Eminem’s Sales Predictions – Will He Recover or Relapse on the Charts?

Last week, the release of Drake’s highly-anticipated Thank Me Later caused a literal riot. The XXL staff and readers chimed in here on how much the rap rookie would sell in his first week, but we’ll see in a few days whether or not the Toronto native will live up to, fall or short or exceed the 450-475K units he’s projected to sell.

Following an early leak of his album, Eminem drops his latest disc, Recovery, today (June 21) a day earlier than its original date. A proven sales juggernaut, Mr. Mathers is expected to post up some respectable numbers next week as well. But will the proven veteran outsell hip-hop’s new crowned prince, Drake? We’ll have to wait a week to get the final count, but join the XXL staff in making your sales predictions for Slim Shady.

Eminem, Recovery – 600K

Eminem, Recovery– 410K

Eminem, Recovery– 545K

Eminem, Recovery– 400K

Eminem, Recovery– 400K

Eminem, Recovery– 258K

Eminem, Recovery– 410K

Eminem, Recovery– 475K

Eminem, Recovery– 550K

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  • http://jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Whatever he sells the first week, it will be more than Relapse. This album (only heard the snippets) was really enjoyable.

    • Gary

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      • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

        Don’t fucking talk to me Gary… I’ll KILL you and your boyfriend you fruit!!!

        • Federal Ranga

          Wow!!! GET EM J7!!!


    • Change

      Bought my copy today. Album is Dope, glad to hear some funny, honest, crazy, & sick lyrics. He killed it plus cop it there’s a bonus track along with it.

    • your papa

      xxl mags whole crew is fucked n r fuckin idiots n lame ass holes

  • Curtis75Black

    Why the fuck are y’all still worried about sales when the majority of Hip Hop isn’t buying anything. I guess you’re talking about all the other fans who cares about supporting their favorites ?

    • http://sfm.com make tr

      I just got my copy at best buy. Shelfs were pretty cleaned out. I hope this CD pushes over a million. This CD is incredible if your an EM fan. Everyone get the CD, and get a friend to buy one too.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Really, Anslem??

    I say 850,000ish. Plus the one I’m buying today…

    • angel

      i know right 258k lmao…where did they find him

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  • General

    Out of all the artists that get the huge hype for first week sales, Em actually has a CD worthy of that hype this time around, but for some reason I still see it doin about the same as what Drake’s cd did, even though personally this is the one CD that should deservedly push a mil the first week….

  • RapMusic24

    I got the album today and its fucking great,blasting that shit right now.Almost Famous is on now^^, Real fans will buy it,supporting good music.


    The cd is gettting more praise than hate though Im a little torn about it because its a departure from what he normally does and the beats arent as good as I had hoped, but overall I love the cd.Its just different from what Im used to. I believe it will do really well. 500k or more.

  • jonny bizness

    im going for 450k for the fact it has been out 2 wks and that drake despite the hype only is projected to sell approx the same so i would use tml as a indicator to what em will sell even though they have a totally different fan base

  • E-Hustle

    I downloaded the deluxe version on iTunes last night when I got the email exactly at 11:16PM stating the album was ready to be downloaded and I complied ASAP!
    Now that is 1 sale, plus the 2 CD’s I am about to go cop at Best Buy of both cover versions. That adds up to 3 copies sold from me alone.
    This is coming from someone that supports this nigga to the fulliest.
    Last actual album I copped was Relapse: Refill in December. That is how horrible hip-hop is right now.
    Eminem deserves the sales and I will go out my way for the greatest rapper dead or alive.

    I predict he will do over 650K-700K.

    But the real question is does the Monday sales count toward the following weeks numbers or are they only going to count for 1 day sales and go up against Drakes 1st week.
    No one seems to know this.
    50 was able to count his 1st week iTunes numbers for the following week, but then again, that album was exclusive to iTunes for a whole week so who the fuck knows?

    As for the album I can’t figure why he is throwing Encore & Relapse under the bus hard body on several songs.
    I thought Encore had it’s moments (Mosh, Yellow Brick Road, Spend Some Time, Evil Deeds) and it’s forgettable joints (Big Weenie, Puke), but it wasn’t horrible, just not up to par with his previous joints.
    And Relapse was a multiple Grammy Winner with some hard shit on it. But he did run those accents into the ground as he said and all that gay butt fucking was disturbing.
    I remember always rockin Insane and couldn’t even rap the words with him because it was homo shit.

    Anyways, Recovery is a beast so far. Some of them songs gonna have to grow on me.
    So far though, my stand outs are “No Love” and I am no Weezy fan, but no hater on him. But that song is amazing. How they flow to that sampled song it crazy. But of course Em killed him for the 3rd straight time on some 3-PEAT shit (Forever, Drop the World, No Love), also Won’t Back Down, So Bad, Almost Famous.
    I do think that’s fucked up Havoc’s beat is a hidden track and not even officially included as a song on the album and doesn’t even have a title.
    Anyways,this album has good work of mouth and a #1 hit record so I expect as I said earlier, over 650K minimum sold.

  • Anonymous


    • swype-matic

      Ummm, that’s pretty much what these kinda sites are about man

  • norcal

    RECOVER is okay and the best r okay the dre beat stands out .ILL get the deluxe because it will have SlaughterHouse on it, SO BAD best song on it

    • n8dagr8

      so bad is not the best song my man. thats prolly towards the back if you wanna rank the tracks. dre beat was dope, but not his best.

  • AZ40

    what the hell XXL, why would you title it “Will He Recover or Relapse on the Charts” if I’m not mistaken Relapse did like 600k the first week that shit ain’t too shabby…I think he’ll be in the same range of that

  • El Tico Loco

    The record sales prediction articles are getting predictable themselves.

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  • James

    Relapse did good.
    608,000 its first week. Even more when it was re-released with Refill.

  • IndyKid

    Haha ^ I think you meant overanalyzed? Not ‘overANALzed’. Haha good try at putting somebody down though. Good thing you’re ‘Anonymous’ so nobody can hate on you. Doucher.


    • n8dagr8


  • stuckfresh

    350,000 1st week max!

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    with the extra week and the extra hype form all his over zealous die hard dye their hair blonde than black practice that dead stre in the mirror fans, i’ll say 650k

  • Anonymous

    he will outsell drake, that is a gurantee. he sold more than 200k in presales didnt he? yea sorry this album is gunna sell!

  • DC waiting on recovery package

    I think eminem will accomplish 800,000+ within his first week. Why’ you might ask? Well if we do a quick retrospect back to last year when relaspe came out, emeinem didn;t have a song on that album that honetly created any hype.Despite that he still generated 600,000 his first week. Those who bought the album were mostly hardcore eminem fans who were glad to see his return. Now, this time around he has expanded his “music wings” and reached out far beyond the horizan to work with producer’s and artist noone could have ever imagined he’d work with. He will gain more fans from those who are fans of these different artist and producers. You also must consider the fact that he has hit song out; which relaspe didn’t, i’d say he’s set to do 8k. This album has meaning in it and inspiration which is always a recipe for a great album.

  • E-Hustle

    LMAO@Indykid, yeah how that clown going to try to knock someone and the bastard can’t even write right?
    Just cop the CD from bestbuy, there is only 1 album cover. The insert booklet is a flip over if you want to give it a different cover so he just lost 1 CD sale, but I still account for 2 albums sold.
    And AZ40 is right about the headline to this article. I didn’t even pay that shit any mind until I saw what you said.
    Whoever put that title on this article needs to be shot ASAP!

  • E-Hustle

    @DC, so your prediciting Recovery is going to only sell 8k (8,000) records? LOL, just fucking with you, I know you mean 800k.
    All great points. I think Em has a hardcore fan base that will support him and cop the actual album until most other artist that niggaz like, but will not put the bread out to support them. Especially in these times.
    I’m still sticking w/ 650-700k, but I hope I am wrong and he moves way more units.
    He deserves it.

  • Gary

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  • Finanicial Advisor

    Recovery will sell over 100,000 copies 1st week.

    • P

      With predictions like that i hope you aint no real financial Advisor lmao and if you are probably one of them stupid lending officers who helped crash the markets because of pure stupidity though you did project 100k first week so i wouldnt count that out

  • P

    Gary stays coming with that gay shit…seriously suckin multicultural dick for crack rock/food stamps doesnt mean your experiencing interracial dating…i mean maybe you become emotionally attached to them or some fucked up shit…

    Crazy Gary aka Ken Kaniff Jr.

  • Gpimp

    Just purchased the Deluxe copy from iTunes. Haven’t given it a full play through yet (played a little over half) but so far it’s amazing.

    Recovery is Eminem’s best since the SSLP. The entire album is lyrical fire from the first verse to the final hook, filled with deep emotional though as well as the ultra-violent humor we’ve come to expect from Shady. Gone are the annoying accents that plagued Relapse and bizzare drug-induced trips (i.e Rain Man, Big Weenie)that spawned from Encore. In its place are focused, lyrically mind blowing pieces that will keep you coming back for more.

    Like everyone, I loved SSLP/MMLP/Eminem Show. Encore was enjoyable to me as well, but not the caliber of its predecessors. Relapse was the first album I didn’t buy, I was quite disappointing with it. Recovery gets Eminem back on track and allows him to show off his true lyrical ability as he dominates everyone in the industry. Shady’s back!

    Em deserves this to go 10x platinum in its first week. Realistically, I’m estimating around 650-800k. It should definitely beat out Drake.

  • the #1 hater

    who the fuck cares people! whether he sells 10 copies or 10 million copies, nothing will change! the sky will still be blue, my shit will still be brown, my girls pussy will still smell like afterfuck, and our bank accounts still won’t have a deposit from interscope, except you idiots that buy multiple copies because you want everyone to know that you’re such a die hard fan! yeah dude thats awesome!! go fuck yourself!

  • TrollPolice

    Troll, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Silly 12 year old troll. Can’t even type correctly. This is a big boy place, you need to go somewhere else.

  • Troll Police

    Troll, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Silly 12 year old troll. Can’t even type correctly. This is a big boy place, you need to run along and play somewhere else.

    • Master CHeef

      nice billy madison reference. that took me back, bruh. lmao

  • BOOM

    I predict a million first week. eminem deserves it.

  • the #1 hater

    @Trollpolice and you get negative 10 points for biting a quote from a retarded adam sandler movie. go fuck yourself asshair!

  • the #1 hater

    and you did it twice, so thats -20

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    Me and my boy gonna end up getting it sometime this week, hopefully they’ll have more copies by then. The funny thing is, even though I’m a fan of his music, I don’t own any of his albums…guess this will be my first.

    I hope he goes platinum within the first 2 weeks.


    Best em album yet, clearly moved away from the child/pop like hit’s (real slimshady/we made you/just lose it) em is at his best right now with more mature angry lyrics & hard beats. shady is killing em.. close to a mill sold

  • Shady

    Who the fuck is this Anslem homo? XXL clearly has handicaps running their magazine.

  • brand-new

    2 great albums drop tommorow, eminem and vinnie paz (don’t sleep on vinny)

  • General Yopeck

    Fuck eminem!!!

  • General Yopeck

    Fuck eminem!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Recovery sucks, Relapse is 20 times better. 400k

    • http://XXLmag.com matt

      Recovery blows relapse and relapse refill off the charts

    • http://XXLmag.com Huyser

      Recovery is dope versus relapse

  • MyNameIs

    No way. 500-800k, Recovery blows Relapse outta the water.

  • E-Hustle

    Troll Police just bodied The #0 Hater like Em did Jay on Renegade! LMAO!

  • swype-matic

    Hey, to anybody that has this album already, does he use any kind of irritating voice at all on ANY song like he did from Encore to Relapse?

  • TrollPolice

    No. The accent is gone, thankfully. In pretty much every song he sounds like he does on Not Afraid. Trust me, Recovery is much better than Relapse.

    Go to Eminem’s myspace page and you can listen to every track from the record. See for yourself, it’s really good.

    • swype-matic

      Thank god, I listened to Relapse once the entire time Ive had it. It so painful to listen to damn near all 70+ minutes.


        Then you probaly wont like Recovery because the best songs on Relapse are a lot like Recoverys songs.I cant believe you dont like at least these great songs from Relapse
        “3 A.M.”
        “Stay Wide Awake”
        “Old Time’s Sake”
        “Déjà Vu”

        • swype-matic

          Those were some pretty good songs, but nothin’ really reply worthy, nothin’ like anything from The Eminem Show and back.

        • KLETEWOOD


          “STAY WIDE AWAKE” on Relapse was the sickest lyrical songs I’ve ever heard. Nobody can re-rap that song besides EM. Most people can’t even understand what he’s saying.

          But…RELAPSE was not for the everyday hip hop fan. RECOVERY is.

          RECOVERY will easily have 6 POPULAR singles. Relapse only had 3 singles.

          RECOVERY will continue to sell over the summer. The first week may not be a million…but, the second week he’ll reach a meal ticket.

          “WONT BACK DOWN”
          “NO LOVE”
          “25 to Life”
          “TALKING to Myself”
          “LOVE the WAY you LIFE”
          “ALMOST FAMOUS”

          Not to mention Cinderella Man and Spacebound.

          The Album is packed with good Songs.


  • the #1 hater

    hey E-hustle, we’re all glad you could take a break from jerking off to your eminem cd’s and join the thread, i got a question does your first recovery cd sound any different from your second one? or are you waiting for copies 3 and 4 to make a more accurate review? your a lame cock sore and you’re sweeter than 2 faggots kissing , kill yourself now and remind your family to bury you with your eminem cd’s. you gay fucktard

  • Troll Police.

    It’s difficult to take anything you say seriously. After reading your name “the #1 hater”, and skimming through that giant block of text, it’s apparent that it’s impossible for you to come up with anything that resembles a logical argument.

    Instead, you ramble on like a 12 year old suburban boy whose mad at his parents for not buying him the newly released Britney Spears record. This is a big boy place. Even though it’s OK to curse with mommy and daddy out of the room, it doesn’t make you seem any more intelligent. Go back to middle school where you can learn some much-needed grammar and punctuation.

  • Kobe

    pretty sick, EMINEM 800k first week and easily quadruple platinum in the first year…

    Best rap album in a LONG time

  • Kobe

    The#1hater, hahaha dude calm down these guys are taking it up the ass

  • the #1 hater

    ahhh, the big boy place?the place where you bring the name “troll police” and adam sandler quote’s to the table, huh? thanks for pointing that out sport. and as far as the brittany spear’s record, yes i was very upset and i’ve gotten over it, and i’m glad you’re here to help me with my punctuation and grammar, you’re hired. of course i’ll have to wait for mommy and daddy to leave the room. i’ll just yell for the punctuation police when i need ya…catch ya later slugger..have a shitty day.

  • Divine

    lol @ #1hater

  • sqoot

    Recovery is a great look for eminem and his shit is more creative and sounds way better than drake shit. I’ll give this album A-. Take my word on this fellas cause drake says the same shit on “Thank Me Later” and all the beats sounds the same. Recovery shows that Em actually took his time this time and came out with another classic.

  • bigD

    fuck the haters, damn little kids. eminem will sell 500-750k first week. Maybe more.

  • Qtip22

    To all haters:

    “Y’all just so motherfuckin’ full of shit that you stopped up!”

    Yeah, one of the best things about this album is that it really shows how Eminem can bend any word to fit into his puzzles. Best album I’ve heard in a very long time.

  • the #1 hater

    i touch myself to this cd, It makes me so horny i put my cock into a sock

  • the #1 hater

    “i touch myself to this cd, It makes me so horny i put my cock into a sock” Then my mom walked into the room , i panic and smash it with a rock….

  • AyoWatupDawg

    just finished my first play through. very good, ‘leaps and bounds’ better than relapse, encore as well. glad he finally found his stride.
    RIP BIG proof!

  • R2J

    I hate to say this but Em can get 750-999K because this reminds me of Encore and Eminem
    Show combined. The beats are solid and he’s really surprised me as far as his wordplay goes.

    If you’re not convinced Recovery is gonna do great then here’s some songs you need to listen to:

    Going Through Changes.
    25 To Life (If you’re with a bitch or a no-good dude this is the perfect song for you.)
    Cold Wind Blows (A Banger!!!)
    Space Bound.(Has an 8 Mile feel to it.)
    Almost Famous
    Not Afraid.

    If he sells a mill in his 1st week then I wouldn’t be surprised…

  • SutterKane

    It should be alot, I know alot of people who werent even Em fans who went out and bought this, especially females because that collabo with rhianna is on the radio out here every 5 seconds, I’ve heard that song more on the radio this week then all of the “Relapse” singles combined.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dr@$t-iQ Alkoholik

    yo this is the shit ryt here the best hip hop album in a minute,Eminem just rippin it I expect him to push atleast 800k first week and 2.5 mill first 2 months, nigga kills it through out aint felt a full Em album since Eminem Show I aint gon front Encore and Relapse had sum heat on em like(Yellow Brick Road,Mosh,Hello,Underground,Stay Wide Awake,etc), but this is the shit y’all shud cop that shit y’all saying he pushin less than 500k first week are just hating

  • Countdown 123

    He has some sentimental songs, and real bubbly pop jams for the ladies, he has some silly stuff for the icp heads, and then a lot of quick delivery of dick jokes for the lyricists out there. I’m predicting huge cd sales, and even Shady Ltd. Clothing will be boosted, better screen print more of those Jason Mask Tees for Macys. Glad to see the epic battle between such heralded rap bests like Drake and Eminem. Thank you hip hop community for creating a top ten list of such influential artists. Good luck guys, my eleven year old niece has both your posters right by her Jonas Brothers ones, and is ready to see who sells the most units.

  • Glen T.

    Eminem, Recovery– 475K

    i would lean more towards sam

    i havent had my full cup of joe but i still know sarcasm when i see it hehe countdown a bit harsh are we?

    i admit i use to listen to em a lot then got sick of him and now that im much older with a daughter i have to listen to jonas brothers and im telling you its not bad at all

    when i heard of a new cd i wasnt that hellbent on hearing more and when i listened to it straight through it just didnt do it for me like he once did

    i think you need some rebellion and youth in you to fully experience his album, wasnt one of his best for me

  • Elton John

    I predict generally high sales, at least on par with Relapse. Eminem has a very high-profile single with Not Afraid, and through word of mouth, I’m sure fans unhappy with Relapse will give it another go.

    Not to mention, he intentionally made a couple radio-friendly songs. Love the Way you Lie w/ Rihanna is gonna get a lot of play time on the radio and will certainly appeal to the ladies.

    Relapse did 600k, I’m hoping for more or at least around that, 750-800k.

  • http://www.addictinginfo.com vinny frog

    Personally I would have to say that he will “Recover” with his record sales. I only say this because of the fact that he has had so much buzz surrounding this album. Plus he is back to his old ways lyrically and actually sounds good again. Ive heard a lot of his songs from the new cd on http://www.addictinginfo.com and I cant say that im disappointed. I would have to say my favorite is “Not Afraid”.

  • Kendry

    he threw some softballs on the cd to have some singles, still even if this is a more commercial friendly cd sales of music are hurting so i say he does well just not as well as he himself is hoping for as far as the cd i dont really think its worth buying anyhow



  • shenaynay

    Anslem you are an idiot. 258k?? Relapse did 608k and this album has tons more buzz and radio airplay behind it. 650k absolute minimum, likely 700+

  • the #1 hater

    Im Gay, and I like MEN.

  • the #1 hater

    TO THE FAKE #1 HATER‚ I GUESS IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ME ITS BETTER TO PRETEND TO BE ME….you’re more lame than i thought, but i appreciate you, i love the hate. it’s actually flattering.

  • the #1 hater

    no, i’m the real the #1 hater.
    your the fake one

  • lolhi

    Neither of you are the real #1 hater. Your IPs are both different to the original.

    Not Afraid has over 24,000,000 views on YouTube. It’s also gotten tons of radio play. The buzz created by a powerful lead single + word of mouth + general album hype will lead to at least a Gold certificate by the time next Tuesday roles around. I look for 500-620k

  • flavorblade

    I think Recovery will sell a little less first week than Relapse because they are released so soon together and the great expectation of Em’s back is gone. It’s about the music and his fan base now.

    Eminen has a near platinum sized fan base. That means no matter what he will go at least platinum. His hype base used to be triple-quadruple that. Hype base is just generally music lovers who will buy what ever they feel is good. Em’s hype base was bigger than other rappers not just do his great skill, but because he was white, he could hype out rock crowds and kiddie Pop crowds. Em is the type of artist that got fans where he is the only hip-hop act they like. In contrast Jay-z hypes out R&B, and maybe a smidgen of the rock crowd. That joint 99 problems was aimed at them.

    I think Em should show good consistency over 6 months to nine months and go about 2 mil. 2.4 is outstanding. Needs good videos at least three.

    The sorry state of rap helps Eminen. People in the street say you want to hear some good rap but the Eminem CD. Back in the day it was mostly all good rap. It’s like rare now.

  • Pete Roc

    Its time again…

    It’s Shady Season fellaz.

  • hammer


    #1 100k easy. anybody whos listening to this cd right now knows.

  • Minime

    He’s already sold over 300,000 the first two days it’s on fucking fire its the best CD of the year and will be a classic. 600,000 sales I’m guessing for the first week.

  • matt

    em will sell 700k easy u haters r wack

  • yoyos

    all i got to say is ”fuck the past muthafucka hes the shit right now”

  • Nina Najil

    how come people werent this amped for the slaughterhouse raekwon krsone/buckshot week? fans screaming “hip hop is head” need to realize its dying because you buy wack material like drake and eminem and make it the standard

    i heard both these albums and beats, lyrics, and overall longevity are all below average

    • hyhyh

      Completely disagree. I think eminem is the only true mainstream MC in the game right now, the only one really keeping hip hop alive. His CDs are certainly the only ones I’ve been purchasing.

  • Wow

    Eminem Crushes The Competition w/ Recovery Sales ’753,870

    Take that, haters! 750k first week. That’s absolutely amazing and above all estimations. Fuck XXL

  • DazzOne

    Sad as HELL the Distant Relatives wont make a third of this album, and it’s probably the most important hip-hop record in a minute. Recovery is alright, I guess… Glad he is not using that dumb as voice anymore.

  • http://www.articlegrunge.com/Art/25640/93/Andre-Viette-Horticulturist-Extraordinaire.html Deedee Callam

    I am just gonna have to concur with you this time around!