Urb.com broke the news yesterday that Lauryn Hill was going to perform her seminal debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, in its entirety during this year’s Rock the Bells festival.

The concept is nothing new. Jay-Z brought Reasonable Doubt to life at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall back in 2006, GZA recently dusted off Liquid Swords and several rock acts like Bruce Springsteen and Steely Dan also ran through their classic material in front of a live audience.

While I’m not exactly jumping out of my seat to see Ms. Hill partying like it's 1998 again, the announcement got me thinking about what discs I would pay to see reenacted onstage.

First up on my list is Illmatic. Nas’ timeless LP has a short track list, one lone feature by AZ and, as we found out last year during his public divorce with Kelis, God’s Son apparently has a stake in Guerilla Union, the company that puts on Rock the Bells. Let’s be real, this should have been happened already.

Second up is my favorite A Tribe Called Quest LP, The Low End Theory. The group has already reunited and gone on tour several times in the last few years, Phife is reportedly in good health and they have a Michael Rapaport-directed documentary coming out soon, that they need to promote. Let’s do it, fellas.

Lastly is Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers. Granted it wouldn’t be the same without Ol’ Dirty but it would still be pretty freaking awesome.

Question is, what albums would you guys like to see played in full? —Jesse Gissen