Drake, Thank Me Later – What Would You Rate It?

Back when I was the music editor for this magazine, I always had to deal with questions about how the ratings were determined? How could two albums of obviously different calibers get the same ratings? So on and so on…

I can’t speak for our current music editor, Rondell, but I judged each project as a body of work on its own merit or against the particular artist’s catalog. Sometimes, it was a matter of where the album stood amid the current crop of music and what the project meant in that moment in time.

Needless to say, it was/is a tough job—especially now with albums leaking early and everybody and their baby mama thinking their a critic because they have access to a computer.

The latest project of the moment is Drake’s long-awaited debut, Thank Me Later. After springing online earlier this week, everyone is tossing out his or her opinions about the disc. I hit up the @XXLStaff Twitter account earlier today and asked folks what they thought of the project so far.

The reaction?

Mixed reviews.

Some good, like, @iamMATTF @XXLStaff gr8 album. So far gone status…lived up 2 my expectations

And some bad, like, @jesse_wildcat @XXLStaff it sucks!! I don’t wanna thank him later, I want an apology.

And some indifferent, like, @TrapSquad76 @xxlstaff some songs were cool but wasn’t really for me.

Whichever way you look at it, I can’t call it and neither can some of my colleagues. Since yesterday we’ve been talking about the disc and getting a similar array of feedback. It’s a little too early for an official review—we’ll wait for the retail album in its entirety to keep it one hunnid—but I really want to know what the people think.

Everyone’s a critic, right? So here’s your shot. Vote below for the rating you’d give Thank Me Later if you had the chance. Since anyone can click a button, why not make it interesting by actually supporting your unbiased rating in the comments section.

Thank ME later. —Anslem Samuel

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  • katt

    imma go XL on this..

    i LOVE the album but i cant exactly say it’s “perfect”, i wouldve liked more than 14-15 songs and maybe some slightly different production for the first 5 tracks.. still a great album though

  • reala

    its definitely not a bad album, its just not outstanding. honestly there are some good verses and jay’s verse was the best from him in a while. the thing is just that no song is a certified banger. there’s no real “hits”.

    • http://xxlmag.com realtalk82

      I agree with you and I consider tracks with alot of bass and a hard hitting beat a banger in my eyes so I’m gonna say “Up All Night” and “Miss Me” are bangers 4 sure. Over is up there but I definetly wouldn’t say Find Your Love is a banger,mainstream yes banger no! Fireworks is my favorite record on there as a whole!

  • jlabella11

    No brainer for me, it’s an L. There is nothing on the album that we haven’t already heard from him. I think Drake & Boi-1da should form a duo and make an album together, just like Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek do with Reflection Eternal. I’m not that big on Drake, but I do think him & Boi-1da are a perfect match and it would help Drake become more consistent.

    • drakeee

      More like Drake and “40″ should collab. The man is a genios and is really behind the boards. boi-1da just throws a snare and same ol beat together. “40″ makes the hits. He produced the entire So Far Gone mixtape.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    The best review I’ve seen was “It’s a Drake album.” Exactly – there are no surprises.

    I didn’t see the hype surrounding So Far Gone but I do think this is a better overall project than that was. Regardless, it’s far from the instant classic everyone promised it would be………

  • mpopper

    ill give it an XL right now
    i mean this is what drake wants us to do
    this is his concept of “Thank Me Later”
    he said that the album needs do grow on you before you can truly appreciate it

  • Thias

    Have you guys downloaded a bootleg or something? Isn’t the album dropping June 15th?

    • that nigga

      Yeah, it was leaked and it fuckin sucks. I was really rootin for dude cuz he gets a lot of hate but I liked like 2 songs on there. Its like a fuckin R&B album. If I wanted to listen to R&B I would just throw on Usher or Tre Songs.

  • M. Baby!

    I haven’t heard the album yet, still waiting for the retail album. But from what I hear, it’s the same type of music that we’ve been hearing for almost 2 years now. Gotta go deep with your album, take it to the next level. That’s the problem with making so many mixtapes. People get tired of you quickly. The greats, Hov, BIG, Pac, Nas, Outkast, and etc didn’t make mixtapes every other month. We kinda missed them (pause), and when they said they were coming back out with an album we ran to the stores to get it because we haven’t heard from them in a minute and they sit back and listen to what’s currently out and counter it. Exactly what Kanye just did with the Power record. Drake needs to slow down some, give people a chance to miss him and then come back and get em. To me he should’ve saved Every Girl & Best I Ever Had for now.

  • Axeo

    I gave it a L. I did enjoy a few tracks like fireworks and Light up but other stuff like shut it down, over, and find your love i just found boring and corny. I kinda got tired hearing leaked stuff when his lyrics became the same old same old.

    I think this album won’t define him. It will sell and critics will dickride (looking at this website’s staff)but it will be his 2nd album that will say if he can break the mold or another run of the mill rap artist. Me personally am just bored and want something different from Drake

  • beaver

    i liked 1 or 2 songs,,the other shit sounds like his same old shit…
    i gave it a S..nothin speciall..

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Haven’t heard it. I trust the media will make sure I do for the next couple of months.

    “but it will be his 2nd album that will say if he can break the mold or another run of the mill rap artist.”

    ^ this I believe.

  • newyawka631

    Fuck Drake…I’m giving it a fucking S,to match his crews clothes sizes..Suck a fucking dick,on some real hata shit…His voice is annoying…

  • newyawka631

    Fuck Drake…I’m giving it a fucking S,to match his crews clothes sizes..Suck a fucking dick,on some real hata shit…His voice is annoying…

  • newyawka631

    Fuck Drake…I’m giving it a fucking S,to match his crews clothes sizes..Suck a fucking dick,on some real hata shit…His voice is annoying…

  • newyawka631

    Fuck Drake…I’m giving it a fucking S,to match his crews clothes sizes..Suck a fucking dick,on some real hata shit…His voice is annoying…


    The song with Jeezy was pretty cool, real mellow-type vibe… haven’t heard the rest of the album tho. Hopefully it’s better than his first 2 singles

  • Q461

    honestly, I fuck with Drake…. I just feel like his earlier work is superior to a majority of this album, and yes if he had dropped 7 years ago, songs like Successful, Best I ever had, Fear, Forever etc would have been on the actual retail album, and that shit would be considered close to classic when put next to to hits like Fireworks,Over, Find your love, Light up and Unforgettable. There’s alot of shoddy material on this, like that wack joint with Nicki Minaj. Plus, I’ve heard a few DOPE unfinished tracks by this dude like King Leon and Fall for your type that def should have been completed and added to the album. Overall, an L, not bad but a disappointment, coulda been much better.

  • yoprince

    unless there are some changes to the retail version, i’ve heard the full album.

    this is a great album in the sense that it will greatly appeal to fans of drake.

    if you don’t like drake, then this album will not change your mind. if you were on the fence, i do believe you will enjoy this album, as I do.

    what stops the album from being unequivocally outstanding is the production. outside of the second track Karaoke, Over, and the cuteness of the Aaliyah sample on Unforgettable, the production does not wow you. it is all very capable, but not thrilling in any way. this separates it from memorable debut albums from the likes of Nas, Snoop, or 50 Cent, all artists who were similarly highly-anticipated. Boi-1da or 40 or whoever is handling the lionshare of the production often use similar drum patterns and it that may be why Drake often employs a similar flow, which can become predictable at times.

    On the other hand, Drake for his part does his job lyrically. He’s not nice in the sense of a Jay-Z or even a Wayne. What he does do well is make poignant statements about his actual life that are relatable to everyday people, and sometimes even insightful. These moments are most evident on songs like Karaoke and The Resistance where he raps about an ex-girl who moved on, and selfishly not calling his grandmother in a nursing home, respectively. The honesty is endearing and continues throughout, but if you’re looking for clever entendres and slick metaphors, they’re few and far between.

    Though the features may seem overdone, they are well placed and do a good job of interrupting what could have become monotonous, plus everybody shows up in top form.

    I’d give the album an XL because I think he made an album that his fans will greatly appreciate and be able to listen to over and over again.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “the production does not wow you. it is all very capable, but not thrilling in any way. this separates it from memorable debut albums from the likes of Nas, Snoop, or 50 Cent, all artists who were similarly highly-anticipated.”

      ^ good point.

      And review.

    • juiceboxblog

      I hope xxl puts u on payroll for that review, thats better writing then I usually find on this site… i’m with you on just about everything there, I think its Drake’s relate-ability that is so polarizing amongst the people on here, some people appreciate it while others don’t understand the hype because they are looking for metaphors and similes before they brand an MC “Lyrical”. With that being said I think Drake’s style is indicative of Hip Hop’s development in the sense that it’s now acceptable for rappers to convey a full range of emotions, including self doubt, even the 2010 jay z is a more complete and introspective character then what we were introduced to on Reasonable Doubt. I’m a fan of this shift because I think its sure to pave the way for more diverse and unique artists.

    • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

      Damn That’s A Better Review Then Any Of The XXL Dickheads That Run This Site

  • http://www.5alarmint.com Marvin

    It deserves a solid XL. Although it didn’t reach Illmatic status like a lot of people hoped, it is a solid album and showed Drake is good, but has a lot to learn.

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    I haven’t heard the album yet (still trying to figure out where ya’ll getting this leak from, someone link me please), but IMO, I always thought that Drake’s flow was very basic and has no feeling in his lyrics. You can listen to what he says and it may be meaningful, but to me, he just doesn’t put enough feeling in his songs. Like he just woke up in the morning doing the same hussle-n-bussle at a 9-to-5 job; its just boring. Plus, his main appeal seems like its for the ladies. I’ll give it a listen as soon as I find this leak though; it may be a lil different once I actually listen to this album of his. Like Axeo said, maybe his 2nd album will really show his prowess….

  • fvckxxlm

    XXL this is really low of you guys to promote an album that has leaked. Dont ask people to rate an album that isnt even out yet. Get your shi*t together.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    low? nah, smart buisness move. They want to get a feel for what the masses are saying. XXl use make me run to the news stands. Why, cause they weren’t the source. The source had sold out. i can’t rate it yet despite the leak..not till its offical. From what i’ve heard. its dope. I mean its dope for drake and for hip hop in 2010. U can’t compare him to the greats or go back to 96 (man what a year) let it breathe. If u sit back and look at it from that standpoint its dope. Drake has the world on his shoulders and he still is delivering. Plus, dude is new to this. Give him time to grow vs saying he should do this and should do that. That goes both ways.

  • Q! tha Great

    the album is great (XL), it not quite classic. Drake didn’t really up the ante but he gave consistently good music! besides this is really his second album you take into account the success ofr So Far Gone. still worht the purchase

  • AZ40

    I’d give it an L if you’re just somewhat a casual fan of drake, it’s not really a classic, but is worth checkin’ out

    Pros:Production is top notch
    When he’s in his range he’s a really good singer

    Cons:His rapping is too much like Kanye
    The song writing isn’t as great as I expected(especially when he writes his R&B stuff)

    Can’t even lie it’s not wack but to me it’s not as great as it was said it was gonna be

  • SD

    LOL @jesse_wildcat @XXLStaff it sucks!! I don’t wanna thank him later, I want an apology.


  • http://www.dblade.com hoisher

    I like drake and I was hoping this album would be equal to or better then So Far Gone. But it isnt. I give it a 7/10. Can not pump half the songs loud in your ride, unless your with your girl and you have it on low. His voice isnt strong enough for all the slow songs, Only way he can pull that off is if he said some ground breaking stuff, which he doesn’t. I was look foward to 80% head bopping, and 20% thought provoking singing. But I really didnt get either.

    Goto http://WWW.DBLADE.COM to download some good music

  • Badboyz

    Well first off I just want to ask most of you guys something…Look all of you guys are jumping on Drake SAYING “It’s not that dope(S)” come on guys let’s not lie this boy is going to be a great and lets we forget that Jay-Z who many consider to be the best in the game. His first album wasn’t “classic” or “XXL” so can we all take a pill of the chill variety and take this album in its full entirety. Even though I copped the leak when it drops retail I’m buying it, it’s that good!!!!!

    • Axeo

      Do your history. Reasonable Doubt is XXL. This mag wasn’t arond when Reasonable Doubt was released and later said it was XXL. Many people consider it his best album. It got 4 mics from the sourrce and later got 5 mics. Even Rolling Stone (who shits on hip-hop most of the time unless they dick ride) gave it five stars eventually. Drake like i said earlyer will be better defined by his 2nd album. This album is basiclly saying im solid but still need to grow.

  • http://www.myspace.com/evillemusic Jay-Mo

    i give this album and XL why becuase this kid is doing something different with this album he is showing you versatility mixing versus with catching melodies for the chorus and showing you that he can sing as well. im not a big fan of some of the rnb stuff he has on this album but understand its his first official album and he is still growing as an artist so even though i know some people may not like some of this rnb slow tempo songs he got on this album i think his intentions was to give a lil something for everybody


    smeedium…at best! what am i doin? what am i doin? oh yeah. that’s right. i’m doing me!

  • so252(nC)

    My homie sent me a link and I got the album and gave it a L; this isn’t a good debut album.. As far as your first album you should show your full ability. I feel like this is the leftover bullshit after doing too many freestyles and features. There was way too much singing and Jeezy, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne all bodied him on featured songs!! The only actual hit I heard was Miss Me and that’s really because of Wayne… This is why people dont need to be hyped up because niggas make it like he’s the next Jay-Z!! This isn’t a good start……

  • AshleyNacole

    this album gets and XL… this album is really good!!!..it wasnt a song on the album that i didnt like…this is going to be one of the best albums of the summer!! this is totally drake!!!

    • Thankhimnow

      What are you guys hearing??? This is a CLASSIC this album is a breath of fresh air that the industry really needed from track 1 to thank me now is amazing and I bet anything that the album wins a ton of awards this year!!!! So stop haterisum a sit there a actuall listen to what kid is sayin yall are LAME and obviously dont know shit about GOOD MUSIC!!!!

  • haters gonna hate

    If you like Drake its a do album, but Haterz gonna hate.

    Had a chance for XXL, but sold out for the main stream. He started on a nice So Far Gone tip, but then had to throw in those garbage mainstream track;

  • So Far Gone

    So Far Gone >>>> Thank me Later

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    as a rap album : 2/5

    as a R&b album: 4/5


    you people are stupid who say this album sucks fuuuck you all and i swear i can beat anyone who’s alive by myself this album is not bad for sure bye I’m not coming back here!!!



  • DV8

    Drake- Not gonna bother.

    Just dont dig dude at all. and he still using that little rap style Kanye started and sounding corny.

    “is it because im seasoned that these haters keep giving me salty looks? LAWRY’S”

  • chris

    greatness is based on the response it yields. i am sure this album will be what your hear everywhere this summer.

  • Boise Idaho

    I think its a pretty damn good album . its definitely alternative rap and not really ” hip hop ” like drake puts it .

    I give it an XL .,. some of the beats are pretty simple but he is a damn good songwriter and makes the tracks as a whole pretty damn good.

    my only con to the album was that i didn’t have time to take in every message since the lyrics are basicully always at like 1/16 and go right along with a 1/16th high hat.

    While your thinking about the deep shit he just spoke about your missing the next line cuz the lyrics were flyin past me like bullets.

    Drake works pretty fuckin hard as an artist and if you ever catch any of his live videos he puts on an awsome show with the full band !

    Idaho is feelin his shit.

  • P4L

    I was expecting more Hip-Hop on the album. I wanted to hear more songs like “Over”. It’s just too much singing for Drake with lame hooks. Some of the beats are really dull too, I was hoping for more upbeat music.

    The song “Fancy” started off great but towards the end it goes into a slow jam which ruined the song.

  • http://www.liveagl.com JP

    As a whole the album was not bad at all. As a RAP album I give it about a 6 out of 10, as an R&B album 8/10. What bothered me was the fact that he had 7 features on his DEBUT album. That was not a smart move. As far as im concerned So Far Gone was a way better disk then Thank Me Later. Saying that this will not be considered a classic but I hope he has better material to give.

    Highlights from Thank Me Later: Unforgettable, Light up,Thank Me Now.

  • http://hiphopfiend.wordpress.com/ Grant

    Ive written a track by track review of the album, and also revisited “Up All Night” in its own review (people thought I was too harsh on Nicki the first time) please check it out by clicking on my name…

  • http://www.myspace.com/idonthavearapname Mika

    “…………their baby mama thinking their a critic because they have access to a computer.”

    their a critic ??? was that a mistake or did you genuinely think that what you typed is right ??

    Whatever it is, your ignorance despite being a contributor for an internet site which has people from all over visiting is pathetic. You are somehow representing the black folks so be sure you don’t make all blacks look ignorant

  • http://www.myspace.com/idonthavearapname Mika

    the correct way is “THEY’RE” not ‘their’

  • JohnB

    Album is horrible, st8 up

  • steve heredia

    definitely an XL….couldn’t really expect him to top so far gone. you have to remember, he doesn’t quite have the freedom as he did on the so far gone mixtape. the label execs approve what puts on the cd this time. i mean, the guy could release another mixtape better than this cd…….if he wants.

  • Jake3020

    Thank Me Later is the best hip hop album since Blueprint 3. It deserves the XXL – its a classic. The tracks grow on you. There is not a bad song on the album. The more you listen, the tracks just get better and more memorable. Best cuts: Resistance, All Night, Unforgettable, Light Up, Fancy….

    • Thank-Him-Now

      Thank you jake3020 for realizing whats real I feel the same way best Hip-Hop album since BP3 I dont know what these people are talking about but each track is a hit as far as I’m concerned GREAT ALBUM DRAKE!!!!!

  • chocomeelquik

    i downloaded the album and gave it a listen. but i fastforwarded throughout the whole album because it kept getting boring (especially through the slow-jam type songs where he sings).if i had to fastforward and skip throughout this short 14 length album, its probably not for me or at least “not my cup of tea” as they say.

    i don’t hate it nor do i love it. its just not for me. i have no business listening to drake.

    ps: i probably feel this way because downloaded eminem’s recovery and listened to that before i downloaded and listened to thank me later (which is a bad idea because you end up comparing the two which is not fair to thank me later)
    so i’ll probably download thank me later again some other time (i erased it from my computer) and give it another shot, this time only listening to that for the day

  • JC

    I made sure i REALLY listened to it before commenting…and it really grew on me…very solidly crafted production and honest lyrics…”The Resistance” is a somber groove about being loyal to friends…”Unforgettable” gets MAD props for using an angelic Aaliyah sample…Nicki Minaj actually turns in an impressive performance in”Up All Night,” a song about crew love…drake floats and glides on his charisma and honesty…hardly a line feels phoney…”Fancy” is a confident, soulful Swizz banger…it simply feels like a solid debut from a talented artist who knows how to craft a a catchy hook, song and album…no mixtape sounding stuff here…remember, debuts can sometimes be TOO CLASSIC and the artist can never top it…this is simply SOLID, with plenty of room to grow…think more Supa Dupa Fly (Missy’s debut) than College Dropout and you’ll find yourself enjoying Drake’s confident, melodic debut

  • http://yahoo big-j

    this album is not good at all. It was too much hype around this kid.I cant find one song I like. I don’t picture anyone riding and listening to this crap. not a classic more like career ending. It was too much hype for this middleling album.

  • Deztiny

    I agree, Drake needs to give us an apology. This shit is WEAK. You cannot compare this mess to his mixtapes. His lyrics are all shallow, one dimensional AND some are recycled– this nigga is ECO friendly! He went back to what everyone else was doing: simple ass weak beats and rapping about how how hot shit they are. He shoudlve just re-released his mixtapes. SMH.

  • drewdown215

    This album is really gay. It’s boring, corny, uninspiring and I actually like drake a little.You nuthuggers need to stop with this “hater” or “you’re just mad” nonsense. I don’t like this album and I don’t have to. I’m not jealous of this kid his life means nothing to me. I couldn’t help but to push fast forward on every song. It’s sounds like a bunch of leftover scraps from the same old same old mix tapes he’s been putting out. Nothing new and really boring.

  • JoeB


  • http://www.myspace.com/jhuntdaprodigy J-hunt da Prodigy

    I’m one of the biggest fans of Drake in my whole town probably, but I’m gonna go with XL. The beginning was kind of eclectic upon the first listen, idk it might have 2 grow on me. Towards the middle there’s a nonstop assault of features until Cece’s Interlude, but Drake holds his own against all his collaborators, and maintains a dominant presence that shows the songs are indeed a part of his solo album. The album isn’t perfect, it’s not another Ready To Die, Blueprint, College Dropout, or anything, but is a very great album, and will prolly end up in the top 3-5 for the best album of the year chart. The standout tracks are Light Up, Show Me A Good Time, Shut It Down, Unforgettable, & Up All Night.

  • DeedKid

    The thing that disappointed me was the fact that he stated originally that it was going to be a “solid hip-hop album”…which it isnt. Lyrically he goes harder on previous mixtapes. I would give it an XL. Like people have said previous, it’s an album that you appreciate more when you take it for what it is, rather than what it could have been and what it isnt.

  • Cyphon

    See when I rate an album I try and compare it to everything around it within the genre. With Drake it is weird because I don’t know what he wants to go under. Pop/R&B or Rap.

    If I look at TML as a rap album I give it about a 2.5/5. Its just really nothing special. There is no wow factor and his flow is boring and mostly lazy. Lyrically he has some shining moments but then others that are just crap. My other problem is that he just seems like a cupcake version of lil Wayne. In fact it almost sounds like Wayne writes some of his stuff they can be so similar. Even down to the sound effects Drake makes.

    If I look at this as a Pop/R&B album I might give it a 3.5-4/5. Because it will actually be accepted and enjoyed by those type of fans. Girls are obviously going to love a lot of the stuff and some more loyal (groupie) guy fans of Drake. It has some things you can play in the club and really enjoy in that environment.

    So here is the real issue for Drake. He needs to pick one side or the other if he wants to stand out in either side. If he wants to rap he needs to back to Am 2 PM style or something like his old stuff. If he wants to sing and make pop hits he needs to stop trying to mix in rapping because it just didn’t work here.

    That said there is another topic I want to get to. Comparing Drake to J. Cole. Please stop doing it people. J. Cole is on a completely different plane than Drake. He sings and raps better. Period.

  • http://www.twitter.com/9o1 9o1

    If i wasn’t on the way to work i would write a full review, but for anyone out there that thinks this album does not deserve a XXL, I have only one question for you, What are you listening to? This album is not revolutionary or ground breaking but the timing of this album is perfect, right now your probably tired of the Blueprint 3, Lil Wayne is in jail, 50 cent is nowhere to be found musically, Eminem hasn’t dropped yet, Kanye hasn’t dropped yet, Jeezy hasn’t dropped yet and T.I. hasn’t dropped yet. So him dropping at this point in time is perfect because there is no other album in hip-hop worth listening to right now. The work on this album is excellent, he has a song for whatever you are going through in life right now, he has anthems for the summer and also so some songs for you just chill to. It’s impossible to drive through you city without hearing this album and the numbers its putting up is unheard of in 2010. “Thank Me Later” will easily Sell more than “The Blueprint 3.” And That in itself makes this album a classic.

  • http://www.twitter.com/9o1 9o1

    I mean honestly if Plies “Goon Affiliated” Is the number one album in Hip-Hop/RnB, don’t you think “Thank Me Later” deserves a XXL?

  • Teddy

    Why dont you guys grow some fucking balls and rate the damn thing XXL. I mean come on you dont give anybody else special treatment. Dont afraid to give an honest review. I mean there are countless reviews you guys have done and Im pretty sure you guys have had this happen before. Just because its Drake doesnt mean it should be any differnt rate it. From the sound of it, its sounds like you guys are giving it an XL. Which is decent. I mean Wale got a XL. Dom Kennedy should have got an XL for his last project. Give the Guy an XL. I know damn well it aint no XXL, So just give him that.

  • LowKe (#1 Stunna0

    This album was a MAJOR let down. it wont have have time to grow on me because after about a week or 2 I will delete it out of my IPOD. Good thing I downloaded it for free. If I had paid for it, I would be pissed. Thats the problem with HIP HOP today. you buy an album because of a hot single and the rest of the album is trash. back in the 90′s you could let a cd play all the way through and ride to it. Now my hand stay on the skip button so much, I almost crash lol.

  • $tacks

    im not bein a critic or nothin sayin this is a classic. but the thing i keep hearin is bangers and too much r&b on this album… people, drake sings and raps. he is gonna do both. to be completely honest, i think this album will be considered a classic down the road. drake is breakin from the rap we kno. not every verse is spit in anger like eminem, which eminem is the greatest alive in my opinion. and not every verse oozes confidence, like waynes do. he has some cocky verses and very lil anger lines, but he is a “calm artist” and is usherin a new type of music to the ear. he is changin it up. i think he is mixin singin and rappin perfectly. beautiful album in my opinion but he a rookie, so for now, XL.

    u can thank em later.