Comeback Crews of the Year – Dipset or G-Unit

While both crews made their mark on the streets with a slew of mixtapes, Dipset was more influential in the streets in part to their unbridled approach musically. Where G-Unit won mainstream appeal for making a play for radio with some of their records, Dipset pretty much kept it street, allowing them to forge a cult following. Rocking pink and contributing new slang to hip-hop was a Dipset thing, while the Unit made major moves with a successful clothing line and were able to build an international fan base through their music.

Edge: Tie

The key to any successful partnership is showing a strong accord among its members. While in previous years G-Unit has gone through some very public breakups with the Game and Young Buck, it’s been the Diplomats who have had in-house beef of late. Now with that disagreement between Cam and Jones apparently behind them it appears all is good up in Harlem. With that said, I’ll have to say given the fact that the core of G-Unit (Fif, Banks, Yayo) has never been at odds publicly, unlike Cam and Capo, the Queen crew has shown never-ending loyalty.

Edge: G-Unit

For all their past accolades, what really matters now for both crews is what they’ve done for us lately. The Dipset are planning a new album after squashing their beef. The new single is cool, but it doesn’t have that feel of natural cohesion in it. For G-Unit, riding the success of singles by Banks and Yayo has initiated talk of a new album. And if their new single is a precursor for what’s to come, then the Unit might have the competition begging for mercy like it was 2003 all over again.

Edge: G-Unit

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  • swype-matic

    Which crews comeback has me more excited? None really, as long as they produce good music I’m all for the comeback though. I thought both G-Unit albums were weak with a handfull of decent songs, and all that Heatmakerz/Charlemagne production is what set that first Dipset album on fire.

  • Pierzy

    Not to be a contrarian but I would say neither. It just doesn’t feel like it’ll happen big time for either crew.

  • Mikey F Baby

    written by a G-Unit stan?

  • Sincere

    idk if i’m really excited about a comeback. i know this is good for N.Y. i just hope we get some good music out of it. as of right now
    dopeman > salute

  • $yk

    The flaw in this blog is that G-Unit was not disbanded like Dipset, so the general interest will lean towards the Dips to see if they can capture that lightning in the bottle they once had.

    The G-Unit “revival” (they came out with ‘I’ll Be The Shooter’ last year in the Ross skirmish) most likely is to see whether they will be able to score that rumored Def Jam deal.

    ‘Where The Dope At’>’Salute’

    I’m looking forward to this Dipset project.

  • General

    I know it would help you magazine if either one of them had serious buzz, but the fact is that neither crew has any real buzz. Banks had a hot single, but it hasn’t gotten him any closer to actually droppin a CD.

    Looking at their new tracks, both were alright, but neither of them was a standout track.

    Both crews days have come and gone. Its about time somebody let them know

  • General

    I know it would help your magazine if either one of them had serious buzz, but the fact is that neither crew has any real buzz. Banks had a hot single, but it hasn’t gotten him any closer to actually droppin a CD.

    Looking at their new tracks, both were alright, but neither of them was a standout track.

    Both crews days have come and gone. Its about time somebody let them know

  • Sha

    Are you guys serious???? Comeback???? To even qualify these groups as “Comeback” they would have to have some type of tangible progress. Excuse me… What is G-Unit rippin’ the charts with? What is Dipset blazin’ the charts with? Nothing!
    The focus is and should rightfully continue to be on the new school until these old groups put up numbers. They had their runs and they squandered it with jealousy and stupid beefin’. Put up or shut up.


    G-unit has the better chance, Dipset will remain underground as they always have and stay loyal to their little cult following.Dips will have a few hits, G-Unit will score a deal With Def Jam the album will chart unlike the Dips, ( though I could see the crews squashing the beef and doin a collab though) 50 will leave Interscope and on the strength of the Album G-Unit puts out with the backing of Sha Money XL, it will be a deal breaker and a measuring stick on whether 50 will be back on top of his game musically along with the Unit.I dont really see any problems with Dre Jimmy and Eminem lettin 50 leave if he wants to go.He had a decent run with Interscope but face it the partnership has run its course.Just my thoughts.

    • $yk

      Nap that Interscope deal already wrapped up. BISD was the last project.

  • Q461

    kinda ironic how it was 50 who broke up Dipset anyways…. I think Dipset honestly has a better chance for a comeback…. People are tired of the Unit… although Banks last single was bananas…they are kinda oversatuated at this point. Lets see wat happens…wouldn’t mind hearing a posse cut where they were on the same track together…now that may actually help both crews…

  • Master CHeef

    if you’re influence on the game was getting grown men to wear pink, then that is a fail imo.

  • Darin Hayworth

    For pure entertainment value, I’m more excited about a new Dipset album. Say what you will about them, Dipset is unpredictable in the best possible sense of the word.

  • DV8


  • yunggee

    none of dem.. but the dips will have better beats fo sho….

  • SansBeach

    Would not call any of this a comeback I mean all of the members of dip set and g-unit put out music on a consistent basis if you think about it. It might not be recieved well in the mainstream though. All the mixtapes freestyles viral videos between this 2 crews it seems like they never left honestly. There is all ways an article, song, or freestyle about one of the members of these crews on this site on nahright? rap radar etc.


    the dipset anthemn is still one of the hottest songs and has the craziest beats ever. for that reason, they win. G unit has no buzz. People actually wanted dipset to get back together. dipset is good for hip hop. nothing 50 does is. 50 is the cause of new york’s demise adn why music isn’t selling.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Face Phoenix

    Both failed to impress me with their recent releases and neither crew has produced a classic album as a collective. It just doesn’t make sense that when they are not all together they produce amazing material but when they all unite they produce bricks.


    Well, its obvious who has been in the bed with 50. do the math. new york was hot as what around the time ja rule released NEW YORk. 50 killed off almost everybody on that song with his buzz. 50 cent stole ja rule fans and fed them lies. 50 cent is the blame. he divided NEW YORK. He beefed with his city. He played fans. Whats retarded is saying something with no backing. Again, track new yorks self destruction with 50 cents career. What good is power with no knowledge?

  • Mpho

    Dip-Dip-Dip Dipset!!!!!!!

  • dr@$t-iQ Alkoholik

    fuck G Unit niggaz is dead nobody bump that shit no mo that Beemer,Benz and Bentley was only hot coz Santana murked Oscar the Grouch on that shit,niggaz are useless they shud go on and suck dick for all I care, em niggaz shud go get bricked up by Def Jam so they can flop with Officer Ricky

  • RJ

    U.N.I !!

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  • Otto

    Dip-Set wins, they make music for the streets. G-Unit loses, they make music for Billboard.

  • El Tico Loco

    G Unit wasn’t disbanded but their defectors (Game, Buck)took away from the respect they sorta once had. So I gotta go with Dipset on this one because although they’re not selling or are on the charts, that’s the only NY cats making thugged out club bangers.

  • gaddic

    Comparing dipset with G-unit commercial wise is isanity
    they have sold way more records collectively and individually than Dipset
    And they WILL SELL MORE
    Cam’ron is just a washed-up rapper who tanked when Def jam’s stellar production(Kanye&Just blaze) couldn’t help his mediocre albums anymore
    Juelz is just another rapper who spits a decent verse every five years
    Jim jones well is.. is NOT a rapper period
    -He is hot garbage

    G-unit has Lloyd banks a sick lyrical cat that can make hits and 50 cent a washed-up but talented rapper with a classic album and crazy mixtapes
    yes yayo sucks but G-unit to Dipset is 2 for nil
    They are just a mediocre rap group at best and that will not change

  • alderman j

    People that hate CAM just don understand what he is talking about, if you ever need someone to tell you what he is talking about just ask, but if you aint never been out your hood how could you understand????
    “white tee, louie jeans, my audemar the best/ two chains, hat, please dont disregard the specs/ they from switzerland boy boy i gets it in/ money all around the world where you niggas been????

    CAMRON “SOUL PLANE” the bars are there you clowns just dont understand what he is saying!!!!

  • Kenny D

    “Where the Dope at” was a hit banger? I didn’t even listen to it til I read this blog. I’m sorry, but the Unit is dead. And no matter how much the G-Unit stans at XXL try to hype them up, they aint coming back to there original form. And as much as I like Dipset’s reunion, I don’t see them dominating the industry again either. Let’s be honest, the Young Money homo’s have brainwashed the Jr. High kids of America to loving autotune shit, hipster shit, and whatever other piece of shit on the radio today. Maybe it wouldn’t be this way if 50 didn’t beef with half the rap industry, but his beefing caused so much division in NY that the South took over. 50′s the main reason Dipset and G-Unit are dead.

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  • dipset fa life

    juelz santana is the best rapper hands douwn swagg to the max camron punch lines for days and nows how to get money and like juelz santana said jim jones he his the worng vodka to f**k wit dipset for ever skull gang for life