When I Die, I Want My Biography To Be Done By White People Too

I still find it amazing to believe that, in the year 2010, the dark butts of the world still feel a ways about white people who listen to hip hop, as if it’s taboo for them to do so in the first place. I’m not in the business of shouting out my slave masters for allowing me to cop all this ice and Nikes, but at this point white people will support the “real hip hop” more than the bullheaded elitist schmucks who will complain there’s not enough of. Don’t believe me? The person who put on The Sugar Hill Gang was a White woman. The top major labels have a non-Black person at its helm (the only one? Def Jam. And look at that stunt they pulled a few weeks ago). Go to a Sean Price concert, or attend any of this year’s upcoming Rock The Bells festivals. I won’t even begin to delve into dancehall and reggae. Sure, the rest of us will hit a Jay Electronica concert every now and then, but that’s only if Puffy will pop up on stage to adlib alongside him.

So what exactly is the big deal that the film chronicling the life and times of N.W.A. is going to be written by a White woman? The film isn’t necessarily going an epic tale of inner turmoil and struggle between one of the most influential groups in hip hop’s storied history; it’s just gonna be a bunch of dudes bickering over money until one of them drops dead from AIDS, one starts scoring porno films with Ron Jeremy, one starts doing doofy sitcoms on TBS, one keeps lying to the public about his album and one falls off the face of the earth.

Besides, rap biopics and other hip hop-inspired works haven’t been that good to begin with. Remember when Hakeem from Moesha (rest in peace, Hakeem from Moesha) was playing 2Pac to Romany Malco’s MC Hammer in that hilariously awful movie on VH1? Beyoncé can’t really act her way out of wet paper bag, yet she still lands roles in flagrant fouls like Obsessed and Carmen: The Hip Hopera. Hell, Notorious was written by two Black people and, aside from Naturi Naughton exposing her massive milk makers, I found no artistic or replay value after I caught it over at MegaVideo.Com.

It’s 2010, folks. White people have long infiltrated the “secret society” of rap, and many of them are in some ways responsible for the music that’s out today (word to Shake, my melanin-less partner over at the main hustle), there really shouldn’t be any reason for any of us to be up in arms about it. Until they start claiming “Manifest Destiny” on hip-hop. Then we should all be worried.

By the way, does anybody know when Jay-Z’s biography The Black Book, which was supposed to have been written by a Black person, is dropping? I’m just saying.

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  • Worley

    “White people have long infiltrated the ‘secret society’ of rap, and many of them are in some ways responsible for the music that’s out today (word to Shake, my melanin-less partner over at the main hustle), there really shouldn’t be any reason for any of us to be up in arms about it.”

    My friend this statement runs counter to everything this article says. If white people are partially responsible for (c)rap music today then that is enough reason to not have them involved in the rap game any further. The rap game sucks right now.

    • worley is a joke

      white people made it popular buy buying cds, going to shows, and making the black people rich. black people arent the ones driving the hip hop industry, even as consumers. they make bad, tasteless, commercialized rap to sell more and more records…to white people…if rappers stopped making bad music, the industry would change, but as long as rappers are all about their paper, and pumping out hip-pop, the tone of the game will remain how it is now.

      but go ahead and blame the man…its easier than taking the responsibility themselves

      • Worley

        White people made rap popular among whom? Rap been the shit among urban black and brown folks since the 70s. Furthermore, Slick Rick went platinum before the mainstream (white folks) embraced rap. Other than the Beastie Boys, white folks didn’t influence nothing in rap until they supported NWA. The rap game has been in a steady decline since.

        If white folks stopped buying “bad, tasteless commercialized rap” then that garbage wouldn’t be on the market.

        @Epinz: American white people were also the biggest supporters of American slavery. Does that make it a good thing? The socioeconomic conditions in the hood are directly linked to the socioeconomic deprivation of slavery. Any wonder the most ignorant rap music comes out of the American South? I don’t find it the least bit ironic that white folks would support the type of ignorance they help foster and their ignorant minions continue to create.

        • epinz


          slick rick went platinum after the beestie boys, ll cool j, and run dmc. they were all hevely supported by whites and the majority if not all of the production was done by a white male who helped start the first ever def jam, the first black owned rap record label. also, the biggest year in hip hop financially and commercially was 1998. that almost 10 years after the nwa days. so how could rap be in a steady decline after nwa when hiphop saw bigger years financially and some would say artistically as well, well after the nwa days? was 1994 not a big year artistically? also, i get what u sayin bout the slavery and how it affescts the south cuz i was riased here. but not everything the whits support is bad. is barack bad? they supported him. how about rap? they supported that too. the south has always been ignorant in a sence beacuse of the reasons u speak of. that and that baptist church. but the shit has gotten way worse over the years and u cant blame thaton slavery. no limit, cashmoney, three six mafia, dungion family all mad millions doin the type of music most considered to be ignorant then. and it wasnt whits sayin thias cuz they was the ones buyin the records. it was the up north “hood nggz” that was hatin on the south. so all these original southern nggz was makin millions in spite of the fact that they was b”in hated on by they own people up north and far west. but the rappers these day make those rappers sound like malcome x. slavery aint make wacka flacka not give a fuck about lyrics. i dnt hear about whites shootin up clubs. but what i do see is, when i went to a reflections eternal concert, the majority of the crowd was white. when i saw little brother, it was nuthin but white people. but little brother and reflections eternal cant be good if whites are supporting it as they supported slavery and all.well, in worley eyes anyways.

        • epinz

          also, egyptians and many other black african nations practiced slavery as well. does that make blacks bad? is what blacks support bad as well? hatiains tried to enslave dominicans at one point. r they bad as well? should we not help them? or is slavery only bad when its practiced by “american whites”?

        • Worley

          The Beasties and Run-DMC benefited from Rick Rubin and white folk in the early Def Jam days no doubt. But as far as LL, it was black women that made him large. Likewise, Slick Rick was not nearly as big as The Beasties and Run-DMC. Black folks were responsible for his success just like Illmatic was platinum in the street despite taking almost 10 years to go RIAA platinum.

          1998 was a good financial year, but the Afro-centricity of the late 80s disappeared before the gangster, weed smoker and player/hustler personas that dominated the 90s. Yes, 1994 was a great year artistically. Those that created the music of that era either partook in or had the Afro-centricity of the late 80s as their influence. What we are seeing now is the derivative influence of all the garbage that infiltrated and white folk supported in the late 90s, the best financial years in rap as you put it. Still I would say that white support is not a bad thing per se. Like Justice4All pointed out, there are “others” very familiar with the essence of a particular culture. The problem is that well intentioned white folk don’t spend nearly as much money as their less well intentioned “cousins.” Guess who the corporations and nit wit rappers deign to satisfy.

          I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying about the success of No Limit, Cash Money, etc. They were hated on up north and out west and still made money? Yes. Southern rappers these days make them sound like Malcolm X? I agree. Slavery itself did not make Caca Flocka ignore lyrics? True. Yet, I would argue that his initial Southern fan base is just as functionally illiterate as he is as a result of predominantly white school boards routing educational resources around him and his initial Southern base just like they did during slavery. As for your question about slavery: I don’t think any type of slavery is good. We are talking about whites in America which is why I referenced American whites, American slavery and the American South.

          I agree that you don’t hear about white folks shooting up clubs. I do hear about people beaten unconscious in mosh pits, crystal meth, designer and date rape drugs in white clubs though. Whites might make up the majority of patrons in certain venues but not all. Those big festivals where you pay $5 for water, use funky port a potties and stand out in the sun and mud all day do not appeal to black folks. At larger stadiums you might see lots of whites and industry types at floor level. Look up toward the rafters. That’s where you see many of the brown and black folk because the ticket prices better suit their finances. In fact, there are venues where you hardly see any whites because local clubs usually reflect the local demographic. I have yet to see white folks, except the police, in Club Amazura in Jamaica, Queens or Club Crème in Raleigh, NC.

        • epinz

          i cant say who bought ll or slick rick records cuz i wasnt there at that time. i do know that “the show”, “la di da di”, “childrens story”,as well as “teenage love” were big records at that time. im also aware that ll wasnt a real ladies man like that until “i need love” and that was on his second album. he was already big and established b4 then with “radio”. u sayin that illmatic was platinum 10 years b4 it was ria certified only proves my point that the hood dont b buyin shit like that cuz they dont have the finances. if that shit was platinum in the streets, then the shit was all bootlegs. nas aint see nun of that money, the botlegers did. shit, he had to scrap i am because of heavy bootleg. the hood been bootleggin shit waaayy b4 2dopeboyz and nahright. shit, 2dopeboyz and nahright is run by hood nggz, c what im sayin?

          i get what u sayin bout 98 and the artistry, my point was just that hip hop was not in a decline after nwa. And if gangsta/hustlin shit of the 90″s is a decline, then u can start by pointin ur fingers at nwa the group that made the gangsta shit mainstream in the first place. think about it, name one rapper from cali outside of too short and e40 thats gone platinum thats NOT under the nwa tree. they killed the afrocentric shit when they came out. cuz instead of everyone tryin to do the de la soul jungle brothers shit, they wanted to do the whole nwa gangsta shit.

          what i was sayin bout the southern shit was that they made millions and went platinum without the support of the black community in any of the regions outsude of the south. i was down here, and everybody hated on the south back then, and they still manages to make millions. that was cuz the white boys was luvin that shit. three six mafais core fan base is still white college kids. what i do agree with u on is that whatever the whites put theyre money behind becomeds mainstream. what i cant blame anybody but us as a comumity on, is not b’in original and following the mainstream trend. no limit and cash money was some ignorant shit, but the kids growin up who looked up to them felt like they had to b even more ignorant and get more money and shake theyre dreads harder than the nggz b4 them. same shit happened with nwa and everybody that followed them. everybody wanted to do what nwa was doin and that how the game got saturated with the gangsta shit. at least the music was still good. now everybody on the south dick, but the music sucks. im in new york right now, and what i hear out here localy is a damn shame. i coulda died when i heared nas over a lil jon track all them years back.but that how we went from project pat to caca flacka as u put it. its only gunna get worse cuz if gucci can sell records or just b popular peroid, then these young dudes is gunna try too b dumber than what he is now without even recognizing it. i went too school my whole life down here. it aint that the school bordes dnt wanna teach, its that these nggz dont wanna learn. they look up to these ignant ass rappers and feel like school is bullshit. waka a fraud anyways since he grew up in new york and was there until highschool. that ngga know better. look at plies also, dude is smart. he just act ignant cuz that how he gunna get payed, he just playin the system. homeboy is a registered nurs! but we also got dudes like david banner who went and still goes to college and tries to kick truth whenever he can.

          at the end of the day, all im really sayin is that hip hop would not be as big as it is today if not for the whits buyin these records. when white people support sum shit, they support it. just look at country music, them boys still goin strong. the hood, unfortunatly just doesnt have the finances to support the way theyed like. if the hood had money like that, it wouldnt be the hood. but i cant put blame on nobody else but myself and my community if we continue the way we have with this bullshit we call rap music right now. we control the artistic side, especially with the internet in full affect. if muthafuckas still wanna b stupid and ignant, that on them dumb muthafuckas. but we cant blame no-one but them for that.

        • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

          “But as far as LL, it was black women that made him large.”

          ^ and Marley Marl. LL was hurting after ‘Panther’ & Marley gave him a remedy (street cred). On point w/Slick Rick.

          “What we are seeing now is the derivative influence of all the garbage that infiltrated and white folk supported in the late 90s,”

          ^ truth.org

          Wasn’t this the time of the “keep it real” mantra, this transition was coming?

          Yo you both made good points in this discussion.

          An intriguing example I think would be Public Enemy. All of that “fight the power” music was/is soaked up by the Caucasians, who have been supporting those guys since ‘It Takes A Nation’.

        • ringo12

          … Beastie Boys are white. Worley, you’re an idiot. get educated about hip hop and where it’s been and where it’s going.

          This year- going to see the most creative year in hip hop in a long time. XV, Big Sean, Blu, J.Cole, Eminem, Kanye West, Jay Z, Kid Cudi, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Murs… only to name a few. Don’t hate. That’s not what hip hop is about.


  • epinz

    honestly, if it wasnt for white people, rap would not b as big as it is today. white people have always been the biggest supporters financially of this here rap game. they the only muthafuckas who been purchasing records and goin to concerts. if only the “hood” was listenin to rap, the shit would still be there. honestly, the hood is more ignorant now than ever and i think white people hit that cuttoff line, like “ok, i supported this, but this right here? alil too ghetto for me” lol. and honestly, even with downloading and bootlegging goin on, they still the small minority of people still purchasing the records….and notorious was horrible! howe mrs wallace get away with havin angella basset play her?

    • LV

      So true..

  • doodoobrown

    @Worley what kind of rap do you think he’s talking about you duck? The man mentioned Shake, why would he dis his own partner?

    • Worley

      Had Meka made it clear that he was talking about quality rap music from white people then his statement would not be an issue. However, a general phrase like “responsible for the music that’s out today” leaves a lot of room for interpretation beyond Shake and whatever quality rap music white people make.

  • Jabauris Khalifa

    There was a lot of double talk in this article. It’s obvious you have no respect for the journalists, writers and filmmakers you have made bios, docs, etc. about Hiphop artists in the past since you fell to mention them and only used the negative one’s you could find to support your premise. This is article was written so matter of factly, “Suga Hill meet a white woman”, “KRS ONE had a white friend in high school that gave him a pen to write his first rhyme”, “Chuck D brought his first microphone from a white dude at radio shack”. It’s obvious we’re all connected in society at large but hiphop has cultural roots in the black community.. no more, no less and there’s nothing you could write that will devalue that. Just look at the Ice Cube banner that hangs above the article you just wrote. I wonder what Ice Cube thinks about this biopic created in his group’s namesake. Peace

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    It really shouldn’t matter. Interracial (and interethnic) relationships continue to rise, the number of mixed children continue to rise and the feeling of differences between the races fade. Is it all gone? Of course not. However, as the older generations move on, we’re becoming a more blended society.

    No one ever gave Dennis Rodman shit for loving Pearl Jam so why should you give Steve Nash shit for loving Skyzoo? (I don’t know if he does, I’m just using an example)

    As I mentioned the other day, would anyone care if a biopic on Eminem was written by a black man or woman? It wouldn’t matter, right?

  • epinz


    i feel what u sayin…with that b”in said. cube is acually apart of the project. he is fully involved with it and endorses her as the writer.

  • westcoastaggie

    I don’t care but personally I would want Dee Barnes to write the biopic.

    • El Tico Loco

      The first words would go like “In Compton 8 years before I got slapped …”

      • Meka


  • epinz


    dr.dre would disagree with u,lol!!!!!

  • Justice4All

    I fully agree with your post dude, black folks don’t really BUY music anymore (some has to do with the sad state of hip hop and the sad state of hip hop has to do with low record sales) sounds like a never ending cycle huh? Anyway, the “others” as I like to call them buy rap music on the regulak therefore have knowlege of the culture of real hip hop. To have a biography done by an “other” is really not all bad, atleast when they do it, it won’t be a dialog of cusssing to fill in for meaningful conversations between characters. ” Where my money Eazy?” Eazy-”what mutherf*)_#?, kiss my A$$ fool”….you get the picture. We as blacks have a way of painting a negative light on our own selves, so I really don’t trust US to tell you the truth. Atleast if it bombs we call always fall back on the fact that it was done by an “other”.

  • Drico

    I’m white and the only hip hop i listen to is “Hardcore” hip hop. White people and black people alike buy shitty hip hop(what everyone is calling commercialized rap). Why can’t white people have a hand in hip hop if we love it?

    My goal once I get out of of college is to get to one of these labels so i can open up more opportunities for these hip hop artists. Should I give up on my dream because I’m white?

    I completely agree with Pierzy, who would give a shit if a black dude wrote Eminems life story? I wouldn’t, in fact hip hop only can get better if it incorporates more cultures. If we let this still young art form grow it will get even better. Lets all stop holding it back and start embracing other peoples respect for this great music.

    Great article Meka


    YOU WANNA KNOW WHATS FUNNY? Is when a black dude doesn’t know anything about HIP-HOP.

    Black dudes listening to rock is funnier than white dudes listening to rap.

    • BIG Ry

      Dude,I saw a group of Black goths (seriously!)the other day.I did a fucking quadruple take1

  • Heyo

    I’m white and my favourite MC is Milli Vanilli.

    He keep it real yahmean.

  • Brother Man

    Why do black people act like hip hop is only for black people? That’s b.s in the highest form. And commercial rap is not fueled by white people.It’s fueled by the average listener who likes a good beat and a simple hook, and because of U.S demographics, turns out to be white

  • these posts are racist

    It makes no difference the race, color, gender or religion of the writer.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Seriously, why do we still care about this?

    Gulf oil spill>>>>>>>>>this topic

  • http://Rapbullet.com Nyak Gala

    Lets put it this way. I don’t want anyone writing a story about me, unless its me. Even if I die before I get the chance to do it. I hope my brothers sue any bitch that tries to write any unauthorized biographies about me. As Nobody on earth could ever know what I am thinking or what my intentions are but me. So it would be an insult to have some money hungry 15 minutes of fame seeking jerk to claim they know me to even attempt my life story. I would rather do that myself. Feel me. To each his own, about you wanting a white person to write you. There are so many amazing black authors as well. Alice Walker is one them. Its your loss you don’t recognize our movements as black people. Go ahead and wipe your masters ass as you’ve stated. I know that for me my descendants are kings and queens overseaers. everyone has a different history.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “So it would be an insult to have some money hungry 15 minutes of fame seeking jerk to claim they know me to even attempt my life story.”

      ^ thus the reasoning behind authorized & un-authorized

      And it’s not like this chick wrote it and Hollywood gave her $ and hired Cube. Cube & Tomika hired HER.

      Raise your hand out there people if you’ve seen her resume and know of her work and qualifications. For all we know she may be able to recite plenty a NWA songs.

      None of the people she’s writing about are complaining about this.

      Shall we complain about the boom mic guy being white? The makeup & wardrobe people?

      Can we not see the Caucasian(s) working for the brother?

      Word is bond cats are reaching with this one. Saying only a Black person from the hood who knows the struggle should be qualified to do this job is no different than what Abercrombie & Fitch was doing, discriminating.

      And like I said yesterday, people blunted looking for action watching this movie ain’t gonna care who wrote it, only if it’s good or not.

      Is this chick gonna be the scapegoat if it’s a doo-doo movie or does the DIRECTOR get the blame?

  • El Tico Loco

    Is good that Tomika Wright and Ice Cube are overseeing the project because that should mean the accounts should be sorta balanced unlike Diddy’s on sided view of Precio I mean Notorious with that in place a literate dayworker could write the story.

  • obvious man

    your blog post is stating the obvious and doesn’t give the reader any redeeming substance to think over after finishing this read.

    secondly, the black book by jay-z who was written by a black author(dream hampton) was pretty much finished, but jay-z pulled back and didn’t want to release the book.

    so when I catch you kicking it to white women at the next free industry party i see you at, this post will make more sense. and wash your hands mek. i caught you at pnc studios once using the bathroom but i didnt hear any water run after you were finished.

  • Lucy

    if only the hood was listening to rap that shit would still be there


    white folks is cool wit me.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    A lot of people would go to a white person to get the majority of things done in America. Why? They have the resources and were educated. However, in a lot of areas; for example, Law, Black women are on the rise as the up and coming class. White men are becoming extinct in a lot of fields. Times are changing, but for years they ran things.

    As for hip hop, yes white people buy the albums and go to the shows. Its similar to the NBA. The majority of players are…and fans are…?

    only in America.

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com Candid BACKshotS

    Hey, I love white people!
    except for the old, racist, bigoted, tea party types.

  • http://www.twitter.com/classicmaterial dub


    Yall been had your entire American history written by us. All the books, all the films, all the documentation of your time in this country has been written by white people. In 200 years time we’ve managed to own yall and write your history ourselves. I think the problem people have is the idea that in another 200 years, all the information still being passed down about yall own people will be written by us, like when kids 200 years from now are learning who N.W.A. was on a cultural level, they will be learning that information from the white person who wrote it, like yall can never tell your own stories, we always gotta do it for you. That’s the problem here.

  • hmm

    ok let’s be honest here…yes white ppl support a ton of shitty “commercialized” hiphop…but support is the key word…ask the average (hiphop listener) brother 18-25 if they’ve heard of d.i.t.c., the artifacts, organized konfusion, roc marciano, etc..then go ask a cracker….man go to a show…go check a persons wax/cd collection…honestly it aint hard to tell…we all know, it’s not been a surprise for the longest time…i’ve seen more white people at a fucking Dead Prez show…they keep the shit afloat…period….dare to see what happens if white people pull away from supporting this culture….it is what it is but lets all be honest here

  • Cal

    This post while very interesting had wannabe Bol literally written all over it!

  • Slim

    As I find myself reading this article, I am conflicted. Being a white hip hop fan for all my life, 20 years, it is hard to image a time without. However saying that a black or white person needs to write biographies of only people of the same race is dumb. More and more whit people are making a impact on the hip hop community. Unfortunately they have been over shadowed by the hip pop artist, you have crossed hip hop and bad pop music, to form a new genre directed at mainstream radio listeners. This pushes them to the underground market. Although some are content with their “make music not money” ideology, they are still overlooked and underrated. Labels like Rhymesayers posseses one of the best artist- producer groups (one white the other half black) in Atmosphere who has continually grown musically while still maintaining there ability to produce original beats, (Started in 1991) thank you Ant, and speak about the true issues of urban and suburban America. (Listen to Slug if you wanna here someone with intelligent flow and lyrical variability) Also look up his bio to truly understand how he is able to speak to his audience while still conveying his personal troubles.


    Im white always support rap, and some one like me gets blamed for the (c)rap music? So why the fuck do I see 3 or 4 black guys buying Gucci Mane mixtapes and shit at my local hip hop store when Im buying Mos Def’s the Ecstatic and Slaughterhouse?

    • Slim

      Anwser: Because the black community has been flooded and in turn blinded by the hip hop market geared to white people. It is sad but even artist like Drake and Kid Cudi will be stamped with the sellout label. Drake used to be so sick (So Far Gone nominated for an emmy, a mixtape nominated for a reward is rare) but even his new singles are being artistically destroyed by the likes of Young Money (no offense to weezy) it is just how the market works. Black and white artist will start out with music that they want to make, then by there second album (or in drake’s case his first)will be geared to what is popular to white teenage and college age kids who want music they can grind too, not be inspired by or find comfort in.
      My favorite example of the sellout trend is 50 Cent. His first album and songs previous to it where unreal. Get Rich is one of the best albums of the decade. But after that not sounds the same he starts singing (mainstream music loves rappers singing trying to harmonize), using auto tune, and rapping about the most ridiculous things. Let it be know that I don’t call him a sellout because he entered the commercial business world, he makes a ton of money, but he lost sight of what music was and is not controlled by white business executives, who only have appreciation for money not his ability to make sick music.

  • Slim

    To conclude my rant from above, I fulling agree that white consumers have destroyed mainstream hip hop that once was truly great. Those who most resemble the early years of hip hop and rap are sent underground or shunned for being to political.
    One piece of advise go on ITunes, no dont look for the new B.O.B album, type in Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Atmosphere, Murs, Andre Nikatina,J Dilla, or Kidz in the Hall then listen and then follow the links to similar artist. This truly the best way to find GOOD hip hop music in this shitty mainstream market.
    Also recommend looking up local artist in Seattle if you are still not content. Here you find many cases of white people progressing hip hop not barring it.
    Sorry I biased. 206 standup

  • Gow Mosby

    I’m gonna refer everyone to the poem “Nikki-Rosa” by Nikki Giovanni which says, ” …I really hope no white person ever has the cause to write about me because the never understand Black love is Black wealth…”

  • whiteguy

    Yo stop blaming white people. We may not be the best people, but u cant seriously blame us for the decline in hip-hop. I tired of every1, including myself, bitching about how much hip-hop has changed over the years. Personally i love 90′s hip-hop, and if ur this far check out Sean Price, hes a beast. But there are still a lot of rappers out there who have madd skill but get passed over cause no1 gives them props. Joell Ortiz should be blowing up right now but hes not, so every1 whos part of this hip-hop culture need 2 make a movement 2 save it. Stop blaming white ppl 4 its decline and start making a difference. Buy Cd’s of ppl u support and go 2 their concerts, and stop hating.

  • Gow Mosby

    Im gonna change it to “I really hope no white person ever has the cause to buy my album because they never understand how much they destroy hip-hop”
    Nah, im just kidding but to be honest white people have managed to destroy almost every aspect of hip hop. They kill artists( Biggie, Tupac), they started the destruction of physical copies with napster, they made pop-rap music ok when everyone today would be gettin beat down in the 90′s,etc… the list goes on and on. Sorry but even though there are some legitimate hip hop heads that are white; most of em are destroying whats left of hip hop.

  • dylan

    ah fuck this again. yawn. you get white people growing up in Ohio, and then you get white people growing up in east ny, brooklyn.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    It doe’snt matter as long as every tiny detail of my every breathe in this world is on point.

    • El Tico Loco

      OK got it, that means the author shouldn’t spell right.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    “but to be honest white people have managed to destroy almost every aspect of hip hop.”

    ^ No-sign.

    Caucasians done kept it alive with that support. Cross Colours/Karl Kani/FUBU could have been the next Polo but we were ‘On To The Next One’…Fux being the next Waka, be the next Doug Morris…

  • caino

    Man, this is outrageous!! All this cos a white girl writting a story about NWA !!

    Like someone said above me , we have way more important matters at hand!! Oil spill, war in Iraq and afghanistan (yip thats still happening)

    White people need black people and vice versa. Its the old generation holding us back, as the younger generation realise the future is being together. Shit before long we are gonna be all one colour, one nation, one love !

  • http://None Desampadelic

    This is what I think about this. white people is a part of hip hop now a days you like it or not; if you see it on an educated point of view Hip-Hop/Rap is music and music in general is to be listen by whoever appreciates the message or content the musician is trying to deliver and at the same time relates to it, so stop putting color to the music cuz music doesn’t have one. For the folks that talked about slavery, get over it already; all what happened on the past IS the PAST, the slavery made black people what they are know a days (Can you imagine black people if none of the slavery shit happenned?)cuz I dont, thats what make the black community a colorfull/flavorish/Strong community. Also if you really think about the white masses who supported slavery they didn’t had the fault, I mean we all know that all those events (even war) where manufacture by the rich old families that have been ruling the societies, all the white folks pro slavery where just puppets of the people on the power, those racists bastards where the ones who implanted the whole racist/slavery thinking on the people, those same sons of bitches who make u pay more taxes every year.
    (remember we all bleed the same color)

    ps: and No, I am not white, I and a Brown latino who really loves Hip-Hop, Holla From Costa Rica

  • EP

    Don’t blame all us whites. The european whites don’t buy the crappy shit that’s out there today…

  • what

    If we’re going to have a discussion that is made entirely of huge generalizations, allow me to expose my own prejudices.

    It seems to me that in the U.S., there is a pretty wide cultural divide between what young whites and blacks seek in their products.

    Young white people go for the old – the time-tested – the “vintage.” Anything new is garbage until it has withstands the passage of time, the point at which said white person claims they always liked it.

    Young black people go for the new – the “hot” – the “fresh.” Anything old is worn-out and for your grandpa.

    These statements are obviously completely wrong – if you want to use them as “rules.” But, if you look at them as “tendencies,” and watch how they overlap, you might see some interesting things – like why it’s a white woman doing an NWA biopic.

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com guttaman

    If our white brothers and sisters suddenly stopped buying hip hop or going to the shows artist like Talib, Mos def, sean price, charles hamilton, ect. even old school artist like Tribe called quest would all go broke and have no career. All we would be left with is dumb crap like gucci and wacka flocka.

  • Gow Mosby

    So this guy, Desampadelic is saying that slavery was ok? SMD, fag.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Nah, White people take it after Black people have stamped it or label it as cool. They do the same with drugs, slang, music, and etc. White people ( and no not all white people, but the majority) have the means to do and go wherever they like. A lot of black people can only see and here what is local.

    As for the slave bit, ya life would be much sweeter without it. Slavery, like this current transition phase made black people stronger and resourceful.

    It shouldn’t be about the color of a person’s skin But a person’s knowledge of said subject matter.

  • Desampadelic

    Don’t get it twisted Gow Mosby, Of course slavery was not ok, cool or whatever adjetive you wanna use, all I said was that the masses just followed what the people pulling the strings behind goverments wanted to generate for their own porpuses, it was something that was imposed to people, Racism is was not a natural human feeling or practice, it was a concept implanted on people by all the corrupt bastards that find conflict between us humans as a lucrative practice.