalent of tits), the tracklist for Recovery hit the Internets. It was posted by RapPravda, which is secretly co-owned by Eminem, and hence probably shouldn’t report on Eminem, or at the very least should issue some sort of disclaimer. You can’t tell too much about how an album will sound based on its tracklist, aside from the fact that, if it’s got a lot of generic song titles, like “On Fire,” the artist might be out of good ideas, but I notice Recovery has songs with Pink and Rihanna – which can’t possibly be a good thing. Even if you’re gonna have songs with R&B chicks singing the chorus, those aren’t the two you wanna get. Rihanna can’t sing for shit. That may have even been part of the reason Chris Brown put a shoe on her. I’ll always love Pink, from back when she was a wigger (remember that first video she had?), but I can’t stand her music. The only other features on the album, besides Pink and Rihanna, are Lil Wayne, and someone named Kobe, who may or may not be Kobe Bryant, of the LA Lakers. Admittedly, that could be cool, if it’s the long-awaited response to Katelyn Faber’s “Kobe, Tell Me Why My Ass Bled.” But something tells me it isn’t.

I was never looking forward to the new Kanye album the way I was looking forward to the new Eminem album, but I did kinda like the idea of it. Even a Kanye West album produced by the likes of Pete Rock and the RZA is bound to suck balls, because it’s gonna have Kanye West rapping all over it, but I figured at the very least it might have a positive effect on hip-hop – or, a more positive effect than the typical Kanye West album anyway. Whatever Kanye West puts out, we’re gonna be hearing it on the radio ad nauseum, even if it’s just a bunch of songs in autotune about how he secretly fantasizes about killing his ex-fiance, to the tune of songs by Phil Collins and Tears for Fears. In this new song “Power,” he congratulates himself for the (actually rather marginal) commercial success of 808s & Heartbreak, despite it being such a bad idea, but I’m not sure if it should really count for anything, if there’s nothing to suggest that there’s a certain low he could reach where he wouldn’t go at least 1x platinum. He might be like Jay-Z, in that sense. At any rate, I figure there’s worse things we could hear on the radio than what we’ve led to believe Good Ass Job will sound like. Who knows, today’s youth might develop an appreciation of real hip-hop just yet. They might pretend to anyway, if Good Ass Job performs well in the marketplace. Those cynical fucks.

But it looks like Good Ass Job might not sound any different from the first few Kanye albums. (The horror!) So far, all we’ve heard from it is “Power,” and there’s nothing about that song that suggests to me real hip-hop, of the Rock the Bells/aging fat white kids in cargo shorts variety. Instead, it sounds like something from one of the first couple of Kanye albums. Literally. Like some douche took one of the songs from College Dropout, or Late Registration, loaded it up in whatever computer program people use to make rap music these days, deleted a few of the samples and replaced them with those samples from King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man.” I read an interview the other day with the guy Kanye hired to produce “Power,” after he heard some beats the guy did on a mixtape by Rhymefest. He seemed shocked and elated that he’d gone from working with Rhymefest, i.e. the absolute depths of obscurity and career failure, to producing the lead single on the new Kanye album. I was more concerned with the fact that Kanye is bringing in people to do his beats for him. I could see bringing in guys like Pete Rock and the RZA, to capture a certain sound, but why would he need someone else to produce the same shit he’s been producing? Has he gotten that lazy? Does he hire a special guy to press the button on his sampler that speeds up classic soul records, lest his finger get dirty? Tha fuck?

Let me guess – the fact that Kanye purchased a knockoff version of one of his own mid ’00s-era beats and released it as the first single from Good Ass Job was hardly any accident. The idea all along was to produce something along the lines of Late Registration, his most commercially successful album. (I just checked.) All that talk about bringing in collaborators an aging hater such as myself could appreciate was just a PR move, in case people were still pissed about 808s & Heartbreak, and the incident at the MTV Awards. Pete Rock and the RZA might still show up on the album, albeit in highly diluted form, but they were essentially used for their street cred, similar to VH1′s arrangement with Fab 5 Freddy. I hope they were paid well.

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  • Ouch

    NEW Wednesday Jun 2 7:30 AM CDT | BY xxlstaff | 21 COMMENTS »

    Hating is For Suckas & You Suck
    C Tha God addresses people that hate for a living…


  • Lloyd sedio

    Cosign ouch, bol’s post are beginning to irritate me. He has earned the title INTERNET REAL HIP HOP HATER, u can see from his picture that he is one of those niggas who r hating on succesful people, trying to be a paragon of correctness on well established rappers. Nigga try to be an established columnist (because clearly Tha God has surpassed u) before u criticise established rappers.

  • KQ

    classic post bol.

    ….and f*ck charleminge tha f*g

  • T-marT

    no its not gonna be the next illmatic cuz kanye isnt a follower, comparisons stink. let kanye be kanye, he is a leader. those producers you named went 2 kanyes studio to vibe and work with him. Ye is in his prime spitting wise. this album is sounding crazy.

  • jaystone

    bol has done it again!

  • itopia

    i dont really care about this new kanye song, its ok but nothing special

    as for the eminem album i still think it will be brilliant no matter who he has on his hooks

    also the kobe you mentioned that features on recovery is probably the same kobe who sang a hook on the last fabolous album

    • yoprince

      ^^ which sucked

  • Maya

    bol, it would be nice if you would cite any facts to back up your opinions… care to elaborate why you think kanye sucks so much? this post reads like a bitter rant…

  • SnitchyMcRat

    The track you’re referring to is off of Late Registration called “Crack Music” same drum sample. But it happens more than you would believe reusing the same drums on multiple tracks..

  • The Decatur Dictator

    Do you like anybody dude? Do they pay you (albeit nominal) to hate on rap. Damn! You hate on err body, Em, Jay, Ye’-who next, Martin Luther the King? Are you gonna say he didn’t do nothing for civil rights, he just rode on Rosa Parks’ coattail? Damn Boi! Give a dude a break for trying, at least he’s not murdering the game like um….Gucci Mane and Wack Flack-Damn!

    • BEEZIE!

      Nigga u can’t be from Decatur, GA sayin some shit like that

      • The Decatur Dictator

        Boi! Columbia Dr!, recognize that I’m Decatur all day err day dude, however- I know good hip hop and I know bad hip hop, Gucci Mane and Wack Flacks are horrible man, just terrible. The songs really sound drunk and ignorant, no point, not saying nothing, skills lack, style wack and the music is jacked! Boi! I’ll rep T.I., Big Boi , 3000, Killer Mike,Stat Quo…but that crap there? No way. I’ll move before I go for that. Just because you are from a place does not mean you have to eat all the cooking. I ain’t eating that crap man, save yourselves while you still can. All that wack rap that sounds like they made up on the way to the package store needs to stop ASAP. I dissapointed man…To Gucci Mane: Make your doe now, your career will be short lived, that style will get played so quick you won’t be able to press rewind on the Protools console button, maybe you use cubase or Sonar? Anyway, you will be outta here in a minute, ask Soulja Boy Tell Em. We don’t believe you, you need more people.

    • prince

      Did this guy above me just say em, jay, kanye and MLK JR.???


      em, jay, kanye, and mlk jr? HAHAHAHA

      this is like that shit on sesame street where they sing “one of these things does not belongggggg….”

      who is next on your hitlist bol, MLK JR????

  • skani

    You gave Relapse a good review, dude

  • The Decatur Dictator

    Haters are just confused admirers. I know because in my life I have been prone to hate. When I think of hate I think of 1 Corinthians 13:11, which reads, “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.”

    Well, I like to say, “When I was a child, I envied like a child, got jealous like a child and hated like a child. When I became a man, I put my childish hateful ways behind me.”

    Now, there’s a difference between hate and someone’s honest critique. I don’t like being labeled a “hater,” I prefer the term “Cultural Critic” but there’s a very fine line between hate and cultural critique.

    A cultural critic would say, “Nicki Minaj is dope, she’s doing her thing. I actually think her rhymes were a lot harder when she was doing On The Come Up DVD’s but she’s still nice and I hope she does the right things with her cult-like following because she has a lot of young girls looking up to her and trying to be her. I hope she leads them to do the right things because with great power comes great responsibility.”

    End quote.

    A hater would say, “Fuck Nicki Minaj, the bitch can’t rap; she’s a fake Lil Kim and she be trying to sound like Wayne. Fuck her and all the Barbies that want to be like the bitch.”

    End quote.

    Do you see the difference? The cultural critic gave his honest opinion on the Nicki Minaj movement. He said what he thought about her, what he used to think about her, and what he thinks she should do with the power she has. The hater had nothing good to say, it was all disses and insults. You know why; because with ENVY comes needless criticism.

    • ola

      I cosign Decatur Dictator, alot of people come on this site and say the most uneducated idiotic responses and that straight hate, i can appreciate an honest critique atleast we know its genuwine how can some of these artist really grow if all they get is hate and no honest critique?

  • busta nutt

    any rappers that bol dont hate?so far hes hated on nas, eminem, 2pac, kanye, jay z, etc

  • CallmePA

    Far as new music I think they should be pushing a newer Gen, Whil continuing to do their thing. Its how I feel anyway.

    Ye is back in the Right Direction though

    So Is Em. We Can Only wait for the product.

    Real Talk.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    It’s not hating if it’s true. Kanye West is balls at rapping.

  • gaddic


    • Maya

      …..example of one of bol’s fans. wow.

  • Casey

    One of your best posts ever, here or on your (former?) blog. You went in at the end too


    it does take a good writer to evoke a certain reaction from his/her audience and ya, you have alot of people ready to bring a ruckus. The response are not hate. This is crazy causes all the negative comments were postive. They actually explained why he’s a hater. The postive ones are go bol…bs…cult following type with no points. Personally, you falling off. Even with the witty sarcasim sell us on some type of hope. Each write shouldn’t be just about u.

  • Lucy

    Bols posts always offer a different perspective on hip hop than you get in everyday life
    if its “hate” (which I don’t think it is at all) it’s intellectual hate
    How many times do we all have to listen to that same
    bitter/hood/angry nigga bash gucci and minaj?
    and I have to disagree with ff1one
    none of those posts explained shit about why he was a hater.
    They just did the same shit bol does in every post,
    offer a personal opinon based off somewhat common knowledge
    the muhfuccas that commented on this post that have a problem with bol really have a problem with themselves
    to quote CthaGods post that all these ignorants have misconstrued and misinterpreted
    haters are just confused admirers
    but of course they couldn’t wrap their minds around that…they’re too busy serenading their favorite rappers nuts

  • caino

    Fuck Cha, if l want to hate let me hate ! If its my opinion that someone sucks balls then thats why opinion it aint hate!!

    hate is when u get real personal!

    And stop quoting me the bible!! its full of shit! its a story get over it !

    damn u guys make me HATE!!!

    Keep doing ya thing Bol!

  • The Noid

    Ehh I agree on the Em thing but the Ye comments are a bit premature. The first single is “Crack Music” rapped in pretty new summer/Rock gift wrap paper for mass cracker consumption, agreed.

    I don’t know who the hell this Symbolyc One cat is but he must have the other set of negatives that that Amber is missing in order for Kanye to allow him to come in and get shine off a beat that sounds straight out of his own ASR. I will not agree with you that the album will suck because of Kanye. I think Ye is dope and is the only person in Hip-Hop still trying to be great. If the big name hype of adding RZA, Pete (the yin to your hip-hop hater yang) Rock and Q-Tip to the mix is only just that HYPE… I still expect a great album full of music that will set trends.

  • Kev

    Fuck all these faggots, I hope you all catch AIDS from Decatur Dicktaster. Keep doing what you do Bol. The Kobe joke was pure solid gold.

  • Freeman

    Bol I think you should be offered a record deal to rock nation.I’m sure you will be a noble addition.

  • the truth

    the comments on this post read like we probably got some of the aging cargo pants wearing folks he was talking about getting their feelings hurt. you can hop off kanye’s jock for one minute and accept some of the good points this man is making… that having been said, I’m curious to hear Good Ass Job for myself when it drops.

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  • Dick B.

    The concept is ill(matic). DJ Premier, RZA, and Pete Rock are three of my four favorite producers. I’ll probably end up buying just their produced tracks though.

    Power is a wack song – not hating just telling it how it is.

    I wish Nas would do something like this album.

  • bigant3563

    UUUU SUCK !!! Eminem rules

  • NeoLogiK

    “Good Ass Job” better be a “Good Ass Job” lol! Kanye seems to be doing a “Good Ass Job” at concealing the details of the album!

    Big Sean has confirmed on twitter that he will be a guest appearance on the album.

    I really love the first single from the album “Power”, featuring Dwele – it’s not as depressing as 808’s and Heartbreak, and is more hard hitting hip-hop.

    Check out our article on the mixtape here:


  • Anonymous

    I think your just a negative nancy to be honest

  • aub27

    your a bitter faggot, things change, adapt, no one listens to elvis anymore but at one time he was the greatest. mainstream hip hop is no different. kanye is spitting fire, appreciate it

  • mil4relaoded

    Yes you are a hater. And a calous bitter one at that. Kanye is better than good for hip hop. I you can’t see that then man you don’t love hip hop. And Em’s recovery is a great album btw.

  • i hate kanye

    fuck kanye west he succks dick and got surpassed by kid cudi in a fucking heart beat and hes the one that discovered him fucking faggot got beat by a stoner